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Play the greatest guitar classics from bands like The Beatles, Dire Straits, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Green Day.

Find songs in your favourite styles: rock, pop, metal, blues, jazz, classical, flamenco.

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  Title Artist Type
Always On The Run  Lenny Kravitz Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
American Woman  Lenny Kravitz Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
Fly Away  Lenny Kravitz Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
Fairy Tale (from Shrek) Harry Gregson Williams Solo Guitar
Purple Rain  Prince Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
Wish You Were Here  Pink Floyd Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
Hotel California (Unplugged)  The Eagles Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
Money For Nothing  Dire Straits Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
BWV 1013 Allemande Johann Sebastian Bach Solo Guitar
Do You Want To  Franz Ferdinand Guitars, Bass & Backing Track
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Play the mySongBook scores in Guitar Pro 8 on your computer, and on your phones and tablets with the Guitar Pro application for Android and iOS. *

(*) The audio tracks are only available on computer.

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All the tabs are made by a passionate team of professional musicians.

"I have found this software super advanced for people at my level and it's also really friendly for people who are just starting out. So with mySongBook and with Guitar Pro, I feel like I'm completely prepared for this tour". Dave Mustaine
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