The new free Guitar Pro 7 update is online. Download this new update to make your Guitar Pro 7 ever more powerful.

What’s new?

  • The Polish translation is now available
  • Major enhancement of performances
  • Scrollbar enlargement
  • Tuning is played in loop to facilitate guitar tuning
  • Systematic creation of the brushes and arpeggios on each notation
  • Improvement in the “Adjust fingering” option
  • Reinstatement of the copy paste between pitched instrument track and drums track
  • MIDI numbers export according to the General MIDI standard for drums MIDI export
  • Saving “Fit to width” and “Fit to height” options when closing the file
  • Calculation of the fingering after removing a string, avoiding notes lost
  • Saving of the list of the last opened files after a crash
  • Reinstatement of accidentals on the fretboard on Windows
  • Fix the design mode on a second screen
  • Fix the incomplete bars which were not displayed in red if the option “Force stylesheet” was activated
  • Fix stereo problems
  • Fix transposition tool for transposition voices
  • Fix metronome for ternary rhythms
  • Fix the key signature in case of a consequent number of accidentals
  • Fix directions which was not always interpreted
  • Fix the mono sound cards in input on Windows
  • Various partial capo fixes
  • Fix the 5 strings banjo tuning
  • Fix the “All track copy paste” tool
  • Fix wrong pitch of natural harmonics in standard notation when there is a whammy over the beat
  • Various display fixes
  • Various interface fixes
  • Various crashes fixes

How to update Guitar Pro?

Launch the updater to start using Guitar Pro 7.0.8:

  • Windows: menu Help > Check for updates…
  • macOS: menu Guitar Pro 7 > Check for updates…


Jeffery Bacus - juin 21, 2022

Ability to connect Soundbrenner metronome to Guitar Pro would be a huge feature for me.

Louis - déc. 8, 2021

Hey guys, I saw it’s already mentionned, but I want to second the idea of page breaks! It would be pretty convenient, for example to have a full section on a page, instead of it being spread out on 2 pages.

I love GP otherwise, congrats on the great job.

Thomas Duflos - déc. 10, 2021

Hi Louis, thanks a lot for your suggestion! 👍🏻

Patrick Pomerleau - oct. 19, 2021

I also request this feature as I will be receiving soon my Soundbrenner’s Pulse haptic metronome!

Griff – March 1, 2018 at 7:20 pm

Hi Thomas! I would love it if Guitar Pro 7 could output its tempo to MIDI. I have a Soundbrenner Pulse and they just implemented MIDI being able to drive their metronome app, (and thus their wearable). It would be awesome if I started a song in Guitar Pro 7 and I could feel the tempo thumping in sync on my arm from the Soundbrenner Pulse.

Thomas Duflos - oct. 28, 2021

Thank you for your suggestion Patrick!

Donna - nov. 1, 2020

Hi, how do you do a page break? Thanks.

Thomas Duflos - nov. 23, 2020

Hi Donna, sorry this feature is not available yet. Thank you for your understanding.

Scott - déc. 28, 2019

Ditto Jeremy Morgan – April 21, 2018 at 9:44 am

Not being able to force a page break is really, really bad.

Please do!

Thomas Duflos - janv. 7, 2020

Hi Scott, thank you for your suggestion, I have sent it to our dev team.

ian - août 5, 2018

hello can anyone suggest a fix for guitar pro 7 to connect to Bluetooth laptop connected to fretlight however i cannot get program to connect with Bluetooth
help appreciated

linda - août 6, 2018

Hello Ian,
This functionality will be available in the next Guitar Pro 7 update. It is already available as a beta.

Feda - avril 25, 2018

I don’t know why I keep checking this site to see if they changed their mind about Linux support 🙁

Thomas Duflos - mai 2, 2018

Hi, We do not plan to release a compatible version of Guitar Pro 7 with Linux sorry. It’s available on windows and macOS. Thanks for the interest you have in our products.

Sarge - avril 21, 2018

Hello. I just did the usual “Check for updates” link for version Unfortunately, GP7 won’t run although I can see it in the Task Manager in Windows 7. Not sure if you’ve gotten other reports from Win7 users but I had to revert back to Version 7.0.0 to make it work.

I wish you all have a link that has the updates that we can manually download so we can roll back. At this point, I’ll have to wait for the next update and hopefully the issue gets resolved. Thanks for a great product!

