20 Legendary Guitar Riffs to Download


Download these 20 must learn riffs to start the year with your guitar. It’s fast, good and it will help you to learn, polish, and improve your guitar skills. The riffs selection is classified by levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Enjoy!

(click on the image to download the .zip file for Guitar Pro 7)

(click on the image to download the .zip file for Guitar Pro 6)

What you will find in this bundle


• AC/DC – The Jack
• The Animals – The House of the Rising Sun
• The Beatles – I Want You
• Toto – Hold the Line
• Eric Clapton – Had to Cry Today
• The Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane
• The Knack – My Sharona
• Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication


• Jack White – Lazaretto
• Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
• Trust – Antisocial
• Scorpions – Still Loving You
• The Rolling Stones – Angie
• Radiohead – Paranoid Android
• Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama


• Richie Kotzen – Mother Head’s Family Reunion
• Joe Satriani – Satch Boogie
• Al Di Meola – Mediterranean Sundance
• Van Halen – Hot for Teacher
• Led Zeppelin – The Ocean

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any question about these riffs or ideas for upcoming packs of this kind.

lalito feria - 2020-06-13

que chidito, realmente me esta ayudando a expandir mi conocimiento musical gracias.
lalito feria

jose luis - 2020-01-04

gracias feliz año 2020

Thomas Duflos - 2020-01-07

Mchas gracias Jose, mis mejores deseos!

Sam Patterson - 2018-04-02

Beautiful gifts Arobas …..especially for those of us who teach and use GP for lesson document making/ collecting

Kevin - 2018-01-06

Thanks fot the GP6 versions of the files!

Marcelos - 2018-01-05

Muito bom!

Marcelos - 2018-01-05

Valeu mesmo!!!!Muito obrigado!Um grande incentivo para eu continuar praticando e estudando

Guido - 2018-01-04

That’s pretty lame – having them in the new GP7 format so that you cannot open them with any earlier version. Kinda makes me want to pass on upgrading.

linda - 2018-01-04

The Guitar Pro 6 version is now available.

João Pena - 2018-01-04

Thank you!

Aleksander Evgenjevich Semyonoff - 2018-01-03

And also I like The Spin Doctors)))))

Aleksander Evgenjevich Semyonoff - 2018-01-03

I’d like to recieve songs of Dire Straits, Metallica, RHCP
Yappy New Year!

Francisco Muñoz - 2018-01-03

I can’t unzip files .gp

Pluto - 2018-01-03

How can I oben .gp-files with GP6?

francisco escriva - 2018-01-03

tengo el guitar pro 6 pero no encuentro la clave por lo tanto me inpide adquirir el 7 con descuento.
por favor si me contestan si puede ser que sea en castellano.

linda - 2018-01-04

Hello Francisco, can you please contact our support for help:

pedro Moreira - 2018-01-03

thank you ! happy new year….


Thank You!

Eugene - 2018-01-03

Thank you for Gifts! Happy New Year!

Dixie Johnson - 2018-01-03

Right ON! Thank you!

Al - 2018-01-02

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Sylvain Chenard - 2018-01-02

Can these be opened with GP6?

George - 2018-01-02

my gp6 cant read this files.. please help

AL - 2018-01-02

New to Guitar Pro… How come I can only see the part & Tab for the first riff in each file ??

linda - 2018-01-04

Hello Al, you can display the standard notation and tab. To do so, in the Track section (panel on the right) > Musical Notation > Notation > press the button to select the notation that you want to display.

Wolfgang - 2018-01-02

Thank you for the free riffs, but my Guitar Pro 6 cannot open these files because their endings are *.GP, it wants gpx, gpt, gpp, gp3 …
Which format are downloaded files?

John - 2018-01-02

Thank you. I’ll have to play that 7-2 stretch on the jack another way though.

Paul - 2018-01-02

As a long time user of Guitar Pro 6 I find this pretty insulting. Do not send me any “gifts” which I cannot use with the version of software I currently own.

Mikhail - 2018-01-02

So sad you offer a .GP files for a linux user who can’t open it with Guitar pro 6….
What a shame.

José Oliveira - 2018-01-02

Very cool! would love to see some bass riffs as well, because some of us are bassists (the coolest ones :p).

Monster - 2018-01-02

Awesome! Can we have 20 Crushing Metal Riffs next please?

Kevin - 2018-01-02

Thanks for the files. Unfortunately they do not work. I use Guitar Pro 6 and I receive the error “Can’t extract the file content. Invalid MusicXML archive.” How should I proceed to open them? Regards, Kevin

Curtis Riddle - 2018-01-02

I cannot open the “gp” -files” with Guitar Pro 6.
Are these files only for Pro 7 ?

Schwobi - 2018-01-02

Sorry, it dosen’t work on GP6, latest MacOS Version….any ideas?

Derek - 2018-01-02

Thanks for these. Have unpacked the zip. What program will read .gp files?

