We know that some of our most valuable insights come from our users, and we are always excited by what you have to say. A new idea? A feature you’ve long been waiting for? Things that bother you and that you’d like to see improve in your Guitar Pro? Please do tell us.

You can write us freely (in English or French) and attach files or pictures as well, to this address: gp7request@arobas-music.com. We will publish the results of this survey on our blog.

We are looking forward to your feedback!*

*Deadline for participation: September 11, 2011, at midnight (GMT+1).


Denis Picou - avril 22, 2023

I really would like a guitar pro VST. I use guitar pro to create music to use the midi for virtual instruments. Guitar pro sound isn’t that great. Virtual instruments can sound way better, but does not have the ease of creating proper articulation such as bends and slides and palm mutes. Combine guitar pro fully with virtual drums, guitars and keyboards would be amazing. I have seen people mention VST for guitar pro for years. Not sure why you have not done so yet.

Thomas Duflos - avril 28, 2023

Hi Denis, thank you very much for your suggestion and your feedback.

Kenny - févr. 18, 2023

It would be handy to be able to make the fretboard display vertical so it can be moved to the side of the score to get it out of the way when there are a lot of menus open.

Stan Chong - mars 22, 2017

Overall, I really liked Guitar Pro 6. I agree there were some really nice features in GP5 that aren’t in GP6, but after a while I learned to live without them. I think it’s the best documenting program that I’ve used.

– When cutting and pasting whole measures, please paste the time signatures. If you are working in a lot of time signatures, it can be a pain to have to go through all of the measures and redo all of the time signatures.

– Add large string intruments like the Chapman Stick. That way you can have the tabs for the whole instrument in one place.
– Add the ability to avoid open strings on the Automatic Finger position. That way tapping instruments can be laid out properly.
– MP3 export
– VST/AAX support
– More Drum sounds!

billy - mars 21, 2017

Also, bring back the mix table so that you can change the effects on guitars rather than cluttering the instrument panel for separate tracks for each guitar sound

billy - mars 21, 2017

More variety with drum sounds, possibly with the ability to edit the sound coming from each part of the kit rather than having to edit the sound of the whole kit and having to play a balancing act between the cymbals, snare, bass, and toms.
More realistic orchestral instruments
The ability to select only certain tracks for multitrack view, ie only look at two guitars to sync up harmonies or look at the bass and drums to sync the rhythm

Colin Butler - mars 6, 2017

Please have the ability to assign palm mutes and pick harmonics and other articulations to a very low range of notes in the c-2 to c0 area of the piano roll during midi export. This helps it work with realistic midi guitar plugins for kontakt (i use shreddage 2). Also have sustains properly be exported. Currently they do not transfer to midi.

E - févr. 22, 2017

Better sounding drums that can be programmed as in GP5. I use the drum tracks in GP5 now as backing for recording demos on other instruments. I bought GP6, but it is totally unusable for this purpose. I only use GP5 now. Hoping for something better in GP7.

David - févr. 13, 2017

3 changes:
1. The program crashing less often
2. MP3 export
3. Ability to decide in which bars the pedals are on or off, just like you would do in a live situation pre using the footswitch of the pedal. Now you need to have 2 separate tracks for the same guitar, one with the effect on and one with the effect off… not practical when you are learning a song

Goncalo Silva - févr. 13, 2017

Something that GP6 doesn’t have and is essential foi notation is nested tuplets (Ex. a triplet inside a sixtuplet an so forth) I would really like if you add them in GP7.

Al - févr. 12, 2017

VST support.

Ngoo Nam - févr. 7, 2017

18. More bending effect options for microtonals, as in 1/5 bends, 1/8 bends, 1/16 bends, 1/13 bends, 1 1/8 bends, 2 1/16 bends, etc. Very important for realistic guitar playing emulation.

TY again.

Ngoo Nam - févr. 7, 2017

First of all, you’re awesome Guitar Pro creators! Awesome software!

As for GP7 “wish list” :

1. Virtual Fretboard and keyboard views must be docked , that is , have options to dock, that it will not cover parts of main screen (file tabs, notation/tab, and other panes). That was what was missing – docking of fretboard/keyboard views in GP6 which was featured in previous versions in fixed docked toolbar.
It’s not good if the fretboard/keyboard floats all the time as it obscures the tabs and notation and the effects/note panes, and you have to move it out of the way when you want to view other parts of screen.

2. Easy merge tracks, as in , select tracks, (context) menu -> tracks -> merge.
3. Easy copy and paste tracks, as in , copy tracks -> paste into track(s).
4. Ability for different notes on same line of staff to have different duration, as in chord notes where the root note is a whole note while the other notes could be quarter, half, etc.
5. Bring back the GP5 MIDI import functions to choose what MIDI tracks to import, etc.
6, Ability to convert non-guitar tracks into guitar tracks with tabs. As in from piano staff to guitar notation and tab.
7. Scripting and macros, record, play macros and automation.
8. Customize menu to add third-party programs as external tools.
9. Option to automate Bar Arranger, so as not to keep on going to menu -> Tools -> Bar Arranger. Also have keyboard shortcut for Bar Arranger.
10. Option to add audio tracks.
11. Record audio from microphone/line.
12. Audio to midi feature.
13. Pick effects, as in, scratches, sliding scratches, etc.
14. Right-hand effects such as golpe, rest strokes, finger-drumming on acoustic top, fingernail effects.
15, Whammy-bar flutter effect.
16, Ability for notes to have different durations , other than standard note durations (whole, half, quarter, etc.). That is, note durations in-between those standard durations.

17. Keep Guitar Pro Windows XP compatible, fast, and stable.

Thanks again for a great software.

GJ - févr. 1, 2017

No Crash on startup

Artem - janv. 7, 2017

I would like to hear more exact release date!

BrendaEM - janv. 6, 2017

If it could have dealt with high-res displays on Windows, I would have bought it.


Artem - janv. 3, 2017

Now and 2017. And at the end of 2016 promised to release a new version!

linda - janv. 4, 2017

Guitar Pro 7 will be available in 2017 🙂

Tuttermuts - janv. 3, 2017

I’ve been using Gp for many years now, happy costumer, I just want to see these points improve or implemented:

-A better way to edit/compose tempo mapping: don’t get me wrong, it’s great as it is. But sometimes when you’re trying to compose something that has a certain slowdown or increase in tempo it’s really tedious using the current options.
Something where you can draw or have certain arcs like in a DAW would be awesome. With this it would be a great improvement towards gp beeing the main guideline for an entire musical project rather then a thing just the guitarists use.

-Stability, please guys for the love of everything that is holy, focus less on adding amps, fx and whatnot and just have the thing not crash as often anymore. The sounds are fun but at the end of the day when you’re trying to complete an entire setlist you don’t really care how it sounds in a midi editor, you just want to complete your songs without too much hassle.

Wes.Liang - janv. 2, 2017

Many thanks for the excellent works of the last few years
(i’m not that well at english but i give a try)
I would expect a few functions at GP.7
Ability to scan and analysis mp3s songs musical instruments and notes (even tuning)Convert it too pro7 tabs
(And what we do to the Vocal??!!…)Making backing track will be lot more easier,i got 1 million songs i will like 2 play but never find the tabs..finding notes to notes will take me light-years to complete a song..so thats the idea…
Add Amps simulators and pedal effects functions,N you may wanna produce a guitar input interface for GP7
Separate tab editor n tab player(lot of buttons makes me dizzy)
More realistic sound
Ability to record N convert my playing to tab
Hope to meet you soon GP.7

Laura Liparulo - déc. 26, 2016

I would like to have a better Linux Support.
At least the 64bit version this time!
It has been hell with Guitar pro 6.

Vlad - déc. 23, 2016

1) VST/AAX Support
2) Midi Pianoroll, with the same functionality as in the FL Studio/Logic Pro X
3) Special articulations for orchestral instruments, especially strings.

For me personally, the best GP of the existing musical editor. I would like to see in the seventh version of a full DAW, similar to Steinberg – Dorico, but with a bias towards guitars. A RSE is not necessary, in principle, if there is support for VST / AAX. Or for RSE need a separate sampler.

alp - déc. 20, 2016

Guitar pro must learn standard notation system. That’s enough.

John - nov. 23, 2016

+1 for the added functionality to be able to switch between standard/tab/slash on the page. There are plenty of instances where you only need tabs for the intro, and then it just switches to chords where slash notation would be more visually appropriate.

Alexander Donders - nov. 13, 2016

Despite the RSE sounds being already very good. It would help very much if they were even better.

The great thing about having very realistic RSE is the following:

As somebody that has very little time due to familiy and work responsibilities, having the possibility to realise one’s own song ideas in such a way that time consuming and expensive recordings become obsolete, would lead creativity to a whole new level.

Your software is part of the reason why i could preserve my guitar skills and Songs from my years in the early twenties, allowing a very long break and relearning them again in my early thirties.

Thank you for that!!!

John R Hazzard - nov. 13, 2016

I’ve been using GP for years now, and found it an invaluable tool for my work. One of my biggest issues, though is the reliability of the MIDI import. If the midi source uses notes that GP considers out of range for the destination instrument track, they are simply dropped from the conversion with no options available to transpose or save them. This is particularly an issue with percussion tracks. Better midi support with options for how to handle the out-of-range data would be extremely useful for me.

Wesley - nov. 11, 2016

A tacet function!

Shane - oct. 23, 2016

More Realistic Sounds.

Markus - oct. 19, 2016

Make it more about learning music/songs.
Color light up on beat
More percentage options for changing the tempo.

Stanislav Gabenov - oct. 16, 2016

Snap package for linux installation. Tired of configuring to make it work. You are the best))

Paddy - oct. 14, 2016

I can’t believe I forgot this one in my huge wall of text above, but it’s probably more important to me than *any* other future improvement you could name:

[ Proper Backwards Compatibility ]

Guitar Pro 6 mangles perfectly good tabs which were created in Guitar Pro 5 or earlier. The bends, in particular, are completely ruined by Guitar Pro 6 and have to be manually fixed for every single tab. Gradual volume transitions using mixtables are also ignored in Guitar Pro 6; if the mixtable is gradually fading the song in from silence to full volume, Guitar Pro 6 just leaves the volume at 0%.

Just imagine what a newcomer to Guitar Pro would encounter if GP6 was their first version of the software. They’d find that all of the tabs on offer throughout the internet look and sound awful. Why would you want that to be the experience of your customers? Just imagine someone trying the demo version before buying, loading in an old tab, and thinking “damn, this sounds like shit, no thanks”.

With Guitar Pro 7, you HAVE to ensure that old tabs are usable with little (preferable “no”) manual tweaking needed by the user, because let’s face it, 99% of the tabs out there were made in GP5. The fact that GP6 has had such a poor adoption rate compared to GP5 is undoubtedly because of this issue, along with the other issues GP6 suffers from.

Guitar Pro isn’t just a tool used by composers, it’s a tool overwhelmingly used to share tabs with other people (freely, mind you). GP6 was a turd in the picnic basket in that regard. GP7 needs to be conscious of these things; it needs to detect when a tab was created in GP5, and adjust the contents of the tab accordingly so it works as expected within GP7.

julio - oct. 9, 2016

VST support would be simply amazing.

Also, as a manolin kindof (bandurria) player, I find tremolo picking sound to be really disgusting, specially fast one. Even with sound banks and mandolin sound.

Miguel Sousa - oct. 3, 2016

I wish GP7 had better wind instruments soundbanks. Sometimes I write a saxophone solo (for example) and it doesn’t sound right. GP7 could also have more realistic string instruments in order to compose the symphonic metal that my mind asks for.
So, better orchestral soundbanks would please me.
Compressed rests would be great for sheet music (as JF said).
Thanks, guys!

Alexander Klimov - oct. 3, 2016

VST support please!

ryan - sept. 29, 2016

I want the drums to sound a bit more realistic and have more punch to them. So I can record home demos that sound half decent!

JF - sept. 27, 2016

Compressed rests would be great for sheet music.

Jordan Proulx - sept. 26, 2016

I would like to have a chord maker who make automatically on a part of solo …which means, select the gamma , write a solo, and the chords are semi done(chords are on select, you have different chords who fits)

This is what i would pay for and that absolutelly… if not , i only want the release date of gp7 please!!

Paddy - sept. 21, 2016

[1] – Exported MIDI files don’t sound correct when mix tables (and the GP6 equivalent) are used. Gradual volume/tempo changes, for instance, don’t work properly outside of Guitar Pro itself. I hope GP7 can fix this.

[2] – I’d like more control over exported ASCII tabs. Allowing us to define our own tab legend (for instance, I prefer using forward slashes/back slashes for slides, whereas Guitar Pro uses the letter “s”) would save a lot of time and effort during the post-export clean up process.

[3] – Playlists. I’d like to be able to queue up several tabs to play one after the other without me having to manually open each one.

[4] – Realistic palm-muting needs to be a priority if the RSE is to become standard. Avoiding the robotic “machine gun” effect, as well as making the notes sound thick and thumpy, is something that hasn’t been achieved in any version of GP so far (GP5 did it best, though). A feeble/non-existent palm-muting function in a guitar tab program is as crazy as a word processor without a proper bold function.

[5] – The non-guitar RSE instruments in GP6 sounded like they were out of tune and that the samples were recorded by an amateur player. Please source better instrument samples for GP7, especially if we’re paying extra for them.

[6] – Expand the “print view” capability of the program so that we can render tab book-like versions of our tabs, with “floating” boxes for alternative endings etc. GP6 looked great, but the rendering/formatting of the printed tabs had to be extremely linear/boring because of the lack of functions/options.

[7] – This one is a bit silly, but how about a “text to speech” function where typed words could be linked to the vocal tab so that it “sings” the text in the correct pitch/tempo with the tab? The syllables of lyrics are already able to be linked with specific notes, so most of the work is already done for you 😛 Having Stephen Hawking’s voicebox sing Metallica songs might turn the program into a meme-engine and become a favourite on YouTube and reddit! But it would also be a great help to composers.

[8] – Optimisation!

[9] – Optimisation!

[10] – Optimisation!

Johnny - sept. 15, 2016

A automatic harmonist would be so great!

Johnny - sept. 15, 2016

MP3 Export! We need it! Love GTP 6.

Diego - sept. 12, 2016

Hi, (sorry for my inglish) It will be great if you can make that we can configurate a dual keyboard so in the bass cleaf we got strings (for example) and in the treble we have a piano

Mario - sept. 2, 2016

Please give us back the tab for drums.

linda - sept. 5, 2016

It will be available in Guitar Pro 7

Mike - août 31, 2016

Vst support and MIDI pitch bend data export.
Thank You

John - août 25, 2016

I love GP for creating — I move the midi files from the program into Ableton and Finale, so I’d like to see a streamlined MIDI export process as far as precision and speed goes.

Maksym Cheranov - juil. 12, 2016

It would be amazing to have it running on smartphones (iOS, Windows).
Also possibility to connect real instrument and use amp simulations/effects etc. while practicing.

linda - juil. 29, 2016

Hello Maksym, Guitar Pro is already available for iOS https://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=guitar-pro-ios-android.
Regarding your request for GP7 (connect real instrument and use amp simulations/effects…), I can tell you that the functionality will be available.

Brendan - juin 23, 2016

Batch export / editing functionality. For example, would be great to be able to export PDFs, or change the stylesheet, for hundreds of files at once. This would save a ton of manual tedium in editing and exporting files!

Mest - juin 19, 2016

Stability fixes.

I’ve got a broken tab I think made too big (exceeding over 2k bars) and none of my GPs can open it now, gives me the “erreur de vérification d étendue” error message when I try to open it.

That’s a lot of work gone to waste.. Hopefully some of the future Guitar Pro versions will be able to open it.

Destroyer - juin 17, 2016

I would like it to be released. Hire whoever you need to hire to complete this project. It’s past time for a significant upgrade.

John - juin 8, 2016

You could also have a harmonist pedal between effects to the sound of guitars folded in thirds or fifths (type soils Iron Maiden).

John - juin 8, 2016

I want soundbanks accordion, viola 10 string (brazilian), cavaquinho (small brazilian guitar 4 strings). I also want soundbank acoustic mandolin 8 strings (the current Pro Guitar version uses a strato timbre like the mandocaster). And nylon string guitar with a pick.

Also correct the sounds of taiko drum and melodic drum , which do not appear in midi version. And speaking of midi, correct import and export, often no matter midi percussion, and the export in the GP5 soundbanks go all wrong.

Tom Balmas - juin 4, 2016

Hello ,
I think Guitar Pro 7 need to have some option to plug the guitar to the pc and do effects to the guitar sound that the player can play and learn songs while playing .

Jose - mai 27, 2016

Improve the selection options. Sometimes you want to wipe out an entire string along all the song, and you have to manually move through the notes and erase one for one.
Would it be possible to make a string selection mode? The possibility to select only two strings instead of the whole section of the bar.

Jester Lewis - mai 25, 2016

Is in GP a kind of OCR for scanned notes included? That would be nice.
And please, give us a releasedate for GP7 – I really dont’t want to spend my money now for GP6 and the next day you will bring a newer version.

linda - mai 30, 2016


The OCR for scanned notes is not included in Guitar Pro 6. Guitar Pro 7 will not be available before end of 2016.

riegeo - mai 8, 2016

Allow to control the software via MIDI:
– Basic functions like play and stop
– increase speed – decrease speed
– …

Personalized automation like play 3 times speed up 2 bpm, play 3 times, speed down 1 bpm
– this should work for loops as well as whole pieces

Artem - avril 7, 2016

Notify the release date! Already tired of waiting! 5 years no hint !!!

Bryce Gorman - avril 7, 2016

To be able to totally empty tablature bars of all extra rests, spaces, ghost notes, etc.
I am a teacher and being able to take out everything that isn’t immediately necessary for a beginner helps immensely with avoiding visual overwhelm for the student.

Alexandre Paes - mars 30, 2016

Vst and VSti please!

stefan - mars 25, 2016

You make great software, that I just purchased a couple of weeks ago.

I’d love to see a piano option with left and right handed notes in a single view, like in regular piano sheet music books. That would make the program guitar & piano pro

linda - mars 29, 2016

Hello you can edit a traditional piano sheet music with Guitar Pro. Please contact our support for help: https://support.guitar-pro.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Nick - mars 19, 2016

Ability to load VST instruments

A Piano roll view with the ability to select a scale and be able to snap notes to scales

An intuitive way to switch between a basic reading view with minimal interface and a more advanced editing mode with more extensive interface, and a way to edit what you see in each view.

Ability to record with a midi controller into proposed piano roll and quantize midi information.

And most important concept to follow in my opinion, make the program behave as basic or advanced as the individual user wants the program to be, not all people want a million features thrown in their face, and not everybody wants a bare bones minimalist program with limited features.

kai - mars 8, 2016

Brings many Guitar Pro 5 stuff and take off others. No ‘real sounds (they’re not funny). You should use VST instead of ‘real sounds’.

Guitar pro 6’s Editing drums is pretty good for hot keys (speaking as a drummer). But you could add the Guitar Pro 5 editing too. Also with keyboards.

Guitar Pro 5 sucks on MAC though. Please make it better (like PC)

I promisse buy guitar pro 7 this time if it is good. I really do.

John - mars 3, 2016

Support for High DPI displays on Windows 10. Using Guitar Pro is impossible without a magnifying glass on my 4k screen.

ukuvas - févr. 27, 2016

I would expect

– free positioning of text (annotations for guitar teachers etc)
– target notes for bending in the standard notation

But I think: GuitarPro 7 will never come. Its time to look for another software.

Hector Matheus - févr. 26, 2016

-Mp3 exports
-Odd time signatures (like 6/7 or 5/3)
-Possible to apply different time signatures on each track
-Take off the string-number limitations. We want to be able to tab chapman-sticks and 10 string guitars, not just having to make a lot of tracks that will lead to the program crash.
-More amps and pedals, racks and other sound options that are vissualy attractive (and more “realistic” sounding).
-Guitars: the ability to change pickups (with some real pickup options, maybe), string tension and realistic sustain (not just mantaining the note). A sustain control would be really usefull
-Drums: more presets, individual mixer and stuff for each piece of the kit, being able to change the size of each drum and different cymbals

Ritchie Churchill - févr. 12, 2016

So I notice at the very top of this you have written *****(*Deadline for participation: September 11, 2011, at midnight (GMT+1).)***** So basically we can never expect this to happen? I should also point out that these are but comments and not registered feedback. In the spirit of the other plethora of comment writers, I too shall comment on what I’d like to see in guitar pro 7. … … … I’d like to see a, “Guitar Pro 7”.

P.S. Guitar pro 5 was great, don’t fuck guitar pro 7 up like you did 6… Lol, Guitar Pro 7… That’s almost as funny as Lewis Black letting us know we can successfully end any joke with the punchline, “Michael Jackson”. I propose a slight modification. Any time you forget the ending to a joke, simply say, “Guitar Pro 7”

Rinby - févr. 8, 2016

I just want to use VST in Guitar Pro 7 finally!..

Dan Wilkins - févr. 5, 2016

Markings for Dynamics. (guitar teacher’s perspective)
1. They are too small
2. They vanish if you make a TAB only part (without stave above)
3. I’d like to be able to restate a continuation of the same dynamic sometimes despite lack of change (writing music for young students)

Spacing Between Staves
Would like to have a setting for how wide apart the staves are

Force line break & Padlock (force bars on same line)
[CTRL RTRN] still does the line break but [SHIFT &] no longer works for the padlock?

Notes on top of each other
I used to be able to squeeze more bars full of notes or tab onto one line in Gtr Pro 5, on Gtr Pro 6 the same scores & formats result in unreadable notes and particularly tab as notes/numbers/sharps/flats sit ontop of each other or white space blanks out numbers that could have sat close together previously.

Nils Ake - janv. 23, 2016

I just want to edit drums the way you did in GP3 and GP4. That’s all.

Anonymous - janv. 10, 2016

1. Annotation: For educational purpose, I sometimes might need to highlight some of the notes or to draw charts such as rectangle to group musical phrases. It would be helpful if GP7 can have these functions.

2. Be able to playback parts separately, so that the student can hear the individual voicing of each melody lines. I would also us GP6 to write piano scores, such as Bach’s invention. It will be great, if GP7 can let us hear the each individual parts or combination of two parts of a song. That would be very helpful for training the ears and practicing multi-voicing techniques in improvisation.

3. I hope the the piano sound and articulation in GP7 could sound more authentic. I like Finale’s sound, but GP6 can type faster in a more systematic way, so I choose to use GP6 to arrange most of my piano related scores.

4. It would also be very helpful when typing, if there are hot keys for sharp/flat of a note. I found it troubling when every time I need to sharp/flat a note by using mouse to click something instead of keyin all the notes with computer keyboards without needing to look at my computer keyboards. And I have tried a midi keyboard to type-in. Using computer to type-in notes is still better/faster. So it would be great if all the other frequently used icons could have a corresponded hot keys, and in easy access places.

Sincerely wish the next version of GP be as successful or even successful than the previous versions.
A GP5/GP6 user.

Alexander Prisyazhnyy - déc. 30, 2015

To me GP6 is three steps forward and one step back (which still makes it moving forward). RSE development is an awesome move. It still needs some improvements to sound more living, but I’m so excited about what it will result in in the future. One sould keep in mind that it is enormously difficult to emulate the organic sound of instrumental music. Interface is overall good, but it seems that I’m not the only one who misses GP5-like entry modes (notes+tab numbers), so I really expect it in GP7. I hope you hear us, Arobas Music. Thanks for your helpful products.

