Many of you have asked us how to add tabs to the Guitar Pro mobile application. Here is a reminder of the different methods available for uploading files onto iOS and Android devices.

For iPhone / iPad

Once your application is open, select the “+” (add) icon near the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.


Choose your method from the following three available options:

  • From a computer: Make sure that your iPhone/iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. Then, enter the URL displayed on your mobile device into your desktop. This will take you to Guitar Pro’s file management interface where you can drag and drop the files that you wish to import.


  • From iTunes: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer with a USB cable. Open iTunes and select your iPhone/iPad to access its content. In the “Applications” category, select Guitar Pro and drag and drop your files in the window provided.


  • From Safari or e-mail: Use your web browser to find the tabs of your choice and open them in the application as you would on your computer.

For smartphone/Android tablet:

  • From a computer: Apply the same method that one would use for an iPhone, as explained above.
  • From the “File” tab in the Guitar Pro application: After clicking on the “File” tab, browse the guitar tabs that are available on your phone/tablet. Select your files to copy them to the application’s library.


  • Using your mobile phone/tablet as a USB drive: Use your USB cable to connect your device to your computer and import your tabs. Be sure to place your files in the folder named “Android/data/com.arobasmusic.guitarpro/files” on your Android device.

Thanks to these simple methods, you can now access your favorite Guitar Pro tabs wherever you go. Now you have no excuse not to make progress! 😉


kika - déc. 17, 2022

Is it possible to edit imported tab (on ipad) ? I’ve tried everything and I couldn’t achieve to edit an imported file x(

Thomas Duflos - déc. 19, 2022

Hi Kika, this feature is not available yet. You need the desktop version to edit the scores, thanks.

Gary Cohen - févr. 18, 2022

How can I take a sheer of music ie the head of Charlie Parkers song Conformation and put it into the guitar pro app so I can slow it down and loop it. I have the sheet music and it is tabbed out

Thomas Duflos - févr. 21, 2022

Hi Gary, I invite you to watch this tutorial video:
If you need further help you can contact our support team:

Adrian - févr. 6, 2020

I can’t get anything to import and I can’t see why it doesn’t work. I’ve tried several text files and it seems to do the same thing every time – it plays half of what it should then jumps to the next piece. It looks to me like it needs to be entered into Guitar Pro from scratch. What does play sounds OK it’s just converting it from.text files written 20 years ago

Thomas Duflos - févr. 7, 2020

Hi Adiran, please contact our support they will help you with that, thanks:

andre - déc. 13, 2019

how import tabs from gpro 5 to gpro7

Thomas Duflos - déc. 26, 2019

Hi Andre, here is how to import Guitar Pro files into the Guitar Pro application: Thank you for your comment. Thomas

Matthew - déc. 9, 2019

Still not sure how to export from notepad to physical .gp file that actually exists. Tried exporting to .gp because I have GP5 but cant find the file anywhere on my phone. I would like to move it from my phone to my computer

Thomas Duflos - déc. 14, 2020

Hi Matthew, here is how to export files from the Guitar Pro application:

Jim - déc. 9, 2019

Lol. Simone is right. It’s 2019. Guitar Pro 5 is still the best program you guys came out with, in my opinion. Should have added on and improved what works instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. (oh, and in any case, make sure things are logically streamlined before cashing in on half baked products)

Jim (the guy who commented, with no reply, on April 10, 2018)

Thomas Duflos - janv. 30, 2020

Hi Jim, sorry about your previous comment, what was your question?
And thank you for your feedback.

Simone - mai 8, 2019

Hi I’d like to put in a feature request that you build a ‘sync’ capability. It seems silly to pay for the mobile app and the desktop app and the two apps don’t even talk to each other? I want to start writing a tab on my computer and then pick it up on mobile without having to do any of this weird fiddly stuff talked about on this page. Just sync songs to my account. I thought that’s what the “my Song Book” thing did, so I created an account for it, but it turns out it has nothing to do with MY tabs! So weird… So yeah, just want to request a ‘sync’ feature please, as it’s 2019 and I’m paying for these services, I’d like a more streamlined process please. Thank you!

