Discover the Fretlight technology

The Fretlight technology consists in lighting the notes in real-time on the Guitar fretboard to help you learning guitar easily.

Depending on your guitar goals, display chords, songs, scales or arpeggios on the fretboard to lessen the existing barriers between sheet music and your instrument.

Fretlight and Guitar Pro have associated their strengths to make it possible to synchronize your Fretlight guitar with your Guitar pro tabs.

Learn songs easily by displaying the notes of your Guitar Pro tabs on the Fretlight Ready guitar fretboard

Playing modes

Discover 3 modes for you to view notes in on your Fretlight guitar’s fretboard: the "Tab" mode to view all of the notes, the "Chord diagram" mode to view the chord charts of your tabs, and the "Scale" mode which lets you light up one of the included scales.


Plug in the Fretlight footswitch and choose your options for each switch, so you can totally customize your practice sessions. You can do anything, from turning the lights on and off to manually stepping through the tablature one note, bar, or section at a time.


We’ve added a menu to Guitar Pro 6, for you to see if your guitar is connected and configure your Fretlight settings. It will let you set up the right-handed or left-handed display option, select your playing mode, and configure the buttons on the footswitch.

Discover the Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready software on the Fretlight website

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