Thomas Reimuth - déc. 8, 2015

A guitar pro 5 mode where you can have it work like guitar pro 5 but it can be run on new OS’s

Luuk Moelker - nov. 13, 2015

I would like to have a more Mac like version with much nicer or native interface and much smoother updates and stability. Updating is a bit awkward now, with lots of errors.
Control over (more) keyboard shortcuts would also be terrific.
Control over the hight of the chord symbols, text, hammer on symbols etc. (or/plus even individual control, also on specific staffs and page breaks would be awesome – as with a DTP program).
Choice over how the rhythm of tab only (with staffs without notes) is been displaced.
The ability to insert own symbols and pictures (with transparency).

Dmitry - nov. 8, 2015

Most important feature for me now will be hidpi support. Particulary in linux. On my 14″ 1440p it really strains my eyes, difficult to use.

Steven - oct. 30, 2015

The only thing I care about is BRING BACK FRET NUMBERS FOR DRUMS AND BRING BACK FRET NUMBERS FOR PIANOS,KEYBOARDS, STRINGS ETC. No one wants to spend 3 hours tabbing out a drum track (especially metal/rock) when in Guitar Pro 5 it took barely 15 minutes. In Guitar Pro 6 you forget half of what you going to write because it takes forever to even write a drum pattern with the stupid annoying point and click bs

Santeri - oct. 23, 2015

1. Varying note samples. Multiple same notes after each other sound horrible if they are all using the same sample. 2-3 samples per note would give a natural sound in this kind of situations.

2. Instrument change automation ability, just like was in GP5.

3. GP5 -style drum editor. (Each hit has it’s own number)

Nick Miron - oct. 18, 2015

I would like to plug in my guitar via USB and play a lick/song and have GP7 write the notes/tabs for what I played.

KC - oct. 11, 2015

Add ability to install GP7 on another hard drive beside Drive C: (some Windows Tablet PCs have limited hard drive space), VST/3rd party plugin support, improve and cleanup the MIDI-MusicXML export feature (use with other 3rd party MIDI sequencer programs and DAWs).

Drfretboard - sept. 18, 2015

User view settings: be able to set background colors (paper).
Chordsiagrams with more than 5 frets.
Many good suggestions by other users here, like export MP3, patterns bank.

Juuso - sept. 11, 2015

Old fashioned drum editing from GP5, some of us developed a great working speed with the old method, and the new one makes things more complicated now. I often did export just the drum midis from GP5 to use with programs such as EZdrummer. Now with GP6 it’s too slow to build the drums efficiently and I had to come up with other methods.

Also in GP6 there are perhaps too many features for a person who wants to just tab the songs and get over with. A stripped down user interface (GP5 had it really nice) would be great. No need for RSE or pedals or anything when just writing down the songs. Fretboard view, keyboard view, simple UI to just write in the tabs is enough.
So my suggestion is some sort of “Tab-notation” view where things would be made simple.

RIck - sept. 9, 2015

Quick addition to my post above. I noticed the ipad pro was announced today, and it seems like it will be a nice new toy, but, with one big caveat. It doesn’t run OS X, instead it will run ios9. In other words, it would be really awesome to see a fully functional guitar pro 7 app for ios. Is that possible? Include everything in the desktop version, all of the sounds, editing capability, everything. That would be a dream come true.

Adnan Jabbado - sept. 7, 2015

That would definitely be bringing back the ability to change the instrument within the same track (As in GP5)
And VST compatibility so we can create tracks via VST instruments, which implies the necessity of MP3 Exportation capability.

Rick - sept. 4, 2015

I would like to see a 64 bit program as well. I hope that’s in the works. Being able to use that much more memory would help avoid program crashes I’m sure.

I’d love to see some effects for pick slides, and for guitar feedback. If you do revert to using the guitar pro 5 drum system I hope you still keep guitar pro 6’s drums as well. If you do cave into the demand for just general midi sounds, I hope you keep the RSE option as well, and I hope you make everything sound even better than it is! I’m a big fan of guitar pro 6 in general, and I hope you keep going in it’s direction.

Wish list, being able to put tab in in real time would be nice. Improve the drum sounds, and I’d love to see a way to put in cymbal washes (I think that’s what they’re called).

I hope you keep the RSE, and keep improving it. It would also be nice to have the capability to plug in any sound generator though, like a sound canvas or something as well. And to be able to use general midi sounds if preferred. Might as well have all options available.

Keep up the great work!

Lindar - sept. 1, 2015

And it would be cool to extend the management tracks in the timeline grid. Combine tracks in the folder, expand and collapse them. When more than 15 tracks becomes difficult to navigate among them.
Look like that’s it. Thank you!)

Lindar - sept. 1, 2015

1. I use GuitarPro with the host, and on my Win 8 transfer MIDI messages does not work (through loopbe30). It would be great if it works stability midi out.
2. I beg you to add the ability to turn off the track on the settings of the guitar fretboard (just piano roll). I want to be able to write, for example, 10 half-tone row)) Now I am limited by the number of strings and the position of notes on the fretboard.
Most importantly, would not remove and do not touch the timeline grid! This is not in any musical editor, and is extremely convenient.

Anon - août 25, 2015

_VST plugin compatibility_, rewire, GP5-way to write drums, easy export to .wav, 64bit version for Windows, no RSE just basic MIDI playback, change to make project templates, more MS Office like working sheet, to effect list everything more the way of Guitar Pro 5.2 instead of 6.

Heretik - août 12, 2015

a true 64 bit GP for Windows and Linux.

godbrain - août 10, 2015

Will this be released in my lifetime? Been waiting years for this because unfortunately there is nothing better. I tried Progression and its horrible. Please release version 7. thank you.

Mike Eremeeeeeeeev - août 7, 2015

If you could.
Firstly, make the possibility to put simple audio files(samples) into the composition. for example to put the special type of snare into composition. Or the ability to create our own instruments with use of our samples.

Secondly, if you could have one track with an audio file. that will be much easier to create the guitar pro files (from the songs)

Thirdly, the midi input needs fixing and easier interface

Fourthly, the string sound pack must be better

Thats all tnx

Guy - août 6, 2015

A Perfect Guitar Pro:
1. high res support for mac retina display
2. bring back the ability to change instruments in the middle of the song (gp5 mixtable)
3. faster startup

Henri - août 5, 2015

Great would be :
1. An import-export function Sibelius / Pro-tools
2. A clear interface that is not overly full with buttons, but rather simplistic and intuitive.
3. In general keep things simple enough to work with and complicated when you wish to, it should not be
4. Better sound quality, without any tweaking on sounds in the creative process.
5. Fast working for Macs and PCs.
6. Good print options for publications.
7. A super fast and logical working manual with a search function that makes sense.
Thank you !!! All the best in that process of building the ultimate !

Alexska05 - août 4, 2015

it would be great if i can jump to a certain chord by clicking on the chord diagram under the songtitle. And please: give any informations about the future of GP.

kyleg - juil. 26, 2015

1. allow users to set a color for the note. This would be easy to do as the notes are basically fonts. I am learning theory by a color system. For drums I use a color coding system too for the pieces. 2. allow import and export tracks in MP3. that play with your track. 3. Fix for the fret light plugin to allow a series of notes to be highlighted so you can play over a scale where more than 1 note is on the same string. 4. copy and paste tab from one file to another and retain all the formatting into the new session. 5. drum keyboard and/or paino view at the same time (used to be like that?)

Flávio Coelho - juil. 16, 2015


Please, fix a lot of errors/bugs in the GP6 for Mac OS before release the GP7! Sometimes it crash (the window disappears!), sometimes it be frozen! A paid about $75.00 for a software without a lot of bugs (or with few erros). I think GP6 is a great software, but its bugs denigrate the image of your company.


Eeyan Dionisio - juil. 11, 2015

What happened to Guitar Pro? I always come here to check updates. Just wondering… I’ve been reading this thread since 2011! It’s 2015 now! When do you guys plan to release the newer of Guitar Pro 7?

Spyridon Zoulemides - juil. 8, 2015

Hey there fellas!

Outstanding work so far indeed! Now, I believe that many others before me have stated what i’m going to say and that has to do with the numerical scoring in the drum track, so, PLEASE(!) consider CRITICALY(!) on the reinstatement of the numerical scoring in the drum track, ex: 36 = kickdrum, 38 = snare, 46 = open hat et.c). Also, the RSE sounds of GP 5 & v. 5.2 were, to my ears at least, exceptionally a lot better… GET THEM BACK AS THEY WERE! 😀

Best regards, a Hard Rocker next door.

Vayle - juil. 6, 2015

it would be nice if there were to be more drum voicings, especially double voicing for the kick drums, since I tend to use the double kick quite alot when writing music, when I want to import the track into my DAW and run it through superior drummer 2 or any other drum sampling software, it tends to put the kick over just the left kick drum (for whatever reason) while I’d like to be able to assign which kick should be played over what drum (left or right) (if I am correct, midi by default already has 2 kick soundings)

Cayeli Muzik - juin 30, 2015

It would be nice I guess, if an exiting note on a score can be taken and put another place, by drag and drop method. Up and down or any other place.

Rudy Lozano - juin 24, 2015

Mainly, try to make it a score editor FOR GUITARISTS, so we could write for any instruments without the transposing limitations and such (instead of writing for 7 or 8 strings for a piano or a double bass, or having really high notes for piccolo and such), also make it a more “scratch” memory-economical way to make tons of tracks (talking about less computer power consumption instead of very “posh” sounding RSEs), Audio tracks would be nice for vocal lines etc… and having also notation like in Vari Audio for CUBASE would be great, PROPER MIDI RECORDING, I’ve tried to record midi guitar for Notion and failed miserably, but the idea behind recording the actual notation and TAB it’s an amazing and time saver dream, instead of only edit your complicated idea for hours killing the inspiration while writing, also a drum patterns would be great for saving time while writing certain part. We need an easier program for making songs, also make improvements for the import of midi for DAWs.

John - juin 15, 2015

10. And ASIO/JACK support low latency

John - juin 15, 2015

I really liked guitar pro 5.2. And there are lot of musicians who prefers 5.2 due to simplicity of the interface. Thou it memory leaks as a black hole

1. clean informative and compact interface
2. linux support.
3. vst/ladspa plugins support
4. hidpi support
5. Would be great to have the possibility to record guitar along the tracks (maybe full DAW with possibility to peek into tab while recording and bind the recording to the notes and maybe even fix recording according to tab)
6. touch interface for pc
7. it should be fast (smth GP6 lacks)
8. transpose all tracks at once (maybe even auto transpose all gp files into your one of tunes you use. I mean to the closest or selected in popup )
9. Hope you’ll stick with QT

dCole - juin 9, 2015

Just fix the midi import thing….Drums are all screwy when you import….get kansas journey from mariabron play it…plays ok….import into gp6…..oh GOD!!!! what a mess!

Jesse Honkanen - juin 2, 2015

Hi. I’m a pianist and a drummer.
The most horrible part in GP6 are the sound levels.
For example piano’s C D E F G A B C – one octave – can have different volume on each note. G sounds silent and A can be loud as hell, both with ”forte”. They all should have the same volume within the same voice level (like mezzo forte). Now I have to use ‘pianissimo / pp’ on some note and the next note is set “fortissimo / ff” so that those two have about the same volume to my ear. MUST BE FIXED!

Also, some update a while ago made the drumset’s snare louder – which is good – but now I can’t hear the lower toms in my songs at all. They just disappeared. If I set them “fff / forte fortissimo” then they sound the same as “mezzo forte / mf” BEFORE the update. Also the ride bell lost it’s tone, no more echo in that; sounds dampened 🙁

Conclusion: Every percussion hit sound volume should be adjustable like they were in GP5.

Example: I have Crash 1, Bass Drum and Snare at the same hit; I want each of them to have their own volume level set. The crash must be ‘piano’, the snare should be ‘forte’ and the bass drum should be ‘forte fortissimo’, This is not possible in GP6, but it was possible in GP5.
Actually a volume mixer for the drum kit would be cool: the user could set +/-dB for each drum/symbal, so that the he could make a preset of the drum kit’s volume levels, because:
If everything is set to forte:
-hihat closed/half-open/open is too silent
-snare is too loud
-bassdrum is ok
-tomtom’s are way too silent
-ride bell is dampened
-crashes are too loud compared to hihat

And these are things the user cannot affect as far as I know. 🙁

Rick - mai 20, 2015

Some things. I’d like to use the fingering of 2 1 3 for an open A chord. For some reason, Guitar Pro 6 won’t let me use that fingering. Also, E7#9 doesn’t display properly for some reason.

I’d like to hear a more realistic chord strumming sound? I’d like to hear even better distortion sounds on the guitars. It would be nice to make patch changes on a single track. If memory serves, that was available on guitar pro 5, but discontinued on guitar pro 6?

Also, when I cut and paste chords, I’d like the chord names to cut and paste as well.

Will there be support for 4k monitors? I use guitar pro 6 on 4k monitors and it works pretty well, but everything looks pretty small.

Scrolling is nice, but it would be nice to be able to change one page at a time (Using the airturn bluetooth pedal)

Maybe include more options for midi inputs, such as a midi guitar, like the fender fishman strat.

Ed - mai 11, 2015

ability to save mixer eq settings as a template

Nathan - mai 5, 2015

O yes for drummers I put all drum parts on their known lines, it help so you can mix a good sound for each drum part. it takes a bit more work but it sounds great and u can mix the sound better

Nathan - mai 5, 2015

Change the view in the Horizontal screen so the score movies across the screen not the time line. Ps I love Gp. 6 I use it for backing in gigs and everyone loves it. And some people get up and do like karaoke with it. you just need to know how to get a good sound out of it ps. I’m a sound man too so that helps

Mike - avril 21, 2015

I usually use chord charts along with tabs – they make a nice visual cue for anticipating the next chord change. I’d like to be able to add additional symbols to the chart to represent small fingering changes in the measure, rather than adding a separate chart. For example, if I intend to play B4, C4, D4 on the 2nd string I might use the filled circle for the open B, then add an empty (outline only) circle on the 1st fret for C and an empty triangle or square on the 3rd fret for D. This would also require the ability to include more than one symbol on a given string, which currently cannot be done.

Benjamin Y - avril 19, 2015

I am being driven insane for I cannot hide my chord diagrams. In example I have written a song with over a page of chords but I don’t want a page of diagrams to show as my first page of my score. PLEASE HELP

adrien - avril 22, 2015

Hi Benjamin,

You can contact our support for assistance: https://support.guitar-pro.com/hc/en-us. Thanks!

Petrucci123 - mars 19, 2015

for brass we need tenuto marking

Israel K - mars 13, 2015

Better VST! So when are you planning on releasing?

Anielius - mars 8, 2015

It would be awesome to enter (read) cross-staff beam and cross-staff notes.

Waiting - mars 2, 2015

I would just like a release date.

a55va6 - févr. 26, 2015

I would really love for strumming to sound more human-like. I tab alot of punk music and it just feels like the fast strumming is way too computerized pretty much no matter what settings I use. Also, the drums feel a little weak to me. I prefer Guitar pro 5’s drums for sure.

Guitar Pro is my go to program, and I think it takes giant leaps with every release. I’m really excited to see what Guitar Pro 7 has in store for us.

Entityx - févr. 25, 2015

1. Ability to change the colour of selected tab numbers.
2. Ability to hide time signature.
3. Rhythmic figures.
4. Rethink and overhaul of the bend functionality. Make it more in line with commonly accepted tab usage.
4. More flexible chord naming, again more in line with commonly accepted naming practices.

necrovenom - févr. 22, 2015

Looks like 7 version will not be soon! May not work! This thread has 4 years !!! Horror !!! Even announcements and the approximate dates, no!

Bretton - févr. 21, 2015

1. My music partner and I make a lot of stuff with Superior Drummer, and Podfarm. If there was a way to have the sounds these programs create playing in real time within guitar pro, that would be amazing.

2. customizable drum kits/notation. I need 2 different splashes, 2 different chinas, 2 different hi-hats, a stack, and 4 different effect bells to accurately transcribe parts written on my own drum kit.

3. volume adjustment for each instrument in the drums. as it is now, I have to make toms fff and heavy accent to be heard at all, while snare has to be brought down in volume.

linking guitar pro 6 with superior drummer would solve 2 and 3.

Romullo - févr. 21, 2015

Please, we need support for VST.

psema - févr. 18, 2015

My native language is not English, so my English are not that good.
Guitar Pro 7…
Let’s see…
Why should I use GP7? …or even GP6, or GP5?…

Why shouldn’t I use Sibelius or Finale? Why? That is a question you should answer when you design Guitar Pro 7…
Another question you should answer is… why people use Guitar Pro for? Is it notation, is it composing, is it hearing their compositions sound awesome?
Well, the answer is simple… Guitar Pro users, (mainly) don’t give a “you know the bad word” about how their compositions sound, when they cannot write it properly.

I tried many many times to use Finale or Sibelius. Do you know why? Because Guitar Pro is incomplete. Do you know why I always quit using Sibelius or Finale? …because Guitar Pro is better… …but some things are missing.

I am a guitarist and I compose many songs including many different instruments. Do you think that anyone out there, any Guitar Pro User, uses his mouse, right click here, then left click there, then try to find the second line in the notation, then add sharp, e.t.c e.t.c.! NO! NO! …and no! no one! We use Guitar Pro because we use the arrows, we use “+” and “-” for notes duration, we use enter to place a note, (or using tablature, we use number pad). And that is why we cannot use Sibelius or Finale! We musicians have quick thoughts, we want to quickly add our notes, and we don’t want to spend an evening trying to get the right spot with our mouse!

So why I keep trying to use other software… because some things are missing… these are:
1. It’s nice that we have bar arrangement (length or how many in a line – using design mode) but, we want to have note distance (and no, what you call –have- note distance is not a real note distance. We want to push a button and then start dragging notes where we want them).
2. We want to arrange distance between pentagram lines
3. We want, to adjust the notation’s lines distance (no, zooming out and in is not the answer).
4. We want to use grace notes properly. It is a mess when we try to arrange the stems direction (make it easier to use –they are entangled together when we use different voices).
5. We want to have options, where to place our texts, for example, we want to add two kind of lyrics on the same line.
6. We want to add chord names without restrictions. For example when you have a “D minor” and you don’t play all the notes at the same time but you choose to do your “tricks”, then GP doesn’t let you give a Dm name because it only sees one or two notes and it says “oh! That’s not a chord, so don’t try to name it!”
7. Again… the stems… How can I force beams when it includes two voices? I cannot, so I have to write the “A” (first note) again in the second voice and if I don’t then I cannot force beam and have the bass note’s stem down and I also have to place a rest at the beginning of the second voice.
8. For example, when you have a 12/8 bar, only with rests, then you should place only the full rest (4/4). You see, in a Guitar Pro 12/8 bar I have to use 4/4 rest + 2/4. See, that’s wrong. I know that I can choose not to highlight red but GP still thinks that placing only a 4/4 rest in a 12/8 bar is wrong.
9. You see, it is much easier is to read a colorful notation because of the different colors. I want to see notes, I focus on black, I want to quickly see the right hand’s finger I focus on red, I want to quickly see the left hand I focus on blue e.t.c.
10. Have you ever been a guitar student? (it is guitar pro eventually, not piano, or violin pro). See… it is much much easier to have your left hand numbers (1, 2, 3, 4) just left from your note (or around if it doesn’t feat). The right hands numbers, just below or above etc. In Guitar Pro, when you try to put numbers or (p, i, m, a) to the left of the note, it usually is not readable! Make some proper space to fit notes tips (see “1” above), but do stretch everything, we still want 1/16 notes to be closer than 1/8 notes etc.
11. THE MUST HAVE OPTION! You see, we use Guitar Pro because we can add notes with arrows, enter and number pad. But when it comes to note down left or right hand numbers, or fret numbers, or chord numbers, we have to click click click and click (like a 60 years old ancient musician who starts to learn how to power on and off a computer!) NO! Make it fast and easy! Example! I have my composition completed. Now I want to add tips (left and right hand, chord numbers and frets). Again with my arrows, I press L (left hand) and then the number pad, is turned on like a left hand fingering, if I press 1, it writes finger 1, I press 4, it writes 4 for finger 4. When I am done with left hand, I go in the beginning of my composition and press R (right hand). Using my arrows I go from note to note, and the number pad now is used as my right hand, I press 1 and it writes “i” for index, I press 3 and it writes “a” for ring finger, I press 0 and it writes “p” for thumb. As above, when I press F (fret number), I can note write with my notepad the fret numbers (1=I, 2=II, 3=III, 7=VII, 12=XII etc). Many teachers around the world, use notation software to compose for their students, so we all need that helpful tool. For example, in our school, I see the Drums teacher using Sibelius (he is using it for years) and he is clicking and clicking for an hour to write down few beats. Use the number pad and you will save us.
12. The RSE is nice to have, but leave it as it is. Do you want to develop a software like Trillian Spectrasonic, or Omnisphere? Ok you may try, but, why now? …complete your software as a notation software, make it right, make it easier to use, make it better and when you are done with it, try whatever you want. You see, I don’t know anyone that wants vst or better RSE for guitar pro. We use Cubase, Adobe Audition etc for these staff. We want guitar pro for notation and export as midi. For example I know many musicians (including me) who use Guitar Pro 5 to compose Drums (see the tablature is the ONLY WAY to do it right – bring it back), and then export the drum truck so they can import in Addictive Drums, or EZ Drummer etc. Can’t you see why Guitar Pro is so famous? I don’t think it is because people use it as recording or playback software.
13. Allow us to personalize Guitar Pro. Guitar Pro 6, doesn’t let us to personalize things too much. Make a huge advanced preferences menu for shortcuts, etc.
14. Add more styles like classic ones (example: barre and half barre “B” “1/2B”, well add some others like “CV, CVII etc.”

Ronnie - févr. 17, 2015

I want to be able to use Guitar Pro as my main DAW… I know that may sound silly to some, given all the great DAW software out there, but I just feel SO comfortable being able to write on a tablature sheet. Here’s what I would do, and I really hope you will consider this:

1. Make a bridge between Guitar Pro and the regular DAW, and here’s how:
a. PROPER MIDI export. I find that when I export, the bends of the vibrato, and the slides, and all that stuff just doesn’t translate well to Ableton for example. If the vibrato was a WIDE vibrato, it just ends up being like an awkward, subtle wobble (if any change at all). Also the notes seem to get transposed a few notes off. What’s up with that? I just want to export and hear the exact same notes playing the exact same way.

b. Make Guitar Pro the official MIDI SEQUENCING MASTER. You guys don’t seem to realize just what a GOLDEN product you’ve had for so many years. I have NEVER seen a software with such intuitive midi modulation controls — I can do custom slides, vibratos, custom bends… I mean really… I can do just about ANYTHING, pitch-wise, that comes to mind. I understand that it helps a lot with complex guitar tablature, but you guys must realize that if you could use Guitar Pro as a VSTi or as some sort of ReWire sort of thing, people could AND WOULD buy your software to be their MIDI MASTER. People could sequence their damn synthesizers with your software!! Which brings me to…

…c. MIDI. Hey, look, I’m talking about MIDI again! Well, that’s because your MIDI implementation sucks! Your sequencer is just about the best sequencer ever invented, but your MIDI implementation should expand! If you would AT LEAST make it so your software could effectively sequence external instruments, like a workstation synthesizer (Like one of those big TRITON keyboards), people could do their tablature and send the MIDI signals to these workstations. Imagine loading up an acoustic guitar patch on a workstation synth, and then having Guitar Pro sequence it!! You guys are sitting on GOLD and you don’t realize it. Which brings me to…

…d. Your Sequencer… being the GOLD that it is… needs to be properly translated in the real world (of DAWS, Synths, and Workstations) as is. I know, I know… You can make it “better” and “more flexible”, but the SIGNATURE Guitar Pro sound (that exact vibrato speed, and Wide vibrato speed.. that signature hammer-on and Pull-off…) if you could recreate that in MIDI form (the hammeron/pulloffs will be tricky) so that a synthesizer, for example, sounds like it’s actually being hammered-on… or the vibrato actually sounds right when put onto an analog synth… and you had the ability to sequence masterful Guitar Pro-Style sequences, full of slides, pull-offs, bends, and vibratos… and send that to a modular synthesizer via USB->MIDI->Module… I PROMISE YOU, you can take a piece of that pie of the analog synth market.

