Free Tabs – 20 Legendary Riffs to Download


Grab your guitar, download these 20 must learn riffs and let’s have some fun! It’s fast, good and it will help you to learn, polish, and improve your guitar skills.

The riffs selection is classified by levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Enjoy!

(click on the image to download the .zip file for Guitar Pro 7)

(click on the image to download the .zip file for Guitar Pro 6)

What you will find in this bundle


• AC/DC – Highway to Hell
• Aerosmith – Walk This Way
• David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
• Eddie Cochran – Twenty Flight Rock
• Genesis – I Can’t Dance
• Nirvana – Come as You Are
• Iggy Pop – The Passenger
• Lenny Kravitz – American Woman


• The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
• John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change
• Metallica – Creeping Death
• Motley Crüe – Dr Feelgood
• Ram Jam – Black Betty
• Police – Message in a Bottle
• Pink Floyd – Money


• Dream Theater – Constant Motion
• Extreme – Cupid’s Dead
• David Lee Roth – Shyboy
• Pantera – Cowboys from Hell
• Van Halen – I’m the One

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question about these riffs or ideas for upcoming packs of this kind.

John s Barron - 2020-10-25

I wanna try dis

Jos - 2018-12-15

Thank you so much. This helps the beginner a lot.

Michael Green - 2017-01-03

Thank you for the gift, it is much appreciated!

AN - 2017-01-03

The old song pack is still available – just go back to last year’s blog post:

Ronnie - 2017-01-02

Thank you

BigPhil - 2017-01-02

GPX files can be opened with Guitar Pro software. Have a look here:

TATY Moraes - 2017-01-02

Muito obrigada

Dave - 2017-01-02

These are legendary devil worshiping licks. Give us some cool jazz and blues licks from artists that don’t worship the devil in their music. I would say ‘Stayin Alive’ is probably the best song on the list. The rest I have no use for. I will not download.

Asit - 2017-01-02

I am not able to open the gpx. files, so please guide me.

Asit - 2017-01-02

I am not able to open the gpx. files, so what to do? Pls. guide me.

Maurizio - 2017-01-02

Thank you so much!

Lynne - 2017-01-02

only the first track (AC/DC) is displaying any tabs…

Edgar Reh - 2017-01-02

Thank you, i’m looking forward to play these riffs!

Edgar Reh - 2017-01-02

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Rob Sam - 2017-01-02

Thanks a lot and GOD bless your 2017 Biz.

RJ Unsinn - 2017-01-02

Oh darn! …. I like the riff list on the “mistake download” much better than the “correct” one… Now I seem to be too late to get the superior (In my opinion) “mistake list”…

Please make the “mistake riff list” available…

Larry - 2017-01-02

The file contains all the stuff from last year, not what you are saying is in this file. No AC/DC, etc. You guys need to fix this.

stephen derryberry - 2017-01-01

give me free download 20 guitar licks

Jim Simpson - 2017-01-01

This is very cool! Thanks!

Larry Harless - 2017-01-01

Thanks so much,

Jessy - 2017-01-01

Heiko, thank you

Jessy - 2017-01-01

Thank you

kytguitadrumiano - 2017-01-01

Future Editions should have:
The NIght, by Disturbed – Advanced (I own the book with the entire album in guitar music)
Pull Me Under, by Dream Theater – No comment. I’m only on the first 2 pages, which is doable for a beginner, but Intermediate is needed to get it up to speed.

Now what don’t I own that would be way cool?
Good question. rofl I love Disturbed, Evanescence, Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Metallica, Klezmer, Tanzwut, Mittelalter music, Arctic Monkeys, Ocean Colour Scene, and yes, I am an American, but my tastes tends towards overseas. lol

Too be honest, I’d love to see the drum music for these songs too, but those are way hard to come buy!

Ray Morton - 2017-01-01

Do they cover bass ?

Jaro - 2017-01-01

Thank you, but there are tabs only for first song in each pack

JD - 2017-01-01

i cant seem to open the .gpx files

Dietmar Wagner - 2017-01-01

Sorry, in my download lack the tabs.
Can you help?

Mike Tracy - 2017-01-01

My PC does not know what to do with the GPX files in the zip package. What should I use to open them please?

Alan Graham - 2017-01-01

Well thanks but I either already know how to play those riffs or don’t want to. But nice thought and thank you. Happy New Year!

OLLY - 2017-01-01

Much appreciated

OLLY - 2017-01-01

Many thanks

OLLY - 2017-01-01

Many thanks much appreciated

Andy - 2017-01-01


kyrle - 2017-01-01

thanks for gifts awesome

jose - 2017-01-01

muchas gracias, excelente regalo.
feliz año nuevo 2017

Don Gabriël - 2017-01-01

Thanks for your kindness

Wim Deblauwe - 2016-12-27

Seems the tabs do not match with the list you have here. This is what is in the zip file:

Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody.gpx

linda - 2016-12-27

Oups, a mistake. File updated. Thank you Wim.

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