Happy holidays dear guitarists! To celebrate the end of the year in music, we offer you a superb arrangment of Silent Night in .gpx format (Guitar Pro 6). Enjoy, it’s free !

  Traditional – Silent Night.gpx (Free download)

Inspired by Nat King Cole’s  Silent Night version, this jazzy arrangment designed for beginners will make you work on your rhythmic strictness and your chords series.

No specific difficulties to notice in this tab except for few original chord progressions to enrich the harmony: diminished chords (A# diminished on bar 10) and triads over bass chords (E/C# on bar 20).

About Silent Night

“Silent Night” is an Austrian carol composed in 1816 by Joseph Mohr. The organist Franz Xaver Gruber wrote its music in 1818. The song is performed the same year, for Christmas Eve in the little “Oberndorf bei Salzburg” church.

Some say that the little church organ was spotted when the music was composed. So, Franz Xaver Gruber wrote the Silent Night music with a guitar as he had no other instrument up his sleeve.

Want more Christmas tabs?

  • Guitar Pro 6 users: Check out your mailbox, you’ve received a Christmas Songbook including 7 tabs for free this week
  • Non-users: Discover our special deal on guitar-pro.com to get a free Christmas Songbook with any Guitar Pro 6 purchase. You can also find our songbook on mySongBook.com.

Tabs included: Jingle Bells (Easy Solo Guitar), Deck the Halls (Guitar/Vocals), We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Easy Solo Guitar), O Tannenbaum (Intermediate Solo Guitar),  Glory Glory Hallelujah (Easy Solo Guitar) and more…

You have question? Send an email to support@arobas-music.com.


Rick K. - mars 27, 2013

I never received these, and didn’t know they were available until today. I see them available in the Songbook, but at US$4.99. I can supply relevant proof of purchase for GP6, if needed. Thanks.

adrien - mars 28, 2013

Hi Rick,

Actually, it’s still possible for you to download silent night tablature on our blog (clic on the file icon in the article). Regarding the full songbook, I advise you to contact the support here: https://support.guitar-pro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Stay tuned for upcoming promotions on the blog!

Carl Lockman - déc. 24, 2012

Just registered my copy of Guitar Pro 6 I purchased through Amazon.

Do I get the Christmas Song Book?

Merry Christmas
Thank you.

adrien - janv. 3, 2013

Hello, we only sell our Android Guitar Pro app on the Amazon Store. Guitar Pro 6 is not available on this specific platform.

Thank you.

Javier Boix - déc. 22, 2012

Guitar Pro 6 users: Check out your mailbox, you’ve received a Christmas Songbook including 7 tabs for free this week

Hi, I dont received this. Can you please send it again ?

Thanks and merry christmas

adrien - janv. 3, 2013


We advise you to contact our technical representative to get your code and activate your songbook on mSB: https://support.guitar-pro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.


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