Here’s my pitch: “Guitar Pro. Your Tablature Player, and MIDI Sequencer for learning guitar and making amazing music. Now, you can ditch the old piano roll sequencer on your DAW, and ROCK OUT your MIDI Sequences with the Gold Standard of Tablature — Guitar Pro’s tried and true sequencer can now be at the heart of your DAW. Sequence your music YOUR WAY. Guitar Pro 7”

This could be a Guitar Pro VST that you throw into your DAW and it becomes the MIDI master. Shit, you could even throw some Van Halen tablature into the VST, and it will accurately send some sweet solos into whatever VST you want.

In other words… PLEASE DO NOT MAKE VST SUPPORT. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANOTHER SILLY SOUND PACK. You WILL NOT beat DAW companies at their game. But you can steal their thunder by becoming an integral part of how people use their software.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a company like Ableton ends up trying to buy you out when they realize everyone is using Ableton simultaneously with The Guitar Pro VST. I believe that’s how it went with MAX.

Good luck guys, I hope you take this suggestion to heart.

Joshua - févr. 7, 2015

The only main concern I have with GP6 is the inability to notate drums the way GP5 does. It was a breeze to compose drums on GP5 and I could write a complex percussion pieces in no time. I mean you can’t tell me it’s easier to search for the drum/cymbal you want on GP6 on the drum sound window then click to add the note (or use the D-pad to search for the note through the music staff, using keys 1,2,3,4 to select at the staff), whereas GP5 has a number assigned for each note to quickly notate drums (36, 38, 46, 57, etc, etc). It’s like taking away a keyboard from a laptop and instead installing it with program to click each individual letter to enter text. If this is fixed then I would definitely get hooked on GP6/GP7, but for now I’ll use GP5.

Conner - févr. 6, 2015

Tuneable toms/bells/pitched percussion in general.

Vinicius - janv. 29, 2015

I would like to create a Section Mark with a custom text, to name a section as I wish.

Vinicius - janv. 28, 2015

The GP is a incredible software, but the format tools is very poor and limited. In my opinion GP must to offer more freedom to format like Finale and Sibelius to make a score looks more professional.

RB - janv. 27, 2015

Please bring back the drum tab notation. At least as an option.

MP. Berg - janv. 19, 2015

A deature to make polyrythms…… And to be able to switch pedals on and off at specific places in the song

Andy william - janv. 18, 2015

GP6 is very awesome for semi- professional and professional what about beginner and intermediate levels ? , i suggest to add learning tips , short learning videos , Online support, how to start animations and finally please back the Old layout it is so easier to deal with and simple or you can make a theme chooser for who want the old or either the new one .

thanks for your time
Forward always

Marcus - janv. 17, 2015

Symbols that represent the various sounds you get from the guitar other than the conventional strings that fit into the track like the symbols for a harmonic, palm mute or a dead note.
Percussive acoustic guitar is an interesting form of playing and there are lots of examples. Some of the pieces played by Tommy Emmanuel would not be possible to transcribe in GP (6.1.6)… that I know of anyway. The dead note symbol “x” is sometimes used as a Golpe but that has to be explicit. Trying to put a symbol to every sound made from a guitar could be difficult if not impossible but some of the more common ones are shown on tablature these days. To be clear I am talking about the sounds you get from the guitar other than the conventional strings such as striking various parts of the soundboard (or strings) with a thumb or palm or scratching the strings with a pick of fingers, sometimes to imitate a drum or just to make a new noise. I guess it is a bit like trying to write tablature for a didgeridoo.

Thank you.

Richard sorno - janv. 4, 2015


Gatot Alindo - déc. 29, 2014

hi there, …

i really like Guitar Pro software a lot.. currently using the 6 version..
i use GuitarPro for making commercial sheet music esp for guitar.

here’s my wishes for the next GuitarPro update:
– kind a usb dongle or iLok license or login option like Propellerheads reason software
– looking forward for new feature like “custom symbols” so user can make any kind of symbols and attach it on the score.
– please give user room to be able to move “chords symbols”, text & lyrics more flexible like other pro notation software.
– need more flexibility support on external gadget like wacom bamboo. so user can write musical notation on GuitarPro like writing on the paper.
– support for 9 string 10 or (even maybe 30 strings hahaha) guitar tab. because u know the guitar is growing so fast these days.
– micro tuning support for exotic scales and fretless guitar please.

Thanks for listening. hope to see Guitar Pro 7 in 2015 !!!

Robin - déc. 19, 2014

heya mates

(dunno if i just didn’t figure out how) but i would love to be able to auto-insert arpeggios because it’s pretty much of a pain in the ass to tab them out .. would be nice if it could be as easy as with chords


m3hrdad - déc. 15, 2014


shawn - déc. 14, 2014

I would like to see you stop talking about it and actually release the next version

Bartek - déc. 13, 2014

An ability to use VST/AU virtual instruments would be great. MIDI recording through a midi device has a lot of room to improve. Also an ability to use custom tuning (master pitch that is different from 440Hz) would be great.

Jonathan - déc. 10, 2014

There are 2 key features I’d like to see, as a songwriter:

1) A selection of typical drum pattern loops (common genres) 1 bar long that can be dragged and dropped across the time line, as a guitar player I have no clue about how to make my own drum patterns from scratch, and would like the option to use loops, and then I can edit them to customise them if needed.

2) Next Chord suggestions, maybe after implementing the first chord of a song maybe there could be a list of chords that would work next, and the more chords you highlight for suggestions the more defined and precise the suggestions become, taking into account music theory.

Best Regards

Glenn - déc. 4, 2014

Ukulele support would be really cool! Currently is till shows 6 strings even when using ukulele in tab configuration.

Ability to block/lock score information when sharing file with others. I don’t want to share my file or sell it to someone if they can change the notes/tab, score information such as title, publisher, author, etc.

A separate “reader” software might be a nice idea for sharing files with students.

Thank you

Federico - déc. 2, 2014

Only a few things.
– If you really want to improve guitar and bass sounds by adding a vaste selection of pedal simulations, heads simulation, cabinet simulation, do it WELL and allow the use of vst, because almost all “realistic sounds” created with these simulations sounds really really bad. Otherwise it would be much better to return to the few but decently rendered sounds of GP 5.0 (in the version 5.2 the supposed enhancements in the sound engine has actually complicated everything giving the user a pointless choice among 200 ugly sounds, one or two of wich only are acceptable). In few words: Either a more simple and fast software with a few, well done sounds, or a more vast and complex program but with the possibility to use vst.
– Please please please, i praise you with my bare knees on gravel…Return to the tab editing for the drums, like in GP5. I’m not saying to remove the standard notation, but to give the chioce, as for the other instruments.
– MP3 export! It is important!!! If I have to make someone of my band that doesn’t use GP listen to a sample of what I’m doing, I can’t pass to him 20MB or more files!!!

Hope you will read this
Thanks anyway

Tom - nov. 29, 2014

Ability to import an MP3 or Wav etc and sync it with the notation. Similar to GoPlayAlong.

Da Main Man - nov. 19, 2014

I’d say make a light version that doesn’t include RSE and such and go back to a GP5 style GUI. Everything became over-complicated in GP6, and kind of alienated users like me who use it solely as a playalong/composing tool.

Every type of instrument needs the ability to write in score or tab. I still can’t get the hang of writing drums in GP6, and my music theory knowledge is subpar at best, so writing alternate instruments without having the benefit of “pretending” it’s a guitar while writing is incredibly difficult for me. The notes are the same in the end, so why not let me write it how I write guitar?

Maybe imposing realistic limits on instruments eg how Woodwind instruments have different note ranges. I once wrote a flute part in one of my songs to be told by a Flutist that some of the notes are impossible to play on a Flute. It was embarrassing.

Something that I have noticed by messing with other tab editors, TuxGuitars engine is very smooth and rarely has playback issues, but I’ve noticed GP5 sometimes hangs on notes indefinitely and starts becoming a terrifying chaos. I don’t know what it is in particular, but tweaking of the engine to make it less buggy would be great. Basically take TuxGuitars engine and put it in GP5s GUI, then I could die a happy man.

Mesrop Davoyan - nov. 17, 2014

I want to add this ability, to set individual note duration in the beat, Here is the screenshot

jeff m - nov. 15, 2014

I do agree with you agree with you, I was ok with roland sound canvas sounds, there clean and easy to hear, heck even i try to get myreal guitar sound closer to what i hear with old gp5. All the extra distortion sound added into the guitars was not needed. Seems like a extra step to clean up that mess. I think the improved drum sounds is a good thing for gp6, although gp5 drums sounds were pretty good.

I’d like to have more control over how many cymbals, and how big the drum kit is.

Id like to have a gp5 like version gp7 that is more stable, and faster with copy, and paste.

I like tux guitars feature that allows for the measures to always be complete. Meaning if you if you make a 16th not a 32nd note it doesn’t make the measure longer, so now you have to figure out how to complete the measure yourself.

I want the ability to be able to use guitar pro as a vst, with in a host so that in the event i do want good sounding synths, drums, or guitars i can do that with better vst sounds.

Recently i tried out another synth called coolsoft virtual midi synth in conjunction with windows built in synth, and the controls in guitar pro 5 was making it hard to synch the sounds. They could use some better delay compensation capabilities, so they vst instrument i added would line up properly.

Steve D - nov. 15, 2014

Used GP6 as a guitar teacher for years now. Have recently experimented with other software such as Progression, Sibelius, Logic Pro X (score). Each of them has 1 or 2 things they do well. However, I still think GP is the easiest interface to learn work with for guitar but here are my suggestions for improvement.

1. Real time polyphonic midi record with on the fly transposing for bass guitar parts entered with standard 6 string electric guitar + midi pickup (like Logic Pro X). This addition alone would save me weeks per year doing custom transcriptions.
2. Progression has a really nice modern clean interface with great drag and drop drum patterns. If you implemented both of these but go 1 further by letting users save their own custom drum patterns for drag and drop.
3. midi input for drums via midi guitar – midi learn so you can assign any fret/string location per drum and be able to map this to the correct staff placement for each drum.
4. When copying and pasting sections with repeat signs or Chord information, include this info in the pasted copy.

There are many more but probably have been covered.

Bruno Felix - nov. 10, 2014

I would be awesome if we could be able to use VST inside GP7.

eui jeong - nov. 9, 2014

more effects.

Sandro - nov. 6, 2014

It would be good to have an improved loop function

Sandro - nov. 6, 2014

Please, add fingerstyle modes to Guitar Pro.

Add fingerstyle guitar and picks

example (guitarrists):
Sungha Jung, Andy Mckee

thomas - nov. 6, 2014

Well, if there is going to be a Guitar Pro 7,

I would like you to tell us so, just a quick announce or something, a hint…

As for the thing that could be improved, I’d say

The abilty to customize staves, for example hide the ones that are empty instead of having to have them around, it wastes space.
If you could create a tool that selects a riff for example, puts it at the bottom of the page in a frame saying “Riff 1” like on these tab books.
The abilty to write two guitar tracks on one staff (to create harmonies for example) and two notes on the same string (E —12/16–) for example.
Basically, more freedom over the staves, so we can arrange the score how we like
Maybe some more articulation tools like pick scrapes, pick slides.
A lyrics editor that automatically synchronises the lyrics and notes
A front page editor would also be nice.

I know guitar pro is firstly a tool to read digital tablatures, but it’s be a tool that has no comparison if you could make it as useful for people trying to arrange professional looking tablatures (ala Hal Leonard transcribed book etc…)

Thank you very much, I hope GP7 is still an ongoing project.


Ju - oct. 31, 2014

– More professional edit options in the score a`la Sibelius
– Database for drums, bass, keys, guitars and others, divided in styles, for quick creation of jams
– Fast work with DAWs

echowink - oct. 26, 2014

I agree with a few other posters,

1. Please make transposition work for chords and chord symbols, I think this is a basic and pretty essential tool, for those of us that can’t transpose on the fly in our heads! (I know many can). There are plenty of websites that do this for the chords, can’t believe this software doesn’t. What is the use of the notes on the stave moving but the chords and diagrams above remaining the same?

2. Please make the chord symbols easier to edit. i.e. I’d often like to edit an existing chord rather than having to delete it and start again.

Thanks for some great software, still the best on the Mac I think, App Store would be good, but I understand if not.


Dark - oct. 24, 2014

There are a few things I would like corrected. I use GP5 to make musical sheets and compose music. I would like if clef’s could be changed willingly, in the middle of the sheet, more musical theory stuff, easy composing, no endless tweaking and guitar processors, simple RSE, for FAST composing, like GP 5.2, VST imput, mp3 export, more individual channels for more instruments, addable pianissimo, forte, etc theory stuff in the middle of the song, simpler, more accesible interface, no fancy graphics and complicated tone creators, so one can note down ideas fast and simple, so they don’t fly away by the time we get a decent sound. DECENT DRUM BANK!!!! I think GP 5.2 was so far the BEST for a versed musician to use at a university. Simple, easy to use. I don’t like the crashes though:) GP6 was WAY overcomplicated, big flashy complicated settings, and it took me 5x the time to write the same melodies and chorus sheet down…Also: don’t make tune-dependent the lowest/highest achievable note, and how many notes can be written in an octave. If i have a piano, i can push many notes at once, and GP5 at some point prohibits me…

Arshavir - oct. 20, 2014

Guitar Pro 7?!!! 🙂

Yungblut - oct. 17, 2014

· Allow pitch bending on any instrument, or better, allow any articulations on any instrument.
· I think it’s great the work you do in the scores of each type of instrument, was a pain in guitar pro 5 make tabs for saxophone i.e. But sometimes we don’t want to be limited by reality, I know a piano can’t bend a note, you could warn it in red or something but don’t take away the possibility of experimenting. You can make a “free mode” and a “realistic mode”.
· Sometimes we just want to write down our ideas, the settings of thousands of amps and pedals are distracting, because the default sound is awful. It’s curious how the old RSE of “overdrive guitar” in GuitarPro 5 (not 5.2) have the best palm muted sound ever. The sound was always something that blends in perfectly with MIDI and you could imagine a real guitar. The new RSE don’t blend well and feels like an intrusion, you feel the urge to modify it, twitch it, set it, to sound better.
· GuitarPro 5 was such amazing software, really, gives a lot of us the capacity to write and listen to our own music for the first time in our lives.
Thank you.

DR - oct. 15, 2014

1. To be able to add chord names over notes in voices other than voice one. Many times the chord changes with a bass note in voice 2 and I have to shift it slightly to the nearest note or rest in voice one.

2. Support ties/slides/legato between directional markings. Eg. the last note of one section and the first note of the coda.

3. Seamless exporting to Finale.

4. More options for adding extra text/annotations. Like the kind you would use in creating exercises and lessons explaining various things along the way. Eg. Arrows, circles etc.

5. Similar to above, sometimes I want to be able to see all the sharps in a bar – not just the first one. When creating lesson material, sometimes having a mathamatically functioning bar is not the point. I might just want to have one ‘bar’ of 8 whole notes – because I’m discussing harmonizing a particular scale or mode. In this context, being able to see EVERY accidental is advantageous.

Thank you.

ukuvas - oct. 11, 2014

My expectations for GP 7?

0. I dont believe GP 7 will ever come.

This must be improved (for me)
1. The numbers for the left-hand fingering are not in the correct line (“before the note”). Thats a no-go for me.
2. The gray backgroung of the exported pngs
3. The notation of the bendings

Rich - sept. 30, 2014

It really needs support for windows with 3K and 4K high res monitors/displays. No matter what settings, you just can’t see those tiny icons and text in the toolbars.

Bob - sept. 28, 2014

VST VSTi, Di Guitar RSE for Amplitube Guitar Rig etc.. Drag n Drop wav/midi Export.

Emmanuel - sept. 23, 2014

– Custom string numbers. For instance, you should be able to go into ‘Track’, then guitar or bass, and have a dropdown menu where you can enter the amount of strings you want and the tuning you want for them.
– Apple Retina support as well. I’m using GP6 on a Macbook Pro Retina right now, and it looks kinda weird having half the program pixelated and half of it scaled properly.
– Moving tracks. For instance, it would be great to be able to hold down Control or Command, then click and drag a track to its optimal position, rather than having to go into ‘Track’ and click ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down’
– Support for microtones. There’s lots of really great microtonal music coming out (JUTEGYTEJUTEGYTEJUTEGYTE), and being able to tab it out in GP would be amazing.
– Change tempo easier. It’s a pain in the ass to click on the tempo button, try and find the bar you’re looking for, and change it. And it’s also hard to change tempo past bar 52 or so. That might just be my ignorance, but it’d be nice to be able to do it easier. Perhaps clicking on a bar and have a dedicated button on the bottom menu bar(perhaps even an input field) to adjust the tempo.
– Maybe change up the layout a bit? It’s always nice to download an update and have things changed around a bit.

Randy - sept. 23, 2014

I love that you can export .WAV files from GP6 and the fact that you can solo one track at a time to basically export stems. The problem is, when importing these files into a DAW like Pro Tools, Reaper etc… Even if you create a tempo track that exactly matches that of GP6, the audio isn’t properly lined up and ends up going out of time eventually. I think it would be great if that could be addressed, plus add an export to stems function right into GP6 so we can have multiple WAV files created at the same time for each track. This would open up so many doors for pre-production of tracks and much more.

The only other thing I can think of right now would be a step editor of sorts for drum tracks instead of the current layout to make it easier to bang out some quick drums without memorizing a bunch of numbers.

I definitely appreciate the team reaching out and asking for opinions on the next release. I wish more companies had a better rapport with their customer base. Cheers!

linda - sept. 25, 2014

Thank you Randy for your feedback 🙂

Necrovenom - sept. 16, 2014

A bunch of great suggestions!
And developers have at least hinted to wait when the seventh version!
When ?????

linda - sept. 19, 2014

I shared your feedback with our development team. We work hard on GP7. Thank you.

Ted Estersohn - sept. 6, 2014

Optical character recognition. Drop in a lead sheet in .pdf and start arranging.

Dillon - sept. 3, 2014

1. Ability to load and embed an MP3/WAV file to use as a backing track synced with the tab
2. Pick Scrapes
3. Slide guitar effect (with options for glass, metal, and ceramic slides)
4. Soundbank for Harmonica
5. More accurate amp modeling (i.e., 3 channels for 3-channel amps; replicate all the control functions from the modeled amps, etc.)
6. Ability to mix and match amp heads with different cabs
7. More effects emulations (e.g., fuzz factory, steppers, slicers, delays with tempo control that can be set to note values & a “hold” feature with up to 5-second loops, selectable monophonic vs. polyphonic pitch shifting with realistic digital artifacts/tracking)
8. Less crashes.
9. Actually realease GP7; we’ve been waiting patiently over 3 years…please!

Ted Estersohn - sept. 1, 2014

bends in cents, rather than (in addition to?) 1/4/ tones.

Ted Estersohn - août 31, 2014

Typo there, I meant change G to F double sharp in both instances.

Ted Estersohn - août 31, 2014

At 3 days into your software:
I should like to be able to drag a fret number to a different string, maintaining it’s time value. I make mistakes, this would be a one-step fix.

How about a direct entry for equivalent accidentals. Change A# to Bb or F to F## without having to enter the wrong fret & apply the wanted accidental. And unless I’ve missed something, there’s no way to notate an open G as F##.

Alexander Barringer - août 25, 2014

* option to customize key commands

* option to highlight/select notes > drag&drop up or down to adjacent lines/strings within tablature/notation screen
– ex.
——– ——–
—5— ↓ ——–
—5— —5—
fig. a ——– fig. b —5—

* scratch picking & pick scraping options

* automatic, realistic chord strumming & note picking

* automatic project naming (time saving)
– ex. File > New Project > Save As “Project01” (similar to Garageband’s default saving procedure)

* realistic legato slides

* more instruments/ more realistic, pitch-perfect sounds

* new effects modules

Thanks, I hope to see some awesome upgrades!


Alexander - août 21, 2014

I’d (and i think lots of ppl) bought for a price of usual PC/MAC version Guitar Pro for iOS (iPad) , but FULL version. So, i’d glad to see full GP7 on iOS, because now it’s only for plaing songs, but not for editing or writing them. I don’t have a notebook for using a full version, but a have a iPad – it’s more comfortable to take such kind of devices somewhere and work with them.

Pete - août 20, 2014

The thing that would be great would being able to connect iOS guitar pro to something like Dropbox and have access very easily to the files that I have saved there. This would be very helpful when I am away from my mac and think of something to add to a piece I am working on. Otherwise the iOS app is not very helpful to me. I love the product overall though.

Rob - août 7, 2013

Things i’d really like in GP7:

Text Box (In the bottom of a sheet or so..)
Scalebok (The same like chords, just with scales)

That would be awesomer than awesome =)

Omar - août 6, 2013

It would be a creative tool from Arobas Music , to connect guitar to the computer and each note played is automatically written into Guitar Pro , it would be mcuh better practical for every improviser and composer guitarist or bassist.

Jason - août 6, 2013

Hey, It would be great if I could import a MP3 and be able to scrub it as I build a score against it.


IMK - août 5, 2013

Hi! I often work in gitarpro. I write my music in gitarpro. gitarpro6 has a problem with the export midi. a midi not have muted notes and vibrato, etc., but I wrote their in gitarpro. Improve the mechanism of export midi will expand the scope of gitarpro to the production of music. Vsti support will greatly increase the demand for gitarpro7. My English is not perfect, but I hope I will be understood. All the best, good luck!

Sherlic - août 4, 2013

Please please include an 8 string guitar staff format to the database… myself and many other musicians would really appreciate it…

Mark - août 1, 2013

To add to the keyboard shortcuts suggestion, I find the drum tracks a bit annoying to do because of the poor keyboard shortcuts. For some reason, I still haven’t memorized where each part of the kit is on the staff. Anyways, it’d be great to be able to tie keys to certain parts of the kit. Like if I were to press “1” it’d do the snare and if I’d press “2” it’d do the bass drum and if I’d press “3” it’d do the ride cymbal, something as simple as that would make a huge difference.

