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New Riffs please! We know that you’re always searching for new riffs to get inspired or improve your technique. That’s perfect timing because we’ve designed a new pack including 20 riffs from legendary songs for you. Enjoy!

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What you will find in this bundle

• Black Sabbath – Paranoid
• Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper
• Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode
• Deep Purple – Burn
• Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
• Eric Clapton – Cocaine
• Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
• Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
• Joe Satriani – Satch Boogie
• Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son
• Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
• Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
• Michael Jackson – Beat It
• Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
• Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
• Steppenwolf – Born to Be Wild
• Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
• Toto – Hold the Line
• Trust – Antisocial
• ZZ Top – La Grange

About this guitar rock package

This pack is a kind of follow-up to our Legendary Riff videos series available on our Youtube. We’ve made this bundle based on your favorite tabs at We’re offering some of our best-selling content to you here!

In this bundle, you’ll find 20 riffs excerpts including all the instruments from the original songs (guitars, basses, drums, etc.) so you can play along easily. All of the following tabs have been transcribed by our transcriber team.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question about these riffs or ideas for upcoming packs of this kind. Enjoy guys!

Michael - 2019-04-08

Thanks for the tabs

Al - 2018-01-02

Way cool. Thank you, Arobas!

Hrothgar Thorgrimsson - 2018-01-02

Interestingly, none of these are showing as gpx files. Instead they are gp files and I can neither change nor play them. I am sad.

Don Randolph - 2018-01-01

A kick-start to the New Year! Thank you so much. Another resolution – learn as many as I can before the end of 2018.

Patricio - 2018-01-01

Now I’m going to play some new songs, thank you.

Patricio - 2018-01-01

Yeah thank you very much, good as it looks!!! Rock on!!

Patricio - 2018-01-01

Yeah thanks!!

Robert Bell - 2018-01-01

Happy New Year!
I just received an e-mail w/ a bunch of free downloads, wanted to say thanks very much – greatly appreciated!!! GP rocks 2018!!

mikey - 2016-11-29

.gpx not supported on my gp5 too sad for me

dips - 2016-08-27

10000000000000 thankyou

Urbain Gelders - 2016-03-13

ik ben een gitarist die nog niet zolang begonnen is met gitaar spelen en vind het zeer fijn om op een snelle manier wat bekende liedjes te gaan oefenen en te spelen,ik dank U daarvoor.groeten Grijze Wolf

linda - 2016-03-14

Thank you 🙂

Ben Clark - 2016-01-09

My hands getting sweaty just thinking about it!!!

Ben Clark - 2016-01-09

Hope it’s a good as it looks!!! Rock on!!!

Ben Clark - 2016-01-09

Alright!!! Keeping the faith for always and forever!!!

Pascal - 2016-01-06

Thanks a lot for those rejuvenating riffs!

Arthur Saad Khouri - 2016-01-05

WOW thanks a lot guys !!! It’s amazing to start the year getting gifts lol. Arthur

bjoern - 2016-01-02

Disappointing to learn it was only a short excerpt, got groovey me and my guitar only to be shot down.
But it is a good selection though.

Gennadiy - 2016-01-01

Thank you very much for all the licks. Happy new year!

Gigi - 2016-01-01

Thankx very much, happy new and peaceful year everyone.

Bob Masters - 2016-01-01

Thanks for this freebie, they are inspiring.

luis vicente guagua cordova - 2015-12-31

digo que es una maravillosa coleccion,no hablo ingles pero me gusta esta musica,para escucharla hoy y siempre.
saludos desde Guayaquil- Ecuador

luis vicente guagua cordova - 2015-12-31

thank you so much, a wonderfull selection

Kris - 2015-12-31

Thanks a lot and Happy New Year ! That’s a nice present ! ;o)

GT - 2015-12-31

Excellent choices ! Thank you and Have a Happy New Year !

vlatko - 2015-12-31

Many, many thanks I wish you a Happy new Year all of you

Joe - 2015-12-31

thanks a lot and Happy New Year!!

Nikolay - 2015-12-31

I love these songs…

js - 2015-12-31

Thank you so much. A nice selection. Best wishes for the new year. Would love to see some tabs etc for hank marvin fills and solos on cliff richard tracks eg living doll.


eric taylor - 2015-12-31

eric rock on

eric taylor - 2015-12-31

thanks and a very happy nrw year

Marte - 2015-12-31

Thank you very much for all the licks happy new year

@elias - 2015-12-31

Many thanks I wish you a Happy new Year and don’t stop to make your good word better.

megale sebastiano - 2015-12-31

Commenterò dopo averli considerati!

