What will you find in this free pack?

You'll find everything you need to spice up your guitar practice time:

exercices, riffs, extracts of famous songs from the mySongBook library
and licks from the best guitar teachers.

You'll also find scores for beginners to advanced players.

We'd like to thank all the artists who shared their scores with us!

Emanuel Hedberg, Mike Dawes, Justin Sandercoe (Justin Guitar), Dave Tran (GuitarZero2Hero),
John Butler, Dan Holton (Your Guitar Academy), David Wallimann, Alan Iarussi, Sophie Burrell,
John Konesky, Florent Passamonti, Danilo Vicari, Sascha Rebbe, Éric Legaud (Galagomusic),
Adrien Fraboul (Back2Guitar), Romain Pilon, Bruno Tauzin, Nate Savage, Pierre Danel (Kadinja), Alex Cordo,
Jim Lill, Mathias Berchadsky, Naâman, Okan Ersan, Ton Van Bergeyk, Martin Gioani (GuitareImprovisation).