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Name Tab Genre
Don Reno 1 tabs Traditional
Don Henley 1 tabs Rock, Pop
Dolly Parton 1 tabs Pop, Traditional
Dido 1 tabs Pop, Folk
Dick Anegarn 1 tabs Pop, Blues, Folk
Daran et les chaises 1 tabs Rock
Daniel Casares 1 tabs World Music, Traditional, Flamenco
Count Bergen 1 tabs Classical, Traditional
Cole Porter 1 tabs Pop
Claudio Monteverdi 1 tabs Classical
Claude Bolling 1 tabs Pop
Chris Rea 1 tabs Rock, Pop
Children of Bodom 1 tabs Metal
Chicuelo 1 tabs World Music, Traditional, Flamenco
Chicago 1 tabs Rock
Charlie Christian 1 tabs Jazz, Blues
Carole King 1 tabs Rock, Pop
Carl Maria Von Weber 1 tabs Classical
Canhoto Da Paraíba 1 tabs World Music, Traditional
Cactus 1 tabs Rock, Metal
Burt Bacharach 1 tabs Pop
Bruno Martino 1 tabs Pop
Bruno Coulais 1 tabs Pop
Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton 1 tabs Rock
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 1 tabs Rock
Billy Strayhorn 1 tabs Pop
Bill Keith 1 tabs Traditional
Bill Frisell 1 tabs Rock, Pop, Metal, Traditional
Band Aid 1 tabs Pop, Folk
Bad Religion 1 tabs Rock, Metal
Avril Lavigne 1 tabs Rock, Pop
Asaf Avidan 1 tabs Rock, Pop
Ary Barroso 1 tabs Pop, World Music
Aretha Franklin 1 tabs Pop
Antonio Terzi 1 tabs Classical
Antônio e Jocafi 1 tabs Pop, World Music
Antonio Cano 1 tabs Classical
Albert King 1 tabs Blues
Al Green 1 tabs Pop
Al Di Meola 1 tabs Rock, World Music, Flamenco
A-HA 1 tabs Pop
Modest Mouse 0 tabs Rock, Pop
Kim Wilde 0 tabs Rock, Pop
Joe Jackson 0 tabs Rock, Pop
Jelly Roll Morton 0 tabs Pop
Gojira 0 tabs Metal
Consuelo Velázquez 0 tabs Pop, World Music
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