In this lesson, Dan from Your Guitar Academy will help you play a slow and easy solo in the style of B.B King mostly using 2 pentatonic shapes. Get ready to play some tasty blues licks. Grab your guitar!

B.B.king is an absolute master of phrasing. In his soloing he is trying tell you a story, and in order to successfully tell a story, you need to know when to say something, and when not to.

This is what we are trying to achieve in this short solo! Start with a short phrase, or lick, then let it breath. Let that sound register and wash over you, before saying something new.

It’s also often called ‘call and response’ and can massively improve your soloing.

We also tackle the vibrato and bending techniques that make the phrases so vocal like.


(click on the picture to download the Guitar Pro 7 file)

Your Guitar Academy

“Here at Your Guitar Academy, our mission is to make you the best guitar player you can be. We will do that by providing premium guitar education to everyone across the world, no matter your finances, location or level. 

We have 3 ways you can learn with us – Via our free online courses, via our Zoom guitar lessons, or via our 1-2-1 lessons with tutors in the UK (LondonLeeds & Worthing, and many more).

Get in touch to have a chat with our amazing team, and we’ll guide you to the perfect learning style for you!” Dan.


jeremy Zielinski - oct. 21, 2020

Really good and useful series of lessons and use of drum machine is a cool idea. Just one small point is that the hanging on so many notes moving the fret board so much almost makes me feel giddy! It sounds good but for the sake of viewing stability a bit less would help.

Mark Freemantle - oct. 16, 2020

I really like the idea of playing, not with a metronome, but with a drum. I don’t have a drum machine but I’m sure I can find something in Garage Band or Band-in-a-Box.

Paul Kershner - oct. 16, 2020

Tried to purchase when the program was on sale, will purchase when I can get a discounted version.

Soreezabee - oct. 12, 2020

I sometimes admire to Guitar Pro effort that is getting closer and closer for all guitar player(hobby, job, anything for enjoy playing the guitar)

Roger - oct. 11, 2020


Seria muy bueno si fuera todo en español sobre todo los videos; pero de todas formas gracias.
Excelente y repito gracias.

Gerd - oct. 11, 2020

Great – thanks – this helps a lot!

Rick Almeida - oct. 10, 2020

Hi Dan. This is a totally unexpected bonus as I have so admired the late B.B.King and so much wanted to learn how to play this. Is that a D’Angelico( looking at the head-stock) e-335 Crimson guitar you playing this on? Also, what are your settings on the amp to get such an incredible tone?

Merwin Dooley - oct. 10, 2020

Great lessons. Thank you.

Kenny vaughn - oct. 10, 2020


David Roy - oct. 10, 2020

The Guitar Pro file could really use a little bit of backing tracks. It sounds very flat by itself. BB King is the master of expressing the most with the fewest notes. This leaves a lot of empty space in his solos, which is filled in by the rest of the band. This track would be a lot more fun to play along with if I could mute the solo and still hear the backing track.

RONALDO - oct. 10, 2020


Mr. bob o'neill - oct. 10, 2020

Anything for aspiring bass players,just thought i’d ask.cheers Bob

Marion Page - oct. 10, 2020

Great! Thanks a lot🙏🤗👍🏻

Magne E. Remmen - oct. 10, 2020

I can not open the “Guitar Pro 7 file” on my MacBook Pro ??

Best regards
Magne E. Remmen

Matteo G. Somà - oct. 10, 2020


Michele Lombino - oct. 10, 2020

Eccellente una vera maestria

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