Boost your compositions in Guitar Pro
with 100 additional soundbanks

Have your Guitar Pro files sound just like the originals of your favorite songs with 100 additional soundbanks.

From vintage guitars to modern metal models, to beautifully crafted basses and drums, what we offer you here are major sounds.

This is your opportunity to revisit the classics and discover such new gems as the mandolin or the Dobro guitar.

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Electric Vintage

Enjoy the truely vintage guitar sounds in this selection: Brian Setzer, George Harrison, Keith Richards and many more...

Electric Modern

Here is the typical package for Metal/Shred guitarists. Rediscover now the sounds of Randy Roads, Joe Satriani in your tabs!


Here is pack especially designed for your Pop and Folk songs including 4 acoustic guitars, 1 resonator guitar and 1 mandolin.


Explore some new sound territories with the following selection of bass instruments. Including 4, 5, 6-string and a fretless bass.


Discover more than 70 instruments in this bundle: acoustic and electric pianos, synths... Here is your favorite toolkit to compose.


From the sound of the 60's to the most modern sounds, make your drum patterns groove with those 5 professionnal drumkits.

Some truly awesome sounds for you to customize
the audio rendering of your sheet music!

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