Hi guys, I’m Thomas Duflos from the Guitar Pro team. I’m very happy to share my experience at the 2024 NAMM Show with you.

Actors of the music industry are saying that the NAMM Show is not what it used to be before COVID. Several big brands like Fender or Gibson still shun the show, but it looks like the show is back on track judging by the great influence over the 4 days.

Guitar Pro did not have a booth this year. I went to the NAMM alone this time, my goal was to meet the people I work with remotely all year round.

For me, the first attraction of NAMM is indeed meeting people in person of course, and discussing new partnerships, sharing and getting new ideas, and checking out new gear. I also loved meeting the creators who built the gear we use. Finally, I enjoyed many amazing concerts.

It is always extremely fun to meet Guitar Pro fans, and I met many this year, from the guitar teacher using Guitar Pro with his students, to the famous artists or influencers editing scores in Guitar Pro every day.

I also had the chance to visit two amazing pedal factories thanks to my friend from the distribution company called Face! I also have to thank the Crazy Tube Circuits team for their help and welcome at their booth.

Finally, I met legendary guitarist producer Tim Pierce at his home in Los Angeles. Go watch his presentation of the pedalboard he made especially for his performance at the Grammy Awards! I know, crazy, right? I was happy and lucky to team up with the Guitar Tabs Daily team who helped me create this content. Thank you Parker!

Welcome to my third NAMM Show!

Many artists made the show

Many artists came to the NAMM this year. I enjoyed Giacomo Turra‘s performances. Check out one of his impressive demos, enjoy!

I had the chance to listen to Prodigy Matteo Mancuso at the last Guitar Summit in Germany. His incredible style is inimitable. His right-hand playing is truly out of this world! Check out one of his concerts here on the Guitar Pro Instagram page.

matteo mancuso namm show 2024

I also met Vincen García this year, he is one of the greatest bass players I had the chance to see perform, see for yourself on our Instagram page here.

I discovered Adrian Bellue‘s powerful percussive technique which really impressed me. Adrian is endorsed by Furch, a brand that makes amazing acoustic guitars. Go read our review of the Furch Blue Deluxe Gc-CM acoustic guitar.

Stevie Wonder is a regular at NAMM. He was present once again this year with his friends!

Stevie Wonder at the 2024 NAMM Show.

Tim Pierce’s Grammy Awards pedalboard 

I was lucky to be invited to Tim’s home to see the pedalboard he had specially prepared for the 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

In this exclusive video recorded a few days after the NAMM Show, discover Tim’s tips and tricks on how he builds his sound and his amazing pedalboard. Take a look!

We invite you to discover Tim’s YouTube channel called Tim Pierce Guitar.

J. Rockett factory tour

Picture: Jay Rockett holding the legendary Archer pedal.

J. Rockett Audio Designs is world-famous for the Archer, a mythical pedal that has sold millions of units.

The J.Rockett factory is amazing, filled with impressive machinery that automatically assembles parts of the circuits very quickly. The computers that run these machines keep things precise and accurate. Even if the ears are the most important tool to check if the pedals sound great or not. It takes only 45 minutes to assemble one pedal from beginning to end!

The J. Rockett adventure simply started because Jay Rockett wanted to build pedals he could not find anywhere at the time. That’s the main reason he started building pedals, and then he started a business after that.

Jay Rockett told me that his favorite pedal from his brand is the HRM!

I thank the J.Rockett team for their warm welcome. Stay tuned for giveaways and collaborations!

The Beetronics Hive

Filipe Pampuri, the CEO of Beetronics, welcomed me in his studio/factory in Los Angeles. The place is just amazing. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The decor is just like the pedals: original, magnificent, and out of the ordinary.

Welcome to the hive!

NAMM Show sneak peek

As you can see, I had a great experience at the NAMM Show. It was an amazing learning experience for me and I met extraordinary people and Guitar Pro users from all around the world! It was fun listening to the greatest guitarists in the world talking about their use of Guitar Pro, and learning about their wishes for the next version!

New collaborations with brands and artists are coming! Stay tuned on our social media for our news and don’t miss our coming giveaways.

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