Summer has been here for a few weeks now! And so has Guitar Pro 7. Download this new update to make your Guitar Pro 7 ever more powerful. Have your guitars ready? Then go!


Here’s what you can expect from this new version:

  • The Japanese translation is now available
  • The page format is now saved in the stylesheet
  • More securities have been added to avoid file corruption
  • Whammy bars can be exported in .gpx
  • Fixed: special characters import, including Korean characters and German umlaut
  • Fixed: fingering errors during transposition
  • Fixed: audio export sometimes not creating the file
  • Changes in tempo unit are now recognized
  • Corrections have been made for files without an effect chain
  • Resolved: countdown not working when speed trainer is activated
  • Synchronisation of the score and global view during selection is now allowed
  • Fixed: HiDPI scaling issues on Windows 10
  • Various fixes on the tie option, including drum tracks and unwanted display of naturals
  • Various crashes fixes, including on startup and shut down on some machines
  • Various fixes in the chords window
  • Various shortcut fixes
  • Various translation fixes
  • Various display fixes


How to update Guitar Pro?

Launch the updater to start using Guitar Pro 7.0.5:

  • Windows : menu Help > Check for updates…
  • macOS : menu Guitar Pro 7 > Check for updates…



Pat - févr. 1, 2018

I have tried for days to enter tab in this program, it never works. Bars ALWAYS turn red. I currently use tabledit with no problems but was interested in switching to Guitar Pro

linda - févr. 5, 2018

Can you please contact our support for help here:

Don - janv. 27, 2018

I’m using a Fishman triple play midi pickup to play music into guitar pro 7. It works, except every note is the same length. It doesn’t record the tab the way it is played. (they are all Quarter notes for example) Am I missing something? Will it record it with the note timing intact?

linda - janv. 29, 2018

Hello, for the moment Guitar Pro 7 does not allow you to recognize the note timing. Our team will work on it but I can’t tell you when?
Thank you.

George Temes - janv. 8, 2018

Why is it taking so long to update the GP7 app for iOS 11.2.1? I purchased GP7 six months ago, so I could use it with my iPad and iPhone. How much longer do I have to wait until I can finally use my purchase? Very disappointed.

Matt - nov. 8, 2017

I’m impressed with GP7 in general and probably will upgrade from 5 finally. I’ve just noticed that when exporting MIDI for use in Cubase, it doesn’t save certain elements such as strums or tempo changes. Is this intentional behavior? Am I missing something?

Peter - oct. 28, 2017

I’m seeing a problem where rests will become invisible when there are multiple voices in the same measure. They’re there. If you solo one of the voices, you’ll see them. They are invisible in PDF outputs too. Is this a bug or operator error?

The stability issues seem to have gone away since the last update. Thanks!

linda - nov. 3, 2017

Hello Peter,
Can you please contact our support and send your file here:

Satyam - sept. 27, 2017

Also after closing it, it wont open again, even when i end the process in task manager. I have to restart my computer for it to open again

linda - nov. 3, 2017

Can you please contact our support for help:

We will find a solution for you.

Satyam - sept. 27, 2017

And why is it easier for you to reply to these comments more quickly than your emails???

Ronny - sept. 24, 2017

Hey GP Team,

i am using GP for my beginner learning session.
I came up with These ideas for new Features:
– for getting into better Timing it would be nice to include counting of the notes depending on the notes itself (1 e and ….)
– also is it possible to link sections of a file to Audio or Video files, so one can Play for real recording of a song e.g. a guitarless Edition of a song

linda - sept. 27, 2017

Hello Ronny,

Can you please send your ideas to our team at:

Roberto - sept. 24, 2017

Massive latency when using MIDI drums with RSE Guitars or others. Unfixable, unlike version 5. Using a Focusrite Solo 2 with 32samples buffer.

linda - sept. 27, 2017

Hello Roberto, can you please contact our support for help at:

Andy - sept. 18, 2017


How do I backup in GP7? In GP6 there was a setting to backup the file after a set number of changes, but I cannot find it in GP7.

linda - sept. 21, 2017

Please have a look at the following post to find your Guitar Pro 7 backup:

jediyeh - sept. 14, 2017

I have a big problem ><
When my Guitar Pro updates to 7.0.5, every time I export to midi file, Guitar Pro is always suddenly shut down!! It's really annoyed 🙁 Could you help to solve this problem! Thanks!!

