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🎸Why do you need Guitar Pro 8?

For over 25 years, Guitar Pro has been helping musicians around the world learn to play the guitar, compose songs, transcribe scores, and share them with the world!

The 8th version of Guitar Pro has been available since May 2022 and has received a warm welcome from guitar players around the world. Guitar Pro 8 brings a large number of new features to the service of the guitarist and the musician in general.

🎵The audio track: a new feature that everyone was waiting for!

With Guitar Pro 8 you can now add an audio file to your scores to transcribe a piece correctly and more quickly, improve the sound of your scores, or even practice with a backing track.

The possibilities are endless and this new feature will definitely help you a lot both in editing and in learning and practicing your instrument.

Many useful other features to make editing easier and better have also been added, such as the command palette that allows you to locate and use the main editing features.

With this new version, it is also possible to edit and add scale diagrams to your scores:

Editing scale diagrams in Guitar Pro 8.

And to customize your tabs more easily with the new design options, take a look:

And you’ll be happy to know that many new editing options to facilitate your transcription work have also been added to the StyleSheet.

You can now set the spacing of the chords diagram in the score header, the systems, the staff, and the scale diagrams.

The font of the music symbols and indications are now editable like palm muting, slap, pop, rasgueado, pick scrape, and many more.

A pedalboard view is now available allowing you to view the effects used for each track and modify them to adjust your sound quickly and precisely.

Pedalboard guitar pro 8
Guitar Pro 8 pedalboard

And many other new amazing and useful features to help you to become a better guitar player.

⬆️Guitar Pro users: why upgrade to Guitar Pro 8?

Discover what’s new in version 8:

If you own a version prior to Guitar Pro 8, now is the time to upgrade to the best and most recent version of Guitar Pro for only $27.96! Instead of $34.95. (Price of the upgrade).

🔥50% off the mySongBook subscription

🎼Looking for the best tabs?

mySongbook is the scores collection accessible directly in Guitar Pro 8. Thousands of scores of essential hit songs for guitarists are available via a subscription in Guitar Pro 8.

Discover mySongBook with the “Free Tab Of The Day”. Every day, one song from the mySongBook library is available for free in Guitar Pro 8.

How to access the “Free Tab Of The Day” of mySongBook?

1 – Download the free demo of Guitar Pro 8,
2 – On the Guitar Pro 8 homepage, click on the MYSONGBOOK tab. The “Free Tab Of The Day” appears at the top of the song list with a small gift icon to the left of the title.

mySongBook in Guitar Pro 8

What’s new in mySongBook?

Backing tracks with voices and instrument recordings have been added to many mySongBook scores to improve the sound of the scores but also to allow you to take more pleasure in playing accompanied by the recording of real instruments.

New songs in different styles and levels are added every week in mySongBook!

Among the latest releases, you will find songs by the famous Tommy Emmanuel, great fingerstyle arrangements for solo guitar by Gareth Evans with audio tracks of his studio recordings, but also songs by bands like The Cure, Queen, Bruno Mars, and many others legendary bands and guitarists!

mySongBook – Tommy Emmanuel Angelina tab.

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