Top 50 badass guitar riffs

Play 50 of the most famous guitar riffs to celebrate the release of the new Guitar Pro 8!

Hi everyone!

The Guitar Pro team is very happy to offer you 50 Guitar Pro files of the most famous guitarists in history. Read below to have a glimpse of what we have selected for you.

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For those who don’t know yet, Guitar Pro 8 has been released! The team has worked hard to bring you new features in this new version, and this has been possible thanks to your precious feedback and support.

We thank you all for sharing your good ideas with us!

We invite you to share with us what you think of this new version of Guitar Pro and to share your suggestions in the comments below.

It’s now time to grab your axe! Download these 50 tabs and make some noise with these cool tabs!

What’s in this free pack of tabs?

You’ll find 50 must-know riffs from famous legendary bands like AC/DC, U2, ZZ Top, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Muse, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and many others.

These Guitar Pro scores can be played in Guitar Pro 7.6 and 8. In these extracts from amazing songs, you’ll find the drum and bass parts too which will be great for practising. Grab your guitars!

These scores come from our official mySongBook score library. Check it out here.

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Chris - sept. 29, 2022

This collection of riffs will certainly give me something different to work on for a long time to come – thank you.

Thomas Duflos - sept. 30, 2022

Thank you Chris!

Mateusz Jablonski - sept. 20, 2022

well, this comes in handy in music stores quite often; thanks

Thomas Duflos - sept. 20, 2022

Thank you for your comment Mateusz!

nickgaynor - juil. 20, 2022

GP8 is good. I like the audio track feature. In the future, I would like to see more audio track feature additions and improvements. One important improvement would be for the SYNC points to be able to be TAPPED in. Perhaps a key on the keyboard or a MIDI controller input. You would set your start and end brackets, then tap your keyboard to the measures of the audio track as it’s playing back (and I love the fact that you can say, change the playback speed to 50% without affecting the pitch, to make the location sync points easier to locate). I think that this would make syncing the audio track to the notation real fast and easy, and if you’re really tight, you may actually have all the beats in the right place without having to nudge things!

Another logical item to add would be additional audio tracks as accompaniments to the master audio guide track. So, you would have a master sync track, then additional tracks like bass, guitars, etc., that you could record in GP8 itself. Not asking to make GP8 a full featured DAW, but just a basic Audio track recorder. Once the master sync click track is established and synced with the notation, additional added audio would have to be “played in – sync” to the additional audio tracks.

For those of us who are not professional transcribers, like me, those extra audio tracks can preserve a subtle nuance in a bass line or a complicated guitar solo that notating would be very difficult.

Which leads to the ultimate tool that is needed: REAL TIME MIDI INPUT. The ability to play a drum or guitar with a MIDI controller and have GP8 record it into notation. It wouldn’t have to be perfect, mind you, just enough so that you can fill out the song structure and get tonalities and general timings.

I write a lot of original songs and I need to be able to notate those songs quickly and easily for myself and other members of the band. Chances are pretty good that a year later I will have forgotten most of the guitar solos that I do, and I NEED to have a way to get some reasonable notation down so that I can refresh my memory. Having the actual audio clip and a framework of notation would help preserve my compositions. That is worth a lot to me.

I like the improvements that the GP team is making, and I hope that the GP team will consider some of my ideas.


TOMMY MCDERMOTT - juin 28, 2022

Let’s go

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mySongBook Top tabs
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Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) Green Day
The Thrill Is Gone  B.B. King
Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones
La Grange  ZZ Top
Rebel, Rebel David Bowie

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