Legendary Guitar Riff #5 – Still Loving You by Scorpions


For this 5th Legendary Riff, we will visit the legendary Scorpions ballad “Still Loving You”. Download the tab and check the demo video in the article!

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro tab)

About this extract

Despite what one might think, it is in Europe and more particularly in France that “Still Loving You” was most successful during the summer of 1984.

Undisputed reference to Hard Rock ballads from the 80’s, “Still Loving You” was composed by Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine, the band’s guitarist and singer, respectively.

In terms of your guitar skills, introducing arpeggios will test your right-hand playing. Stay alert to the changes in strings to be played with a pick. Likewise, try to be careful with your approach to chords in bars 5 and 6.

Finally, do not hesitate to harmonize the arpeggio with a second guitar (guitar track n°2 in the provided tablature). The rendering is very nice! 

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juan puga - 2014-09-13

recently, I had to clean my computer from viruses and my guitar pro software had to be uninstalled. Is there any way to recover it?

linda - 2014-09-19

Hello Juan, please contact our support for help:

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