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In the abundant universe of film music, countless musical treasures have become cultural icons. Many compositions succeed in transporting us to parallel worlds and moments of pure emotion, building a bridge between the expression of visual art and music. For musicians and movie lovers, playing these themes on the guitar rekindles unforgettable cinema moments and allows for a personal reappropriation of works that have moved us.

From the unforgettable leitmotif of “La La Land” to the grand compositions of “Game of Thrones“, the guitar interpretation of these works invites us to explore the musical universe of geniuses such as Justin Hurwitz and Ramin Djawadi. These artists have shaped unforgettable themes that elevate the cinematic experience, turning music into key actors in the story.

With these 10 excerpts, we offer you a journey through emblematic pieces of cinema, accompanied by tabs and Guitar Pro files, allowing guitarists of all levels to learn these pieces. Whether you are a musician, a cinephile, or in search of inspiration, these works invite you to discover the guitar. This instrument can reveal themes that transcend their initial role of simple accompaniment to become iconic. These melodies become as important as the protagonists themselves.

These legendary pieces, along with thousands of others, are available in the integrated music score library of Guitar Pro, under the mySongBook tab, in the “Original Soundtrack” genre.

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City Of Stars (La La Land) – Justin Hurwitz

In “La La Land,” “City of Stars” captures the essence of the pursuit of dreams in Hollywood, with its highs and lows, hopes, and disillusionments. The song, performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, serves as an emotional thread between the characters. Its bittersweet melody and contemplative lyrics perfectly reflect the central theme of the film: the conflict between love and artistic ambition.

City of Stars” is a real gem for guitarists looking to refine their phrasing, touch, and ability to move the listener. This piece, played at a tempo of 100 bpm in standard tuning, stands out for its fluid melodic lines and soothing rhythm, offering a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.

Tip: Avoid muffling to maintain a continuous resonance. Hammer-ons should be respected at the beginning of each bar for a smooth transition between notes. The fingers should be placed in a specific way: the middle finger on the G string, the index finger on the A string and the ring finger on B flat. Opt for a half bar in the last two bars to ensure constant tension on all the strings played.

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He’s A Pirate (Pirates of the Carribean) – Klaus Badelt

He’s a Pirate” has become synonymous with the adventure and excitement that characterize the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga. This energetic and driving theme perfectly embodies the rebellious and adventurous spirit of Captain Jack Sparrow. The music plays a crucial role in creating the thrilling atmosphere of the film, enhancing action scenes and sea chases with captivating intensity.

The piece “He’s a Pirate” represents an excellent opportunity for any guitarist looking to take on a challenge, with its lively tempo and complex rhythm. To learn this piece, I advise you to start by mastering the alternate picking technique, essential for navigating through the 12/8 rhythm and triplets. Tuning in Drop D is another key to enriching the sound of this piece.

Tip: To tune your guitar in Drop D, simply lower the low E string (E) by a tone so that it sounds in D (D). This simple modification opens up a new spectrum of sounds and facilitates rapid chord changes.

This piece is also an excellent way to improve your fluidity and speed, thanks to its rapid passages and frequent chord changes. To master these elements, focus on developing rhythmic precision, especially with syncopated notes. Regular practice of these techniques will help you progress in your playing.

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Game Of Thrones – Ramin Djawadi

The theme of “Game of Thrones” is immediately recognizable and evokes the vast landscapes, complex plots, and epic battles that define the series. Ramin Djawadi‘s music plays a key role in building the universe of Westeros, creating an atmosphere that is both majestic and menacing, accompanying viewers through the seasons.

Learning to play the “Game of Thrones” theme on your guitar immerses you in the epic universe of the series, with some prior adjustments to your instrument. First, tune your guitar in Drop D (D-A-D-G-B-E) and place a capo on the third fret to match the original key of the piece.

Tip: The essence of this theme lies in the fingerpicking technique. To get started, use your thumb for the bass notes and alternate the other fingers for the treble notes. This method will allow you to play the complex and captivating harmonies that characterize this piece.

The key to mastering this theme is the consistency of the rhythm and melodic precision. I advise you to practice slowly at first, to ensure that each note is played clearly and at the correct tempo. Remember to follow the rhythmic values indicated in the tablature, carefully alternating between bass and treble notes.

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Una Mattina (Intouchables) – Ludovico Einaudi

Una Mattina” by Ludovico Einaudi and taken from the soundtrack of “The Intouchables” is a collection of pure emotion translated into music. Played on the piano and then arranged for guitar, this piece is the very expression of pivotal moments, where a deep bond is created between the two main characters.

To play “Una Mattina” on guitar, start by placing a capo on the fifth fret, which allows the music to be transposed into a different key without having to retune the guitar or change the position of the fingers for the chords. Although the notes are written in sixteenth notes, suggesting speed, the tempo of the piece remains slow and measured. The piece is characterised by a slow, expressive style of playing, with arpeggios playing a key role in creating a lyrical effect.

Tip: Practice smooth transitions between bass and treble notes to weave the melody and accompaniment. Emotional expression is essential to capture the essence of “Una Mattina.”

For the arpeggios, make sure to hold the notes long enough for a lyrical effect, and work on the precision and fluidity of your fingers. The key is to combine technique and emotion to make your performance authentic and touching.

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Le Festin (Ratatouille) – Michael Giacchino

Remy the rat cooking an omelette in 'Ratatouille' movie scene

Le Festin” sung by Camille for the animated film “Ratatouille” is a joyful celebration of life, love, and French cuisine. The song reflects the spirit of the film and its message about pursuing passion and excellence in the culinary arts. The music adds a charming and inspiring dimension to Rémy’s journey, the rat who dreams of becoming a chef.

