The giveaway is now over! Thank you all for your participation. The lucky winner who will receive a Fender guitar is Everett L.Davis.

The 20 winners who won a Guitar Pro t-shirt are:

1. 李雄亮 
2. Сергей Мосейчук
3. Tony Frevele 
4. Thierry Jacques 
5. Severa Vojtěch
6. Raoul Pilou 
7. Norbert Kujus
8. Martin Silva 
9. Luis Hernandez
10. Lionel Dblt
11. Lee Andrews
12. Jerrod Thomas 
13. Jeff Haekenkamp
14. Erik Jiménez 
15. Erick Fernandez 
16. Creag Crashly Smith
17. Casey Smith
18. Antoine Peyret
19. Adam Ironside 
20. Carlos Roberto

Congratulations to all of you. The winners will receive a private message on Facebook from our community manager. We will send the prizes to the addresses that the winners will indicate.

To celebrate the release of the 7.5 update, we give you the chance to win a Fender Stratocaster American Professional (worth €1500) and 20 Guitar Pro T-shirts. Good luck! Details below.

The Stratocaster is the favorite guitar of many renowned guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, or John Mayer.


  • A Stratocaster design that blends the best of modern and vintage construction
  • Maple neck with comfortable deep “C” profile
  • 3 Shaw-designed V-mod single-coil pickups which are balanced across the positions
  • Comfortable 9.5 fretboard radius
  • SKB pro rectangular electric guitar case

Official Rules

Discover Guitar Pro 7.5 new features

Movie Credits:

Picture: Permis de Tourner

Sound: La Fabric


Yousif - avril 7, 2024

Dear Sirs,
I know you closed the competition, but I hope you send me a sign when you introduce another chance to win such a guitar which I can’t afford.
Best regards,


Thomas Duflos - avril 8, 2024

Hi Yousif, I invite you to subscribe to the Guitar Pro newsletter so you won’t miss our next giveaways! You can also follow us on our social media. Thanks!

Erick - août 19, 2018

Me gusta esa fender y seria genial tenerla

Winminhtwe - juil. 31, 2018


Mike Murdoch - juil. 19, 2018

Love Guitar Pro … been using it since GP4 and find the interface extremely user friendly. It has also allowed me to expand my music theory knowledge. One of my favorite things to do is to transcribe songs and tweak and tweak to get them to sound as close to the original recordings as I can.

Thomas Duflos - juil. 20, 2018

Hi Mike, please like and comment on this facebook post to enter the giveaway, thanks:

Edwin e. Sanchez - juil. 12, 2018

I Love so much a Guitar Pro that’s my Dream and also electric guitar.
Guitar Pro is very usefully to all Guitarist..
but my problem is i have No Guitar pro and electric guitar.. i have only acoustic guitar ..
We Love you Guitar pro. More power

Luke - juil. 6, 2018

I would guitar pro to become a bloodthirsty shred master and beat the mighty beast with my mighty awesomeness! And to become a mighty shred god!

Alcides Almeida - juil. 5, 2018

Hi , i have Guitar Pro ( 5-6-7) at many years ago , is the best.
I use a Fender Strato , to Blues Songs.


Francis FAVRE - juil. 1, 2018

Thank you for update guitar pro 7

Thomas Duflos - juil. 10, 2018

You are welcome Francis, thanks

Timothy Quain - juin 26, 2018

I use the Fender Pro Stratocaster for songs like Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Steve Miller and a few of my own!

Giuseppe Doronzo - juin 25, 2018

È molto bello! Uso questo programma da moltissimo tempo, circa 6 anni. Non mi ha mai dato problemi! Lo consiglio a tutti sia esperti che quelli alle prime armi. Rimarrete meravigliati dalle sue prestazioni e funzionalità. Un vero gioielli per chi fa musica!

linda - juin 26, 2018

Grazie mille Giuseppe

Jerry Drummond - juin 25, 2018

I use Gpro to play my fretlight wired guitar. Waiting for the wireless version to play with my new fretlight.

Thomas Duflos - juin 28, 2018

Hi Jerry, Hi Стоян,

please comment on this link if you wanted to enter the giveaway thank you very much:
Good luck!

Taki - juin 22, 2018

Thanks but no. I won’t create a FB account just for a draw :/

lou Remondelli - juin 22, 2018

super sweet indeed !

Cristiano Machado de Oliveira - juin 22, 2018


It would be possible, in one of the upcoming updates of guitar pro 7, to put the downstroke / upstroke option for the sweep picking technique, as follows:

П——-I V——–I ?


NoeH - juin 21, 2018

Thanks to open it worldwide

Thomas Duflos - juin 22, 2018

You are welcome thank you.

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