Thomas Duflos - mai 9, 2019

Hi Simone, you can import your Guitar Pro files from your computer to the Guitar Pro app, just press on the “+” icon situated on the top right of the first tab on the app:

I thank you for your comment and your suggestions, I have sent them to our dev team.

rumbita - avril 8, 2019

i dont understand why every trouble they have.. you answer “contact our support”..
cant you anskwer to fix the problem.. or not..I think is the same problem to everybody.. we cant import our Gp files to de ios App..
can you anskswer why ?

Thomas Duflos - avril 9, 2019

Hi, thank you for your feedback, here is a link explaining how to import Guitar Pro files on iOS: I hope this will help you. If you witness a bug, please report it to our support team: Thank you for contacting us.

Scott - mars 30, 2019

If I can buy tabs on mysongbook how the F do i download them to my computer I paid for Guitar Pro 7 to use when I am not connected to the GD internet????????????? Local files , question, why pay for tabs on mysongbook if I can’t download them into Guitar Pro 7????????????? or is there a way

linda - avril 1, 2019

Hello Scott,
I’m sorry but for the moment you need an internet connection to access to your tabs on mysongbook.

Nick - oct. 18, 2018

Hello, my friend has given me a set of tabs on a usb and I’m trying to import then into guitar pro app on my phone. I’m getting to the interface page where i copy the songs across and it downloads but when i open the app the songs aren’t on my app. Can anyone help?


Thomas Duflos - oct. 22, 2018

Hi Nick, you can contact our support here: Thank you.

Justin - juil. 23, 2018

This really sucks. I just bought gp7 for my android device, thinking it would be just like the old versions i used to use on my computer, when i had one. Now i download some guitar pro tabs for free, for songs i want to learn, only to not be able to open them with tje app. It says i have to pay for this ‘my songbook’ thing now, to be able to get tabs that WILL open. This is alp just a stupid scam to get more money from people. I want a refund, i’m sorry i even bougjt the stupid gp app. I don’t have a computer anymore!

linda - août 6, 2018

Hello Justin,
Can you please contact our support for help:

With the Guitar Pro app, you can open your sheet music for free and you can also buy high quality tabs on mysongbook.

Jim - avril 10, 2018

Hi Linda. Just have to comment…. that is a really messed up system. It would be (WAY) easier to be able to drag and drop files, a la flash drive. I regret buying the app, haven’t used it in AGES (I’ve used GP5 for years – I find GP6 cumbersome), I thought it would be nice to have a ‘portable tab program’… Pen and paper wins out, to me. In my opinion GP6 took something simple and over-complicated it, in the case of the app, over simplified; unnecessarily restrictive.

It took me about 20 minutes (before arriving here) to find out how to get files off of my phone xD

Here’s a list of app ‘issues’, I made this in 2014, granted there may have been updates, but I’ll just post it anyways:P

– can’t save ‘notes’ to mobile location (ie can’t save tab files to folder on device)
– should be able to export to gpx, gp5 and text, at least
– can’t view more than one track in player
– should be able to choose at least one or two accompaniments i.e. view up to three tracks at once.
– the slides stink 😛
– why must it go to the beginning of a tab once it is finished playing? should at least be an option, or, rather just leave it at the end if it is not to be user definable
– editing can’t go into Landscape mode.

– not enough space/area to edit even on 4/4 bar at a time
– there should at least be a sizing option
– also would be nice if one could choose vertical or horizontal screen tablature layout

– would make sense to be able to use a fretboard to edit; using the fret board instead of the number inserts and the existing left, down, up, right buttons to edit with. –explanation: top to bottom: -tab edit area, under that, -controls for note length, etc, movement controls, tempo, etc, -under that, fretboard.

– if one wants edited tabs they must be e-mailed? wtf true?

