Dears bassists, here is a funk improvisation by one of the greatest bassists in the world. Now, let’s listen to the advice from an expert in the bass: Bruno Tauzin and let’s groove ! Get your bass !

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In this solo, Flea is mainly playing on the G minor pentatonic scale. An indispensable scale if you want to play funk. 

G – Bb – C – D – F

How to make all this groove? 

We advise you to decompose each beat in 4, in order to rhythmically place sixteen notes, especially on the first measure:

First time: play the first G on the “1” and the second on the “4”.

Respect the rests. What’s making the sound groovy is the respect of the rests, and the staccato (the fact to detach each note), to create a contrast between the longs and the shorts notes.

More difficult: you will have to place ghost notes between the normal notes. Lengthen the left hand’s fingers on the neck to create a percussive sound. It’s giving a percussive sound to the solo.

You finish with a slide: you slide on the neck of you’re bass and you reject the note.

Practice it all really slowly at first. 

The ghost note is written with an X. 

The Bruno Tauzin basse signature is a wonderful Maruszczyk Elwood. It’s different with its lightness and its elegance. Bruno has chosen a 32” tuning fork, shorter than the standard 34”. So he is easier to play. The body is in light ash and the mechanics are from Hipshot.

This bass is handmade in Poland. 

Bruno Tauzin

Bassist, professor and compositor, he is author of more than 60 bass methods published at the Play Music editions.

  • 3 albums are available on sell on all the platforms
  • 70k followers on Youtube 
  • 18k on Instagram
  • 12 million views on Youtube. 
  • A private group on Facebook called “Tout sur la basse” (All about the bass), which has got more than 6 000 bassists. 

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