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No automatic renewal of the subscription.


Buy scores individually using credits. (1 credit = 1 tab)

Use credits to get access to a score for an unlimited time and to print it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a subscription?

The subscription allows you to access all the scores available in the mySongBook library.

The subscription is not automatically renewed, it ends after the chosen subscription period.

What are Credits and how to use them?

Credits allow you to buy scores individually and print them.

With 1 credit you can buy 1 tablature.

The scores purchased with credits are accessible indefinitely.

Scores purchased during the active subscription period will remain accessible after the subscription ends.

Credits are not refundable, exchangeable or transferable.

Preview and choose the scores you want to access with your credits in Guitar Pro 8.

How can I read the scores?

To read the scores you'll need:
- to be connected to the Internet
- to use the Guitar Pro 8 software or the Guitar Pro application on iOS and Android.

You'll still be able to access mySongBook after the end of the 7-day trial of Guitar Pro 8.

Can I edit or save the scores?

Due to copyright reasons, you can't edit, export, or save the scores.

But Guitar Pro 8 allows you easily practice and learn the songs.

You can change the speed, loop sections, use a metronome, automatically and progressively increase the speed.

You can also display several notations: standard, tablature and slash.

Can I print the scores?

It's necessary for subscribers and non-subscribers to buy credits to print the scores. This is due to copyright restrictions.

Can I try the service?

Every day we offer free access to 1 new music score from the library.
You don't need a Guitar Pro user account to play the "Free Tab of the Day" in Guitar Pro.