linda - sept. 21, 2017

Can you please contact our support for help:

Peter - sept. 11, 2017

I’m currently trying Guitar Pro 7 and bringing in scores I started in Power Tab. Power Tab is too limited and I really like GP7 and I will definitely buy it *IF* what appears to be a fatal flaw can be solved. Some of the scores lose a lot of information or get a little hosed up when imported from Power Tab format but that’s not the *fatal* flaw. Working on a particular score to try to restore the lost information, everything will work fine for a while then at some point, the program starts crashing *every time* I try to select one of the guitar tracks. It doesn’t matter what method I use to select it. I can still select the violin and horn tracks but the guitar tracks make it crash. At that point that file is effectively unusable. I started the process over, re-importing the Power Tab and after working with the file for a while, the same thing happened. I can send the problem file if that will help.

I’ve tried exporting music XML and re-importing. That seems like it *may* have worked although that seems to introduce other translation issues that would require work to clean up. I could also try re-creating the score from scratch in the Guitar Pro environment but that’s an awful lot of work and would be very disappointing if that were necessary. Plus how do I know with either of these solutions that the same thing won’t happen and my work will be wasted?

linda - sept. 21, 2017

Can you please send your Power Tab files to our support for help:

Josh - sept. 10, 2017

And yet still no word of a Linux version on the desktop, even though you have a version for Linux on mobile devices. Words can’t describe how disappointed I am.

Jean-Yves - sept. 9, 2017

I found a bug in version
In general the “Invert stems” tool works as expected. But when “Slash notation” is activated, it works only for voice 1, i.e. stem inversion is no longer possible for voices 2, 3 and 4. As soon as “Slash notation” is deactivated, the stem inversion works again for voices 2, 3 and 4.

linda - sept. 11, 2017

Hello Jean-Yves, Thank you for your feedback. We will correct the problem in a next update.

Fernando - août 31, 2017

Hi! I’m trying Guitar Pro 7, and there are only two things that prevent me from buying it:
-I would love to have the slash option in standard notation (I’m a teacher and tend not to use tabs): sometimes I just need the chord name and the duration of that chord in standard notation. Could it be possible to add that?
-When the first bar is the beginning of an anacrusic melody, it would be great to choose if I want it to be counted as the first or not. (this is specially useful when laying down cheat sheats for jazz standards)
I would definately buy GP7 if those two things could be added!

linda - sept. 8, 2017

Hello Fernando,

I don’t have good news for you today.

It is not possible to have the slash option in standard notation. You can display the standard notation and the slash notation but you cannot have both notations in the same stave.

For the second question. It is not possible for the moment but your request has been saved for further improvements.

Espen S. Jenssen - août 29, 2017

I have used GP7 a couple of months now and in general I am impressed by the software, in particular the RSE sounds are amazing. However, I have experienced a lot of minor bugs and some abrupt crashes. As annoying that is, it hasn’t been a major issue until yesterday.
The program crashed while saving a file, and now the file is of size 0 kb and beyond repair I guess (I read an answer to a comment from earlier that suggested just that). No backup to be found, and many hours of work is just gone. I see that other users have experienced the same issue, and this is not good at all. I really hope that you will fix this problem for the next update. Until then I must warn other users about this problem, and recommend that you regularly create backup-files in case the same thing happens! I was stupid enough not to do so.

All in all the program has a lot of nice features and a lot of potential. It’s just sad that it hasn’t been tested enough before the release, there are just too many bugs yet.


linda - août 30, 2017

Hello, our team is working on finding a solution to solve the 0ko problem.

For the moment, can you please try to recover your file using the following instructions:

Richard - août 28, 2017

I’m an educator for TrueFire and I’m writing my 3rd instructional course with the aid of Guitar Pro, since that’s the tab program that TrueFire requests all files should be written with. I bought the full version for Mac and it’s updated to the latest version.

Just like previous versions of Guitar Pro in the past, it’s full of bugs. For instance, when I write a tab with fingerings and instructions for left and right hand, set those above and below the notes.. save it and overwrite the old file… load it again and all the fingerings are all over the place, now all next to the notes/under the notes rendering the score completely unreadable with numbers floating everywhere. i’m on a deadline for my next course and sorry to say it’s quite impossible to work with this version of Guitar Pro, just like it’s been hard to work with in the past. I’m hoping TrueFie will update their policy and allow other programs for scoring soon. Or I’m hoping Guitar Pro will come up with a fully functional version.

linda - août 29, 2017

Hello Richard,

Thank you for the feedback that you left on our blog regarding our last release Guitar Pro 7.0.5.
I forwarded your feedback to our developers and we will try to solve all the problems you have as quickly as we can.

