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Gitarin (Russian website)

Gitarin (Russian website) [December 18, 2013]

Прежде всего Guitar Pro это – программа для составления и прослушивания гитарных табов (табулатур).

Guitar Sav

Guitar Sav [October 26, 2013]

The arrival of iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod is an opportunity for Arobas Music to present a brand new version of the Guitar Pro app. Nicer looks, better flow, more user-friendliness. What's new in version 1.6

Mac Sources

Mac Sources [October 25, 2013]

Guitar Pro 1.6 was released on October 22, 2013 with optimization for iOS 7. Read the statement below from Guitar Pro.


Audiofanzine [October 01, 2013]

Arobas Music organizes a special 10-day sale on where all the tabs are available for 0.99€ each. Until October 7th, all the tabs and scores available at are available for 0.99€/unit.

I Heart Guitar

I Heart Guitar [August 27, 2013]

Teachers who participate in the program will receive a Fretlight Guitar, GT Control software, the Fretlight compatible Guitar Pro 6 software, and importantly, a revenue share when any of their current students purchase a Fretlight Guitar.

Mao Free

Mao Free [August 24, 2013]


Guitar Praxis (Italian website)

Guitar Praxis (Italian website) [August 02, 2013]

Guitar PRO 6 è il miglior tab editor in circolazione. Cos'è un tab editor? Una applicazione per leggere tab, scriverle, farle suonare (anche a velocità rallentata).


Truefire [July 31, 2013]

Effective this month, we will no longer be producing Power Tab files for new courses. We will continue to produce and include Guitar Pro files in our courses, and recommend that students use Guitar Pro to work with those files.

Guitar Tone Overload

Guitar Tone Overload [July 01, 2013]

Cooked up by Arobas Music, known for the ubiquitous GuitarPro tab software, here is mySongBook, a software program and an Internet score/tab service rolled into one.

Why I Suck at Guitar

Why I Suck at Guitar [May 20, 2013]

As you probably already know (or you wouldn’t be reading this review) Guitar Pro 6 is a guitar tablature notation application by Arobas Music.


Fretlight [May 13, 2013]

Hey fellow Fretlighter’s, Spencer Stock here, Music Creation Manager for Fretlight, and today I’m going to share with you 5 cool tips that you can use in Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready.

Start Teaching Guitar

Start Teaching Guitar [April 18, 2013]

Guitar Pro is a musical software program offering all of the functionalities that guitarists need.

Guitar Jar

Guitar Jar [April 10, 2013]

... and to celebrate this achievement they’re offering Guitar Jar readers an opportunity to win one of their amazingly high quality tabs.

Guitar Jar

Guitar Jar [April 9, 2013]

Arobas Music has reached the 1,000-tab milestone on the professional tablature archive mySongBook with a transcription of Metallica’s legendary “Nothing Else Matters”.

Open College

Open College [March 25, 2013]

Guitar Pro, an innovative learning tool created by Arobas Music, is just one example of the many products out there designed to help people progress with their music, without the help of a traditional music school or teacher.

Cameron Allen

Cameron Allen [March 23, 2013]

And more good news… my Guitar Pro artist page is now online! The good folks at Arobas Music (makers of Guitar Pro) also featured me on their blog! You can download the complete tab to my song “Jackknife on a Hairpin” in .gpx format for free on the site!

Tech Gadgets

Tech Gadgets [March 9, 2013]

Gone are the days when you needed the actual instrument to polish your playing skills, this contender in our lineup of Android guitar apps makes you a pro at it without even requiring the stringed device.

Mac Sources

Mac Sources [March 05, 2013]

I’ve always enjoyed music and the study of music. So, I was very pleased to find Guitar Pro iOS app.


Audiofanzine [March 04, 2013]

Arobas Music has updated the Guitar Pro App for iOS and Android to version 1.5.


Applenology [February 27, 2013]

Esto va para los guitarreros, amantes de la música que busquen mejorar su rendimiento con una aplicación para iOS. Para ellos está pensado Guitar Pro, porque con esta aplicación se puede hacer casi de todo.

  • Buy Guitar Pro 6
    Standard reference software for tab editing

    From $29.95
  • Additional soundbanks Additional soundbanks
    6 soundbank packs: guitars, basses,
    keyboards, and drums.

    From $7.99
  • mySongBook Guitar Pro for Education
    Get a free license for your school and more...

  • Listen Guitar Pro iPhone/iPad App
    Play and listen to your tabs anywhere, anytime!

    From $7.99
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