Mark - août 1, 2013

I’d like support for tuplets within tuplets (for example 5 triplets in a quintuplet.) I’d also like support for polymeter (for example one instrument has 3/8 meter and another has 4/8 meter.) Add support for more keyboard shortcuts, preferably make them customizable. I find it silly how the sharp and flat buttons don’t have hot keys. There is the one semi-tone up/down hot keys, but they require pressing two keys, which is annoying for something so commonly used. Also add the option to be able to go from something to the sign (for example Da Capo al Segno.) Fix the bug where only the first measure number in ever row gets printed out rather than all of them despite having the option to show all measure numbers selected. Add support for more instrument effects slots (I find 5 to not be sufficient sometimes.) Fix the importing of MIDI files (the tuplets, even something like common triplets, sometimes get messed up and the notes are combined into the same beat.)

Chris - juil. 31, 2013

When You Play A Guitar with distortion, the E string is sounded very distorted, as a result to make a awful Rhythm Rock-Metal Guitar Track, and to make it normal, the only thing you can do is to Palm The E string..well It could be better if the E string would sound clearer!! Thanks! 😀

adrien - août 1, 2013

Hi Chris, could you send a message to the support about this? Please attach a file to explain your problem and mention which version of Guitar Pro you’re currently running: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=contact. Thanks.

NRJMons - juil. 29, 2013

Not much to add….except….it’s been a while since you asked for comments.
Still, as of today, no news about when Guitar Pro 7 will come out and nothing to really look forward to…

That’s not good, you need to keep the attention of us folks…give us some to chew please…

adrien - juil. 30, 2013

Hi, thanks for your feedback and interest. Our development team is currently working on GP7 development. Once we’re ready, we’ll start to tease our readers 😉

Stay tuned!

xsavoye - juil. 26, 2013

possibility of changing pickups within a track

Dylan - juil. 23, 2013

O BTW I got a great sound system and a kickass sound card, if pending the equipement I use

Dylan - juil. 23, 2013

Well I just wanna say that I have enjoyed GP6 & GP5, still enjoying both programs. Now I use both for certain reasons, GP6 for fine finishing songs, with the better soundbank; however I use GP5 for its simplicity in actually making the beginnings of the song, and the simplicity and clarity of the drums.

The Drums for myself in GP6 sucked out of everything the most. I could fine tune it all I want with E.Q., and play around as much as I wanted, but never got the drums to sound clear. All I hear is the bass kick, and the snare. The mid toms all the way to the cymbals are barely there. Ive turned up the E.Q. but the cymbals and snares seemed to combine into a fuzz sound, still not the clearest.

All I ask, is you guys somehow combine GP6 and GP5 into an ultimate, non complex super nova of great equipement:
1. Better drum, clear sound of each piece of drums
2. A wider range of drum pieces like in GP5
3. Able to plug in instruments straight into your computer, and compose music, to record music.
4. Perhaps voice recognition, does sound interesting
5. Able to choose if you want note notations, or tab notations beginning a new piece
6. A visual drum kit would be kick ass, from 4 piece upto 20 🙂
7. Wider range of guitar amps, tubes, pre amps and masters

I am a guitar player, but the drums side fascinate me, well there the heart of a song, especially in metal.
I have no problem paying 150$-200$ if thats what it takes to get a great simple program, that could compete with the highest of programs at a reasonable price.

John - juil. 20, 2013

To everyone posting about better sounding instruments.. yes most sound bad to begin with. You have to spending quite some time putting the right E.Q. on them to make them sound a lot better. I know that not every instrument will sound better by messing with the E.Q. but I know that the drums, guitars, bass guitars and piano sound a lot better with proper E.Q-ing.

volgar - juil. 19, 2013

i would love to able use GP7 as VST in my DAW

Antoine - juil. 15, 2013

1.If we could customize the composition area like we want and place everything like we want! Have your personal composition area like you want and put the color that you want etc..!!!!!!
2.Better sound, because the sound ”BUZ” on my computer and the bass vibrate realy improtant the actual sound suck it ”buzzing”
3.If we could export sounds… file in the composition like vocal effect etc…
4.Have a really nice visual, like on a mac app…
5.Clear sound for the drum
6.A visual drum!
7.Keep the gp5 midi sound option
8″GP7 need to be simple, look great, but complex!
”sorry for my bad english I’m french”

Troy Powell - juil. 14, 2013

I would like some way of a way to import audio and build the tabs in a timeline to the song, a bug fix so the timing doesn’t go all over the place and actually stays in time, the obvious sound bank update epecially choirs and drums, but what would take the cake is vst capable. import my favorite guitar tones, or ez drummer to the drums, omnisphere for keys, trillian, and EWQL shit. that would be the coolest and most benicial.

Daniel Norström - juil. 13, 2013

To me as a composer guitar-pro is the most handy software. And I own a lot of VST plugins to use with Cubase. So what I usually do is that I compose the music in guitar-pro then I export the midi over to cubase and add my VST instruments to it. There are many things that could be improved for someone like me. First of I would like to add my VST drum plugin directly to my drumtrack in guitar-pro and that goes for any other instrument ass well. One other thing I noticed is that: After houres spent on getting a guitar sound to sound ok I want to export it to .wav and import it in cubase or any other studio software only to find that the tempo is slightly off. So even if guitar pro is set to 120bpm and cubase also is set to 120 I will hear a quite big delay at the end of the song. This makes a lot of possabilities completely unusable.

So what do I want to see?:
1: VSTplugin usage inside of GuitarPro
2: Lots of bugfixes to tempo to get more precise results
3: And also I want effects like: Bend, slide among other effects to work either if you import the midi in any other studio software or apply VSTintrument to the track inside of GuitarPro

Gabe - juil. 13, 2013

64-bit Linux Support!

B. Morgan - juil. 10, 2013

Please show the bent up to note in the staff section

Patrick Pomerleau - juil. 3, 2013

I would like the G-EQ & B-EG to be blown real bigger that they are now. I tried to replicate your own Christopher Maerten’s Distortion Sounds Recipe and I find it hard to nearly impossible to replicate his setting when it come to the G-EQ…. As a matter of fact all controls on device should be adjustable using the up and down arrows on the keyboards… Enough with the moving the mouse up and down to set a control exactly the way you want it!

Hamilton - juin 30, 2013

Guitar Pro is an Amazing software for all guitarists..i really love the soundbanks of guitar pro 6..they look more real.and id like better soundbanks for the new version
And thanks for this Awesome software..\m/

Frank P - juin 27, 2013

I might be missing something, but when in the Chord Panel I’d like to see the cursor become a hover tool that enlarges the chord diagram when reviewing the chords that I created/recorded.

You Wish - juin 22, 2013

-better soundbanks and I mean better sound quality for electric bass and electric guitar with distortion; and to be honest the voice sounds ( soprano, alto, tenor, bass, choir) are pretty crappy.
-and also no more sound glitches and crashes!

local_death - juin 22, 2013

A possibilitty to write down the notes while playing your instrument connected into line-in. I think it could be just a modification of Fretlight guitars… Or does midi-guitar support already exist?

Different types of strings (e.g. dropped tunings need strings of larger gauge) and drum equipment (drums, plastics, cymbals)…

A greater variety of amps, tubes and effects.

adrien - juin 24, 2013

Hi, I suggest you to look at the YouRockGuitar Gen2 which is compatible with Guitar Pro 6: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOojT_fvQsQ.


Jannik - juin 21, 2013

VST would be cool but there’re more important things to fix.
One thing I was really disappointed with in GP6 is the performance of the full score view.
When editing a song with, say, 6 instruments and 150 bars it’s almost impossible to edit these in score view. ….and in GP5 it worked fine.

Now here’s my sggestion for the future: Audio tracks.
-> Record some cool riffs for later.
-> Record and check how well you play along the tab.
-> Have the song you wanna tab right in GPro
-> Include audio sounds/fx to make your tab or composition perfect

twewm - juin 20, 2013

Quart tones support.
Visual drum input.
Good quality sound engine for strings.
Easier struming (it wouldn’t hurt if you let us insert numbers, e.x. 1/4 beat)
Support for strumming patterns(also drumming patterns). adding them beat by beat is really time consuming.
and please do not release an half-complete version.

Soly - juin 19, 2013

A piano-roll editor, that would simplify a lot of things!!! 🙂

Toby - juin 15, 2013

I would love a way to to do Pickslides and smoother normal slides 😀
It would also be nice to choose a rhythm for the guitar to follow throughout the whole song and just tel it when to switch chords.

Amzar Fingerstyle - juin 13, 2013

in guitar pro 7 should be add the pick sound when play acoustic strumming like real song.ok

Mike - juin 13, 2013

I’m a bit late to the party, but VST plugins would allow the users to create and play any kind of music (even publish) with the software. The quality of the sound would also be excellent. It’s quite a huge chunk of work, but that’s how I envision Guitar Pro in the future 🙂
The SVN-like feature mentioned above is also a very good idea for collaborative work.

Bellerophon - juin 12, 2013

I like GP6 a lot. I use it mainly for collaborative song writing with my band. In this context it would be a GREAT feature if some kind of versioning (svn-like) would be supported. This would make it so much easier to work together on a file. Everybody could see at a glance the changes that where made by a bandmate and it would be easy to recover old versions. If such a feature would be supported, I think this could revolutionize the song writing process for many bands!!!

Chris - juin 11, 2013

c) pls. release GP7 soon, I still like GP6 the best for its functionality but compared to competitors the sound library quality is outdated

Chris - juin 11, 2013

a) Much higher quality instruments. b) capability to record the pitch and length of the notes while playing on the onscreen fretboard (I’m not sure if this function already exists in GP6 when playing through a midi guitar??)

Sayan - juin 11, 2013

IMO the fretboard (separate) window looks out-of-place. It could be embedded into the main window with the option to hide it. It would also be nice to have better(smooth) looking fonts.

Jesse - juin 11, 2013

i would like to see implementation of tone systems, for instance, instead of 12 tet/edo, id like like to write in 19 tones per octave, or 24 tones per octave.

raulshred - juin 10, 2013

The Mac version is very slowly. Software like Guitar Rig that makes sound wave transformations in real time works perfectly in Intel Core Duo 1.2 GHz. In theory Guitar Pro make a more simple process, it’s just a interpreter. Please increase the performance.

John - juin 10, 2013

I don’t know much about guitar since I am a drummer. But the ONLY things you need to do for perfect drums are as follows: better/different drum sets. I know you can equalize the one on GP6 to sound decent for metal, but having different snares and bass drums etc. etc. that you you can pick to make a custom kit would be awesome. The other thing is instead of having the sound repeat when doing a cymbal swell(roll) or a snare roll. It should carry the previous noise on so it sounds realistic. If you look on youtube. It is explained if you look at the Roland TD-30 kit explanation.

Reinkaos - juin 9, 2013

Hey, it would be great if there was a library of drum beats. That would be really helpful for programming drums.

Phrangie - juin 7, 2013

Support for 3 string instruments like Tres Cubano.

FeuerMann - juin 5, 2013

I would like to be able to install the old interface for the “Guitar Pro 7” (particularly, form “Guitar Pro 5 and older). It is very difficult to learn new interface for every new program. Thank you.

koro - mai 28, 2013

Better Soundbanks

A choir in particular does not become useful.

marvin - mai 25, 2013

Would be nice if guitar pro can transcribe a staff notation score into tablature.i know smartscore can do this but not perfect

Kelvin - mai 24, 2013

Would be nice GP7 supports The new Fishman Tripleplay Wireless Guitar Controller!


Mihir - mai 23, 2013

Please give me Retina-display resolution for Mac OS X !
Cheers !

Dave - mai 23, 2013

Function for 8 string guitar would be nice.

adrien - mai 23, 2013

Hi Dave, GP6 already supports 8 string guitars.

maxsuel alves almeida - mai 21, 2013

Another thing that is missing is the possibility to resize the guitar fretboard Windows.
This is really important!

maxsuel alves almeida - mai 21, 2013

It would be nice if the guitar pro freetboard could show us not only note names (E,C#, etc…) but also intervals (1,b3, 5, etc…).

Another incredible thing would be show us guitar scale shapes on the freeboard (at least for the most commom scales: major, minor melodic, minor harmonic, whole tone and diminished scale).
In this case the notes would be shown on the fretboard while the music is playing (this already exists) but would be shown inside the scales shapes.

The last suggestion is the creation of a functionality that, based on the notes played separated on a bar (solo, arpeggio or riff), could sugest a chord for this notes on this bar if the chord is not already definied for the bar.

John S - mai 13, 2013

I would like to see Guitar Pro as a VST or DX soft syth – I have tried to use it via a virtual midi cable – but hav e horrible luck trying to get it to work that way.

dani darkly - mai 13, 2013

Do software will run quicker, and your application can connect to the site http://www.ultimate-guitar.com
and more real musical instruments

Satchriani - mai 10, 2013

1) Automation option for the amps and pedals!!!

2) Visual drum set to input drums data!!

3) Better sound bank

4) Midi input with quantization

5) Support for VST plugins

6) That’s the most important request: A RELEASE DATE!!!!! We are over a year from the suggestions’ deadline and we still don’t have any news.

Justin - mai 9, 2013

Amen to the retina display comment for the mac. EVERYTHING should be retina display.

What about a feature that will let the user hum or sing into the mic, and the software picks up the sound and places the notes or tab on the screen. This could help users who don’t know music as well compose and write music. (I know there are free apps out there on the google play store that will do this). Its a way to quickly make a “note” of a tune that’s in your head.

Elkin - mai 8, 2013

I almost forgot, a feature to insert lyrics along with the notes already written.

A feature which allow you to record with the proper quantification settings and the software itself can pick up the durations of the notes in order to write them down right.

Elkin - mai 8, 2013

Hello. Thank you for the change to give some ideas about the features for the next version.

When I write down a tab at notes notations, there are some bugs, like when I tie a note, and the note before has a dot, the line comes over the dot. It could be that the software itself fix this thing.

Also, the feature to possibility to change the string in which the is playing without you have to change it yourself.

The option of exporting in MusicXML is too vague, and doesn’t have options to open right in another software.

tslays - avril 27, 2013

Please make the Mac Version Retina-compatible and let us buy the software using the Mac App Store!

John - avril 27, 2013

More than 1,5 years past deadline and comments are still arriving. Kinda shows how Guitar Pro is important to us all =)

sam - avril 24, 2013

1) An option to put a sound track for vocal to play in the background and to be edited.

2) An option to record directly the vocal part.

3) A marker to mark parts in color.

4) A simple copy + paste of an instrument.

thank you very much! i love you!!! 🙂

Maru333 - avril 22, 2013

Please make the fret board which I can display to 30f.

Byte boy - avril 20, 2013

I wish to see
. Power slides for guitars
. More effects and amp options specific for bass
. More synthesizer sound options
. Export to mp3
. Tabs for keyboard
. Midi connection from a keyboard
. The ability to make polyrythems
. With drums I would like to be able to put multiple rythem on the same bar

gw2 gold gem calculator - avril 19, 2013

Wow, what a game it is! Truly good feature game, the lesson given in this game is actually informative.

mjbg - avril 18, 2013

and just one idea.. add something like the common “piano track” for drums.. or something like the patterns on Fruity loops..
really easy and straight foward..

mjbg - avril 18, 2013

Like someone said, just sell gp5 again and call it gp7.. gp6 interface sucks big time..

Mikaël - avril 12, 2013

Oh, and by the way, totally agree with you Josh (April 11, 2013 at 9:41 pm ) in every point.

Mikaël - avril 12, 2013

J’imagine que ceux qui vous enjoignent à revenir à une interface simpliste (type gp5) sont des trolls stipendiés par vos concurrents, je ne vois pas d’autre explication. Pour ma part, GP6 est la pierre angulaire indispensable de ma vie professionnelle.
Voici qques suggestions :
Si vous pouviez ajouter des réglettes bleues pour configurer la taille verticale des mesures comme i- l en existe déjà sur le plan horizontal (mode design), ce ne serait pas plus mal.
– A titre personnel, un export audio supplémentaire en flac (format libre de droits) me conviendrait tout à fait. Pour ceux qui le souhaitent le mp3 (format merdique de toute façon) il s’obtient ensuite en 2 clics grâce à format factory par exemple… totalement superflu, donc.
– Un éditeur de grille harmonique serait également le bienvenu.
– Un libre choix dans la taille des grandes polices, idem pour le coeff de tempo, pas assez souple.
– Ralentir le scrolling sur les carrés du bas (vue globale du score) pour sélectionner une partie de la piste ; le défilement va trop vite et on arrive jamais sur la case de mesure que l’on souhaite.
– Pouvoir double-cliquer sur les potards afin d’incrémenter soi-même la valeur numérique que l’on souhaite (pour le volume, par exemple).

J’en viens au point le plus important (le seul qui soit un vrai problème, en fait). Lorsqu’on écrit une ligne de chant à 2 voix, les hampes se surajoutent (en surimpression) et des croches peuvent alors apparaître comme des doubles. Il reste bien l’option d’inverser les hampes d’une des 2 voix, mais franchement, ça ne fait pas très sérieux.

GP6 est un logiciel brillant, continuez ainsi svp !

josh - avril 11, 2013

I think the drum system in gp6 is fine, in fact great. It’s called guitar pro, meant for professionals not amateurs who cannot even read a simple drum sheet…which by the way is the easiest of all common instruments to read. They shouldn’t have to simplify it for people who don;t even play drums, because lets face it; you need to know it to play drums otherwise you can never learn songs or theory. Secondly I think they should add the ability to plug in your guitar and retrieve the notes via midi, so when creating a song and tabbing it out you don’t have to go through the grueling process of playing each single not on your guitar.

Ben - avril 10, 2013

The most helpful feature would absolutely be a scrolling feature that allows you to see ahead as you’re playing along, keeping the line you are currently playing at the top and scrolling it out of view as you finish. This way would be the most helpful because you can read ahead and you aren’t wasting space with stuff you’ve finished.

Also being able to, like in GP5, change from 7 to 6 strings and vice versa would be helpful.

The functionality (crashing) and lag were problems with GP6, although the crashing was improved from 5 (mac). When playing along in time, I personally would much prefer a program that didn’t lag or have slowdown/crashing issues before one that sounded nice.

Carmel - avril 6, 2013

I’ve just ran into a grand idea!
Using Brace to connect tracks. that way drums can be split into three tracks for better sound, and some tracks can automatically be viewed and edited simultaneously.

Kyle Butler - avril 6, 2013

– FIX THE MIDI EXPORT!!! (pitch bend, vibrato and a lot more doesn’t work at the export)

– BRING BACK THE GP5 DRUM SETUP!! (36 38 etc….)

– Tabs for keyboard

– Import midi on a new track (not having to open a new project/import/copy/paste…)

– Midi to mp3 (export to mp3)

– Please please please Focus more on the MIDI, not on the sound of rse and stuff like that… GP is a tool for writing music!! not for making music with it. There’s a lot of people who work with import/export midi function. So please make something for us.

Valerius - avril 1, 2013

export to mp3, equalizer with more settings, proffesional compressor, hip hop bass kick (like pitbull), more effects and synth instruments !!!

Todd - mars 30, 2013

Oh, and also RTA support. If your going to do have VST support you’ll also want to add RTA support as that is what is used by Pro Tools.

Todd - mars 30, 2013

Definitely need to New Standard Tuning (C G d a e’ g’) to the list of tunings. For now it can be done manually but it would be nice for this to be added to the list as it is becoming more and more popular.

Also, the “File -> Export -> MIDI” function desperately needs to be fixed (at least for exporting MIDI drums). First of all, it does not export properly 99% of the time; the exported file cannot be seen on the computer except for within GPro6. The current workaround is obviously unacceptable. I have to delete the file from within the GPro6 program, go to recycle bin and restore it. At this point it is restored with some kind of code for the file name. I rename it and THEN finally I can use it as a MIDI file. Would be nice if it just worked correctly when exporting. Again, only noticed this when exporting a drum track as MIDI, not sure if the same thing occurs when exporting as MIDI for other instruments.

Furthermore, “File -> Export -> MIDI” (at least for a drum track) does not export any dynamics at all: everything note is just assigned a velocity of 74.

Thank you 🙂

Thomas - mars 27, 2013

Simple idea – make some kind of library, or recently opened files built in guoitar pro. So that when you first open guitar pro and quickly find your different gp files in different places rather than u first open file browser and search for files and than open that

Per-Morten - mars 26, 2013

– Re introduce the ability to use midi and RSE at the same time. (The RSE sounds for everything but the guitars are horrible).
– Re introduce the tablature to the drums, 36 for bass drums 38 for accoustic snare etc. This is WAY faster than to write everything in with clicking.
– Re introduce tabs for keyboard, so much easier if the keyboarder are playing the same as the guitars.
– Re introduce the dynamics function where you could set up so that certain strings would have a certain accent. (This was a perfect way to make your drums more dynamic if you used a proper system)
– What that made Guitar pro 5 so good for me was that when I started using it I didn’t need to know any musical theory at all to make stuff. (I still don’t know how to read notes, except the rythmical aspect).
– Add VST support.

granced - mars 23, 2013

– Revenez à l’interface GP4/GP5 : GP6 est devenu une usine à gaz, j’ai même pas envie de m’y mettre…
– Abandonnez le RSE ou les effets, concentrez vous sur l’accessibilité du logiciel, le son et les effets il y a les VST et VSTi qui le font très bien !!

Pitié refaites un logiciel “accessible”, vous pourriez enterrer Cubase et ses copains !

Fabrizzio - mars 20, 2013

Drum editing like gp5!!!

Sam - mars 19, 2013

Make it more like GP5,
more simple looking GP6 is hideous
be able to turn off and hide all the RSE type stuff and have the GP5 midi sounds
as another user said just re-release GP5 again for newer MAC OS’s

Audio News - mars 17, 2013

very nice, i like to use guitar pro in my music productions. sound very close to real sound

Fegadeyus - mars 16, 2013

Real soundz and say no to failiures .

Angel W - mars 12, 2013

It would be great if u guys had an official page to upload and download GP SCORES

adrien - mars 13, 2013

Hi, we used to have that kind of page called “mySongBook” but it has been closed due to copyright issues. Now, this project is called “mSB Forever” and is hosted here: http://www.msb-forever.com. Notice that mSB Forever doesn’t allow you to upload well known tablatures but only your personal ones.

As a company, we do not aspire to infringe copyrights, and we embolden you to purchase the artist’s official tablatures on our own catalogue: http://www.mysongbook.com.

Thank you for your understanding.

JO - mars 12, 2013

dropbox / automatic sync support for moving files between GP on the desktop and the rest of ones devices

Aaron - mars 11, 2013

Hello, my name is Aaron Niles, and I have been using Guitar Pro for years now. The only things that I think need improvement in gp7, is the abillity to do pick scrapes, and have more slots for pedals and amps with more customizations! For example, real life stage setups and amps. Guitar Pro 6 has already made a breakthrough in doing most of this already, but you should go a step further! I have really highl expectations for gp7, since, I use this software to help my band come up with ideas for songs, and different amp setups!

I say, why not expand further into being able to record your instruments? Make a whole recording studio built into the software, to be able to take your tabs from concept, to reality even further! I would also recommend a higher understanding in drums this time around as well, the drums could sound a bit better this time around. With these ideas, I hope you can make this program into something better than all of its predecessors!

Aaron Niles

Joe - mars 4, 2013

Add pick scraping…..