Le Festin” composed by Michael Giacchino, is a captivating piece in A major for guitar with a 3/4 rhythm, evoking the elegant pace of a waltz a 160 bpm. Accessible to guitarists of all levels, it invites the exploration of lively rhythms and varied strumming techniques to animate the music with dynamism.

Tip: . Start by practicing the 3/4 rhythm at a slow tempo, to familiarize yourself with the structure of the waltz. Gradually increase the speed once you are comfortable with the strumming and chord changes.

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Concerning Hobbits (Lord Of The Rings) – Howard Shore

Concerning Hobbits” is an iconic piece from the soundtrack of “The Lord of the Rings” composed by Howard Shore. It perfectly illustrates the peaceful and carefree life of the Hobbits of the Shire, with its light and joyful melodies that evoke the green landscapes and simplicity of their daily lives.

To play “Concerning Hobbits” in Drop D, tune your guitar to give more depth. This piece, evoking the serenity of the Shire, is ideal for those wanting to express the subtle nuances of their playing. I advise you to focus on legato techniques, such as hammer-ons and pull-offs, to ensure a smooth sound. It is also important to adjust the dynamics to convey the desired emotions.

Tip: To play a slide on the guitar, firmly press the string at the starting fret, then slide your finger to the destination fret without releasing the pressure.

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One Summer’s Day (Spirited Away) – Joe Hisaishi

Scene from 'Spirited Away' with Chihiro and No-Face, evoking the film's enchanting music

The main theme of the film “Spirited Away” composed by Joe Hisaishi, is a captivating melody that transports the listener into the mystical and emotional world of the film. This music accompanies Chihiro on her journey of personal growth and adventure, reflecting the themes of innocence, loss, and hope.

One Summer’s Day” by Joe Hisaishi, from “Spirited Away” is perfect for practicing moderate tempo fingerstyle, requiring delicate execution so that each note rings clearly. This technique involves playing the strings directly with the fingers, without a pick, allowing for unique expressiveness and finesse in the execution.

Tip: Fingerstyle is a guitar technique that uses the fingers to pluck the strings, allowing for a variety of musical expressions, from complex arpeggios to simultaneous melody and accompaniment. This method enriches expression and polyphony, suited to solo performances.

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Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Furyo) – Ryuichi Sakamoto

David Bowie in Furyo film, iconic music scene

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto for the eponymous film, is a memorable work that evokes the complexities of human relationships in the context of a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. The music, with its unique blend of Western and Eastern elements, expresses both conflict and mutual understanding, playing an essential role in the emotional tone of the film.

To master “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” on the guitar with the specified tuning (E,B,G,D,G,E) and a capo on the first fret, I advise you to start by familiarizing yourself with quartal harmonization, which is a distinctive element of the piece. The harmonized melody in this way evokes the rich texture of Sakamoto’s original piano.

Quartal harmonization is a technique where the notes of a melody are spaced by the interval of four notes from the scale, offering an open and modern musical texture, often used in jazz. On the guitar, this involves playing notes simultaneously with this interval on different strings.

Tip: On strings that are not adjacent, pay attention to string skipping to maintain the fluidity of the melody. For passages requiring particular resonance, work on your touch so that the notes have a natural sustain without muting adjacent strings.

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Le Professionnel – Ennio Morricone

Jean-Paul Belmondo in a scene from 'Le Professionnel'

In “Le Professionnel” where Jean-Paul Belmondo shines, Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack amplifies key scenes. Morricone’s mastery in weaving musical themes that embrace adventure and emotional complexity is evident. His iconic theme, “Chi Mai” perfectly captures its atmosphere and plot.

Adapted for guitar, this piece on a 6/8 rhythm acts as the backbone of the work. This rhythmic signature, evoking a three-beat dance, demands a smooth execution and a characteristic swing. Arpeggios, key elements, must be played organically. It is crucial to modulate the dynamics and care for the articulation of each note to fully embrace the richness and aesthetics of the piece while ensuring flawless technical execution.

Tip: Practice must focus on resonance and precision of fingerings, essential for capturing the essence of the composition. Practice passages slowly to get used to position changes, and work on the dexterity of your fingers to improve the fluidity of your playing.

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Yumeji’s Theme (In the Mood for Love) – Shigeru Umebayashi

Yumeji’s Theme” composed by Shigeru Umebayashi for “In the Mood for Love” is an iconic piece that captures the essence of unrequited love and nostalgia that permeates the film. Its repetitive and haunting melody underscores the visual beauty and emotional intensity of the encounters between the main characters.

Tip: To learn this piece effectively on the guitar, divide your practice into specific sections. Start by mastering the first bar, focusing on precision and sound quality. Continue by practising bars 2 to 4, then 4 to 6, paying attention to the fluidity of the transitions and the expression of the ornaments, in particular theappoggiatura in bar 5 and the pull-off for a clear and precise connection.

In bars 6 to 9, pay particular attention to the connections between the notes. Bar 9, the most complex, requires slow practice to fully grasp the patterns and techniques of the first three beats.

Throughout the piece, make sure that the melody stands out more than the bass, adjusting dynamics and articulation so that the melody is clearly in focus. This concentrated, segmented approach will help you capture the essence of the piece.

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Music is crucial in cinema, amplifying the ambiance and emotions and leaving a lasting impression, sometimes more so than the films themselves. Composers like Ennio Morricone, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer have left an indelible mark on the history of music and cinema.

The guitar also plays a remarkable role, enriching films with a range of emotions, from melancholy to explosiveness. Works like “Pulp Fiction” and “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” demonstrate its profound impact.

With over 5000 scores available, MySongBook is an invaluable asset for starting to play or exploring film music, thus open to everyone. Whether you are a novice looking to master your first pieces, or an experienced musician discovering new artists, step into a world where music meets cinema for an even richer musical experience.

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