Next time, please feel free to share your feedback here:

Josh - août 28, 2017

Hi Arobas,
A bug I’m finding since the 2nd maintenance update is that it is impossible for me to update Guitar Pro automatically when a new version is out. The reason is that even though Guitar Pro is closed, the process in the task manager is still there (despite it shows no activity). Its not possible to stop the process and the only way I can update is restarting the computer and installing the update manually.


linda - août 29, 2017

Hello Josh,
Can you please contact our support for help:

Markus Haberkorn - août 27, 2017


I like creating Lead Sheets with Guitar Pro 7, using slash notation is a nice and easy way to do it.

A really huge help would be a tool that can transpose all of the chord names in the whole file, so I wouldn’t have to change every single chord name if a singer wants play the song in another key.
Is there a simple way of doing this?


linda - août 29, 2017

Hello Markus,

I forwarded your request to our team. Thank you for your feedback.

Bruce - août 26, 2017

Was using GP7 with the intention of finally migrating from GP6 to GP7. Support prompted me to update to v7.0.5. build 699 This GP7 version is even more unstable than the previous version. It crashes within minutes of any activity. The function I was exploring was Export to Audio mp3. As noted above, Exporting to audio GP7 exports the whole mix. Mute or solo have no effect on which tracks are exported. Same results with wav or mp3. This worked in the previous version.

Really really disappointed in this release. Not only is it not usable due to crashes, the one thing I wanted to do, i.e. export was broke by this release.

linda - août 29, 2017

Hello Bruce,
The problem when you Export to Audio mp3 will be solve in the next update 7.0.6. Thank you for your understanding.

Thiago Uriel - août 25, 2017

I really like GP. Been using since v5. But v7, even updated has been unreliable. It just crashed while saving, but it crashed, it zeroed my file beyond it’s own restore functionality. It’s super frustrating. By the way, where are the backup files saved in my so I can take a look myself?

As a suggestion, you could perhaps add an option to save versioned files instead of always replacing the same one.

Very very sad and angry about this kind of issue.

linda - août 25, 2017

Hello Thiago,

I am sorry to read that you have lost your file, as an avid user of Guitar Pro myself I can only understand how frustrating it is, unfortunately if your file size is 0ko I am afraid we won’t have any way or tool on our side to recover or repair it.
I understand that it is really frustrating and our best advice here will be to suggest you to regularly back up your work in progress, especially for huge work on which you spent several hours.
Still there is a big chance that you may recover your file from this location using Windows file explorer:
%AppData%\Arobas Music\guitarpro7\
And check the following folders:
“autobackups” and “backups”.

BuiArd Bosselmann - août 24, 2017

I have Guitar-Pro 7 on my Windows 10 Notebook and created some scales. It works fine.
When I like to use it on may Android Tablet with the Android App Guitar-Pro 6 I have to export the scales in an GPX File. Ok, so I did it.

Problem: These GPX Files wont be a acceptet by the Android App. Error: “The File is corrupt!”
What is wrong with the option to export to GPX in Guitar Pro 7.
Can you help?
Or, when will I get Guitar Pro 7 as Android App.

Kind regards
BuiArd Bosselmann

linda - août 25, 2017

Hello, for the moment our Android App does not support Guitar Pro 7 files. A free update will be soon available.

For the moment, you need to export your files in Guitar Pro 6 format to open them in your app.

Ame - août 23, 2017

When exporting in MIDI file, guitar pro chrashes and save the file with 0 bytes. Version 7.0.5 build 699.
It has to be fixed!

linda - août 25, 2017

Hello Arne,

Can you please contact our technical team for help. We will quickly find a solution for you.

Markus Haberkorn - août 21, 2017


I have a little formatting problem:
When using multiple voices in one stave, Guitar Pro 7 shows the dynamic for every single voice. An extreme example would be a fugue with four voices that enter on counts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of measure 1. This would give me four dynamics markings in one single measure, which is a) unnecessary and b) very confusing to read.