Fernando - févr. 27, 2013

1) bring back the GP 5 drum setup (36 = kick, etc)
2) midi input would make drum programming / any other instrument input A LOT easier 🙂
3) could be just my setup, but allow for RSE to be turned off (on a mac) and have it shoot out old midi sounds, currently only sound comes out when the RSE is active

4) continue to make awesome product !

Sean - févr. 24, 2013

The RSE needs some improvement.
Instead of making a bunch of mediocre sounding instruments,
focus on making a few REALLY good and convincing ones.

There are a lot of amazing software instruments out there from companies like Prominy and Vir2.
You guys should take some notes.

The worst part of the RSE is the lack of “Round Robin.”
When hearing repetitive notes, it’s just awful. I prefer to use the basic General Midi sounds over the RSE because of this. Although GM sounds just as bad, at least it isn’t trying to pass itself off as “realistic.”

I’d recommend at least 4x Round Robin; 2 “Down Pick” samples and 2 “Up Pick” samples.

Just sample the essential instruments.
-Fender Stratocaster
-Gibson Les Paul
-Modern 8 String Guitar (Which can be used as either an 8, 7 or even 6 string guitar. It can also give you the chance to achieve a realistic drop tuned instrument, for example, when writing for a 6 string in Drop B)
-Hollow or Semi-Hollow Body Guitar

-Nylon and Steel String Acoustic Guitars
-12 String Acoustic Guitar

An optional “Double Track” Mode would be an awesome bonus!
The ability to dial in the volume of “Fret Noise” on the guitar would be cool as well.

Also, tonal correct samples depending on the position of the neck, if this makes sense…
If I were to tab a “C” on the 6th string, I don’t want to hear a sample playback of a “C” on the 5th string.

Obviously, this would be quite the upgrade from the standard RSE! Sampled Guitars this advanced could sell for hundreds, so perhaps these advanced guitars could be sold separately as add-onds, much like the expansion packs we can purchase now.

And then… of course, VST SUPPORT!!!!

Make it happen! =]

themis - févr. 23, 2013

I would like it to have more instruments ,more effects and better sound on orchestral instruments (and please make them more in tune).It would also be good if you could enable plug-ins for more effects and amps!As for the design ,I think it is pretty good as it is.Please release it as soon as possible!

guitar pro 7 - févr. 23, 2013

add the fret sound and make the software soundbank engien more realistic

Vincent - févr. 22, 2013

*As an edit for the above suggestion about dynamics:
Maybe even give another option or section below the current dynamics icons that allow you to change dynamics on all notes on that beat. That will give the best of both worlds.

Vincent - févr. 22, 2013

As an update for GP6:
Fix the way dynamics work.
Make it work exactly like how it did in GP5. Currently, if you change dynamics around in the editor, it will remove whatever similar dynamic that’s currently ahead of what your editing. What this is doing, is it’s deleting the dynamic information that we created, because the system is trying to remove similar dynamic symbols that are in sequence.
This creates faulty functionality because as a result, it removes the similar symbol ahead of what you just changed. But that’s horrible because the system REMOVES what you created.
Please bring it back to the exact same system as GP5. It worked as follows:
Dynamics by default are at “mf” (or was it “f”? I don’t remember exactly). ONLY the notes that you specifically change the dynamics for, are affected, and every note for any instrument has editable dynamics, even on the same beat.

For GP7:
Give us an option to add “swing” to any track/measures we desire. Please make the individual swing patterns independent of each other so that we have full control of the swing values on a per track, per measure basis.

Xho - févr. 21, 2013

-Ability to make and use polyrhythms rather than just sticking to one time signature across all instruments.

-Different/better effects for guitar – not bad but could be better.

Christoffer - févr. 19, 2013

GP6 is the worst software I have ever used.
More CPU demanding then rendering.
Maybe it’s a benchmark software?
Just start selling gp 5 again and call it GP7
And please make it stable for mac.

Best regards / Christoffer

adrien - févr. 20, 2013

Hi Christopher,

Does your program crash frequently? Could you send a message to the support, our representative will make his best to solve your technical issues: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=contact. Thank you.

Stephen - févr. 15, 2013

I know there are some effects in guitar pro 6 that will not work. Worked fine in 5 but not in 6. For one I cannot get the fade out effect to work for anything. I would really like for you to fix the play back for fast metal drums and guitars. They sound like machines guns and so natural. Would love midi keyboard as well as midi guitar input and tracking the notes to what we play. Instead of just having different guitars and effects pedal add amps like pod does. I would like better distortion sounds. Keep in mind that while not all of your users use this for metal and HUGE percentage do.

nicole riordan - févr. 14, 2013

sorry for the mistakes, google translate in my application. I like to create a rock with an electronic footprint, so what I miss most is those ascents of electronic music used in rasições a part to another … example: a sound of wind that becomes more acute. thank you

brandon - févr. 13, 2013

please improve the drum system. Some suggestions are listed below,

individual dynamic levels for each hit (snare quiet, bass drum loud)
allow for mapping of the double bass (the left foot bass drum should be on a lower bar)
add more crashes and chinas and toms.
a drag/flam button as opposed to the tremolo/grace note from the guitar section.
some basic rudiments (top 40 should be fairly easy)
add the ability to mark to indicate left or right hand
a new drum interface that reflects the drums in the same way the fretboard and keyboard works.
ability to create a custom drum kit so you dont need to see a list of all the items you dont use.
some tone/reverb/micing options when using drums
perhaps contact tama or sabian for samples their websites have a lot of stuff already and building the drum kit could work in a similar way
accept midi drum pad inputs (if someone has an electronic drum set they should be able to tab beats out that way)
work with freedrumlessons.com to put out tabs of their lessons. guitarlessons.com already use gp to make tabs.

ability to add/create custom scales. (i noticed the triad scale isnt in guitar pro 6)
add in power slides
indivudual string dynamics
some tone/reverb/micing options when using guitar/bass
control for vibrato
the ability to copy a guitar line to the bass or bass to guitar and correct for the octave difference

Ted - févr. 12, 2013

PowerTab compatible

Kain - févr. 10, 2013

A way to copy rhythm guitar tabs into bass, just single out the root note of the chord, (should be intelegent with inversions) and pull an octave down.
Shouldn’t be too hard to code.
Any changes can then be added by the writer but this will speed up the process of writing out most genres of simpler music.

A way to translate the rhythmic properties of different instruments.
For things like breakdowns, if I could translate my rhythm guitars zeroes to rests on the drum and bass tabs, I could then put in bass zeroes and kick drums accordingly.

I strongly agree with the other suggestions as well, with the VST plugins and GP5 stuff.

elijah - févr. 10, 2013


Enkuryo - févr. 10, 2013

– The old input function for drums (36 -> kick, 42 -> closed hihat, etc.)

MacGyver - févr. 4, 2013

I know the deadline for this is long passed, but I would still like to offer my input. I’ve used Guitar Pro since version 2/3 (well over a decade now), and there are two things I’ve wanted to see all this time:

– Global, temporary PLAYBACK transposition – i.e. not the transposition of the tracks themselves – of all tracks simultaneously. Useful for practising detuned tracks on a standard-tuned guitar. Many, if not most, metal tracks I’ve learnt along the years have been originally detuned, and thus far I’ve created a folder called “E-tuned” for all the artists I have tabs for.

– A non-rigid playback speed coefficient selector. I know, there’s a speed trainer separately, but I’d like a shortcut. Going through the dialogue is too much time used, especially when I’m only trying to learn a tricky part or lick.

And specifically what I’ve missed in GP6:

– BETTER ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTS. The current samples, while not bad per se, are HORRIBLY tuned.

– A drum mixer. I like to adjust the balances of the individual drums every once in a while, but the tool I’m forced to use is the 15-band EQ, and that’s just not right.

If you read these, please consider them. I don’t ask much, as the first two gripes are basically just shortcuts for existing functionality.

Nico Brewster - févr. 2, 2013

BRING BACK THE MIDI INPUT FOR DRUMS! I have no idea why you guys removed it. GP6 is pretty much incomplete without it. Its too much work to tab out drums in GP6.

Federico Il Bardo - févr. 1, 2013

– Less complicated and substantially useless pedal/effects section for guitar tracks and return to the simplicity of the GP5 instrument handling.
– Return to the old drum immission system with the little numbers on a tablature, because the GP6 system is way less intuitive and, again, pointlessly too complicated.
– Allow VST plugins…

Vincent - janv. 29, 2013

This is what I believe should be in GP6 as an update:
– The old way of inputting drum information: 36 = kick, 40 = snare, etc.
– The ability to see Dynamics in Tablature only, as well as the ability to edit dynamics for specific notes on the same beat (most important for creating dynamic drums.)
– The ability to create tabs with the Guitar Tablature Stave for any instrument. Currently, If I create a Piano track, I cannot select the “Tablature” Stave in the Track properties. Same with drums. This absolutely needs to be in the software for this to be a true Guitar Pro program.
– A designated area on the interface for the fretboard/keyboard/drums. Keep it toggle-able.
– The ability to open the track properties, and change the type of instrument for that track (similar to the options you have when you create a new track.)

To recap: basically bring back all the removed features and abilities from GP5. Make it so that if there is something you can do in GP5, it can also be done in GP6 (a true improvement of the original software, rather than a complete rebuild with missing parts.)

This is what I believe should be in GP7:
– The ability to drag a track up or down to organize the order quickly, rather than clicking one of the arrow buttons to move that track up or down.
– A visual drum set to input drum data (as a means to compliment the ability to type in 36, 40, 42 etc.)
– The ability to export to GP6/5/4.
– The ability to save the score while it is playing.
– A smarter “designer” mode that naturally defaults to 2 or 4 bar lines. Also for it to be less buggy (sometimes it won’t center the measures.)
– A less confusing or cleaner organization of the Stylesheet and Preferences option menus. Currently they appear to be confusing.
– An ability to quickly apply Stylesheet settings to all future “new scores”, without having to save and load stylesheet information. Make an option to save our new Stylesheet changes to all future “new scores” that use pre-made templates from Arobas.
– Higher quality soundbanks that are recorded with better engineering in a different studio than previously. (The default drum sounds are hard to hear over the rest of the music.)
– The ability to resize windows, especially the fretboard/keyboard/drums window, if we so choose to drag the fretboard/keyboard/drums window out of it’s docked position on the interface.
– Make the “Extend note stems in tablature” option actually make the stems larger in size. If the option is un-checked, make it so that the entire size of the stems are shorter in length, and closer up to the tab lines.
– Give us the ability to add mp3/wav files into the score for the purpose of better songwriting, tab conversion and auditioning of songs. It would be even more valuable to be able to edit the audio data as well. It would be even much more valuable to be able to extract the note information out of the audio data so it becomes midi, much like the new Melodyne software. If that’s too expensive, then let us be able to use Melodyne as a plugin to be able to do that.
– Allow us to add our own VST-2, VST-3 effects plugins.
– The ability to import custom Soundfonts, VST instruments, etc.
– MIDI keyboard input method (as well as MIDI guitar) with “input quantizing” options.

While you guys are hard at work making GP7 worth whatever you charge, please make GP6 worth its money by updating it to match GP5 standards.

AimanTGH - janv. 25, 2013

-support animation drum like a real drum on android smart phone.
-support VST like guitar rig pro.
i hope it will be put in gp7

Aiman - janv. 25, 2013

insert a drum image like a android real drum.it can help any beginnerdrum to see it.i’m sorry for my stupid english

Jimmy - janv. 23, 2013

Please Please Please add MIDI keyboard support so the input of drums is a lot easier to implement rather than to individually type every single tab for the drums, it’s very time consuming!

If this isn’t possible, than please bring back the number tabbing like the drums were used for in gp5.

Pablo - janv. 23, 2013

Estéticamente me gustaría que los instrumentos como el violín, viola, violonchelo, etc. no tengan trastes en su representación del panel del instrumento 🙂

Law - janv. 22, 2013

Being able to export to Mp3 would be really handy

Nizze - janv. 22, 2013

One weak side is still the lyrics.
To enchance lyrics you could add:
* More than 5 lines of lyrics. Preferable unlimited number of lines.
* Be able to write lyrics for the different sections free from each others.

For the last one that would make the lyrics for the sections independant from each others so that you could easy work with one section of the lyrics without alterering the entire lyrics.

JB - janv. 21, 2013

Don’t nickle and dime people with soundbanks! If someone pays $60 for the program, give them all the soundbanks, including upgrades/addditions! Even Fishman gives free updates with their Aura program and it costs them WAY more to create them.

GPMan - janv. 20, 2013

I don’t wanna anything. ANYTHING! just, just.. just I wanna better PALM MUTES :(((

Ece - janv. 18, 2013

VST suport & Rewire

Roger8176 - janv. 16, 2013

Hey Guys, great program!

The only thing that I can think of at the moment is have a one-click way of de/activating Standard Notation & TABS.

JCStar - janv. 12, 2013

I’m sure whatever you guys do will be brilliant. I am amazed at the quality of this program. Thankyou so much GP6!!!

I do have one enquiry though:- perhaps someone can help me from here.

The guitar strumming patterns of full chords sound really mechanized, I was wondering about some techniques I could do to give the strum patterns a more “human” feel.

Say, if you had 8 full chord strums in a single bar, would I have to break down the amount of strings played with each strum, and then apply “pick up / down”?

I should go and try it for myself, but I just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone has any ideas.

Thankyou very much!!!

Gustavo Sierra - janv. 11, 2013

Hello Arobas team!… I’ve been using guitarpro since it was around only for windows in the 4 version, now I’ve used the gp6 version for three years (In the very begining It was a little hard to change the 5 version to the 6, I loved the gp5 format and software in general.)

Even when I really like some of the new features in 6 version, when I export to .gp5 or midi some things change or get lost in the process, so… sometimes is really hard to use reaper with kontakt to do the orchestral stuff or even the guitar parts (long notes, effects, that kind of stuff is dead, I have to edit the midis individually in my DAW to make them sound in the correct way.)

The drums are good but… my drummer just hate with an incredible and almost impossible anger the new sounds and interface, he prefers to use the old guitarpro 5 to create the drums and I have to use that file into my own files and try to put everything in order… the process from gp5->gp6 and viceversa is not perfect, and as the midi… you need to change a lot of things to achieve good results. (My drummer, my bassist and myself… we all want the old fashioned drums notation of gp5… and improvements in the orchestral instruments can be really cool to!.)

In the past I used to create things in guitarpro5 with wine, now with 6 support for linux it’s my favourite software (-I use only linux, in home and my job-) BUT… I really want to see a new feature to choose between ALSA, JACK and PULSEAUDIO (-Right now I had to install again pulseaudio because it’s not possible to use gp without it-).

Official releases for 64-bit systems for all main OS (win-mac-lin), with official installers (win and mac doesn’t have any problem, but for linux it will be awesome to see installers for debian, redhat and slackware for example.)

Maybe one day guitarpro can become a DAW or something… it’s the most cool software to create music… why not make it evolve into a full integrated digital audio workstation?… or make some plugins or new soft to achieve that kind of things…(Not just notation or tabbing, also recording.)

So…in abstract the main things I really want to see in the future… REAL MIDI EXPORT (correct midi, without lost of effects and stuff), drum-notation like old style one, 64bit support, ALSA and JACK support, maybe mp3/ogg export.

Thank you for the amazing software all this years and… well I don’t want to upgrade if everything is working fine, but if you make some of the cool stuff I said it will be awesome to upgrade again.

Greetings from Colombia!

Chris - janv. 8, 2013

-put GP7 back in a windowed view like 5

-the drums in 7 sounded way too mechanical, especially the kick (sounded too clicky). either revert back to GP5 style drums or give more variety and control over individual drum voices.

-Option for wave track recording and manipulation for vocals and recording in general (i suppose half GP, half Audacity; good for those who use GP for writing and not simply tabbing other peoples music)

Ted - janv. 7, 2013

I wish to be able export file as MP3

Ted - janv. 7, 2013

I would like to be able change the direction of ties and slure

Dana - janv. 5, 2013

Ability to play a real guitar into the computer if users have a proper soundcard. GP would calculate and populate the score. I’m not upgrading until this happens.

Arshavir - janv. 1, 2013

1 Support Jazz Brass Symbols & Sound Banks
2 Multitrack Score In Default Stylesheet & Staff Name In Horizontal Screen
3 Support VSTi & Rewire
4 Ability Slide Window Such As Bend Window
5 Improved Classical Notation
6 Support Far East & Midle East (Turkish&Iranian&Arabian) Instruments & Micro Tune Symbols &
East Key Signature
7 Improved Compatibility with Import MusicXML, MIDI
8 Easy Switch To Concert Tone (Transposing Score)
9 Built-In Integration with Vienna Symphonic Library, Miroslav Philharmonik,
East West Instruments , Garritan Instruments and others (For Example: Notion Software !)
10 Complete full Screen mode ( Only Score ) & Improved Hotkey ( Such AS Sibelius Software !)
11 Import & Record & Edit Audio !!! 🙂
12 Rename Guitar Pro to Music Pro !!! 😉

Mark - déc. 30, 2012

Allow for the creation of tuplets within tuplets.

Get rid of or increase the limit of effects allowed on an instrument.

Fix the bug where the measure number only shows on the first measure upon printing , despite having the option to have the number appear on all measures checked.

Juan - déc. 28, 2012

It would be great to have drum grooves or patterns to speed up drum-programing.
Also a touchscreen-friendly interface option, like bigger buttons and a touch note-entry.
And of course vst-support.

Sviper - déc. 27, 2012


I would seriously suggest, that you do not try to invent a wheel again, so to speak.
Trying to create your own “Real Sound Engine” must be expensive, yet (what I think) expendable.
Since there already are very good VSTis around. Some even for free. So maybe just tweaking the old, for the people who wants to use `em, and bring VST for serious users and concentrate on midi sequencing and problems that may occur while exporting files.

PS. I would like to have a support for GP2 files. I think it still goes unsupported, which is sad, since I have much material in that format also. (Although, I haven`t been paying too much attention to that lately)

J-さま - déc. 24, 2012

Add more pedals, effects and more RSE instruments. The GP6 has quite improved and has a lot of varieties. We need to have real fret-like effect sound aside of the grace notes and need improvement for the dead note effect and palm muting.

Psy - déc. 23, 2012

I’d really love a better system to arranging bars. At the moment, rearranging sections of a song is a pain in the arse and requires a lot of copy and pasting, reworking time sigs, automations, etc. I’d adore the ability to click and drag bars around much like you would move audio clips around in a DAW.

Kilghaz - déc. 15, 2012

I would really like some version control, similar to svn or git but for guitar pro tabs. Especially to highlight the changes made by someone else. Some functions I use very often are very hard to reach and hidden in some menu. Maybe you should rethink your Infomation architecture. ‘View’ and ‘Window’ seem very similar. I suggest you do some card-sorting 😉
I would really appreciate a customizable action-bar where I can put in my most used functions.
Often I just want to write some riff down, but when i use GP6 it just takes too long. An auto-powerchord function would help a lot. So if i write lets say:

– – – – – –
– – – – – –
– 3 – – – –

auto-power-chord translates to:
… …
– – – – – – – 5 – – – – –
– 5 – – – – – 5 – – – – –
– 3 – – – – or – 3 – – – – –

These are just some thoughts… hope this helps 😉

Oh and: HiDPI support would also be nice! (for Mac OS)

Stanislav - déc. 11, 2012

Support JACK and ALSA sound drivers for Linux version

Carmel - déc. 11, 2012

GP 6 was a breakthrough! However a few things need improvement:
-gp5 export sometimes doesn’t work.
-midi export – drums become piano, and sometimes it bypasses tracks.
-vst might be fun, I know Audacity did it.
-Drums with tabs? might also relate to midi export issue. Seriously, I think you made notes redundant.

*Important: Two musical functions:
-Octave up\down – if I choose octave up, I want it to play octave up…
-alternate string – a button like in gp5 that turns tab 5 on string D to become G, etc…

Thanks! Looking forward 🙂

Dorothée Pietquin - déc. 11, 2012


Automatic Transpositions, for orchestral arrangements. Trumpet in Bb, Horn in Eb, etc.

Numbers for silences (in place of plenty of empty bars)

Sorry for my bad English

Mancinist - déc. 3, 2012

Very excited about the prospect of ANY enhancements to my favorite guitar-related software, which I am already totally obsessed with. But since you asked . . .

Hands-down most important improvements in my mind:

1) Real-time polyphonic MIDI input sequencing that detects and automatically transcribes rhythm / note duration, in addition to notes/fret numbers

2) Ability to upload mp3 versions of songs and link them to tab files so playback is simultaneous for practice and looping purposes (currently possible for GPX tabs using a separate program that I don’t think is affiliated with Arobas)

Other things that would be nice:

3) Add ability to re-size and print fretboard view (and to make other more advanced customizations, and maybe export to Word) — to facilitate creation of fretboard diagrams as teaching/learning tools. Also ability to lock fretboard to screen above or below tab during playback in full-screen mode.

4) Touch screen optimization (e.g., for use on Windows tablets)

5) True full-screen mode in addition to the quasi-full screen mode that currently exists

6) Copy/paste that copies chord names, etc. with the notes & fret #s (when copying bars from one track to a new track, for example)

7) Optional ability to print/display key signatures as part of tab info

8) Addition of features similar to those in other new apps that detect and play / transcribe / display fingerings of chords from mp3s that are uploaded

Pandora - nov. 29, 2012

I would love a way to create and print up chord diagrams only, rather than at the top of the notation/tab.

Juhy - nov. 28, 2012

The most missing features (IMHO) in guitar pro are:

– Patterns
Mainly for drums would be useful have ability to prepare some patterns and fills, and have relation to parent pattern.
Usefull would be have a bank with patterns.

– Guitar effects
Variations are complicated, because real using of effects is different. It would be usefull say where switch what stompbox.

– Wah curve
It will be nice to draw wah level curve, similar as is automation curve.

– it would be usefull to say play this part with pickup and this using fingers

Alternate begining
– I didn’t get how to create alternate beginning

– Jazz Symbols
Use Jazz symbols e.g. triangle for Maj7, circle for Dim

Albert - nov. 26, 2012

My opinion is very simple, make it free, otherwise why should i need a new guitar rpo, i dont need another version to spend the money on, the older versions are enough

Kent - nov. 25, 2012

A playlist function that enables playing one track after another continuously.

Morten - nov. 21, 2012

Just tested Guitar Pro 6.. There seems to be a bug or something.. When inputting notes there is no sound, i have to press the play button to hear it. This has to be fixed.

adrien - nov. 22, 2012

Hello Morten, please send a message to the development team to get support: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=contact. Thanks.

Morten - nov. 21, 2012

Midi recording!
Bring back the old drum tab numbering system.
VST support so people can use sounds from Native Instruments, East West, Toontrack, etc..

Ernani - nov. 21, 2012

I would like to enter notes without the TABS, only with the standard notation. When I want one I use TABS. The software should allow me to NOT accept suggestions on which string and fret I put the note. Thus, the software becomes more flexible to use.

Nick - nov. 20, 2012

i would like the ability to do poly ryhtyms and different time signatures on different tracks. like having the drums do 3/4 and the guitars doing 4/4 at the same time without having to work out a unifying time signature.

Emil Bak - nov. 20, 2012

Better RSE Soundbanks especially, palm muted guitars, the orchestral soundbanks are very inconsistent in quality. Some tweaks to the presets so you don’t have to tweak the volume to combat clipping every time you choose a new preset. The volume indicator on the tracks could also be a solid colour(green) that changes when hitting high levels. or just an indicator of when it is loud.

