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Name Tab Genre
Queens of the Stone Age 11 tabs Rock, Metal
Marilyn Manson 11 tabs Rock, Metal
Len Williams 11 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional, Flamenco
Kings of Leon 11 tabs Rock
John Williams 11 tabs Pop, Classical
John Lennon 11 tabs Rock, Pop
Jeff Beck 11 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
James Brown 11 tabs Rock, Pop
Isaac Albeniz 11 tabs Classical, Traditional
Dream Theater 11 tabs Rock, Metal
Chet Atkins 11 tabs Pop, Classical, Traditional
Arctic Monkeys 11 tabs Rock
Antonio Lauro 11 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional
Alanis Morissette 11 tabs Rock, Pop
The Who 10 tabs Rock, Pop
The Shadows 10 tabs Rock, Pop
The Doobie Brothers 10 tabs Rock, Pop
System of a Down 10 tabs Rock, Metal
Supertramp 10 tabs Rock, Pop
Pearl Jam 10 tabs Rock
Ludwig Von Beethoven 10 tabs Classical
Judas Priest 10 tabs Rock, Metal
John Dowland 10 tabs Classical
Jeff Buckley 10 tabs Rock
Heitor Villa-Lobos 10 tabs Classical
Genesis 10 tabs Rock, Pop
Cream 10 tabs Rock
Avenged Sevenfold 10 tabs Metal
Yes 9 tabs Rock, Pop
The Yardbirds 9 tabs Rock
Suzanne Vega 9 tabs Rock, Pop
Luys de Narváez 9 tabs Classical
George Michael 9 tabs Pop
Creed 9 tabs Rock, Metal
Cat Stevens 9 tabs Rock, Pop
Blue Oyster Cult 9 tabs Rock, Metal
Alice in Chains 9 tabs Rock, Metal
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 8 tabs Classical
Sabicas 8 tabs World Music, Traditional
Robert Palmer 8 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
Robert de Visée 8 tabs Classical
Plain White T's 8 tabs Rock, Pop
Máximo Diego Pujol 8 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional
Maroon 5 8 tabs Rock, Pop
Korn 8 tabs Metal
Kansas 8 tabs Rock, Metal
Joe Bonamassa 8 tabs Rock, Metal
Jackson Browne 8 tabs Rock, Pop, World Music
Goo Goo Dolls 8 tabs Rock
Franz Ferdinand 8 tabs Rock
Federico Moreno Torroba 8 tabs Classical, Traditional
David Lee Roth 8 tabs Rock, Metal
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 8 tabs Rock, Pop
Bon Jovi 8 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Blur 8 tabs Rock, Pop
Blind Faith 8 tabs Rock
Van Morrison 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Thin Lizzy 7 tabs Rock, Metal
The Pixies 7 tabs Rock
The Cranberries 7 tabs Rock, Pop
The Black Keys 7 tabs Rock
The Beach Boys 7 tabs Rock, Pop
T.Rex 7 tabs Rock
Styx 7 tabs Rock, Metal
Steve Vai 7 tabs Rock, Metal
Rage Against the Machine 7 tabs Rock, Metal
Prince 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Norah Jones 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Lou Reed 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Larry Carlton 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Joseph Kosma 7 tabs Pop
Johann Anton Losy 7 tabs Classical
Jethro Tull 7 tabs Rock
Henry Mancini 7 tabs Pop
Gary Moore 7 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Dolly Parton 7 tabs Pop, Traditional
Christopher Cross 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Bryan Adams 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Boston 7 tabs Rock
Antonio Vivaldi 7 tabs Classical
Anton Diabelli 7 tabs Classical
ABBA 7 tabs Rock, Pop
4 Non Blondes 7 tabs Rock, Pop
Whitesnake 6 tabs Rock, Metal
Weezer 6 tabs Rock, Pop
The White Stripes 6 tabs Rock, Pop
The Dandy Warhols 6 tabs Rock, Pop
The Clash 6 tabs Rock
The Cardigans 6 tabs Rock, Pop
The Alan Parsons Project 6 tabs Rock, Pop
Survivor 6 tabs Rock, Metal
Sum 41 6 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Slipknot 6 tabs Rock, Metal
Slash 6 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal
Sheryl Crow 6 tabs Rock, Pop, Traditional
Sex Pistols 6 tabs Rock, Pop
Reli Suyskens 6 tabs Classical, Traditional
Pat Metheny 6 tabs World Music
Otis Redding 6 tabs Soul
Miguel Llobet 6 tabs World Music, Classical, Traditional, Flamenco
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