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Hi everyone,
I had the chance to try the Furch Blue Deluxe guitar. I’m happy to share with you what I felt when playing this guitar.

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The Furch Czech company has been creating top-quality guitars since the 1970s. The story began in the fonderr’s garage František Furch in the 70s and the 80s.

At 13, the first thing František made was a banjo! At that time in the Czech Republic, it was very difficult to get high-quality instruments so he figured he could make his own to meet demand. Check out the article narrating the full story of the birth of Fuch.

František Furch.

The first Furch guitar was born in 1981. The Furch company is above all a family business. It’s now František’s son Peter who is the CEO of the company now.

Furch guitars have gained a reputation for being quality, solid, and very pleasant to play, and that’s what we’re going to check with this superb Blue Deluxe CM.

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The Blue Deluxe acoustic guitar review

What’s this guitar made of?

The soundboard is made of Western red cedar, and the back and sides are made of African mahogany. This combination produces a strong and rich sound. 

This new Furch guitar has a very natural look. The thing that sets the guitar apart from our other models is the Open Pore finish which is known for its smooth surface, protecting the instrument while simultaneously enhancing its visual appeal.

furch guitar

The bracing pattern of Furch guitars is specifically tailored to each body shape to maximize its resonant quality.

The revolutionary CNR neck joint system

An innovative step has been taken regarding the neck of the guitar. Furch calls it the CNR system, (Composite Neck Reinforcement). This new technology aims to offer maximum stability to the neck, giving it “90% higher resistance to deformations caused by string tension and changes in humidity compared to traditional neck designs”. You’ll find more details on Furch’s website here.

Let’s listen to it!

Who plays with Furch guitars?

From left to right: Carlos Asensio, Paul Davids, and Kfir Ochaion.

Al Di Meola playing the Furch G23-CC CUT.

Suzanne Vega playing the Furch OM25-LC on stage.

And many other amazing musicians, check out the full list of Furch artists here.


I find this guitar very easy and comfortable to play thanks to its black bevels. What I love about Furch guitars is the sound of the bass which is powerful and warm. I recommend you try it out or listen to it, you won’t be disappointed. Furch is a trustworthy brand if you’re looking for a nice-sounding acoustic guitar.

This guitar is handmade in the EU by skilled luthiers. It has several innovative technological features and sounds like a much more expensive guitar!


At the moment, the retail price of the Blue Deluxe Gc-CM + L.R.Baggs SPA pickup is 1963EUR/1943USD

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