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Dream TheaterErotomania


Kiss I Was Made For Loving You

Lamb of GodLaid to Rest

Lynyrd SkynyrdThe Needle and the Spoon

Mass Hysteria – L’espèrence et le refus



WhitesnakeStill of the Night

ZZ TopTush

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The 14th edition of the impressive metal festival called Hellfest will start on the 21rst of June 2019 in Clisson, a little town near Nantes in France.

As usual, all the 3-day passes were sold as soon as they were put on sale. This time it took 20 minutes for the festival to be sold out!

The lucky ones who managed to get tickets to hell will have a chance to listen to more than 160 bands on six different stages: Mass Hysteria, ZZ Top, Kiss, Slash, Gojira, Slayer, Tool, and many more!

This is a good opportunity to offer you these awesome riffs to play. Here is an example:

Many other metal songs are available on our website:


Mark Acklin - avril 5, 2024

I purchased Guitar Pro and Songbook and can’t access Songbook and was never given an activation code for Songbook.

Thomas Duflos - avril 8, 2024

Hi Mark, please send a message to our support:

Rob - nov. 9, 2019

Great article. Nice WORK.

Metalhead - sept. 28, 2019

So where’s the metal? At best these riffs are just rock. Someone beeds to be schooled in what is and is not metal.

Thomas Duflos - oct. 1, 2019

Hi, we have mingled different genres in this bundle, the Gojira riff sounds metal to me for example but I agree with you some of them don’t. It’s sometimes difficult to categorize a band in only one category. What would you want to see in the next article about metal? Thanks

Lukas - août 4, 2019

I recently installed the app and when I try downloading a file here it says “frame load interrupted”. How can I fix this?

Thomas Duflos - août 6, 2019

Hi Lukas, it should be working. You can contact our support here: Thank you

Bob - juil. 15, 2019

The links under “You will also like” will not do anything. I am using the mobile app on an iPhone.

Thomas Duflos - juil. 16, 2019

Hi Bob, the links are working fine on my iPhone. You can find these articles if you enter the keywords in “search here” on the top of the page. Thanks

Bob - juil. 15, 2019

I get an error every time I try to download the files : “Frame Load Interrupted”

Thomas Duflos - juil. 16, 2019

Hi Bob, this should be working. I have sent you the files to the email that you have used to comment. Thanks

John - mai 29, 2019

Nice article,
Thank you.

Emilio Paltan - mai 24, 2019

Hi Arobas Music team, it would be amazing if you could include Charango in the next upgrade as an instrument track and its realistic sound . Charango is a Bolivian instrument with five double strings, if you could check “Los Kjarkas” videos on YouTube you’ll see the Charango and listen how amazing it sounds. So please dont forget it

Thomas Duflos - mai 24, 2019

Hi Emilio, thank you very much for your nice suggestions, I have forwarded to the dev team! Thanks.

James - mai 17, 2019

First time trying this ap

Thomas Duflos - mai 21, 2019

Hi James, that’s great! I hope that you will like it!

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