[FREE TABS + VIDEOS] 5 Led Zeppelin guitar riffs you should know


A selection of Jimmy Page’s best riffs with scores to download for free. The cool videos are made by Maxime from Modern Guitar Online. Check this out!

It was very difficult to choose 5 riffs among the hundreds of Jimmy Page’s amazing riffs. But here are 5 riffs that you should absolutely know how to play.

Download the free Guitar Pro files, practice and make some noise!

Tell us what’s your favourite riffs in the comments and why?

(click on the picture to download the Guitar Pro 7 files)

Black Dog



The Ocean

Whole Lotta Love

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ivamário n. dos santos - 2021-03-20

Bom dia sou fã de rock desde meus 14 anos e olha que já estou com 64 anos. estou aprendendo tocar guitarra agora e peço por favor que me envie [TABS + VÍDEOS GRÁTIS] 5 riffs de Led Zeppelin que você deve conhecer no GUITAR PRO 5, pois só tenho ele. desde já um forte abraço e VIVA O ROCK AND ROLL !!!

niko - 2021-01-15

These are fantastic, nice to have a great drum track to play along with.

David - 2021-01-15

Since I’ve taken lessons online i really enjoys this thank you!

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