Download the free tablature and play Cole Rolland’s electric guitar adaptation of Pachelbel’s classic standard. Discover why he uses Guitar Pro 7.5 every day for his work as a guitarist and a YouTuber.

Canon Rock

Here is Cole Rolland’s presentation of his video and some advice on how to learn this classic masterpiece on an electric guitar:

Canon Rock is a very special video for me. I remember watching a creator by the name of FunTwo
post his cover of Canon Rock around 2006. It quickly became the first viral guitar video on the internet, inspiring many musicians, including myself. I created my ‘reimagined version’ of the JerryC arrangement in late 2018 with my own production and personal twists on the iconic guitar piece.

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro 7 file)

(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro 6 file)

Cole’s advice on how to play the song

My assessment of this song is that it is at an intermediate-advanced level of playing. The most iconic sections of the arrangement, being the chorus and the intro, are easily playable for almost all skill levels. It’s a very recognizable piece.

When it comes to more complex sections like the verse, fills/transitions and the main solo:

I love to slow the tabs down the 25-50%, become very familiar with the notes and patterns, and develop muscle memory as I gradually work my way up to full speed. The majority of the piece is at 200bpm which makes some of the sixteenth and triplet sixteenth patterns tough to master. 

Summary: practice with a metronome at half tempo, and work your way up as you become more familiar with each section.

Cole Rolland is a Guitar Pro user 

I’ve been an avid user of Guitar Pro for nearly a decade and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an interactive way to write and learn songs. I learn a new song every week for my YouTube channel. Thankfully, there has almost always been an accurate Guitar Pro tab available online to expedite my learning process and help me deliver my content as quickly as possible to my audience.

I also tab out every video I create for YouTube and I have become so familiar with the Guitar Pro interface that I am able to work extremely efficiently to create these in a timely manner.

Guitar Pro has been a very regular part of my work for years. It saves me so much time on a daily basis knowing that I can accurately and interactively learn a song at various speeds. It allows me to share songs of my own with other musicians, giving them insight into my mindset during the writing process of a Cole Rolland original.

Why does Cole like Guitar Pro 7.5? 

For my personal use, some of my favorite workflow improvements in Guitar Pro 7.5 include:

The ability to ‘click to edit’ elements of your score. This is an upgrade that I always wished existed, and now it does! It allows me to work much faster and more efficient knowing I can just click on an element to change it instead of searching for the correct icon in the sidebar.

The ability to search your hard disk for any existing Guitar Pro files. I typically am very organized but on the off chance that I save something in a different location by accident, or I want to have a consolidated view of all of my projects; this feature is a time saver that is beneficial the longer you use the software. 

About Cole Rolland 

My name is Cole Rolland and I’m a professional guitarist and content creator from Canada. I’ve been creating cover songs and original music for YouTube for nearly 10 years and have grown a large, loyal following across all social platforms. I am exclusively endorsed by Kiesel Guitars, EMG Pickups, Jim Dunlop, 64 Audio and Fractal Audio.

My online career began when I uploaded a cover of DragonForce’s ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ in October of 2009. Right in the peak hype of Guitar Hero III. After uploading, I thought nothing of it until someone at my high school came up to me in the halls and told me:

“Man! Your video has over 100,000 views. That’s insane”.

It was at this point that I decided to start uploading more regularly. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been able to collaborate with major artists in my scene, play shows for crowds of 5000+ people, work with dream brands of mine, and meet some of my best friends. It’s all because I decided to post a video on the internet one day and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Nicole - janv. 4, 2020

I am also interested in a backing track. it will be great to get it!
greets to all the wonderful guitarists!

Thomas Duflos - janv. 7, 2020

Hi Nicole, thank you for your suggestion! I’m sending a message to Cole.

Jim - nov. 16, 2019

Hey there, is this specific backing track available? That would be awesome. The others I found by searching have a different structure than this one. Thanks much if you guys could post a link to this backing track!

Thomas Duflos - nov. 19, 2019

Hi Jim, I’m sending a message to Cole to know if there’s a backing track available. Thanks for your comment!

Prakhar - oct. 15, 2019

I am not able to open any file .It is in .Gp extension. Please guide me.

Thomas Duflos - oct. 17, 2019

Hi Prakhar, have you got the latest version of Guitar Pro? Please contact our support team if it’s the case. Thanks!

Jack - oct. 4, 2019

Hi there. Great tab, thanks for making this available. I’m really curious what is going on at 2:42. He’s tapping on the B string, what looks like frets 15-10-0. But, that is not what is heard. The tab has 15-10-3, which sounds right but is pretty difficult to play with a seven fret spread for the left hand. Anyone have any insights? I love the song and arrangement, it is a challenging thing to play for sure!

Thomas Duflos - oct. 15, 2019

Hi Jack, here is Cole Rolland’s answer: “In regards to the 2:42, I actually tracked that with a capo in order to get the major root. But the minor works as well.” Thanks

AntKin2016 - sept. 30, 2019

Wow, I wish I could play like that. Good one.

Chad - sept. 30, 2019

Great tab, will take me years just to play it half way right. Was playing it through slow and got a major cramp at measure 115…I assume there is a typo in there.. a stretch from fret 10 to 3 would push beyond even Jake E Lee’s limits. 🙂 Also, seems in your video you are tapping the 15th fret, then 17th, then 15th again and not 19th as written.

Anyhoo… are those open strings instead of the 3rd fret for that tapping section at measure 115 to 117.

Awesome job and I’ll dumb down your arrangement a bit for my own use. But a great guide you’ve put together.

Thomas Duflos - oct. 15, 2019

Hi Chad, thank you for your comment!

Gary - sept. 29, 2019

Nice interpretation.

A back track would be awesome though! 🙂

Thomas Duflos - oct. 1, 2019

Hi Gary, I’m going to ask Dan if he’s got one. Thanks

Pete - sept. 28, 2019

This destroys this great!!

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