Discover the flamenco rasgueado technique with a new lesson by flamenco guitarist Tino Van Der Sman.

Many blues and rock guitarists are blown away by the impressive right hand techniques of flamenco guitarists. In this video Tino Van Der Sman will teach and explain step-by-step one of the most characteristic flamenco rasgueado techniques called abanico, meaning ‘fan’ in Spanish.

To play this exercise, all you need is a classical or flamenco guitar.

Let’s get started!

Tino will first show you the different ways of playing the abanico technique and then break it down in detail sharing the secrets of making it sound the way flamenco guitarists do. Finally he will teach you an exercise that will help you to get this technique just right. The fingering of the right hand is as follows:

p: thumb
i: index finger
m: middle finger
a: ring finger
ñ: little finger

Enjoy the exercise 🙂

The tablature

Guitar Pro file“Flamenco Abanico Exercise”
(click on the image to download the Guitar Pro file)

Spanish video with English subtitles (click on CC).

Exercise n°1

Exercise n°2

Exercise n°3

Exercise n°4

Option 4

About the author

Tino Van Der Sman was born in the Netherlands, but has been living in Spain for 15 years and has accompanied some of the most important flamenco artists in Spain. Furthermore, he has combined his concerts with his teaching activities giving workshops all over the world. Tino, his third solo album, has just been released in december 2015.

Want to learn more?

At you can learn all aspects of the flamenco guitar from some Spain’s best flamenco guitarists. If you’d like to learn to play the flamenco guitar but have no experience, then be sure to check out Tino van der Sman his Fundamentals of the Flamenco Guitar Series beginner course that covers everything starting from scratch. This video is part of the beginners course.

For more information, visit

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