— back and forward buttons would be nice for browsing through files e.g. users could have folders on their mobile device for favourite songs or practice files (like scales, chords, etc)
— come to think of it, up and down arrows would be cool to ‘tap’ through tracks. the existing format it poo-ey.

GP 5, importing
– changes ‘linked’ notes e.g. ‘(9)’, to ‘0’ or ‘open’ notes. not cool. and there’s no way to edit them with the app 😛

PaulB - févr. 25, 2018

My external hard drive died with all my bands tabs on it (I know I’m an idiot for not backing up) however they’re all on my guitar pro app, is there a way I can extract the tabs from the app onto my pc?

linda - févr. 27, 2018

Hello Paul,
Don’t worry I’ve got a solution to export your tabs from the app. To do so, select the Add functionality > From a computer > enter the address available in your app into your computer’s web browser.
You will see on your computer all the tabs available in your app. Click on the file name and you will instantly download the tab on your computer.
If you need more info, please contact our support for help:

Edward Arthur - févr. 18, 2018

So I can’t actually write any tab on the iPad using guitar pro? What is the point? Im sure you could write tab on the older versions? Currently I have not been able to make my songbook work at all on any platform and it looks like I cannot do any work to tabs in progress using this software. I’m guessing all I can do is play a completed tab but even then I can’t even change the tempo. It seems to have become an app with zero functionality of what guitar pro is used for. I can’t even see the notepad feature you spoke of in the previous post. It seems useless, can you assure me otherwise?

Thomas Guitar Pro - févr. 22, 2018

Hi Edward can you please contact our support:

Mr Ivan D Amaya Ruiz - janv. 23, 2018

Hi I just bought the android app. How can I edit existing gp files that I put in my phone and open with the app I want to be able to continue working on files created on desktop when I’m on the run. Possible?

linda - janv. 24, 2018

Hello Ivan, I’m really sorry but it is not possible.
This app does not let you change the notation in an existing Guitar Pro file, or create sheet music in standard notation. It is however possible to edit a single-track tablature with the NotePad tool so as to later carry on with your composition on the Guitar Pro desktop version.

Conor - août 13, 2017

How do I add tabs when I don’t have a computer? I downloaded the guitar pro file to my phone but there’s no file drop down in the guitar pro app 🙁

Theo - juil. 3, 2017

Is it true that I still can not download from gp directly through my ipad app to my ipad? Going via pc is so complicated….

linda - août 8, 2017

Hello Theo,

What do you mean “download from gp directly”. Would you like to open scores from mysongbook?

Robert - juin 8, 2017

I recently purchased the GP app for my ipad. I followed the instruction of connecting my ipad to my computer and transferring my GP tabs to the ipad. The file show copied in itunes but are not shown in the ipad GP app.

linda - juin 9, 2017

Hello Robert, can you please contact our support for help
Thank you.

Bryan - avril 10, 2017

Regarding my question on importing tabs from ultimate guitar…I am using a Windows desktop computer. Thanks

Bryan - avril 10, 2017

How do I import a bass tab from …lets say, ultimate guitar into Guitar Pro. Is this possible?

Michele - févr. 20, 2017

It was my understanding that you can upload any song and the app with tab it out for you. Am I incorrect? I’m having all kinds of trouble transferring files. I haven’t tried using a USB yet though.

linda - mars 2, 2017

Hello, please contact our support for help:

Art - déc. 12, 2016

Howdy Guitar Pro Folks,

Like some of the other posters here, I have multiple devices (iPads, iPhone, MacBook). Given the lifecycle of technology, I think it is a foregone conclusion that at some point all of us will need to at least replace a device, and will therefor need a way to get our GP files from one device to another. The current options we have seem pretty stone age to me. All manual, all one file at a time, all pretty painful.

Given its nearly 2017 and that multiple sync technologies have been on all the major platforms (iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, etc) for years now, it would seem to me that GP should really move some sort of syncing solution up to the front of the development queue.

