Download and play this cool and easy fingerstyle arrangement of Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect” made by the guitarist Timo Brauwers.

“Perfect_Ed Sheeran_fingerstyle”
(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro 7 file)

About the song

Ed Sheeran wrote this song for his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn. It is a slow romantic ballad.

Here is Timo’s advice on how to play this song.

Ed Sheeran songs are always good for my students because it is beautiful music and not too complicated. I took “Perfect” because it is a nice slow 6/8 song where I can show some techniques, like hammer-on, pull-off, slides and grace notes and do a slow musical structure.

Just try to play this arrangement in the 1st position (except for the bridge after the chorus) and always keep the 6/8 bar in mind. You should count with emphasis on 1 and 4 if you have problems with the measure. Don’t play it too fast.

You will need a capo on the first fret to play it in the same tonality than the one used by Timo.

About Timo Brauwers

Timo is an acoustic guitar player from Germany. He is now recording his third album. It will be released at the end of the year 2018. He will be performing at the 2018 Guitar Summit in September 2018 with Petteri Sariola and Jon Gomm. He will also do workshops for Breedlove guitars there. The Guitar Summit will hold its 2nd edition from September 7th to 9th 2018 in Mannheim, Germany.

Timo will release his third album in fall this year. You can pre-order it here.

Take a look at his latest video called “After the Storm”.

For those who like guitar gears, this is how Timo Brauwer’s pedalboard look like:

Follow Timo

Facebook: TimoBrauwers
Youtube Channel Timo Brauwers


Mike Batcheller - févr. 9, 2020

Can you please send me the pdf. Awesome rendition

Amy Song - nov. 23, 2019

Hi there, you’re amazing at guitar, but can you also send me the pdf file?

Thomas Duflos - nov. 28, 2019

Hi Amy, I have sent you the pdf file. You can try Guitar Pro 7.5 for free for one month to check out this great tablature: Thanks

JASON Montilla - août 11, 2019

Could you send me .PDF file too?

Thomas Duflos - nov. 28, 2019

Hi Jason, pdf sent. please try our free demo!

Max - mai 3, 2019

Hey there! Amazing version, literally one of the best I have ever heard. Could you send me the pdf file as well? I would love to play it myself!

Thank you!

Thomas Duflos - mai 7, 2019

Hi Max, yes it’s great, I have sent you the score in pdf to the email address you used to contact us. You can try Guitar Pro 7.5 for free for one month to check out this great tablature: Thanks

Bartek - févr. 18, 2019

Hi !

Could you send me .pdf file too?

Thomas Duflos - févr. 19, 2019

Hi Bartek, I have sent you the tab in PDF to the email you have used to comment, you can also download Guitar Pro 7.5 and try it for free for one month here:

Anna - oct. 3, 2018

Pleases can you help me have one the song Pdf guiter?

Thomas Duflos - oct. 9, 2018

Yes, Anna, I have sent you the tablature in PDF to the email you have used to comment on this post. ? thanks

bogdan hlubek - sept. 30, 2018


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