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Name Tab Genre
Johann Sebastian Bach 118 tabs Classical
Fernando Sor 94 tabs Classical
AC/DC 94 tabs Rock, Metal
The Beatles 93 tabs Rock, Pop
Traditional 85 tabs Pop, World Music, Classical, Traditional
Pink Floyd 82 tabs Rock, Pop
Tommy Emmanuel 75 tabs Rock, Pop, Classical, Traditional
Led Zeppelin 73 tabs Rock
The Rolling Stones 70 tabs Rock, Pop
Paco de Lucia 53 tabs Pop, World Music, Classical, Traditional, Flamenco
Julio Salvador Sagreras 52 tabs Classical
Metallica 51 tabs Metal
Van Halen 44 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Nirvana 42 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Rory Gallagher 40 tabs Rock
Queen 40 tabs Rock, Pop
Dire Straits 39 tabs Rock, Pop
Niccolò Paganini 38 tabs Classical
Jimi Hendrix 38 tabs Rock
Radiohead 37 tabs Rock, Pop
Foo Fighters 37 tabs Rock
Guns N' Roses 34 tabs Rock, Metal
Francisco Tarrega 34 tabs Classical
Ferdinando Carulli 31 tabs Classical
The Doors 30 tabs Rock, Pop
Red Hot Chili Peppers 30 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
David Bowie 30 tabs Rock, Pop
Manuel Ponce 29 tabs Pop, Classical, Traditional
Eric Clapton 29 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
The Eagles 28 tabs Rock
Joni Mitchell 27 tabs Rock, Pop
Matteo Carcassi 26 tabs Classical
Leo Brouwer 24 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional
Agustin Barrios Mangore 24 tabs Classical
Neil Young 23 tabs Rock, Pop
Joe Satriani 23 tabs Rock, Metal
Toto 22 tabs Rock, Pop
Santana 22 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
Pantera 22 tabs Metal
Fleetwood Mac 22 tabs Rock, Pop
Silvius Leopold Weiss 21 tabs Classical
Bob Marley 21 tabs Pop, World Music
Iron Maiden 20 tabs Metal
Coldplay 20 tabs Rock, Pop
U2 19 tabs Rock, Pop
Ozzy Osbourne 19 tabs Rock, Metal
Olivier Roman-Garcia 19 tabs Jazz, Blues, Folk, Funk
Oasis 19 tabs Rock, Pop
Muse 19 tabs Rock, Metal
Green Day 19 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Deep Purple 19 tabs Rock, Metal
Bartolomé Calatayud 19 tabs Classical, Traditional
The Police 18 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
Napoléon Coste 18 tabs Classical
Megadeth 18 tabs Rock, Metal
Mauro Giuliani 18 tabs Classical
Domenico Scarlatti 18 tabs Classical
Creedence Clearwater Revival 18 tabs Rock
Peter Vink 17 tabs Classical
Mötley Crüe 17 tabs Rock, Metal
Michael Jackson 17 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
Johnny Cash 17 tabs Pop
Elvis Presley 17 tabs Rock, Pop
The Smashing Pumpkins 16 tabs Rock
Adele 16 tabs Pop
ZZ Top 15 tabs Rock, Pop
The Kinks 15 tabs Rock, Pop
Kiss 15 tabs Rock, Metal
Stevie Wonder 14 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
Lenny Kravitz 14 tabs Rock, Pop
Frédéric Chopin 14 tabs Classical
Franck Dumas 14 tabs Traditional, Jazz
Bob Dylan 14 tabs Rock, Pop
Black Sabbath 14 tabs Rock, Metal
Aerosmith 14 tabs Rock, Metal
Simon & Garfunkel 13 tabs Pop
Robert Schumann 13 tabs Classical
The Cure 12 tabs Rock, Pop
Tenacious D 12 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Style Series - Picking 12 tabs Traditional
Sting 12 tabs Rock, Pop
Stevie Ray Vaughan 12 tabs Rock
Rush 12 tabs Rock, Metal
Lynyrd Skynyrd 12 tabs Rock
Huey Lewis and the News 12 tabs Rock
Erik Satie 12 tabs Classical
Telephone 11 tabs Rock, Pop
R.E.M. 11 tabs Rock, Pop
Marilyn Manson 11 tabs Rock, Metal
Len Williams 11 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional, Flamenco
John Williams 11 tabs Pop, Classical
John Mayer 11 tabs Rock, Pop
Jeff Beck 11 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Isaac Albeniz 11 tabs Classical, Traditional
Gaspar Sanz 11 tabs Classical
Chet Atkins 11 tabs Pop, Classical, Traditional
Ben Harper 11 tabs Rock, Pop
Antonio Lauro 11 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional
Alanis Morissette 11 tabs Rock, Pop
The Shadows 10 tabs Rock, Pop
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