Thomas Duflos - avril 30, 2018

Hi Sarge, you can contact our support here: Thanks

Jeremy Morgan - avril 21, 2018

It would be very useful if GP7 allowed ‘page breaks’ to be inserted in the layout i.e. force a new page. This would allow page turns to be intelligently placed to make them as easy as possible for the player both when using printed parts, or PDFs on a tablet. It is a standard feature on other notation packages such as Sibelius or Finale.

Thomas Duflos - avril 30, 2018

Hi Jeremy, I’m sending your good suggestion to our team thanks.

Thomas Thron - avril 11, 2018

+1 for Jeffs comment. Forum would be nice.

Regarding drums: it would be nice to be able to mix the drums individual volume better. In my projects, i have to have an extra track just for hihat because it is so quiet and an extra track for the loud ride.

Also it would be nice to use the six “strings” of tab notation of the drums to layer the drum set a bit more: prefer lowest string for bass drum, next string for snare and so on. Not restricting, just prefering.

Thomas Duflos - avril 17, 2018

Hi Thomas, I’m transferring your good suggestions to our team thanks.

Mike B. - mars 24, 2018

Sadly and frustratingly, GP7 no longer properly loads for me in Windows 10. It only loads as a background app and never as a usable app. I’ve tried uninstall/reinstall, run as admin, run in Win8 compatibility mode, and a few other things but with no luck. GP7 is mostly an improvement over GP6, though it’s so much less stable and more crash-prone.

Thomas Duflos - mars 27, 2018

Hi Mike, you can contact our support here:

Jeff - mars 16, 2018

Is there shortcut keys to shift selected noted up & down one octave?
P.S. A few Ideas follow:
01. Please implement a matrix style editor for note entry, it is also known as a Piano Roll. TuxGuitar has a decent example of how this can be done as well as REAPER’s recent implementation of a notation system which works in tandem with their piano roll.
02. Arbitrary grouping – It would be awesome to be able to select measures and be able to “group” them in order to apply a variable color outline that can appear around the blocks in the arrangement window for better visual organization of ideas. It would be also advantageous to be able to send these groups to other bars in the project while arranging.
03. Alternate bar toggle button – It would be useful to be able to designate a bar as a variable bar, which could put a little icon of some sort in the bar that can be clicked, allowing the user to switch to alternate pattern of the bar to give the writer the ability to audition different ideas without have to move things around in the project or erase the measure.
04. Please create a FORUM! Use the forum to get more input from the community on taking this software to the next level.
05. Please put out a road map (GP7 can just be a facelift release with a rework of the same ol’midi editor system)
These are just things that I am constantly longing for while using Guitar Pro.
Thanks for GP7! Keep up the good work!

Thomas Duflos - mars 19, 2018

Hi Jeff. Thanks a lot for these great suggestions. I’m transferring them to our team. Thank you for using GP7. Don’t hesitate to contact our support for your suggestions or questions: Thank you.

Matt - mars 14, 2018

Hey! Was just wondering if there is a way to automate tuning changes mid-song. Currently, I rely on making separate tracks in order to play along with such songs

Thomas Duflos - avril 19, 2018

Hi Matt, sorry you can’t automate tuning changes mid-song. You can use separate tracks indeed.

Mike Smith - mars 11, 2018

I had GP7 installed…..I ran the updater……and it removed GP7 and installed GP6!!!!

Thomas Duflos - mars 19, 2018

Hi Mike, you can contact our support here thanks:

Z0tt3l - mars 7, 2018

Hey Thomas,
the midi tempo export and the export of the markes would be very important for my band. We now use GP5 for this export and we need the midi file with the tempo informations and markers for the import in a midi sequencer to build our backing tracks for the live performances. Of course we can do this manually but we would like to avoid the unnecessary extra work. You did a great work with GP7 and we appreciate your hard work on all the patches und improvements. But without this little features we are still forced to use GP5 for this part of our workflow :/

Thomas Duflos - mars 8, 2018

Hi thank you for using GP7, I’m transferring your request to our developers thanks. You can also contact our support here:

Sherin Winstent - mars 6, 2018

IS there a way to add Time Signature at every line. I want to create some exercises, so if I can have 4 exercises in one sheet with Clef and time Signature it would be great. Is there a way to do this . Thanks

Thomas Duflos - mars 6, 2018

Hi Sherin, yes you can add every time signature or clef you want and when you want. Just click where you want the change and then click on clef or time signature on the left panel. Thanks. You can also get help here:

Griff - mars 1, 2018

Hi Thomas! I also have a Fishman TriplePlay guitar MIDI on one of my guitars, but I’m having a problem with File>Preferences>MIDI Input>String affectation using channel selection. No matter which of the 3 radial buttons I choose, (First channel for the highest string, First channel for the lowest string, No channel detection)… GP7 doesn’t differentiate between the same note being played at different positions on the fretboard. In other words, if I play an the E at the open high E string, GP7 might notate it at the fifth fret on the second string or the 9th fret on the third string. Can the developers implement string differentiation for the same note so that is works with the Fishman TriplePlay?

