A large selection of sounds and instruments

Guitar Pro offers a solid as well as versatile sound engine. Its philosophy: to allow you to adjust each element of the effect chain to reproduce the sound of your favorite tunes or create your own backtracks through 3 panels: instrument, audio and mastering.

Instruments available


Electric guitars, acoustic guitars and
classical guitars from 6 to 12 strings.


Electric basses, acoustic basses, fretless basses
and synth basses from 4 to 7 strings.

Exotic guitars

Banjos from 4 to 6 strings, 8-string
mandolin and 4-string ukulele.

Drums and percussions

Drumkits and percussion ensemble (bongo, clave, maracas, shaker, timbal...).

Pianos and synths

Acoustic and electric pianos, organs, clavinets and synths.

Orchestral and Big Band

Strings ensemble, woodwind, brass, flutes, harps, xylophones and vibes.

Listen the Guitar Pro 6 RSE sound

Bring the creative hat


Select your configuration among 33 tunings for 4 to 8 string instruments. You can also create and save your custom tunings into the software.


Customize precisely for any given beat or bar the changes of soundbanks, volume, tempo, and panoramic during the score playback.

Playing effects

Add your playing effects to your tabs and Guitar Pro will perform it to offer you a realistic sound rendering: accents, slides, bends, slap…

Your dream pedalboard

Get access to over a hundred soundbanks to shape your sound. Select your amp and your effects among 50 pedals:
distortion, overdrive, modulation, tremolo, compressor, octaver, wah-wah, delay and reverb. You can combine up to 5 effects at the same time.

Once your sound is set up, you can apply a mastering to the final result, with a compressor-limiter, a reverb, and a 10-track equalizer.

Guitar Pro is by far the easiest and best-looking tab/notation software I’ve worked with

GP6 makes quick work of all of my tabbing needs and does so in style - Dave Weiner (Steve Vai guitarist)
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