Although not a true sync option, the existing local file server – the “From a computer” option – looks like it could be made to suffice. Using that option I can already select multiple songs on the remote device with the checkbox, though curiously, “delete” is the only action I can perform on them. How about you extend that service and let users move selected files to-from devices. It is probably a lot less effort than a cloud sync (Box, Dropbox, iCloud, etc) integration, and most of the pieces should already be there – unless there is some sort of iOS imposed limit on moving files around in this fashion.

Thanks –

Jay Haynes - déc. 12, 2016

I hope GuitarPro is listening to its customers. GP is a great app, and I use it on my iMac in my studio, my MacBook on the road, and my iPhone and iPad when practicing in my house.

Thus, Dropbox (and/or iCloud) sync would make opening my GP files MUCH easier. GP should access and save any edits to the files in Dropbox so they are instantly and automatically synced to all other devices (like a word processor).

This would also make it much easier to collaborate with other musicians. When my bass player, for example, makes changes to a GuitarPro file, now the whole process of getting the file onto my different devices takes multiple steps. But with Dropbox integration, it would be instantaneous (e.g. he makes changes to the file and the next time I open it in GP from Dropbox, it is already the new version).

I hope this is a top priority for their next release. In the age of the cloud, this is badly needed for GP.

David Evans - oct. 21, 2016

Thanks, that was really helpful. iOS10 seems to have shuffled things around a bit, but the vid helped guide me through the steps again

David Evans - oct. 21, 2016

Hi – I have all my guitar pro files in Dropbox. I used to be able to click on the file and it would ask what programme I wanted to open the file with. I would select guitar pro, and the file would open. This option is now no longer possible. Can you advise how I can access the files – they are too large to all put on my iPad


linda - oct. 21, 2016

Hello David, please have a look to the following tweet for help:

Doc - sept. 10, 2016

Copy to guitarpro does not appear after selecting Open in…
I hope this was not a useless purchase for my iPad

linda - sept. 12, 2016

Hello, please contact our support for help

Pascal - sept. 8, 2016

Just bought the app for iPad ONLY to be able to open My files directly from Dropbox without having to print as pdf and save… how can you not hade dropbox support? Everybody uses dropbox to collaborate!

linda - sept. 9, 2016

To open files saved in your Dropbox account, please open your Dropbox, select the file, click on the ellipsis (on top right), select Export, Open In…, Copy to Guitar Pro.

Nikki MacLeod - août 31, 2016

This is all a complete pain. I don’t want to have to use another computer. Why not write the app properly and allow downloads directly into the App?

linda - sept. 1, 2016

Hello Nikki, please contact our support for help

Ryan - juin 13, 2016

I just bought a new iPad and have hundreds of scores on my old iPad. Is there a way to transfer the scores to my new iPad other than one at a time through email?

linda - juin 22, 2016

Please contact our support for help:

Alex - juin 10, 2016

Here’s another request for icloud integration. I’ve spent hours loading my Guitar Pro ipad app via Dropbox and don’t want to go through the entire process on my iphone and macbook. Moreover I won’t lose my data that way. Thank you.

Luis - juin 7, 2016

What is the website that is by default in the application?

linda - juin 27, 2016

The website is It is a library of music scores written by professional musicians. What you will find in it are new, previously unreleased arrangements for stringed instruments (guitar, ukulele, bass, and banjo), as well as full scores that include the complete transcriptions of every track in the original pieces.

Dj - mai 22, 2016

iCloud Drive integration for iOS and MacOS would make moving tabs back and forth a whole lot easier.

linda - mai 23, 2016

I will forward your feedback to the developers team 🙂

t joynt - mars 11, 2016

hello, when i type in the web address from the app, it sais invalid on my computer.

adrien - mars 11, 2016


Can you please contact our support? Our technician will look at your issue:

Ian - juin 18, 2015

Question: is internet access mandatory for the application, regardless of what types of tabs you have? (ie bought from you or added from UltimateGuitar??)

adrien - juin 22, 2015

Hi Ian, no you only need an internet connection to import your tabs or read your mySongBook tabs.

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