Mark - nov. 20, 2012

The transposing function should also include the chord Symbols !

James - nov. 18, 2012

– Maybe a cut off or resonance filter for synths

James - nov. 18, 2012

– A way of making multi track view and the panoramic view a default setting
– An export to mp3
– The old drum numbering system

Michael Fuchs - nov. 17, 2012

Better strings and flutes and a Lilypond export to fine tune the printing.
Thank you for the good job and for supporting Linux!

Peter - nov. 14, 2012

Oh, and while you are busy with the acoustic guitar sounds, please add an acoustic amplifier.

Peter - nov. 14, 2012

The acoustic guitar sounds in Guitar Pro are not that good, as you might expect.
For an acoustic player, there is only one sound available and that’s a Martin like guitar with a sober sound.
It would be a good idea, to add some real good samples to the acoustic guitars.
You might think of Olsen, Ryan, Lowden or a few guitar from that category.
It would make the files sound much better, I believe.

Eric - nov. 13, 2012


On the notation side, have eight notes beam together even when you have a grace note in between them. Right now, if I use a grace note just before an 8th note on the “and” of a beat, I cannot even force the two 8th notes to have a beam between them…if memory serves me well I think the same issue applies to 16th notes. thx for looking into this

Kristoffer - nov. 11, 2012

The RSE for orchestral does not match. For example, strings and brass do not go well together because they are pitching differently.

Alexandre - nov. 11, 2012

More drum presents, mainly the drum kits

Trevor - nov. 11, 2012

Please improve the sound banks for strings and other classical instruments. I am a classical musician, I got guitarpro because it can write scores for all instruments, and is cheaper than Finale or Sibelius, but I’m saving up for those programs now because the RSE sounds are so bad. I can write the scores, but it hurts my ears to hear what I’ve written.

Dan Tyler - nov. 5, 2012

I have been using guitar pro 6 since its release and i love it.. My request for 7 would be more realistic sounding RSE for distortion guitar plus some form of smart tool so you can play you real guitar into your computers mic and gp will form what you played into notation/tab to the best of its ability. Guitar pro is a very unique program so something that cannot go is its simplicity, and 6s ‘wav export feature’ Thanks a lot folks look forward to seeing gp7

Nikhil - nov. 4, 2012

-Please bring back the number system for drums…. the 36/38 (kick/snare) thing!!!

-guitar pro 6 doesnt seem to export midi files correctly– tremolo notes, bends, pitch shifts and etc arent printed when bounced to midi.

-Bring back the number system for drums. 36/38 FTW!!

-midi recording function, so you can use a midi guitar/keys to input tabs. This would be especially useful for programming drums.

-Number tabbing for drums… 36/38… like it was on the previous versions of gpro!!

-a very very useful function that was in guitar pro 5 doesnt seem to be on guitar pro 6, when you type in the note, it doesnt actually play the note, i actually have to press play to hear the note. It would be epic if you could make it the same as guitar pro 5 so when you type in 0 on the 6th string, it plays the E note right as you press 0, not only when you press play.

-BRING BACK THE DAMN NUMBER TABBING FOR DRUMS! 36s and 38s are how I remember guitar pro… (been using it for about 6 years now in that way since i first layed my hands on gpro 4! and in guitar pro 6 it was some dumb scoring system. bring back the number tabbing for drums PLEASE!!!)

Dan - nov. 3, 2012

It would be nice to include the slur symbol for (vocal tracks especially)

Terje borstad - nov. 2, 2012

I am really happy with the improvements in GP6 over GP5. Especially the new options for score layout, as I write material for my guitar teaching. The possibility of adjusting the size of each bar is a major improvement for me, and also adjusting text size/font. These functions are easy to use, and works very well. I would be glad to see even more improvements in this section. For example:

– Possible adjustment of the space between each system. Or also, between the tab and the standard notation.

– A way to make a score shorter/more personalized. For example write a few bars of tab, then maybe some text or just open space, then perhaps more tab (on the same page). This way I could write an intro, a verse, a refrain and ending of many songs on maybe one page or two. Then I could just write the form of the song in text. (intro, verse-refrain*3,ending, f.ex)

I could of course only use Sibelius for this type of stuff, but as other people pointed out, the tabbing function is so superior in GP, and really fast to use. So with a few adjustments, I could also make proper scores in GP, I would love that.

I haven’t been using GP6 for more than a few days now, so if any of the functions I ask for here are already available, then please let me know how to use them.

robert - nov. 2, 2012

support for fretlight and ogg,wav,mp3, files

Arne Wangen - nov. 1, 2012

I would love to see possibility of splitting a track, using upward / downward bars on the notes.
Example in fingerstyle, use downward for bass and upward for melody.

adrien - nov. 5, 2012


you should use multiple voice edition for this. Here is a tuto: http://goo.gl/BMzvb.

Thank you.

Dennis Hodges - oct. 26, 2012

PLEASE improve bending notation accuracy! Maybe an 8th or 16th-note grid in the bend window so you can actually specify where the bend lands in the staff? Right now in GP6, there is no way to guess where the bend will release visually, and when using bends with tied notes it can get really screwed up. I can adjust how it sounds but not how it looks.

For example: I have a 1/4 note on the “and” of beat 3 tied to the “and” of beat 4 and tied to beat 1 in the next measure, and want a whole step bend from the “and” of 3 that releases to the “and” of 4, but right now the bend extends all the way into the second measure. With some adjusting in the bend window, it SOUNDS correct in playback but doesn’t LOOK right.

Matt Notley - oct. 25, 2012

A couple of quick thoughts that came to me recently:

– left handed chord diagrams
– drum rolls that sound good, and CYMBAL SWELLS please!

Love GP6, by the way. A massive improvement over GP5.

Landon Duval - oct. 24, 2012

I just thought of this idea and posting here unaware as to if its already been suggested, but here goes. Sitting here trying to tab our original compositions is fun, the interface has really nice flow, and if your fluent enough in music, it can be picked up fairly quickly. The only issue I’m finding the inability to move individual beats and sections of a single bar, in case you wanted to add that one note that’s missing out. I find it especially annoying with drum tabs. For myself not being an actual drummer, I produce the sound I want in my head and then lay it out. If it sounds like something is missing or needs to be changed, I make the necessary adjustments. If it seems to be missing one kick in there anywhere, the bar needs to be scrapped and restarted. I’m not sure if I’m the only one that uses this technique to lay down drum tracks, but it is REALLY painful to have to restart ever 3 bar in a 120 bar arrangement. just a thought.

John - oct. 24, 2012

A couple more suggestions/problems, I don’t know if they were mentioned before (too many pages to read 🙂 ).

1. The possibility to choose a number of presets for different kinds of instruments as ‘default’, and ‘import’ older files (gp4, gp5) into GP7 so the tracks would be automatically assigned to these presets depending on their type (overdriven/distortion guitar, bass, drums, etc.).

2. The numbers appearing above bars in the ‘mini-map’ (dunno how it’s called correctly) mark the end of every 4-bar cycle (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.) while the eyes always pick them up as the beginning of a new cycle (as if they were 5, 9, 13, etc.), especially when I’m adding section marks. Maybe it’s just me, but seems a bit weird.

3. Once you’ve moved a track/master volume slider once, you can’t bring it back to 0 db by hand the same way, you have to use the automations window, which is a bit annoying.

4. Dynamics are applied to ALL notes in the chord, which means I can’t have one note in it played softer/harder than the rest. The same problem with the drums – I can’t have a ‘f’ kick drum with a ‘mf’ hihat going over it. Fix it please!

Pierre-Olivier Merizzi - oct. 20, 2012

Been using Guitar Pro 4, 5, 6… first your software is awesome, thank you for making it! However, here are my main concerns:

1) I know tons of people who use guitar pro, none of them use the RSE soundbank, to us, it sounds awfull and it is not really the point of a notation software. Midi support is less than good in the Gp6 compare to GP5… problem is.. THATS THE MAIN POINT OF THE SOFTWARE! VST ability for playback instead, PLZ!!!!

I was about to switch to sibelius just to get decent midi support and also VST support. Problem is, sibelius is completely retarded when it comes to guitar tablature.

2) Multi track copy on different projects, a must…

3) As others said, a way to change the tuning for multiple instruments. This is really time consuming

4) This one must have been said a lot :… being able to change SOUNDS within a track in GP5 was awesome…. why remove it? I find it stupid to need another track just for a different sound… and losing a midi channel for that.

Trevor - oct. 20, 2012

As a solo guitarist one thing that I find really time consuming is merging 2+ tracks after importing a MIDI file. If there is a way to write a “track-merge” function into 7 I will be buying it the day it’s released.

damien - oct. 20, 2012

Hello, I would Like to be able to export lilypond files.
Also I would like more desktop publishing type control over font sizes,staffs.
and ideally the ability to position staffs and text as floating frames.
Adding graphics/photographs.
also being able to create layers.

Dan - oct. 17, 2012

1) Pick scrapes!
2) Ability to use VST plugins
3) More drum sound banks (especially modern drum sounds)


Bo - oct. 6, 2012

Velocity/Accent edits on drums included in exported MIDI files.

Marek - oct. 5, 2012

There are so many things if you ask me.
I’ve just read whole thread and I don’t want to rewrite same things again and again. So here are the ideas which are almost same as mine.

Mike Walker says:
August 26, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Shaw Mason says:
August 27, 2011 at 2:55 am

Pascal Beaudry says:
August 31, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Rami says:
September 21, 2011 at 3:11 am

Diez says:
December 7, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Ward says:
December 28, 2011 at 8:39 am

Tom says:
December 29, 2011 at 1:51 am

Pedro says:
February 8, 2012 at 11:33 am

Ronnie says:
August 24, 2012 at 9:28 am

And here is little more ideas:
– p-i-m-a with underlines and/or underdots
Information about type of stroke ( rest-stroke vs. free-stroke ) is quite important for fingerstyle players.

– ability to use nonstandard pitches
for example baroque pitch at A415Hz, classical pitch at A430Hz, Chorton pitch at A466Hz …

– import lyric (*.lrc) file format

– Music OCR functionality

andreas - oct. 5, 2012

VST please!

Drew - oct. 3, 2012

A video training series for newbies! Maybe even one for intermediates and advanced users. Your products rock but until you get into them in depth, they aren’t the easiest to learn quickly. Video training series would really help.

Goto http://www.lynda.com for an example of a training series (nothing to do with guitar but you get my drift).

You can use Camtasia Studio to author it http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasia/default.asp

It would be a nice value add for your purchased users – tie access to it into your account somehow.

adrien - oct. 4, 2012

Hello Drew, have you checked out our video tutorial program yet? http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=guitar-pro-videos-tutorials

Hope this helps.

Rushi - oct. 2, 2012

i would love if there would be effect automation as well in GP7…very usefull and please please please add classical instruments like tabla sitar harmonium…etc. please they can change the phase of my music….thankyou…nd please try and not make the sound cad suggestion mandatoory…

TheBaronBrock - oct. 1, 2012

How about adding an external sound card to it so you can plug in and record what you what you are playing and it write it to sheet.

Iselore-Halia - sept. 30, 2012

Not sure if this has been mentioned. But having the ability to have each instruments tabulature/score have a time signature independant of eachother would be great for those of us who write our music like that.

For example, I frequently write parts in 5/4 over parts in 6/4 or 7/4 for example with different instruments. It’s very annoying to specifically write two pieces of music in two different time signatures, only to not be able to visually see the distinction between the two. For example, if I had one part in 4/4 and another in 3/4, it would only list both bars as 4/4…it’s very annoying visually and also makes things like learning/counting polymeters between multiple instruments confusing…and especially frustrating when editing said polymeters from bar to bar. I can’t remember the name of it, but there was a program on the MAC (Finale I think?) that allowed you to write music with time signatures independantly of eachother which was awesome. It’s not for everyone but would be a welcome addition.

With RSE, I’d like to see much more low end options available for guitars and more range of tones for contemporary metal. One thing RSE never got right was low tunings, lots of us use this for tabbing out technical metal songs with tunings way lower than standard…not to mention 8 strings tunings that are more prevalent.

Also a feature for RSE pretty pretty please…more options to define the tone of the sample, better EQ options, effects and amp models!

And one last thing concerning RSE, there needs to be something done about the problem where if you choose two instruments, say both electric guitars, and playback what you’ve written, the playback seems to kind of merge into one thick sound right in the middle of the mix.

Peter - sept. 28, 2012

As a songbook writer using this program as the one of choice, I would like to see a chanting option where you don’t neccessarily sing but you speak in a low or high voice… That is just me!

Aaron - sept. 27, 2012

A clipboard for quick copying and pasting would be really nice.

And guise, learn all the hotkeys. It helps to blaze through the process,

mamazi - sept. 26, 2012

when is the release time ?

adrien - sept. 27, 2012


GP7 will be out in 2013. We can’t unveil more information about it at the moment, sorry.

Thank you.

Daron - sept. 26, 2012

I would like to see my drum beat played on a digital drum set. For instance, how the music is played on a keyboard for piano pieces while the track is playing, the same for drums.

caden - sept. 23, 2012

to be able to use GP samples as a vsti. that would be amazing

Flag - sept. 21, 2012

With Guitar Pro’s amazing RSE, I think many of us are using it as a DAW instead of a simple transcription/notation software. I haven’t seen any VSTi in the same price range that can compete with GP’s realism. So my suggestions will be centered on sound production.

Ability to change the accent level. Currently the weakest accent is still a bit strong for the track I’m working on.

Shortcut/command to change the string for a given note. we all know that the same note sounds differently on different strings. Although the string can be changed manually, faster automated ways of doing this would be helpful. Maybe a command like “higher string” or “lower string”.

Copy amp/eq/effects/mastering options from one file to another. What I currently do is erase all the notes in one file that I like the settings, then paste the notes to make a new song. It could be cleaner to do it the other way around.

Preserve hammer ons/pull offs when transposing. That means keeping notes on the same string. Might be difficult though.

Export to other audio formats other than WAV. FLAC for example. MP3 might be nice too, but not so helpful for a DAW-ist.

Yes, as many have said VST support.

mamazi - sept. 20, 2012

Copy multi track project to project, please.

tokenn69 - sept. 20, 2012

VST Input would be the best feature that you could add to this program. Otherwise it works perfectly how it is for me.

Samsara - sept. 18, 2012

1 – Vst input
2 – Improvements on Orchestral scoring

Mike - sept. 18, 2012

Very much appreciated would be MIDI-Input (via GK3-Pickup and Guitar Syntie
for example) directly to Tablature (including the proper timing ! – as can
be done approximately with a DAW).
This is something I know that many would like to see. Personally I would pay
extra for that option.

Viktor Svensson - sept. 17, 2012

I really find GP6 to be an improvement over GP5, though the transition took some time. Some suggestions for GP7:

– The ability for users with slower computers to switch to the GP5 midi sound. The MIDI in GP6 sounds like a mix between RSE and MIDI, and quite weird to be honest.
– Improved classical instruments. When I’m trying to write for a big orchestral section in GP6 it’s damn near impossible because a lot of the note pitches are slightly off, so everything sounds like a gigantic mess.
– The ability to notate a bend while tremolo picking. This worked in GP5, but sadly haven’t found a way for it in GP6.

Serban Vararu - sept. 17, 2012

1. MOST IMPORTANT !!! To be able to use a midi control surface with Guitar Rig and record the mixing patterns.
2. To add an API for plugins so we, the programmers that use your software, can add plugins that enhance the software with functions that are missing.
3. Audio tracks and to be able to synchronize with the rest of the tracks.
4. More elaborated effects, more control in whammy bar, scrapes …
5. To be able to include Guitar Pro in another DAW as VST or other kind of plugin.
6. To be able to rearrange a song bought from MySongBook. Without this MySongBook is utterly useless.

John - sept. 13, 2012

Great steps would be:

-The old drum editor back (like many here say),
-Automations are a pain. right clicking the track on the specified bar, would be a great option,
-A vocal emulator would be nice,

Thanks in advance.

Nasha - sept. 13, 2012

Hello Arobas!

The only thing I’m missing is the abillity to write drum patterns as we did in Guitar Pro 5 and below.

I’m not suggesting you abandon the new interface, but rather: give users a choice, or blend the two technologies.

Punching in 36, 38, 36, 36, 38 is music to my fingers, since I, and many with me, started writing tabs in GP2.

Thanks for taking this into account.

Looking forward to GP7!

Gary Barnett - sept. 11, 2012

Summing up a lot of the same requests: VST/AU support will open the world of sounds up, not to mention top notch mastering tools. They should be available both on a per track basis and in the mixer for wrapping up the project. AIFF output in addition to WAV would be great…and maybe the inclusion of a “Quick Start” PDF in addition to the manual.

And definitely time signature changes mid song are critical. How else am I going to try to do my take on Blue Rondo a la Turk without the ability to switch globally from 9/8 to 4/4 and back? Maybe I am too much of a NOOB to have discovered where that feature is?

DEFINITELY PICKS AND SCRAPES, and MUCH more whammy bar control. Also how about intentional acoustic feedback, and even the sounds that come from switching back and forth among pickups as I try to channel a bit of Hendrix would be very cool (along with the smell of Ronson lighter fluid and charring guitars…joke!!).

I too would love for someone to come up with a sound bank for bass, tenor, alto, mezzo-soprano, soprano gender-based vocals for every conceivable consonant and/or vowel combination so we’re not stuck doing popular music without a remotely human sounding vocalist. I personally make Bob Dylan sound amazingly great…so the ability to link human singing directly to the lyrics–I have no problem converting lyrics in-to foe-net-ick form-at until it sounds human–would be one hell of an astounding solution for those of us who hate hearing bassoons where the lyrics go!

Finally, some realistic blues harmonica sounds (I have some, but need that VST/AU support to see what I can do with them in notation/tab…which brings up the need for some intelligent way to write amazing harp playing in notation, score and possibly a dedicated 3rd format, unless that exists already and I just haven’t found it in the 2 million searches I’ve made in vain. Yes, I know there are way too many ways to play way too many kinds of harmonicas, but how cool would it be to be able to include a Butterfield song, with Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Paul on harp, Geoff Muldaur on vocals….I would die a happy old guy!

Thanks for listening.

ALEXUS - sept. 10, 2012

hello, thanx for the blog!

I wish a improvement in the notation of Bendings.

Is it possible to use guitar pro for creating exercises with Tabs, Text and photos.
(I´m a guitarteacher) So far I export the Tabs as a PDF document and use WORD for the next steps.

Ash - sept. 4, 2012

I have some recommendations and bug’s which I’ve read lots of people experience


I get the error “violation d’acces a l’adresse 0917EBAA dans le module ‘O03.dll’. Lecture de l’adresse 00000000” after clicking play a random amount of times 40+ and when writing music this is very annoying as to fix it i have to close and then reopen for it to come back again.

1. exporting to GP5 format doesn’t always work I sometimes get the error message “erreur de verification d’etendue”.
2. when playing a song whenever there’s a bend (the bend also doesn’t make a “bending” sound), harmonic or a “left hand vibrato (slight or wide)” the note will continuously play until I stop the song and press play after that note making it sound like an absolute mess and this is why I try to avoid GP6 and go for GP5 (hence problem 1).


1. adding an “master tuning option” for instants I get a song which is in Drop C tuning and instead of retuning my guitar I have to go through each track changing it to Drop D so by adding a master tuning or a screen which has all the tuning available without having to click on each track would be very helpful.
2. the options so I can dock the instrument panel (guitar board) like in GP5, I find in GP6 it just gets in the way.
3. Pick slide/ Pick scrape sound
4. go back or also include automation like it was in GP5 where I just add a red dot where ever I like on a track changing it’s volume/ instrument and pan I much preferred this method!

Thank you, love GP use it pretty much everyday! just wish they weren’t so buggy!

John - sept. 4, 2012

First, thank you for the post and for making GP in the first place. I’ve used GP4 for years to write music, and it has always been a dear friend of a software.

I liked some of the new features in GP6, but simplicity and easiness to use are sadly missed in this version.

Tabbing stuff takes a lot of time now while with GP4, I could tab whatever comes into my mind in a matter of minutes – and I mean everything, the rhythm tracks, the arrangements, the drum lines with all necessary fills included, etc.

Since the first day at GP6 I dream of having the old drum editor as an option.

Disabling notation for every track separately is hell, especially when you’ve got a truckload of old files to adapt to the new version. Could be much simpler if tab/notation for any track or all tracks together could be enabled/disabled via checkboxes in one option window.

The new navigation shortcuts are hard to get used to, same with copying/inserting bars.

I’m excited about GP becoming more powerful, but please make it as comfortable for daily use as the older versions were.

Jobot - sept. 4, 2012

I would like to have the old “bend” system back. I feel very limited by the new system. In GP5 i could bend the note any way I wanted. I would also like to have an unlimited number of strings when tabbing. Many people now have 9-10 string guitars. It would also make writing piano much easier. I still prefer GP5 but I am forced to use GP6 when writing for 8 string guitars.

mamazi - sept. 3, 2012

Please, necessary left hand slap notation for bass guitar.

Daron - sept. 2, 2012

1. It would be cool to not have to indicate what note you want to use. Basically, turn all the measures into a big ruler that would enable indication to place each note accordingly.

2. Some type of instrument or sound so I can enable “screamo” vocals into my written music. Or maybe just some different variations of actual singing that can be altered.

****3. Quality sound engine as though I were recording in an actual studio would be nice.

4. More user friendly.

Luke - sept. 2, 2012

Hey there

For Guitar Pro 7, or an update for 6, you guys should really implement a sort of drum machine as an alternative way to add drum grooves to your tab. Where it would be a lot faster and easier to use rather than tapping in each note. There should be a system where there are pre made bars of drum grooves and fills that can be customised and dragged into each bar, and displayed in the usual drum notation. But also keeping the current system for totally creative control.

This would be awesome if there was this drop and drag drum beat bank (could possibly even work for other instruments?). Would be so much faster to create tracks. I loathe tabbing drums and this would be a musical life saver for many. PLEASE take my suggestion into account guys!

unholy - août 31, 2012

I’ve seen a few comments requesting the ability to have multiple tracks with different time signatures; I’d like to expand on that. I’d like to see GP7 offer complete control of both time signature and tempo, independent of track and voice, to facilitate easier writing of polymeters and polyrhythms. So not only can I get multiple tracks with different time signatures (polymeter), I can also have different tempos for polyrhythms; extending this to allow voices to have differing time signatures and tempos will also make writing polymeters and polyrhythms on drums, where you can feasibly have up to 4 different meters and/or rhythms at once, much easier. This feature would also make reading and learning tab/music by bands like Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders easier.


Kyde - août 30, 2012

I have been using Guitarpro ever since I learnt bass; and I have been using it since Guitarpro 5.

First of all, I would just like to say that although guitarpro 6 is visually more attractive, I thought the transition from 5 to 6 was a little difficult. I do prefer writing drums the guitarpro 5 ways.

But I think the biggest expectation I have for Guitarpro 7, is that Guitarpro should really not just be a “tabbing” program anymore. I mean guitarpro 6 almost felt a little like mixcraft. With some realistic sound plugins/emulators, guitarpro 7 can be the best programs out there.

