Discover the new free update of Guitar Pro 8 that brings several new features and many improvements and fixes.

We thank you for your numerous feedback and suggestions which allow us to improve the software!

What’s new in the Guitar Pro 8.1 update?

1 – SVG export

What is an SVG file?

It is now possible to export in SVG format your scores created in Guitar Pro 8.1.

It was already possible to export in many different formats: GPX, GP5, MIDI, ASCII, MusicXML, PDF, PNG and audio (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, Ogg).

An SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file is a type of image file that allows you to create vector images from lines, curves and geometric shapes. Unlike images such as JPG, PNG and GIF files, which are created from pixels, SVG images are created from vectors, which means they can be resized to any size without losing their quality or sharpness.

What is it for?

This new feature will please content creators, guitar teachers and method editors for example, as it opens up an infinite number of possibilities.

Indeed, SVG files can be opened and modified with many vector drawing software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, Pixelmator and many others.

So export your partitions in SVG format to resize them without any loss of quality, unlike JPEG or PNG formats.

How to export your score in SVG from Guitar Pro 8?

Fichier > Exporter > SVG

2 – Access a selection of mySongBook tabs for free

Many quality scores are now available for free in mySongBook!

Here is an example of one free score with the picking version for solo guitar of the song: Bella Ciao arranged for solo guitar by Jérémy Cauliez. This song was made famous by the series called La Casa De Papel.

Other essential titles are also freely available such as Amazing Grace (DADGAD), Greensleeves, Happy Birthday (solo guitar), but also songs for classical guitar.

How to access the free mySongBook scores?

If you don’t have Guitar Pro 8, download the free demo here and try Guitar Pro 8 for free for 7 days.

Then in Guitar Pro 8, click on the mySongBook tab to access the list of available songs and preview the scores.

Select Free Tabs in the search filters.

3 – The numbered musical notation called “jiǎnpǔ”

A new type of notation called “jiǎnpǔ” is now available in Guitar Pro 8.

Jiǎnpǔ is a musical notation that represents musical notes using numbers rather than traditional symbols such as musical notes on a staff.

In jiǎnpǔ notation, each musical note is represented by a number between 1 and 7. The number 1 represents the lowest note, the number 2 is the second note, and so on up to the highest note represented by the number 7.

This notation is often used in popular music in China because it is easier to understand and play for beginners who are not familiar with traditional music notation. It can also be convenient for people who cannot read notes on a staff, such as people with visual impairments or children learning music.

In summary, jiǎnpǔ notation is a method of representing musical notes using simple numbers to make music easier to read and understand.

4 – A new language available: Swedish

Välkommen till våra svenska vänner! (Welcome to our Swedish friends!).

To change the interface language in Guitar Pro:

Preferences > Interface > INTERFACE > language

Other improvements and corrections

⏯️ Playback

  • Fix the timbre of some notes
  • Fix the audio fine-tuning offset on a slide
  • Fix the unwanted vertical scroll on repetition in horizontal display mode
  • Update the audio when adding a slur between two bars
  • When the playback stops by itself, the cursor correctly returns to its starting position
  • Chronos are now independent of the relative speed and fixed tempo
  • Fix the pitch of legato slides in MIDI
  • Switch the metronome to MIDI when all tracks are in MIDI
  • In MIDI with a soloed track, the other tracks are no longer heard on the first beat
  • Fix the sound of trills on tied notes
  • Fix the display of slashes at the end of systems

✍️ Editing

  • Fix a missing slur between two bars after undoing a string shift
  • Fix the cursor behavior after using shortcuts to delete notes
  • Fix the string shift from the banjo’s short drone
  • Natural harmonics are no longer modified when shifting strings
  • “Redo” is no longer enabled by default when opening a file

🎼 Engraving

  • Fix the bend/whammy indications disappearing on the playback
  • Fix the misproportioned thickness of ledger lines outside of the staff
  • Fix the glyph for jazzy accidentals
  • Fix the jazzy repetition bars indication
  • Fix a collision between piano fingerings
  • Fix the fret and string number after a rest on slash notation
  • Fix the crescendo indication in multivoice
  • Fix the muted notes symbol when importing from XML
  • Fix the double dots on quarters and shorter rhythm values
  • Fix the grace notes position when using the “Bar Arranger” tool
  • Fix the duplicate HoPo after changing the number of strings

🎛 Interface

  • Fix the value displayed on the progressive speed during a countdown between bars
  • Fix the “Go To Previous/Next Bar” cursor command behavior
  • Reinstate the “Move/Copy/Swap Voices” tool shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + M)
  • The Virtual Drum Kit is no longer empty for the bongo and the reverse cymbal
  • Keep the selection when changing tracks
  • Fix the drag beyond the screen of the rotary knobs
  • Update the time signature correctly and updates the audio track slice of the Global View
  • Save the solo/mute states between sessions in the drum mix popup
  • “Fit to width” and “Fit to page” options have been added in the preferences
  • Update the note name after a transposition

🛠️ Tools

  • Fix initialising the scale diagrams dialog from a selection
  • Editing the audio track padding from the first sync point correctly updates the audio
  • An empty diagram is no longer displayed when using the “chord” command of the command palette
  • Improve the audio preview for drumkits in the Track Wizard
  • The güiro now has two articulations and is no longer on the same string as the surdo on the Africa Kit
  • Fretlight guitar frets are correctly displayed on repeated bars
  • Audio Fine Tuning is available for grace notes

🗃️ Opening / Importing / Exporting files

  • Fix the XML export for directions when the first bar is empty
  • Fix the XML import for fingerings on tablature staves
  • Fix the XML import for voices when there are several
  • Fix the XML import for free texts
  • Fix the MIDI import for slurs
  • Fix the import of audio files containing special characters on Windows
  • All backup files of the previous session are now correctly restored after a crash
  • Remove of excess rests on MIDI import

💥 Fixed crashes

  • On importing a .ptb with a Coda
  • On opening a .M4A audio file
  • On opening a .opus audio file
  • On updating the layout in multitrack
  • On closing a file with a forced stylesheet
  • On deleting chords
  • On previewing an empty file
  • On adding HoPo in tablature
  • On MIDI import
  • On disconnecting a Bluetooth headphone
  • On copy-pasting sustain pedals
  • On selecting empty bars with the keyboard
  • All backup files of the previous session are now correctly restored after a crash

How to update Guitar Pro?

1 – Open Guitar Pro 8
2 – Go to the:
Help > Check for updates menu (Windows)
Guitar Pro > Check for updates menu (macOS)
3 – Install the update

Download the free demo of Guitar Pro 8


Barb M - mai 16, 2023

Could you please add a pedal track to the church organ? Right now, I can’t figure out a way to put the notes that should be played on the pipe organ pedals because the organ track only consists of the manuals (keyboards) for the organ.


belop - avril 29, 2023

I’d like 2 features.

1 – metronome. No accent on the first beat. I want the metronome to be consistant. Lets say I have 7/8 and 8/8 I dont want the metronome to play a hard hit on the first click on the 8/8.

2 – make it easy to import a GP project to cubase

Thomas Duflos - mai 4, 2023

Hi, thanks a lot for your great suggestions. I have sent them to the team.

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