Raul - 2018-01-02

I cannot open with GP6. Is this a GP7 file?

Shane - 2018-01-02

Just downloaded the files, but they’re .gp files, not .gpx, this my GP won’t open them. I’m confused 😉 Is .gp the new format for GP7? so GP users who haven’t purchased the new version can’t use these files? I’m running GP6

Jeff - 2018-01-02

Hope everyone finds themselves in good health and has a great 2018.
Keep on pickin’

Kevin - 2018-01-02

Downloaded the .gp files. Unable to open with GuitarPro6. How has anyone been able to open these files?

Dante Paler - 2018-01-02

Thank you gor 20 rock riffs

Dante Paler - 2018-01-02

Thank yoy

hernan - 2018-01-01

what do you make for bass guitar players?

stefano - 2018-01-01

Mediterranean Sundance ?……..
it’s a joke??????

Tresy - 2018-01-01

It would be nice to provide a version for GP6 users.

Ron - 2018-01-01

GP6 users cant have this?

Dan - 2018-01-01


Hans - 2018-01-01

GP7 only? Anything for GP6 users?

John - 2018-01-01

Thank you!

Natalie - 2018-01-01

only for gp7, right? 🙁

Paco - 2018-01-01


AndyC - 2018-01-01

Much appreciated – a nice unexpected bonus, thank you!

Django - 2018-01-01

i just cant open it .. any solution?

Tom - 2018-01-01

How do I open .gp files?

Don Randolph - 2018-01-01

Another challenge for the New Year and free! Thank you and I hope you have a very prosperous New Year!

Rubens Alpha Junior - 2018-01-01

Thank you very much. Happy New Year.

Paul - 2018-01-01

Jsut what the doctor ordered – many thanks and Happy New Year

Murianne charland - 2018-01-01

Thank you

Pete - 2018-01-01

Happy new year, thanks for that!

Murianne charland - 2018-01-01

Great Thank You

Hairy - 2018-01-01

GP7 only? Anything for GP6 users?

Willie - 2018-01-01

My first gift of the new year! Thanks

Rafael Humberto Escalante Torres - 2018-01-01

Thank you!!!

Markus - 2018-01-01

What a nice surprise! Thanx alot!

Woley - 2018-01-01

I cannot open the “gp” -files” with Guitar Pro 6.

jorge - 2018-01-01


Stephen - 2018-01-01

Thanks but how can I open these .gp files in gp6?

Stephen - 2018-01-01

Much appreciated! Happy New Year! Keep up the good work.

Aleksandr - 2018-01-01

Thanks you ))) Happy New Year )))

Hector Meriles - 2018-01-01

Fantastic! THANKS and Happy new year 🙂

parmariet - 2018-01-01

A fantastic beginning of a new year !!! Thanks so much !!!

AJ - 2018-01-01

Can I open these in GP6?

Paul - 2018-01-01

These don’t open in GP6, get this message “Can’t extract the file content. Invalid MusicXML archive.”

ma' - 2018-01-01

Thank you. I needed it.

Embert - 2018-01-01

Thanks Guitar Pro best program ever

Carloilmari - 2018-01-01

Thanks a lot! Happy New Year!

Steve Woodward - 2018-01-01

I cannot open these files with Guitar Pro 6 on a Mac. I have no issues with other files, any hints?

Thanks, Happy New Year!

Andy - 2018-01-01

Thank you!
Happy New Year

Ben Gubar - 2018-01-01

Thank you and happy New Year!

grymek - 2018-01-01

Execelent work! Thanks!

Henry - 2018-01-01

Thank You! Happy New Year

Jörg Ramm - 2018-01-01

Can´t open the package in Guitar Pro 6 🙁

D - 2018-01-01

GP7 stops to work trying to open unzipped files. What i did wrong?

Gez - 2018-01-01

Great riffs!!!

Robert van der Let - 2018-01-01


Bianka - 2018-01-01

Nice Thank you!

van bawi - 2018-01-01

2018 eve day welcome you all

Ruggero Catania - 2018-01-01

It doesn’t work in GP6 OSX.
Am I wrong?

Johan - 2018-01-01

Thank you the rifs and more in this packet, we love it happy new year

Carlo - 2018-01-01

Great start of the new year ! Thanks !

Steve Pollitt - 2018-01-01

Just wanted to say what a waste of time downloading the Free Rock Pack – the files don’t open in GP6: Invalid MusicXML archive. Didn’t anyone check that they worked before uploading them?

Mark - 2018-01-01

I have GP6 and GP7. They are outstanding and very versatile.

Thanks for the free licks!

Happy New Year!

Robert Bell - 2018-01-01

Happy New Year!
I just received an e-mail w/ a bunch of free downloads, wanted to say thanks very much – greatly appreciated!!! GP rocks 2018!!

Viljo Nylund - 2018-01-01


Ian David Oates - 2018-01-01

Excellent material many thanks happy New Year

wolfgang - 2018-01-01


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