Claudio - août 30, 2012


I think that GP is probably the best music editor for guitar (and other instruments!)… I underline the fact that is an editor, because many poeople focuse on sound banking or other interesting similar stuff… But I think that the layout tools have to be “full optional”; I mean that i did not purchased (yet) gp because the improvements for the mere score typing are not fully added, and I mean:

– more measure fonts, not just the classical and the jazz ones, the old GP5 standard font was so good!!!
– adding piano/ keyboard scores, obviousely with the option to visualize/hide the tab for each clef
– having a better transposing tool that does not melt up frets meaningless (tuxguitar has a good one! check it out)
– a lilypond export tool
– songbook editing option
– any soundbanking improvement will make many customers happy,even if I would not use it

– a 32-64bit distribution on linux-mac-win would be appreciated

I hope to be helpful
Best regards

Ronnie - août 24, 2012

Better metronome options (drummers use GP as well :-). Here are some suggestions:

– Ability to separate metronome / playback on separate outputs (even panned to each side)
– Easier access of metronome volume
– Visual metronome

Rico - août 22, 2012

A pick slide/ pick scrape function would be great in GP 7. Also, the ability to add more than a single of text above or below the score.

Terry - août 19, 2012

Automatic chord identification with diagrams.

A menu option to automatically find the chords and display the chord name and diagram

Mannie - août 12, 2012

I would like a custom setting for the tempo adustment .At the moment you have .25 , .50 upto 2.00.It would be good if it could be customizable to whatever you want say .40 , .65 etc.Also the repitition goes up to 99 at the moment.I would like it to go upto 9999.Thanks

TiberSeptim - août 11, 2012

A vst input wouldbe fine as well (Sorry for not saying everything in a single comment :P)

TiberSeptim - août 11, 2012

It would be nice to have a 64bit version. Also, a good improvement would be to add some good symphonic and ethinc soundbanks. I’m a producer and a composer so I always liked to use GP as an easy tool to write my music down. I’m pretty much involved in viking and folk metal so some good orchestra section RSE would be nice. I’m also a fan of oriental and medieval music. All of them classic and medieval instruments would be a nice addition to your product. Thank you.

Al - août 11, 2012

The deadline for comments was September 11th last year. 64 comments were posted by then. There are now 250 comments…

Nearly one year ago you stopped paying attention to suggestions. Any deadline for delivery of GP7?

adrien - août 13, 2012


Guitar Pro 7 will be out in 2013. Thanks.

mamazi - août 9, 2012

Gp is terribyl bugy softwareon Win7. After crashing can not re open file and appearing 0 KB. Really awful system. Gp7 you must be professional software.

adrien - août 10, 2012


It seems you’re encountering some difficulties with Guitar Pro. In order to look at your problem, please send a message on the technical support explaining your situation: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=contact. Let us know.

amzar - août 5, 2012

in guitar pro 7-more realistic sound from rse2
-more pedal,amp,more instrument etc
-more better from gp6

Christian - août 3, 2012

I would love to be able to copy instrument setups from one track to the other

Gary Barnett - août 3, 2012

Noob Alert Here!!:
I want to be able to flesh out my songs with GP with as much articulation as possible and then be able to import the full score, one track at a time, into Logic Pro to continue my work. I don’t know that adding the ability to use 3rd party VST/AUs is as important to me as is the ability to port the entire track per track score with ALL the articulation, automation, tempo changes, et alia, in the best possible format, which, from the bits I have gleaned, appears to be MusicXML rather than MIDI, a format of rather antiquated state since I was using it in the mid ’80s on pure hardware devices!) apparently, from comments I see in various forums (forae?) loses too much of the excellent refinements you have built into your tab/notation, although I do see some room for a few more in that section, and a bit more control, for example in designing a bend to one’s liking, or a combination of HO/bend/PO as a nice single window…. I too would prefer to see the neck of the guitar extend the full width (short of the left hand control panels) and have it repositionable/resizeable.

Perhaps a bit more ability to mimic the amazing Jeff Beck’s use of his knobs, tremolo, fingering style all at once without overloading the resulting tablature/notation with incomprehensibly crammed information? I would also dearly love to be able to write a believable Butterfield-style blues harmonica solo along with a Dave Sanborn sax exquisite solo (listen to the title track of “In My Own Dream”!), which, unless my studies and searches have been inadequate, is not yet a possibility;

Then there is the desire to write new music utilizing the exotic styles of a Mr. Hendrix. With the existing amps and controls in GP6, that is, at least to me, impossible, hence my desire to be able to make use of Logic Pro, which can apply much of what Native Instruments, East-West, and the ever evolving IK Multimedia aid in achieving my goal to bring the best of the late ’60s into a somewhat more contemporary feel.

I tried Notion 3 first and despite its higher $$, Arobas has the edge IMHO over Notion in writing complex solos, but being stuck with a nice but proprietary set of instruments is what troubles me the most. I would be happy to lay down the full composition in GP6/7, but am concerned that if I am limited to the minimal number of instruments, efx, post production control is GP’s most disturbing weakness.

Arobas is not in competition with the most powerful DAWs. nor should it be. Barring a perfect way to export to Logic, Sibelius, Finale, Cubase and ProTools, to name a few is my single, largest concern, unless I have missed something in my admittedly freshman studies and work. If export is not possible then there should indeed be a way to either 1): use within GP the strengths of the expensive DAWs, or conversely 2): use GP reliably within our DAWs of choice, the we are stuck in a nice, but limited proprietary situation.

Please excuse my ignorance in these comments. I am still just getting my feet wet once more after nearly 30 years since my initial hardware foray! I invite any an all corrections, suggestions, comments of a constructive nature!

I am a fan of GP, I wanted to add that it would be wonderful to be able to record a live guitar and especially vocal track in the desktop or IOS version, also; I suppose at least the guitar track could be imported from an aforementioned DAW once it’s been “gold mastered” or perhaps if Celemony Melodyne Editor could export directly a MIDI version of a converted, finished audio track into GP, that would also be helpful, so that it could still be adjusted to work with the rest of the tracks if a problem arises.

Thank you for taking the time to read, snort with laughter, or have a light bulb turn on over your heads!

In the newspaper trade before I was old enough to work, a story would be indicated as finished by adding the following:


mamazi - juil. 30, 2012

I would like jukebox options like Band in a box. Copy paste some files to jukebox folder and after appear ing files in the jukebox on GP menu , all songs in there what I want play. I think good idea.

Kesh - juil. 27, 2012

I would love it if you could get the old drum notation system in addition to the newest one. With also the option of choosing a different dynamic for every note on the drum track, just like previous versions.
Also, if you could get the option for generally see or hide the score or tab just like you could do from the view menu, rather then having to go through each and every channel and do it separably.

mamazi - juil. 26, 2012

If it’s possible I don’t want see the mouse cursor with fullscreen.

George Price - juil. 25, 2012

Hi! There’s not really that much to improve on really! But here are my recommendations!
*Better Orchestral instrument sound quality,
*Ability to record / edit / add a vocal track,
*Ability to pan different parts of a drum kit,
*Ability to change color of GuitarPro screen (At the moment, it’s just grey but I’d like to be able to make it white or black etc – Not that important a change)
*Improve the RSE so that guitar and drum parts sound better (The Realism of the drum track is a bit of an issue; the open hi hat sound dies just before the note length finishes)
*Add Cymbal rolls for Drum tracks (they sound horrible at the moment)
*Add additional Guitar playing styles (pick slides etcetera)

Joe - juil. 25, 2012

Hello, the fingering for left and right hand should not be displayed at the same place . Right hand fingering (“i”, “m”) beneath the notes and left hand fingering on the left side would be great. A good working scan option would be a nice addition.

mamazi - juil. 21, 2012

I found Gp6’s new bug, triplet notes and Chord name same time doesn’t work. Try this.

adrien - juil. 23, 2012

Hello Mamazi, thanks for your feedback. Is that possible for you to report this bug by sending a message to the contact center section: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=contact. Cheers.

mamazi - juil. 19, 2012

please 16th grace note, thank you.

Dennis Hodges - juil. 16, 2012

Please consider including directions like “ritard” and “accelerando.” I know they can be automated with tempo adjustment but it would be nice to have those without the specific tempo markings (such as in classical or solo guitar music, or at endings of songs).

Also, including ties in the rhythm notation (slashes) would be very beneficial. Thanks for listening to users!

Charles - juil. 16, 2012

I would really appreciate the function of being able to have tracks with different time signatures; I work a lot with unusual time signatures and not being able to something as simple as 4/4 guitar and 6/8 drums is very frustrating in the current version!

Thatguyoverthere - juil. 15, 2012

Some sort of pickslide function for notating when you want a pickslide/pickscrape.

Dustin - juil. 14, 2012

Better MIDI import. Every time i import from midi it’s completely messed up and cuts off the notes and adds rests. This would save me a ton of time.

Kristaps - juil. 13, 2012

Would be nice if you would upgrade the RSE engine, because now some string notes sound a little flat. More instruments would be nice too…

Alex Bennett - juil. 12, 2012

First off I love using this software for writing stuff. I can get some really great sounds and a really great idea for how a song will sound. That beings said, there’s a few things you could do that would make it really easy for some advanced users to get some amazing quality sound demo’s. If you could have a plug-in option to use rewire programs like Kontakt by Native Instruments or even something crazy like Reason (although I think that would be tougher given the way Reason operates as a rewire aplication). I can’t speak for everyone by I know I would certainly benefit leaps and bounds if I could have this option in Guitar Pro simply because the the ability to use other sample libraries or other synthesizers would give me a whole new world of creativity in your software. I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult but I could be wrong. I really hope you give this idea a shot.

Kurt Gaetano - juil. 10, 2012

You know, I’ve tried to reply to your email asking for Guitar Pro feature requests several times, and it was sent back by the mailer daemon every time. I have a couple of requests that I will post here.

1) Guitar Pro is great for learning songs from tab, but when performing, I need to have simple lead sheets with the lyrics & chord progressions for reference. I’d like to see the ability to create, display & print simple lead sheets containing nothing more than lyrics, simple chord symbols above the words (Am, Dsus, etc…) and maybe the ability to put in simple chord grids showing fret & notes fingered either at the top, or bottom of the sheet, or even in place of the alpha chord symbols above the lyrics (no tab or standard notation).

2) A bigger fretboard display. Could be more like a virtual fretboard (maybe at a slight angle), and it would be nice to have it floating & sizable.

julius - juil. 10, 2012

if there where more options to the drumengine
– like controlling the sound of each cymbal or tom. putting diffrent base sounds to diffrent crash sounds and so finally getting a more usable drumtrack. also, a feature like extracting only the base from one track would help to use ur drumsounds for writing own songs and mixing them. u would be able to adjust the drumkit better, after u alread instertes it into programs like cubase etc. finally, the tempo and the click is always incorrect and does not match the same tempo on cubase – u gotta fox that 🙂

David - juil. 10, 2012

Please keep the program simple to use. Progression sucks because its not convenient as GP6. KEEP IT USER FRIENDLY!!

Bob - juil. 10, 2012

a Guitar Pro 5 Skin

Scott Mire - juil. 6, 2012

Please Please Please….

1.) Make the midi export work correctly

2.) Work with one of the bigger guitar sample library companies and implement an “export to Electricity/Musiclab/OTS/Whatever” — so many people are having to export midi (in my case, export to GP 5…then export midi from 5), import midi into DAW, and then painstakingly tweak midi for sample library.

I know that many people have suggested VSTi support so that the sample libraries can be run from within GP, but I would prefer to export to a DAW anyway.

3.) I know it’s been said over and over…but…VST support so that I can run my own amp modeling software…like ReValver.

4.) Keep up the good work on a great product. 😉

Rick - juil. 3, 2012

Have a track for backing music. We use GP to learn songs. Right now its terrible listening to a reed instrument do the vocals. Another improvement, maybe GP 700 would be to use several sync’d computers, showing the music for different instruments at the same time. Instead of a band using sheet music or memory, it would be on-screen, real time.

James - juin 26, 2012

-solfege names for notes would be nice
-notation for cymbal rolls
-the ability for a distorted guitar track to go to clean without having to write in 2+ tracks

Nico - juin 25, 2012

-I read on others comments that Guitar pro needs to have a professional level, I think that you give the level of the program, depending in your use, and how good it’s you work on it, I use guitar pro mainly for composing, and by fay I prefer gp5.2 but hate the error that appears when you use the rse a few times
-Easy acces to the notes option’s panel
-The simplicity of guitar pro 5.2
-Turn on and off the automatization of the track
-Guitar pro 5.2 way to write drums.
-Vsti support
-a real and natural felling on picking and strumming strings

yarzo - juin 25, 2012

Real Time MIDI please!

João Paiva - juin 24, 2012

I think there should be a straight forward normal distortion tone, because allthough there are lots of costumization options for your guitar tone in guitar pro 6, that just makes it more difficult to create a nice tone, were as in guitar pro 5 that standard distortion seemed to go well with everything. Also, when using tabs with guitar pro 6 that were created in guitar pro 5, the tempo is not the same in both versions, and the drums soud seemn out of sync. Another thing, to this date i haven’t still figured out how to edit the volume of each individual track in guitar pro 6 in some tabs, because guitar pro locked them and i couldn’t change them.

Matt - juin 22, 2012

The way that the bars display on the screen needs to be better. I didn’t have this problem in GP5, but when you have a lot of notes in a lot of bars the spacing gets messed up and notes end up on top of each other and unreadable. Also, I find myself turning off RSE just so that I can hear the notes more accurately. Faster note groups disappear in GP6 in a way that they didn’t in GP5. This makes it difficult to play with the music accurately.

Octavio - juin 20, 2012

It would be usefull a plugin to a count down before the music starts. Also features like guitar rig has, such as plugin your guitar in the pc and back to the amplifier to make different pedal sounds.

mbarr - juin 19, 2012

As a lefty the chord diagrams are almost useless to me. Please add the ability to display and print the chord diagrams left-handed. I can’t imagine that this is hard to do.

mamazi - juin 17, 2012

Musicians needs perfect notation program, you know. A program better than pencil and paper sometimes. Gp multivoice option is not perfect. Four voice with rests’ view is not good. You should review or re-construction this option. Very important thing is that stabil and versatil notation ( or tab ) symbols writing and reading. Second requirement developed import & export and capture ( copy from Gp and paste word .. ), ideas ( groove, fill, lick.. library ). Third requirement; input notation by keyboard ( C = Do, D= Re.. ) and perfect all finger – string combination calculator ( same notaion different position on guitar keyboard ). Sound is the fourth necessity in this program.

TOZE - juin 17, 2012


Scott - juin 17, 2012

I know you can transpose from one key to another but if you could take a guitar track and transpose to a mandolin or octave mandolin or banjo ukelele or any of other various stringed instruments or transpose from those instruments back to guitar, that would be absolutely fantastic.

Karkaroot - juin 16, 2012

Guitar Pro 7 support for Linux amd64.

Paul - juin 9, 2012

I have a few ideas:

1. Even more realistic RSE (still using the same amount of CPU load, maybe a little more, best would be non-midi, but just in case there would also be GP6 RSE for compatibility issues.

2. Since midi devices are currently recorded only as selected notes (8-s, 4-s and so on) without rests where required, I’d like if it was possible to automatically detect note lenght and automatic adding of rests.

3. Even more effects (cabs, pedals and so on).

Cheh - juin 5, 2012

VSTi plugin! or add *.wav files like a sample

Raj - juin 1, 2012

We have recording software if we wanted to such perfect sound but it would me much better if GP7 was more tablature(or notation) friendly, fast and easy to use rather than more effects, amps or cabinet stuff. GP5 was much better than GP6 in smaller ways. eg Atleast I didnt have to wait for the note to stop playing to add another note.

rony - mai 31, 2012

que sea sobretodo en español
para cultura latina y que tenga un manual especializado

mamazai - mai 30, 2012

Second thought, capture speciality ( from guitar pro bars ) would be nice.

mamazai - mai 30, 2012

By the way, If it contains ideas for instrument phrase ( like drag & drop drum etc midis ) it would be nice. The great convenience for the composer. Thank you.

mamazai - mai 30, 2012

Guitar pro must professional notation program, not amateur tab program. Like Sibelius must have alphabetic note entry ( C=Do, D=Re…). GP sheet view must be pro level, notehead, stems, beams, staves etc..Exporting facilities… while midi export I wan’t midi volume & pan etc data export, only note name and time.

DelValleKidd - mai 27, 2012

The possibility to recording macros would be a great feature too!

DelValleKidd - mai 26, 2012

Dear GP Team:
VSTi compatibility would be awesome!

DelValleKidd - mai 26, 2012

VSTi plugin compatibility!

StevenA - mai 26, 2012

Please Intergrate notation scanning software into Guitar Pro 7

I tried Sharp Eye2 with midi and so far it won’t import BassClef notation.
Sharp Eye 2 format of MusicXML is not supported by Guitar Pro 6 and I don’t know why because it started that it does support MusicXML. So it seems that MusicXML is not standardized yet…

I have books of sheet music and tried hand coding in GP6… I wouild need a full course in transcription or if I had 10 hours a day to spare that would be great but I don’t so I need a better solution any ideas?

Have you used any scanning solutions for Bass Clef that worked with GP6?

Any and all feedback greatly appricated…

Thanks in advance…

DPS - mai 20, 2012

I would love to see better page view and printed page layouts in terms
of system (ie, staff or track) layout.

Mainly, I’d like to be able to control which tracks are visible and when.

As it is now, on multitrack view we can only select to see a staff or
not. It’s all or none. I can’t show a staff for only part time and
hide it when the instrument is not playing.

Most sheet music is printed in this way as it wastes space, paper and
just looks bad to have for example track 2 with 100 empty bars in a 125 bar song.

Please include this in GP7


Cliff Miller - mai 18, 2012

Real time capture from a MIDI controller like Finale or Sibelius. Thanks

matt - mai 17, 2012

Have it capture the rhythm & and not only just the pitch in the midi capture option for guitar. I want to use a midi pickup, a cable and gp7 and be able to tab ANYTHING just by playing it and most importantly.. never having to touch the keyboard!!!


Luis Alberto Ochoa - mai 14, 2012

Add support for MusicXML 3.0, Flamenco, Ossias, Scanning Score, Document styles, Guitar Pro in the Cloud 🙂

Lord Mall - mai 9, 2012

I really would appreciate more work on the strings.
The sound of them is terrible, especially the sound of the cello.
In addition the sound is displaced an octave to the actual notation!
I know its called GUITAR pro and im quite exotic with my 6-string electric cello, but some features, like not limiting options to instruments in general would be awesome.

GuitarMan78 - mai 8, 2012

1. It would be cool if there was a simple way to send my tabs to friends and in cloud a player so they can see it and here it as I do on guitar Pro 6.

Lawrence - mai 6, 2012

To me, it seemed as though gp6 added so much but took away the simplicity and accuracy of gp5. It takes longer to do basic functions and I can never get the guitars to sound good. Or the bass is nonexistent or turned so high I can barely hear it yet it’s red lining bad. Just incorporate better structure, better MIDI, option for plug in transcription., and the cleanliness and simplicity of gp5. 6 is too cluttered

LGWarriorX - mai 6, 2012

I really love using Guitar pro, but something that NEEDS to be fix for GP7 is the MIDI export function from GP6, GP5 exported the data perfectly, the correct lengh, bends, vibratos, everything! and GP6 doesnt, if the lenght of a note is longer than a bar, it get cut off, no bends are done and this NEEDS to get fix pronto

Matyas - mai 5, 2012

First, sorry for any grammar mistakes in advance! In my opinion only a few stuff is missing from GP. But some of them are big ones. Most of them come from the fact, that it’s for guitarists mainly, but drummers use it too nowadays.

1. To be able to use different time signatures for the instruments within the same section. In todays music, that is a MUST HAVE!

2. Few other sounds for drums, like: secondary snare, secondary hihat, bells (with high, low, and mid tone). Plus individual EQ-ing for every sound, not just full instruments.

3. For vocals, you could find singers, who would „sing” up sounds (simple humming, crooning is more than enough), so If we write a vocal-part, we could hear it as a human sound in opposite of electronic noises. That would be extremely helpful I think!

4. Coloring. If we could color one part, and use a different color for the next (as a background color), It would be a lot easier to navigate within a song.

5. To be able to use custom names for the sections as well, not just the provided ones. Meaning if I want to write „madness”, I could do it, and not just: intro A, outro B, verse, etc.
6. A little more usability for drummers. For example: creating a good buzz-roll is almost impossible in GP. I’m using the tremolo picking feature, but it’s nowhere near good enough. Sounds really bad!

7. To be able to change the size of the notations. If I use it on a stand a bit further from me, It’s barely visible.

8. VST-support.

9. Independent manipulation of a note, even if you have more sounds at the same time. Like: Drum: playing ghost notes, and you reach a point, where you hit the bass drum and the crash, BUT still hitting a ghost note with your left. If you change the dynamics to – for example – forte-forte, your ghost note will be loud too. Thats not good.

Jannik - mai 4, 2012

Most important: Better editor performance. Even compared to v5 the editor of v6 gets really slow when you edit large tabs.When you edit a tab with some 100 complex bars and 7 or 8 tracks, it takes several seconds before v6 answers again and shows any result.
That lack of performance is really really annoying.

Apart from that VST/VSTi would be great. But not half as important as getting the program to work faster!

Gio - mai 3, 2012

Make string number and tuning completely customizable, so we have everything from an exotic African one-string violin to thirteen string lapsteel or xx-string sitar.

Now if you add to this a more or less freely configurable pedal configuration, starting by two pedals and ending by eight pedals and six levers, and if you provide the two most common pedal / lever configurations, all the steelies will be happy. None of the big does that (Finale, Sibelius).

It will need to be configurable, because the pedals steel configurations are (still) highly individual.

Andi - mai 2, 2012


I´d like the Agostini notation for drums.

Oh, and a release date 🙂

ERLAN DOS SANTOS ARAUJO - avril 28, 2012


Alberto - avril 28, 2012

Hello everyone,

i’m just got the gp6, so i’m not already in to it, so i was wondering if the gp7 would have more options for the whammy effect like Tom Morello uses on songs like guerrilla radio by rage against the machine, well thats for now thanks

Rena - avril 27, 2012


Many people said this already, but I found myself needing a true way to mix mp3 files with the other instruments. Just to create an example, sometimes I want to add some soundscapes to my songs and I would like to be able to paste mp3 mock-soundscapes just to listen to how it may blend with the rest of the song before recording.

Another thing that would make the software better for ME (at least) is more playing modifiers for drums (choke cymbals, double stops), similar to the guitar ones (like bend, hammer-ons). Double stops are hard to simulate, and choke cymbals are impossible.

Thanks for your work on this software! It made my songwriting more dynamic and faster than before!

Any ETA for GP7?


Mike Walker - avril 19, 2012

The ability to import and export music XML would be nice. GP6 has this feature but it doesn’t work now and I don’t think it ever did. It worked in GP5 – will it work in GP7?

adrien - avril 19, 2012

Hello Mike,

For your information, Guitar Pro 6.1.4 version will definitely fix this issue. This update will be available in few weeks (BETA 6.1.3 has already been released).


Kelvin - avril 18, 2012

Hi all!

I think GP is the best program that a guitarist could want, but as always, could be improved.

It would be perfect definiately that with a midi controller can capture what you’re playing in real time at the same time at the same rhythm exactly as you have played. That would be best, even over the competition.

