“Hi, this is Dan Mumm with Metal Method video guitar lessons. In this video, I’m going to teach you a Neo-Classical arpeggio pattern that uses finger tapping on the first string.

“Dan Mumm – Vivaldi’s Inspired Tapping Lick.gpx”
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This progression was a favorite of Baroque era Classical composers like Vivaldi and, subsequently, is prominently featured in Neo-Classical Metal. With each chord change, the progression ascends a fourth in the key (in this case, the key of B minor).


The pattern’s descent is achieved by dropping down an octave after every two chords. The final two measures remain on the same root and merely transition from a suspended chord to a Major chord. This transition was also popular in Baroque era Classical music. And… if you have absolutely no interest in music history or theory, you’re going to enjoy this anyway.”


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