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Andre - juin 25, 2020

Hi, problem with legato slide doesn sound as it is sliding from 2 to 3 note it sounds as though I am playing note 2 and then 3 no slides

Thomas Duflos - juin 30, 2020

Hi Andre, please contact our support here: Thank you.

Sebastian Stendal - mars 22, 2020

I request a shortcut for inverting stems. I use Guitar Pro 7.5 for writing drum rhythms and it looks nicer when all stems are above the staves. But often there is only hihat (above top line) and snare (above middle line), so Guitar pro puts the staves downwards, and it is so annoying and timewasting to always have to click the button to invert the stems. Thanks alot:)

Thomas Duflos - mars 24, 2020

Hi Sebastian, thank you for all your cool suggestions. I have shared them with the team!

Konstantin - août 27, 2018

With the release a new beta version of Guitar Pro 7, my problem is fixed. Thank you.

Thomas Duflos - août 28, 2018

Hi Konstantin, thank you very much.

Jay - août 11, 2018

The hammer-on/pull-off and different slides on Guitar and Bass sound the same. The ones on Guitar Pro 5.x are way more accurate and better. This was the reason why I stopped using from guitar pro 6. I expected it to work with the latest update but still didn’t see any fixes about it.

linda - sept. 27, 2018

Hello Jay,
The RSE sound in GP6 and 7 is much better defined, that’s why defects can be more noticeable. We are working on rendering these effects to improve them. Work is currently underway to improve the sound quality of these effects.

Derik Quinn - juil. 20, 2018

I made the jump from 5 to 7.5 and wow what a difference 2 digits can make! I am absolutely loving all the new enhancements!

Thomas Duflos - juil. 30, 2018

Thank you very much Derik! Enjoy!

Okan Ersan - juil. 14, 2018

I cant find SPLIT STAFF..

Thomas Duflos - juil. 17, 2018

Hi Okan, the “Grand Staff” icon is situated on the right panel in the “MUSICAL NOTATION” section, just above the tuning.

Matt - juil. 11, 2018

Please fix the legato slides! They sound really bad now.

Thomas Duflos - juil. 17, 2018

Hi Matt, it has been corrected in our latest update Guitar Pro If you still have problems please contact our support here:

Matt - juil. 11, 2018

Please fix the legato slides!

Konstantin - juin 30, 2018

I updated Guitar Pro to version 7.5.0 – Build 1350. Locked files can be opened now. Thanks. But some files written earlier can not be played. Guitar Pro crashes.

Thomas Duflos - juil. 10, 2018

Hi Konstantin, please contact our support here:

Mike - juin 30, 2018

Like Fermata said, slides sound really bad now. The note that’s slid to sounds like a totally different dynamic most of the time, and grace notes sound pretty lame as well.
Also in 7.0 there was a snare drum sound I got by pressing 7 instead of 1 for the regular snare hit, and it produced a softer, ghost note sort of sound, but now that just makes a clap noise, and a lot of my drum tracks sound much worse because the softer snare hits I was using all got replaced by regular, loud snare drums. I liked some of the added features, but honestly I wish I could just go back to the previous update, because most of my tabs sound a lot worse after updating to 7.5.

Thomas Duflos - juil. 17, 2018

Hi Mike, it has been corrected in our latest update Guitar Pro
If you still have problems please contact our support here:

Cristiano Machado de Oliveira - juin 29, 2018


I think it would be interesting to put the upstroke / downstroke option this way V ———– п ———–, to indicate sweep picking, for example. It would be possible ? thankful

Thomas Duflos - juil. 17, 2018

Hi Christiano, I have sent your suggestion to our dev team. Thanks 😉

Bill Kable - juin 26, 2018

I have 7.0 I want to download 7.5 on my android phone and tablet. Where is the Help menu?

linda - juin 26, 2018

Hello Bill, this new update is for Mac and Windows computers only. This is not an update for our mobile and tablet app.

Diego Barros - juin 26, 2018


linda - juin 26, 2018

Para instalar la versión 7.5 en su ordenador, debe iniciar la actualización de software :
Windows: Menú Ayuda > Verificar actualizaciones….
macOS: Menú Guitar Pro 7 > Verificar actualizaciones…

Mike - juin 25, 2018

Still missing the “Backup every _ actions” feature. Other than that, excellent update, it really feels complete now.

linda - juin 26, 2018

Hello Mike,
We will implement this feature but I can’t tell you when it will be available for the moment. It may be available in Guitar Pro 8.

Dan Neu - juin 23, 2018

Attempted the upgrade to 7.5. Upgrade failed due to a file naming error. Then tried to revert back to 7.0.7 and it would not run because the Guitar Pro 7.exe file was missing from the Guitar Pro 7 folder. At that point I uninstalled GP7 and re-installed it. After 7.0.7 was running again I attempted the upgrade to 7.5 again. and again the upgrade failed to install in the exact same manner as in the first attempt.

I would very much like to upgrade to 7.5. Do you have any suggestions? By the way, I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on an HP Z Book Laptop.

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

S. Michel - juin 23, 2018

For me, the update from 7.0.1 to 7.5 does not work.
The update is downloaded via the update function in GP7 and a button for install & relaunch appears.
If you press the button GP7 is closed immediately and nothing happens anymore.

Gail Leber - juin 23, 2018

Cut & paste doesn’t work now with GP 7.5

linda - juin 26, 2018

Hello Gail,
Can you please contact our support for help here:

Fermata - juin 22, 2018

Fretted legato slides sound MUCH worse now in RSE.
The ending note is extremely quiet coming in from a slide, even at high volumes and fff dynamics. The frets can no longer be heard while ascending or descending the legato slide, as well. This is a huge problem, especially when you need to practice or work with musicians who can’t sight-read and need to hear things first.

Extremely disappointed with this oversight.

Konstantin - juin 21, 2018

And yet… Locked files can not be played.

Konstantin - juin 21, 2018

Guitar Pro 7.5 is great. But I can not unlock previously locked my files. The program crashes. What should I do?

linda - juin 26, 2018

Hello Konstantin,
We solved this issue. Please install the last update available.

Troy Stotts - juin 19, 2018

tried to upgrade 7.0 to 7.5 got an error message that it could not rename a file. now 7.0 will not run at all, 🙁

linda - juin 26, 2018

Hello Troy,
Can you please visit this page to download Guitar Pro 7.5 for your computer:

If it is not working, please contact our support for help here:

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