Sweet Child O’ Mine Goes Acoustic with Luca Stricagnoli (Guitar Cover)


Luca Stricagnoli, the new recruit to Candyrat Records we already featured on the blog, is unveiling a new brillant cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. He has done us the great honor of giving us an extract from the guitar tab. Download it for free now.

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro tab)

 About the arrangement

“If you have any question about the song, feel free to leave a comment on the video or to contact me on my Facebook page.

The guitars I use are built by Davide Serracini, except for the special guitar that has just been modified by him. You can still play this piece using a simple 6 string guitar equipped with 6 high pitch strings rather than the special guitar. It’s enough to remove the few parts played on the added strings and play the similar sections present on the tab.

The capos I use in the video are: SpiderCapo and Jim Dunlop Trigger Capo. To play this tune, you need to prepare the capos in a particular way. First of all, place a Spider Capo on the 1st fret of your main guitar and block the 3rd string. Attach a Jim Dunlop Trigger Capo on the SpiderCapo but before doing so cut the rubber part of it so that the capo doesn’t block the 2nd string and the 3rd string. Finally, put on the first 3 strings of the 3rd fret another Jim Dunlop Trigger Capo and again before doing so cut the rubber part of it so that it doesn’t block the 1st string.

To prepare the special guitar put a Jim Dunlop Trigger Capo on the 7th fret. Then add a Spider Capo on the 9th fret and block the 2nd string. Finally add another Spider Capo on the 12th fret and block the 2nd string.

To fix the special guitar on a music stand you can simply use a belt passing under the strings.

Here is the list of the percussions used for the main guitar in this arrangement:

B = Hit the guitar bridge with your wrist
x = Hit the 6th string with your thumb
W = Wrist
i = Right hand index finger
(i) = Left hand index finger
m = Left hand middle finger
r = Left hand ring finger hits the guitar neck


And here is the list of the percussions used for the second guitar in this arrangement:

W = Wrist
P = Hit the brass plate with your thumb
i = Right hand index finger
m = Left hand middle finger
a = Right hand ring finger
(ami) = index, middle and ring finger together”


– Luca Stricagnoli

About Luca Stricagnoli

Luca has always shown his great talent with a guitar in his hands. He started out learning classical guitar when he was 10, but gave up three years later to practice judo.

He took up the guitar again a few years later, teaching himself and developing his own playing techniques. Luca Stricagnoli is now 23, and has just released his first album on Candyrat Records.

Entitled simply ‘Luca Stricagnoli’, his album goes beyond the conventions of the guitar, blending very different styles from pop to rock via movie soundtracks.

You can check it out on the Candyrat Records site and find his guitar tabs in Guitar Pro 6 format here.


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Birat Datta - 2020-01-21

I can’t open the file. How I can open it on my Android phone

Thomas Duflos - 2020-01-23

Hi, Birat, thank you very much for reporting this problem.

Russell And Bromley sale - 2019-05-08

Good blog post. You now have a follower. Cheers, Mate!

Redii - 2016-04-09

Wow! That awsome buddy…

Mendonca Tiago - 2015-10-14

thts good

Rob Evans - 2015-10-06

That’s real talent.. and hard work. Bravo! Keep it up buddy.

Marcelos - 2015-10-06

impressionante a capacidade do ser humano de desenvolver ao maximo o dom que recebeu.Meus parabens aos musicos e a guitar-pro!!!!

bill largent - 2015-10-03

WOW:) great talent. Thanks for sharing video.
As a long time guitarist and luthier, I’m wondering if it is possible to play “Sweet child of Mine” with just one guitar AND have it sound so dynamically full?
What tuning would you use if you were going to play just one guitar?
Thanks so much for sharing
bill largent

adrien - 2015-10-05

Hi Bill, thanks for your comment! I think you should ask Luca directly on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lucastricagnolifanpage. He will be happy to answer 😉

John Mac - 2015-10-03

Wow, astonishing!

Luis Damazzio - 2015-10-03

Simple amazing technique and impassioned interpretation of the song ! A huge challenge for everyone that love play the guitar !

valmer neves - 2015-10-03

fantastico imprecionant

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