The Guitar Pro iOS version is now compatible with the new Fretlight Wireless Guitar.

Learning to play guitar is something that many people wish to do. You really need to dedicate time and passion to it and never give up because “Everything is hard before it is easy”. We recommend that you take a look at the Fretlight Guitar. It will help you save a significant amount of energy and patience.

Fretlight guitars speed up the learning process by lighting up LEDs to draw the chords and scales right on the guitar’s fretboard, and thus show the player where to place his/her fingers on the instrument’s neck. All guitars are real and beautifully crafted. You can buy the model you want, from acoustic to electric or bass guitar, on

Using a Fretlight Wireless Guitar with the Guitar Pro iOS app is the best existing solution to help beginning musicians learn the guitar while having fun.

How to use the Guitar Pro app for iOS with the Fretlight Guitar?

  • Find the Guitar Pro file of the song that you want to play on the Internet or on
  • Open the file in your Guitar Pro application available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.
  • Connect the Fretlight guitar to the Guitar Pro app (press the button located on the guitar’s side, close to the input jack – Bluetooth connection).
  • In the Guitar Pro app, open the “Settings” menu. The Fretlight Guitar will appear in the “Device” section.
  • You’re done. No need to spend time translating note symbols or tablature numbers into fretboard positions, your guitar is doing the job for you! All you have left to do is concentrate on learning and memorizing fingering patterns directly on the fretboard. That’s tough enough as it is 🙂

The functionality will soon also be available on the Guitar Pro app for Android.

What can you do with the Guitar Pro app?

The Guitar Pro application is mainly used for playing Guitar Pro files on the go. You can also create your own files with the Guitar Pro desktop versionand read them whenever you want to on your phone or tablet. If you are not a composer, you can import files into your application off the Internet (i.e., files created by Guitar Pro users), or purchase sheet music edited by professional musicians on (mSB tab in your application).

The application also contains the “NotePad” feature which lets you quickly edit a melody or a riff in tablature format. For assistance in the editing process, you can select the option “Play while editing” to hear the notes as you enter them. The music notes can be edited via the keyboard or the fretboard (iPad version only). To share your file, simply export it in GPX format via the “Info” menu. Your composition will be available in read-only mode in the “Scores” section, or editable in the “Notepad” section.

The Guitar Pro application is available in 13 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

If you need help, please have a look at our “Mobile and tablet apps” support section or contact us directly.

Direct links to our tutorials:

How to import a file in my Guitar Pro app for iOS?

How to open and read a file in my Guitar Pro app for iOS?


Andreas Temper - oct. 31, 2021

Hi, How to watch only 4 tabs for 4 String Bass?


Thomas Duflos - nov. 2, 2021

Hi Andreas, you need to open a score containing a bass track and then select the track. If you need more help, please contact our support team, thnaks:

虞建国 - déc. 24, 2020

Is very good l like

Mark Ross - déc. 27, 2019

How do you get a wired Fretlight guitar to work with Guitar Pro for ios ? iPad Pro in my case)

Thomas Duflos - janv. 17, 2020

Hi Mark, for the moment the iOS application is only compatible with wireless Fretlight guitars.

John - nov. 2, 2018

Works with bluetooth in IOS and PC great. Guitar Pro 6 and up.
Perfect can learn any songs. Some free others you must purchase because of copyright.
5 stars.

Thomas Duflos - nov. 2, 2018

Thank you for your feedback John!

Jeff A - juil. 31, 2018

Hi, Will G.P,7.5 be compatible to the wireless version of the Fretlight guitar (600 series) with a PC via Bluetooth, or some other way, using wireless technology ?

Thanks in advance,
Jeff A.

linda - août 6, 2018

Hello Jeff,
The compatibility with the wireless fretlight guitars will be available in the next Guitar Pro update.

Bill - juil. 11, 2018

Is Guitar pro 7,5 compatale with Fishman’s TriplePlay? Because I am having terrible issues with the Fishman’s controller syncing with the usb receiver dongle:(

Thomas Duflos - juil. 17, 2018

Hi Bill, our support team is going to answer you soon. Thanks

Thomas - avril 23, 2018

Hi! What are the corresponding keyboard letters / commands while using a page turner Bluetooth device such as AirTurn Ped. It should be „arrow up and down“ to scroll through the GP files. But it doesn’t work. The Funktion Set e.g. for Start/Stop Playing and others work. So it is not a hardware Problem nor configuration issue, iPad and AirTurn device are working correct. Thx, Thomas

Thomas Duflos - mai 2, 2018

Hi Thomas, it should be working indeed, can you contact our support please? Thanks

Salt - oct. 22, 2017

Hi, How is the GP android version that will be compatible with Fretlight Wireless coming along? Any ETA?

linda - nov. 3, 2017

For the moment, our team will include the compatibility with Guitar Pro 7 in the Android version. I can’t tell you when the Fretlight wireless compatibility will be available. Sorry.

Boatntrain - sept. 2, 2017


Justin Fisher - août 5, 2017

When is this coming to Android?

linda - août 8, 2017

Hello, for the moment I cannot tell you when it will be possible. Our team tried to integrate it but this feature needs a huge changing in the app that’s the reason why we haven’t done it yet.

ddropski - mars 4, 2017

will your wireless fretlight version be compatible with pc via bluetooth (dongle)

Cj - févr. 10, 2017

Just got my fretlight, app doesn’t work for me either. Won’t see fretlight no matter what

john - nov. 7, 2016

All original fretlight app work.
Guitar pro for apple phones does not work.
I turn on bluetooth on phone.
Timer just goes round and round for very long time.
Guitar pro say fretlight not connected even know turn on in guitar pro fretlight wireless ios for phone.
Play song does not show anything on frets.

Please address this issue otherwise I will leave negative feedback and highly not recommend guitar pro 6 ios because of the hardware and or software bug issues at general meetings, by phone, sms, email, flyers, post and on web forums to boycott guitar pro products and fretlight instruments completely.

John - nov. 7, 2016

This software does not work.
I just purchased a new fg 621.
Fretlight chords and videos work shows leds on neck.
Guitar pro 6 iOS fretlight edition guitar not connect to Bluetooth in devices settings in i phone. 6 plus.

linda - nov. 15, 2016

Hello John,

We will have a look at the issue and correct the problem as soon as we can.

Thank you for your feedback.

linda - nov. 15, 2016

Hello John,

Could you please contact our support at

We tried to connect the Fretlight Guitar to the Guitar Pro app and it works well. We need more info from you to try to understand what’s wrong from your part.

Thank you.

A - sept. 14, 2016

Why you do not support ukulele tabs?

linda - sept. 15, 2016

We support Ukulele tab. Please contact our support for help:

Eric Hagan - mai 23, 2016

I have tried what you listed above and my Fretlight still does not light up when I play the songs. It says it’s connected and I can get it to work with the Fretlight apps when I try them. I’m also ha othe same issue with my computer saying it is connected to my Fretlight by BT, but the Guitar Pro software says I’m not connected. Any thoughts?

linda - mai 23, 2016

Hello Eric,
Please contact our support for help Thank you

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