Please give us a possibility to hide dynamics markings or just suppress the dynamics of the 2nd to 4th voice (I don’t know any situation in which it would be necessary).

Thank you,

linda - août 23, 2017

Hello Markus, could you please contact our support and send your Guitar Pro file at

Our developers will solve the problem in a next update.

Thank you.

peiyush sharma - août 21, 2017

getting some error while downloading update from guitar pro settings>check for update window.

any other way to update as my current version 7.0.2 is getting crashed again and again.

linda - août 22, 2017

Updating Guitar Pro 7 on Windows used to not be possible (for versions prior to 7.0.3)
The problem is solved in this new version. If you were concerned by it we invite you to install the update manually.

To that effect, you will need to retrieve the Updater via the Windows file explorer. In your file explorer, type in %TEMP% as file path. This will lead you to the Updater in your temp folder. Double-click on the file to manually launch the updating process.

Please have a look to our post here:

Wesley - août 20, 2017

Hello, how are you?

I saw that we have a new version of Guitar Pro 7, but it has been a few months since we did not update the iOS application, would you like to know if you have plans to update it? With this I would like to make the following suggestions:
iPad 10.5 size support
Drag & Drop
Folder support (New iOS 11 File App)
Supporting GP7 files
Better pdf export with PDFKit
Updating to iOS11 visual
Support to Apple Pencil

linda - août 22, 2017

A new update for iOS and Android will be soon available. I forwarded your feedback to our team. Thank you.

ED - août 20, 2017

No fixes regarding MIDI export that I reported over a month ago?

GP7 has bar none the WORST sounding MIDI export out of all Guitar Pro versions. GP4 was the best. Bends and whammys are just all over the place, palm mutes are way too quiet, it’s just a mess.

Needs to be fixed pronto!

linda - août 22, 2017

Hello Ed, i forwarded your request to the developer who manage the MIDI. Thank you.

Steven - août 18, 2017

Now with exporting to audio GP exports the whole mix, no matter, if one or several track are muted or set to solo.
This should be fixed fast.

linda - août 22, 2017

Hello Steven, this problem can be a regression. I forwarded your feedback to our team. Thank you for your understanding. We will fix it in the next update.

kk - août 17, 2017

my win10(vertion1703 64bit)can not open guitar pro7 7.0.5!when i have installed the soft,double click it ,but it didn’t work!
when I installed 7.0.1,it could work ,but it could’t update,i clicked the “reboot and update”,but it didn’t work again,anyone can help me?

linda - août 22, 2017

Hello kk, can you please contact our support to investigate your problem:

Amin - août 17, 2017

Please add a option to
1) see “intervals and degrees of a scale” like guitar pro 5 in the fretboard view ( virtual instruments)

2) save the settings for fretboard view (virtual instruments)

3) suggest fingering intelligently for the tabs that has written. I mean displaying the suggested fingering in fretboard view for each note

Markus Haberkorn - août 15, 2017

Hey guys!
Congrats on GP7, it’s looking good! I’m testing it at the moment and I’m pretty sure, I’m going to buy it after the 30 days.

Here are two bugs I’ve found so far in version
1. The Hot Keys for enharmonic changes (Ctrl+Alt+8) seem not to work.
2. When importing a *.gpx-file (gp6) major keys become minor keys (e.g. a *.gpy-piece in C major gets three flats in gp7)


linda - août 16, 2017

Hello Markus,

Thank you for your feedback. I forwarded it to our team.

PM - août 8, 2017

The main thing preventing me from buying the full version is that, just like GP6, GP7 has no regard for bends and whammy articulations in tabs created in GP5 and earlier. The amount of unnecessary extra work required by the user to make an older tab sound correct in GP7 is crazy. Given that the vast majority of tabs available online are in GP5 format, this is an incredible oversight.

Please make GP7 interpret the bends in older tabs correctly.

chopin - août 8, 2017

Problem : Cymbals no fade out fade in sound and also you cant prolong the sound of any cymbals
Problem : when you fade out an instrument it will make a thick sound.
Luck: no sound of slide or descending pick sound with the guitar string
Luck: no sound of drums stick being hit with each other
thank you for the chance to let comment with your brilliant software, hoping that it will be address

linda - août 16, 2017

Thank you for your feedback. I will forward it to our team.

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