Thomas Duflos - mars 6, 2018

I’m forwarding your question to our developers. Thanks Griff

Griff - mars 1, 2018

Hi Thomas! I would love it if Guitar Pro 7 could output its tempo to MIDI. I have a Soundbrenner Pulse and they just implemented MIDI being able to drive their metronome app, (and thus their wearable). It would be awesome if I started a song in Guitar Pro 7 and I could feel the tempo thumping in sync on my arm from the Soundbrenner Pulse.

Thomas Duflos - mars 6, 2018

Hi Griff, I’m forwarding your request to our team. Thank you for using Guitar Pro.

Alex - mars 1, 2018

Just purchased it and waiting for the CD. Looking forward to the coming updates

Thomas Duflos - mars 6, 2018

Hi Alex, thank your for using Guitar Pro 7. Enjoy!

Gary - mars 1, 2018

Any way to download and install without auto update? It doesn’t work. It says it downloaded it, when I click Update and Relaunch, the app runs for a brief second, then exits. The next time I run the app, it tells me there’s an update again.

Thomas Duflos - mars 1, 2018

Hi Gary, can you please contact our support here:

Dave Grandel - févr. 28, 2018

Way back in the Stone Age when I first started using GP5, there was a GetSatisfaction board where users went to help/get help as needed…

Does Arobas have something similar available that I have yet to find? It was far more in depth than any manual I’ve ever used and allowed me to learn to use the program to the fullest extent that I required!

If not, is there a staffer that we can contact directly with suggestions/questions about the existing manual and help you guys build a kick ass manual instead of one that merely scratches the surface? It’s not like you’re printing the thing anyway, it’s all online!

Thomas Duflos - mars 1, 2018

HI Dave, thank you for your suggestions, we are working on a better manuel indeed. Yes you can contact our support and they will forward your suggestions to our dev team:

William Lockard - févr. 24, 2018

Will there be a more comprehensive index/user manual available than what came with GP7? Actually a more extensive index like GP6 would be helpful. I actually use the GP6 user manual more the GP7 manual for that reason.

Thomas Duflos - févr. 27, 2018

Hi, yes we are working on it, for the moment we are focusing on the next huge 7.1 update.

William Lockard - févr. 24, 2018

1.) Is there anyway to set note stem direction for note entry for a given voice(1234) instead of manually doing it? Auto stem does it according to position of the note on the staff. I need to be able to set voice 1 stems to be up to indicate melody and voice 2 accompaniment staffs down.
2.) When I change to an open tuning it only shows the tuning of 4 of the 6 strings at the beginning of the score. I need all 6 to show to present a more complete professional -looking score.

Thomas Duflos - mars 1, 2018

Hi William, can you contact our support here please:

Andrew Channell - févr. 20, 2018

Latest version keeps crashing on MAC – twice this evening whilst editing over the course of an hour. Restored files more historical than recent saves.

Thomas Guitar Pro - févr. 22, 2018

Hi Andrew and James can you please contact our support here:

Itamar Shalev - févr. 18, 2018

Unable to up date
“Setup has detected that Guitar pro 7 is currently running.
Please close all instances of it now, then clock OK to continue, or Cancel to exit.”

when trying to close guitar pro manually, my windows 10 couldn’t do it.
I got this Error message:
“Setup was unable to automatically close all applications. It is recommended that you close all applications using files that need to be updated by Setup before continuing.
Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway, or Abort to cancel installation.”

The same thing happened when I was trying to update to version

Thomas Guitar Pro - févr. 22, 2018

Hi Itamar can you please contact our support here:

Josh Norton - févr. 18, 2018

Hey guys, I love guitar pro, you’ve done a great job with 7. I’ve been using it since launch, and this latest update seems to crash my projects far more often than it ever did before, I hope you can get a quick fix soon. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Thomas Guitar Pro - févr. 22, 2018

Hi Josh, thank you for using Guitar Pro 7, can you please report your problem to our support:

Chilisau - févr. 16, 2018

It would be very nice to have tremolo flutters and unlimited ‘anchor points’ for bends and the tremolo arm functions.

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