Vladimir Pilipenko - 2015-12-31

It’s a good gift for the New Year and Christmas

Ankit - 2015-12-31

Really Nice

Peraud D - 2015-12-31

Merci pour tout

ingmar ingels - 2015-12-31

thanks to guitar pro for this support

Lawrence Toledo - 2015-12-31

How come they are only a few bars of the beginning of the songs?

dave hodson - 2015-12-31

what software do you recommend for opening the files which are in gpx format?


adrien - 2015-12-31

Hi Dave, you need to have Guitar Pro 6 to open .gpx files.

dave hodson - 2015-12-31

Sounds good

Arthur S. - 2015-12-31

Thank You! YAH BLESS YOU GUYS and GALS!!! The Cheerful ‘One’ Art

hernan - 2015-12-31

por favor que alguien me explique como abrirlo. Tengo instalado el guitar pro 5, gracias.

adrien - 2015-12-31

Hi, you’ll need Guitar Pro 6 to open the .gpx files.

Mr Viladet - 2015-12-31

Thank you very much to give me download

Noel - 2015-12-31

I have a Droid s5 will not open the pdfs

kailash - 2015-12-31

hello i want to play guitar pro pleaze reply my question how to?

Federico Abarca - 2015-12-31

Thanks a lot, receiving this licks is an opportunity to improve our love for music, specially for the guitar.

Hiram J. Segarra - 2015-12-31

Hello! Thanks so much for this! I’m anxious to see this, but it says it’s a “gpx” file, and I can’t open it. Any suggestions as to what software I should get to open it with? Thanks!

adrien - 2015-12-31

Hi Hiram, you’ll need Guitar Pro 6 to open the files.

Colin Campbell - 2015-12-30

Always good to get classic riffs.

Francisco A. Molina Boix - 2015-12-30

For 2016, let’s expect a Sapnish version, we are millions of potential supporters

Francisco A. Molina Boix - 2015-12-30

Thanks, and for next year, and I know I’m talking on behalf of hundreds of thousands supporters, we’ll all appreciate more quantity and more often…
Once again thaks a lot…

Derek Wilkie - 2015-12-30

Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

L Graham - 2015-12-30

Very Cool.. Thank you

Carlo - 2015-12-30

Thank YOU very MUCHHHHHHH great gift .

Rock On !

Larry - 2015-12-30

Nice list of songs

Randy - 2015-12-30

Thank you for the thought of free tab, being able to open them would have been even better !

adrien - 2015-12-31

Hi Randy, do you have a problem while trying to open the tabs? Let me know.

Kane Pollastrone - 2015-12-30

How do you install the pack? I’ve looked in the program files but there isn’t a section for it.

adrien - 2015-12-31

Hi Kane, you just have to unzip the zip file and then open the tabs in Guitar Pro 6.

JAIME YSMAEL - 2015-12-30


Franz Hummel - 2015-12-30

wooooow an awesome free pack!
Thank you so much for all these tabs!

Brian C. Hamilton - 2015-12-30

Thank You, I appreciate it.

terence hoole - 2015-12-30

not yet got around to restarting leaning again,saving emails you are sending me, they look great can’t wait to begin

K-Darth - 2015-12-30

Dang yu very muy muy…

David flores - 2015-12-30

Very nice, thanks

Bernard - 2015-12-30

Pour moi , fichier inconnu à l’ouverture ? Dommage …

adrien - 2015-12-31

Bonjour Bernard, possédez-vous Guitar Pro 6 pour ouvrir ces fichiers ?

Mike pitroff - 2015-12-30

What do I use to open these files? I have my song book and guitar pro

adrien - 2015-12-31

Hi Mike, you need a copy of Guitar Pro 6 to open the tabs.

Ralph - 2015-12-30

Thanks for this great collection of gifts. Guitar Pro is the best program I have ever bought. I recommend to a lot of people and have even purchased it as gift to my nephew

donato - 2015-12-30


donato - 2015-12-30


Daniel Vanden Broeck - 2015-12-30

Many thanks for the present i think it’s realy a pleasure to receive this nices riffs for free

ybb - 2015-12-30

thank you

Torsten - 2015-12-30

Thank you very much! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂

Francisco Ruiz - 2015-12-19

Muchas gracias por dejar disponible estos riffs tan importantes.

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