Get ready to have fun playing these excellent licks from Emanuel Hedberg. Once again the talented guitarist enjoys mixing his two favorite styles of music jazz and blues. It’s practice time!

(click on the picture to download the Guitar Pro 7 file)

A few tips

This picture is just an extract of the whole score. Download the Guitar Pro file above to get the full transcription of the song played in the video.

The first note should be played with the thumb, a bit like Hendrix. It’s true that the barre technique is not often used for playing jazz chords.

Please note that the eight notes should be played with a triplet feel:

The triplet feel means that you have to make the first of the two eighth notes last longer.

Note that if you prefer to decipher chords with diagrams, open the score in Guitar Pro and click on one of the notes of the chord and press A on your keyboard.

The chord window will bring up a diagram with the fingerings as well as many inversions of the chord.

Emanuel Hedberg

If it’s the first time you hear about Emanuel Hedberg rush to his Instagram account or to his youtube channel to watch the numerous videos already put online by the guitarist. You will not be disappointed!

Check out our first article about Emanuel and learn one another one of his Jazz Blues, this time in another tonality: Ab.

Guitar Pro 7.5

Download Guitar Pro 7.5 free demo here: Guitar Pro 7.5 trial.


Jim Napier - oct. 18, 2020

Following up on Gerd’s comment I have always found it very hard to get realistic guitar sounds from GP, in particular mellow jazz tones. The instrument always sounds vaguely like a harpsichord. Emanuel’s blues in A is a good example. Since I mostly use GP as a learning tool, this isn’t a huge issue. But it does interfere with the level of personal enjoyment I get.

Karl - oct. 12, 2020

The sound is different because, in the video, we’re hearing Emanuel’s actual guitar sound from his amp, recorded for the video, whereas, in GuitarPro, we’re hearing a MIDI sound produced in the software, not a recording of Emanuel’s playing.

Gerd - oct. 11, 2020

Hallo again,
By the way – GP 7.5 is a cool tool – but there is a big difference between the the video-sound and the GP-sound and I ask myself why?

Gerd - oct. 11, 2020

Jazz is not my favorite style, but I´m pleased and ist great thing, for showing as how works in Guitar Pro and on the guitar !

Davi Cerqueira Costa - oct. 10, 2020

Muito bom

Gwenn Le Doré - oct. 10, 2020

oui interessant ce côté un peu jazz du blues merci je m’y mets

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