Arch Enemy are releasing their new album titled “War Eternal” next week. This is a good opportunity to offer you a demonstration of the album’s title track by Nick Cordle, the band’s guitarist. Make sure to download the official Guitar Pro tab in the article.

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro tab)

Watch the official music video for “War Eternal”

Learn the tabs for all the tracks on “War Eternal”

Would you like to master all the riffs and solos from War Eternal? Find out about Arch Enemy’s “Deluxe Artbook” collector’s set and get 10 tabs transcribed by Nick Cordle in .gpx format together with a free Guitar Pro Lite license! More info on the Guitar Pro blog and on the Century Media Records website.



1 - mai 4, 2020

I will try to continue being at the best level possible.

ZETEXER - mai 21, 2019

How can I open up the gpx format ?… Thak you . 😀

Thomas Duflos - mai 21, 2019

Hi, you need Guitar Pro 6 or 7 to open the gpx (Guitar Pro 6) file. You can download the Guitar Pro 7.5 demo for free here: Thank you

William Carlin - janv. 13, 2019

What tuning is it drop c or c standard thanks

Thomas Duflos - janv. 15, 2019

Hi William, the tuning for this song is: C, G, D#, A#, F, C. (from High to low). Drop C often refers to CGCFAD.

Bruce Fisher - déc. 2, 2015


thedarkmeteor - janv. 4, 2015

check my vocal cover 😀 hope you like it

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