The following scale exercises are written for anyone that has learned (or is learning) the 2 octave minor pentatonic scale shape. Those 12 concrete examples are aimed to widen your soloing chops and skills.

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro tab)

About the exercises

These 12 exercises have been created using just 2 creative concepts. The exercises have been split up into exercise 1.1 to 1.6, and 2.1 to 2.6. Within each exercise group, we cover seperate ascending and descending versions (going up and going down the scale).

Practicing Subdivisions with the metronome

Each ascending and descending scale exercise has been notated for 8ths, triplets, and 16ths. This is where the Guitar Pro file really helps, because you can turn on the built in metronome and get used to playing these subdivisions at various tempos. Remember to start slow, and build up the speed once you are comfortable playing through correctly and in time.


Lastly, these scales are best played using the alternate picking technique, so start with a down stroke, make your next one an up stroke, and then continue in this way throughout the scale. I have omitted these markings from the Guitar Pro file to keep the exercises from looking cluttered and distracting.

Studying for guitar grade exams?

These minor pentatonic scale exercises are especially useful for anyone studying for their Rockschool or RGT Grade 3-4 electric guitar exams. These skills can then be carried forward to
future grades, and the creative concepts can be transferred to the other 4 positions of the minor pentatonic scales, and also for the 5 major pentatonic scales.

Happy practicing!
– Theo from @TLMusicLessons

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Andrei John Gonzales - juil. 24, 2019

Hi! I want to know the run of all major and all minor pentatonic scales and also to know the licks thank you!

Mario Córdoba - août 10, 2018

Thanks my friend, very useful this lesson, I use them very often, a hug from Panama.

Maddogkeith - mai 26, 2015

I have Guitar Pro 5 and it will not play. What is Guitar pro is it different

adrien - mai 26, 2015

Hi, it’s a .gpx file (Guitar Pro 6 file format). Unfortunately it is not compatible with GP5. Thank you!

Brian Dicarlo - avril 9, 2015

These are good exercises, love to see some follow up exercises including some sample licks incorporating these scales!

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