In this video you’ll learn how to play the bass line walk from “I Walk the Line” and then you’ll learn the easiest way to use the chord numbering system to change keys when you’re playing country music. Have fun!

“For this type of Johnny Cash style country strumming, it helps to keep a relaxed grip on your pick. Make sure you pick the bass notes with a nice firm downstroke so the bass note melody rings out loud and clear.

When you strum in between picking the bass notes, focus your strums on the skinnier strings and try to keep your strums nice and smooth.

If the quick “down up strums” that you see me playing in this “I Walk the Line” intro are too difficult for you right now, you could just play a single down strum instead of the “down-up” and that’ll sound great as well!

If you have any questions about the intro or other parts of the song, you can send me a message over at Country Guitar Online. Good luck!” Devin.

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Country Guitar Online

Devin is a country and bluegrass guitar player from Texas who simply learned the guitar by listening to country albums and watching people play on YouTube.

Devin has produced guitar lesson videos on his YouTube channel for the past ten years, and in 2016, he started which has grown into one of the best country and bluegrass guitar lesson websites on the internet.

If you would like to play bluegrass music too, Devin recommends you to listen to artists like Dan Tyminski, Tony Rice, Doc Watson, Bryan Sutton, Norman Blake, David Grier, Molly Tuttle, Billy Strings. 

Follow Devin on youtube: Country Guitar Online

Guitar Pro 7.5

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Peter - nov. 8, 2020

Sehr schöne Angebote zum lernen. habt euch sehr verbessert

mfg Peter

Bernie Vail - oct. 10, 2020

Nice lesson

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