Anouck André invites you to play the guitar solo in the Ariana Grande song “Dangerous Woman”.

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Hello everybody!

To celebrate the release of Guitar Pro 7, how about we discover together the guitar solo in “Dangerous Woman”, a song from Ariana Grande’s self-titled album.

This solo is of intermediate level, and includes certain traits that will surely challenge you!

Make sure your play the trills clear in the first part, and that you synchronize your right and left hands properly for an articulate rendition of the thirty-second notes at the end.

This solo is a great exercise that brings together trills, bends, stretching and moving over a number of positions on the minor pentatonic scale.


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Please do ask me your questions in the comments. A bientôt !
– Anouck


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Picture of Anouck by Vincent Photographie


TRECTRE - oct. 5, 2017

You can invite to me this tab on my email, please ?

linda - oct. 9, 2017

You can download the tab in the post. Just click on the file to download it.

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