Michael Angelo Batio is back! The shred legend we already featured on the blog is unveiling a new lesson showcasing some great tips to improve your sweeping technique. Download the free Guitar Pro tab to break his exercises down.

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro tab excerpt)

About the lesson

This video includes two exercises from Michael Angelo Batio’s instructional program Speed Kills 2. The course teaches shred guitar techniques that range from simple hammer pulls to challenging hybrid picking and sweep arpeggios.

It’s part of the three-video Speed Kills series that explains all modern neo-classical shred guitar techniques.

For more information, visit Metal Method.

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Eliach - déc. 18, 2015


george michael ramsay - déc. 18, 2015

Thank you metal method if it was possible it would be great to sit town and talk and play with you guys,I watch method as much as I can thank you so much,George Michael ramsay

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