Hi everyone, I’m Thomas Duflos from Guitar Pro.

In this video recorded a few days after the 2024 NAMM Show at Tim Pierce’s home studio, you’ll discover the secrets of Tim’s amazing pedalboard, specially assembled for his performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards!

The complete run-through of Tim’s pedalboard starts around 10:30. Go check it out to discover his tips and tricks to get the best tones!

Here are a few of the pedals chosen by Tim:

Of course, Tim chose the signature pedal that he made with J. Rockett Audio Designs. It’s a really nice overdrive, and a poweramp.

The Boss Compressor CP-1X is a solid reference and is very easy to use, which is not often the case with compressors.

Tim bought the new amazing Canvas tuner made by Walrus Audio.

Take a look at Tim’s amazing home studio!

I hope you’ll enjoy the interview, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions!

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