Joe Haley, the guitar genius from the technical Death Metal band Psycroptic, is about to publish a new guitar tab book to accompany the release of his latest self-titled album. Today, he shares with you the Guitar Pro tab for the song “Echoes to Come”.

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro tab)

About “Echoes to Come”

“Even though ‘Echoes to Come’ has some tricky elements to it, it’s also a pretty straight down the line song in many ways. The song pretty much doesn’t deviate from D Phrygian Dominant (5th mode of G Harmonic minor) at all, so with a bit of revision on the harmonic minor shapes this song will be a lot easier to navigate.

The use of down strokes is what gives the right feel and accenting for this song. The track is quite quick for this but if it’s proving to be a bit difficult, try slowing the track to a fairly comfortable tempo and playing all the quavers with down strokes – this will put the technique ‘under the microscope’ so to speak and progression will be a lot easier and consistent this way.

One other technique which comes into play in the second section of the song is the use of tapped harmonics. These are achieved simply by tapping the string 12 frets (a full octave) above the note which is being held. It’s important to remember that this isn’t tapping in the usual sense of the word but more in the literal sense.

When tapping the string, make sure that the fret that is being tapped is not held at all but more like being hit. Pretend that the string is red hot. To get a nice tone from this it can help by tapping right on the fret rather than within the fret.

Remember that notes on the guitar are coming from the fret itself, not from where the finger itself is being held. This is something that a lot of people forget about. This technique itself isn’t too tricky to master, but it might take a little right hand/left hand coordination within the song as there are a lot of hammer-on’s and pull-off’s tied in with the harmonics.”

– Joe Haley

Want more tabs? 

You can get the official Psycroptic tab books (transcribed by Joe Haley himself) on Lulu.

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Dean Nicholson - juin 12, 2015

Dude your a fukin legend I aspire to be half the guitarist you are. I sat down and played carriers of the plague recently and man I wish I could write it myself Bahahah will definitely be having a crack and nailing it bahaha. Hats off to ya bro your a legend ??

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