A bug I found in the GP6 is it is not fully compatible with GP5 files, as several of the ones I have have included Wah-wah and does not recognize the GP6.

That’s all, furthermore is a very good software!

Yisheng Huang - avril 14, 2012

I really hope that the soundbanks I purchased can still work with GP7, and it won’t be free of charge! = =
In addition, If you can provide a song grabber or notes collector, I’ll be more pleased to upgrade!

Jon - avril 13, 2012

Some sort of interface to visually see the order of the sections of a song and rearrange those on the fly. This would really help in writing songs and would save a lot of time and effort trying to copy and paste everything to change song structures. Additionally, a feature that someone else already described would go great with this:

“6. Alternatives – the ability to change small sections of a set of the measures/notes in a repeated section. (e.g. “don’t play 1st time”, or maybe the first measure of the verse is played an octave higher on the last repeat, that kind of thing. The UI I invision is a bit like multi-voice editing.”

Also, the feature that someone else mentioned earlier, the ability to program effects chain changes into a track would greatly reduce the amount of tracks necessary to properly reproduce a song. Adrien replied to the other user’s post, but only showed that you can do Soundbank changes, which don’t let you change sounds like you would with a real guitar and effects or an amp.

Mark P - avril 13, 2012

A ‘slide’ guitar function that actually sounds like its sliding between two where the notes!!

Please add in some customisation with regards to what the shortcuts/keystroke perfrom. For example, if im transcribing on my windows pc and then move onto my mac i have to adjust the shortcuts/keystrokes i use because differing keyboard. With custom hotkeys we would never have that problem and could adjust to our preference.


Kevin - avril 11, 2012

It would be awesome if 7-string guitar tracks could be converted to down-tuned 6-string guitar tracks. i.e. taking for example a 7-string with standard tuning, and turning it into a 6-string tuned to drop B.
This would be really handy for all of us that can’t afford to buy 7-string guitars.

Also, I’ve seen in some of the other comments the mp3 sync feature, that would definitely be a handy feature.


Ishaan - avril 10, 2012

Should have guitar pro for ios and android.

Dr Z - avril 10, 2012

1. Scalable and printable guitar neck Ex if you want to print a scales for practice
2, Better drum writing
3, printable chord book and the amility to order the chord as you want Ex if you want to have specific chord on paper for practice
4, tab book . i know lots of player have tons of tab all scramble ..we want someting to sort out our tab
5, amp and stompbox ..kinda amplitube style would be appreciated

i use my gp6 as a game also i plug my pc into my flat 42 and only transfer the guitar neck in the screen .. and i am sure that i am not the only one that does it


George - avril 9, 2012

Hi, my suggestion would be for you guys to make a feature that would convert GP. files into mp3. ones. Giving the fact that I cannot play a vast majority, if not all, of the orchestral instruments featured in GP6, it is rather difficult to publish my work, or even find someone that plays them.

Ethan - avril 4, 2012

Why not add the ability to play along with the tab and have the program grade you, similar to Rocksmith? It seems like a logical next step and could be an entirely new software or optional add on. I think a lot of people would buy something like that for the PC.

Jim - avril 3, 2012

Only one main thing for me, Individual drum mixing
For example, I find the snare far too quiet in GP6, I’d like to be able to increase and/ or decrease the volume for each drum so I can have an accurate representation of what I’m going to record.

steve - avril 2, 2012

Guitar pro 7 should have keyboard shortcut for drum track like guitar pro 5. Also there should be the option to change piano instruments from grand staff to regular treble clef and keyboard shortcuts for those as well. The bass in GP6 is too loud, that should addressed, the workflow is very slow in GP6 do to lack of keyboard shortcuts. You should be able to use Midi and RSE at the same time, just like in guitar pro 5. Make better RSE plugins altogether, RSE annd RSE2 both suck, RSE3 should surpass those two, maybe allow VST plugins that play through written tabs just like the midis and RSE do. I could go on but i don’t want to.

Marius - mars 27, 2012

Dear Arobas Music Team!
When you read this entry please think about a possibility to change the keyboard command! For example when i would like to set + and – (for changing the note lenght) to A and D:D
I hope this will help you;)

IJ - mars 23, 2012

Some drum improvements would be nice, such as:

1. Drum/Cymbal Rolls
2. Better orchestral percussion sounds
3. More effects cymbals (for those of us who want to add in parts similar to that of Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, and Gavin Harrison)
4. More cymbals in general
5. Better ride and ride bell sounds

Surreal - mars 23, 2012

64bits (I cant run over 10tracks VSTi in 32bit, it wont work lol)
or even….rewire 😀

Serg - mars 16, 2012

1. Adding mp3 track and sync to the tabs
2. Return bend type “Bend/Release/Bend”. Pls!!
3. Vibrato sync with tempo (8th,16th, Triplets)

yuda - mars 15, 2012

yeah ..
i will wanted it ..
make the real sound man ..
keep ROCK !!!

ZH - mars 13, 2012

It would be good to have a simple strumming pattern feature instead of having to key in chords in riff form. It’d make it easier to us Guitar Pro as a testing platform for chord progressions.

BG - mars 10, 2012

1.) For band practise and to embed true voice lyrics into a tab, it would be great to have something like a streaming audio track, next to the currently available tracks. On this new track type, MP3 or Wav files should play with the tab, just as any other track. Naturally, this only makes sense if the score is played at 100% or normal speed. Solo, Mute, Volume and Pan would apply as normal. Other track atributes do not really make sense.

2.) When using GP for band or instrument practice, a nice feature would be to store a collection of scores into something like a project or session. This would allow easy restoring of previous sessions or sessions that are used frequently, like all songs in a concert or all practise songs for a student.

3.) Somewhat diverting from the GP concept, but still quite useful, would be something like song structuring. So, instead of having to copy and paste a drum or bass loop n-times while the other instruments are playing, an independent repeat on a track would prevent this. This also greatly enhances the readability of scores when printed. Drawback would be that the scores of the different instruments no longer neatly line up when displayed together.

Tyler - mars 9, 2012

1. SLIDES – Both metal/glass bottleneck slides on guitar, and true glissando slides on fretless instruments (fretless bass, violin, etc), with _proper_ sound feedback – the slid to note is NOT re-plucked.

2. Better amp modeling. Or at least let me integrate with Amplitube if I have a license (I do).

3. Better thought out gain structure in the mixing setup. GP6 uses too much compression.

4. Better support for multi-coursed instruments (12 string guitar, 8 & 12 string bass, etc)

5. Track mirroring. Basically, multi-bar copy and paste, but it’s a “pointer” back to the the source bars, either in the same track OR another, and changes in the source change each instance.

6. Alternatives – the ability to change small sections of a set of the measures/notes in a repeated section. (e.g. “don’t play 1st time”, or maybe the first measure of the verse is played an octave higher on the last repeat, that kind of thing. The UI I invision is a bit like multi-voice editing.

7. Drum rolls – Real drum rolls (snare, toms, and cymbals), instead of the way we’re forced to do it now 16th/32nd notes and the “machine gun” sound that leads to.

Julian MM - mars 8, 2012

Correct the legatos, the distortion with chords and Well is especial for guitar but RSE for wind and bowed strings will be awesome.

Ingo Speckens - mars 2, 2012

Hi guys,

just had an idea! Im trying to get a drum-line for my rhythm guitar.

So when I open the editor with ctrl + f6 and I click on the “kick”, “tom”, “hithat” etc.

It would be nice if you could hear the sound when you click it.

If your are a total beginner like me you have to play, delete, put new “hihat” or “tom”. Play delete and again…

To sum it up! If you click a part of the drum… Let us hear what it sounds like!

Ryan - mars 1, 2012

Sorry just figured it out…….

Ryan - mars 1, 2012

Is there a way to set up a partial capo tab for instance seventh fret capo with b and e open? or am i being blonde….. if not a suggestion maybe… just tabbing some igor presnyakov music.

adrien - mars 1, 2012

Hello Ryan,

Here is a tutorial video I suggest you to check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfF8hraH2Dc&feature=player_embedded

David - févr. 27, 2012

The software in gp6 is beast! Some things I’d like to see in 7 are more pedals with more variety, and more amps. Maybe work on improving the palm mute sounds, and allow for VST effects support for things like Amplitube and Freeamp (for those of us who lack the funds for major purchases). Another feature needed is custom drum kits. As in pick this snare and that crash, rather then pick Custom, or Fab, or Oak. Sorry, my english is bad.

Mashud - févr. 24, 2012

It would be awesome if there was a feature which allows the guitar to switch to distortion on some parts and then back to clean again.

adrien - févr. 24, 2012

Hello Mashud,

It is already possible in GP6. First, you’ve to use 6.0.9 version (or higher). If you’re not running this version, launch your updater: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=comment-mettre-a-jour-guitar-pro-6.

Then, go to “Edit” menu > “Insert a soundbank change” to manage your tracks and effects. I suggest you to look a this quick tutorial to understand how it works: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=how-to-use-guitar-pro-6-soundbanks. Hope this helps.

Claudio - févr. 20, 2012

I would like to have personalised style font not just classical and jazz.
Best regards.

John - févr. 17, 2012

I would like the notation size to be configurable. I am legally blind and would love to be able to make the music notes big so I can see them.

JAVIER - févr. 16, 2012

Hi,i would like that in tab mode you can be able to differenciate the notes with tempo value=1 form the notes with tempo value=2.
In the guitar pro 4 the escrows of the tempo=1 were longer that the escrows of the tempo=2, but in the guitar pro 6 they have the same lenght.

Tim Foreman - févr. 12, 2012

Hi, I would like to see “search & replace” in GP7, so you can easily replace music patterns.
Another feature I can think of is OCR for music: using my scanner, you can read music scores.
Another feature: while tapping a rhythm with my mouse, the notes (timing) are “written” automatically…


Pedro - févr. 8, 2012


I’ve been a user or Guitar Pro for many years and think it’s an amazing piece of software. As a high school music teacher I use this on a daily basis. Some improvements I’d like to see are:

1) Easier notation input ie select note values as keyboard short cuts. Also it would be great to be able to input to either the stave or tab.

2) Can we add an auto fill rest function so that when you add a note value the remainder of the bar is filled with rests.

3) Lyrics can be tricky to work out. For lyric input from the score with lyrics/sylables attaching themselves to a note.

4) More options for adjusting the score layout, margins, staff size, note size, stem direction,

5) Some kind of midi record function so that you can record parts via a midi controller

6) Some kind of chord labeling function that automatically labels all chords rather then having to do it one at a time.

7) An easier method of adding drums, particularly the ability to easily add two voices so that stem direction is not such a pain. It would also be awesome if GP7 came with a library of drum grooves to make it easier to quickly get some drum backing – ie copy/paste or click and drag drum grooves into the score.

8) Options for a multi seat license so that schools can roll out software across a lab of computers

9) wi-fi sync option between my computer and my ipad allowing me to have my scores in both places.

I look forward to the new installment.

Many thanks

James - févr. 7, 2012

1) The ability to create or fill in scale charts and chord charts and turn them into practice sheets and then print them. Maybe even have a practice icon on the left where guitarists can look at scale charts and chord charts, and read guitar instructionals. Have the ability to create and store their own practice sessions.
2) The ability to import midi drum beats and other midi loops, and if possible audio loops as well directly into the scores.
3) MP3 sync to the tabs
4) a library for storing downloaded tabs, and original tabs

Ian - févr. 4, 2012

I think a gp metal special edition would be cool

Billy - févr. 1, 2012

I write music with lots of layers and swap instruments using the mixable within a track constantly so when i finally upgraded to GP6 i was extremely dissapointed to find out all my .gp5’s sounded strange and wrong… Please bring that function back and I MUCH preferred the gp5 way of writing drums. To be completely honest, I think GP5 was was perfect except for the fact that it runs TERRIBLE on mac 🙁 so if the new one can have a similar setup, or even a view option to make it similar and allow the mix table to actually work along with the old way of writing drums i would be more then happy.

ole kirkeby - janv. 31, 2012

My wishlist.

Fretboard visualization tool
– assign scales to different places in the score, just as with chord diagrams, so that they can be mapped to a chord progression. It is of limited use to be able look at one scale all the time.
– larger display. It is too small to see properly when practicing.
– extensive support for Fretlight guitar. I have recently bought a Fretlight guitar, and it would be nothing short of sensational if the same functionality is available for the Fretlight as for the fretboard visualization. Even just Show Beat + Bar would be amazing.

Chord diagrams
– ability to store a library of chords
– option to reorder appearance of chords in user-created list

Graphics export
– user-defined resolution of png files, or at least a higher resolution than what is currently used.

Keyboard shortcuts
– select note(s) on next beat. When entering left hand fingering it is tedious to use both the left-right and up-down cursor keys

Left-hand fingering
– remove left-hand fingerings from selection (used to be in GP5)
– perhaps add a few options to the style dialog

– stretch beats inside bar. If you have a bar with only a few 16th notes in it, they are squeezed tightly together, even if you make the bar itself quite large

VST plugin — already mentioned by other users

Chromatic notation — not too many guitarists would be interested in this Guitar Pro is not far away from being capable of competing with notation software such as Finale and Sibelius so might appeal to a different audience (if you are willing to consider this please send me an email so that I can elaborate).

Adam - janv. 30, 2012

I think that the ability to use vsti’s and vst’s would be very cool =)

Wudell - janv. 27, 2012

Saya sangat suka menggunakan GP 6 sebagai hobby (non komersiil), tapi sayangnya GP 6 masih sangat banyak kelemahannya dan terlalu dibatasi (kurang leluasa), sehingga cukup menyulitkan untuk penulisan maupun untuk konversi dari tabulasi Midi yang sudah ada ke GP 6 (seringkali oktaf terpotong atau tak terbaca) . Untuk itulah saya sangat mengharapkan kehadiran GP 7 atau update dari dari GP 6 (tentu dengan innovasi serta kemudahan penggunaannya), perlu diketahui bahwa saya menulis midi dengan menggunakan Music Writer 2000 Profesional (Voyetra) yang sangat mudah dan menyenangkan untuk menulis lagu. Demikian alasan saya, semoga diperhatikan dan terima kasih. (Wudell > komersiil !!…..No!)

Anton - janv. 27, 2012

I would like to be able to move up and down multiple notes at once by semitone, because it take to much time to move each note separately when you need lower or rise some parts of song.

Carl - janv. 27, 2012

It would be useful to have a feature to display a virtual trackway similar to ubisoft’s recent release rocksmith, but not neccessarily with note recognition software. I’ve found this format more effiecient way to learn progressions.

Иван (Россия) - janv. 22, 2012

Hello, thank you for your work: you are very easy to work on music.
In Guitar pro 7, I would like you to do a wide choice of drum set. In Guitar pro 6 strongly this is not enough. Thank you in advance.

Wolferein - janv. 16, 2012

A function that lets you record a guitar and the program trys to calculate from the pitch of the sound that how its played and greates a tabs that are like the song you played on the guitar. i have seen a winamp having a plugin that trys to make a chords from a song playing on it.
there is some guitar songs i would like to get tabbed but its just so hard to get it all together just by ear so it would be nice if the software could give some sort of hints that how the tabs ”May” be and shows the solution.

Richard - janv. 16, 2012

All of the following suggestions apply to the standard notation staff.

(1) More flexible vertical positioning of rests.

(2) Currently we can nudge a note up and down on the staff, but the program refuses to let you cross past the pitch of an open string. I would like to see this unfortunate limitation removed. There is a workaround, but like most workarounds, it’s a little clumsy. I consider this to be a problem fix.

(3) I’ve experienced problems with the program refusing to reverse a note stem direction without resorting to some kind of workaround. There are general rules about note stem directions in music notation depending on the vertical position on the staff, and I think the program is trying to enforce the rules rigidly. I think we should be able to reverse stem direction anywhere we deem appropriate. This is especially important for classical guitar for which the top voice is usually written with upward stems and a lower voice is written with downward stems no matter what vertical position the note has. I consider this to be an easy fix that could be in a maintenance update.

(4) In light of the discussion in (3), it would be wonderful to have an option in the notation tab of the stylesheet that specifies a default note stem direction (up or down) for each voice. It looks like something like this already exists for the TAB staff. This could make note entry much more efficient. Present v6 behavior could also be an option. I consider this to be a very desirable enhancement.

G-max - janv. 14, 2012

VST Instruments!!!!! And ability to import mp3 as audio track!

Ted - janv. 13, 2012

1. Ability to easily copy and paste chord diagrams between tracks and songs

2. easy toggle display option for chord diagrams with and without notes on staff to be able to show chord diagrams above a melody track.

Dylan - janv. 11, 2012

Be able to switch back to the old look of GP 5 and have drums written the same way. Pretty much I just wanna pay for the same look and function, just more stuff added to as far as instruments

John Greece - janv. 8, 2012

i would like to be able to record from the guitar pro suite and also be able to export in wav or mp3

adrien - janv. 9, 2012

Hello John, thanks for your feedback. Wav export already exists if you wish to use it to create your own backtracks: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=produit#/partage.

Duncan - janv. 3, 2012

Another thing that should be brought back is the ability to make gradual tempo changes like in GP5. I don’t understand why this was removed in GP6.
Also, nuances such as bends, slides, and vibrato don’t playback properly.

Neema Agha - janv. 1, 2012

It seems that the iOS version of GP has better import of PowerTab files than the desktop edition of GP6. Also have you considered a reader version (with minimal MIDI sound bank) for lower price?

Andy - déc. 29, 2011

The option to change velocity of individual notes would be very useful for me.

Ozzy - déc. 29, 2011

There needs to be a way to extract the file to an MP3 also could you add pick scrapes and feedback (fdbk)

Tom - déc. 29, 2011

I love Guitar Pro but there is a major problem with 6 that needs to be fixed. The problem is whenever I export MIDI data from a song part such as a guitar none of the nuances such as bends and slides are exported with the MIDI data, and in most cases the timing is different from the tab that it was exported from. I have Guitar Pro 5, 5.2 and 6, and this problem is only in 6. if there is any type of maintenance update for 6 that you can do to fix this problem can you please do it, or if not can you please make sure this problem is fixed for 7.

Ward - déc. 28, 2011

I have a couple suggestions, mostly for writing purposes. As a composition/theory student, I’ve used a lot of different editing tools to write music. While programs like Sibelius are extremely good editors for orchestral and chamber type stuff, Guitar Pro is still the easiest to use when working with guitars, but of course there’s always room for improvement.

A little tweaking with the current notation input system would be nice. It’s currently slow and clunky to use for basic parts, especially when writing note durations. It would be extremely nice to have a shortcut system for note durations, rather than just the + – thing. Sibelius uses a number pad system to input durations which is very quick and easy to use. Something like that would be great. Finale has the same problem, having to move the cursor back over to the toolbars is a very inefficient way of writing.

Secondly, the ability to select which instruments are in view at one time would be incredibly helpful. In this program, I often find myself scrolling around a lot or having to look at a very cluttered scored when all I need is to see 2 or 3 instruments to most efficiently write a part.

Overall, I’m very happy with the sound engine. To make solo demos, occasionally after writing out the parts I’ll use the GP6 sounds to put down tracks I otherwise can’t play. This is an extremely useful side of the program, and perhaps having rewire capability directly into DAW software as almost an instrument plug-in would be incredible and time saving.

This program has come so far, keep it up!

Daniel - déc. 20, 2011

It would be nice to be able to open more files then now, just like tabs in any web-browser.
And there should be an ability to restore previously opened files after crash or any other emergensy exit.
UI should contain larger fonts and possibly controls, as well as the background color needs to be more greyish, otherwise it’s hardly comfortable to read and use.
Also, it might be good to have something like a GP View Tool or Lite Version, without all the editing functions, just to open one file and (possibly) play it.
Keep up the good work!

Jeff - déc. 15, 2011

the ability to pick any amp head and cab for guitar and bass such as marshall, mesa, ampeg, line 6, etc.
be able to pick any guitar or bass such as gibson, esp, schecter, prs, etc.
also, the ability to pick certain brands of drums such as truth, pearl, dw, shine, etc.
W/ cymbals brands such as zildjian, meinl, sabian, etc.

ID - déc. 14, 2011

the ability to play music and it shows the notes
also I would like to be able to use the modern techno systhisizers used in pop music
more instruments
also even more realistic sound would be awesome but the sound now is fine

Duncan - déc. 12, 2011

Bring back the ability to change the number of strings on an existing track!

yiannos - déc. 9, 2011

i would like to make shortcuts custumization and rewire or vsti support

Armen - déc. 8, 2011

First of all I would like to see GP5 bend and tremolo system in GP7, because it’s more flexible (It’s main reason that I still use GP5). Also the thing that annoys me is the pedal based sound system (which sonds unclear, specially when chords are played), it woud be much more easier to use 4-5 good presets of some sound than to adjust settings of “pedals” which sound the same way. I dont expect super real or natural tone, all that I need is clear, straigt sound of each note which will help me clearly hear all my tracks.

Alex - déc. 8, 2011

A couple more things so I thought I’d share. I’m a multi-instrumentalist so I’m really picky about the drums. The drums need a option for choking a cymbal. Also comping slashes would be nice for the guitar as well as some better sound banks for the brass section. Also there’s something wrong with the Guiro in GP6. It would really be nice as I am a college student going for a music major.

Diez - déc. 7, 2011

I really want to have Phrase marking: a curved line upon group of notes. It’s very common in classical scores.

Alex - déc. 7, 2011

I like to build tracks in here for song writing and then demo them for other people by recording my guitar lines and vox over the track. It helps it be more realistic but it would be nice if there was some sort of humanistic function I could use that would maybe purposely offset the track within a certain percentage of the timing. I’ve seen it used in programs like digital performer and garage band so I know it’s possible. Anyways, not a huge thing but detail always counts. Thanks.

Darrell - déc. 7, 2011

I have the Fretlight edition and it is awesome!

The one thing that I would like to see in GP7 would be LRC [Lyric] support (similar to the MINILYRICS plugin) this way I can follow the song with lyrics and not have to listen to the vocal track(s) – YUK!!

This would really make Guitar Pro that much better as I find it difficult to follow along with some songs as I don’t know where I am in the tune.

Please Please Please!!!!

Kristjan - déc. 6, 2011

It would be nice if the bends would be seen also in notation (not only in tab)

adrien - déc. 7, 2011

Hello Kristjan,

This feature already exists in GP6. To display bends in standard notation press F7 > Notation menu > Show bend effects in standard notation.


Dave - déc. 6, 2011

1. Don’t give lower cost upgrade special to only some registered users, give the option to all. (That’s why I’m still on V5)

2. Give user option for larger controls. Many of us use monitors with HD 1400×1080 resolution, so some software looks too small. Give user the option similar to Windows’ “large fonts”.

3. Provide larger buttons compatible with touch screens, perhaps with a tear away transport controls.

Richard - déc. 4, 2011

VSTi so we can use Guitarpro with our favorite DAW.

hyper - déc. 4, 2011

1. Drag & drop of notes on a score

2. Direct midi in against metronome or existing drum track.

3. Add or integrate a Simple to use auto accompaniment tool similar in style to ChordPulse or Easyband (android) which are sort of like Band in A box but much nicer simple interfaces. At the moment I use ChordPulse or Easyband to create a chord progression with a common rhythm backing track, then import via midi file then remove or alter the tracks in Guitar Pro to start building songs.

4. Simple way to swap an instrument associated with a track after laying down the track. For example I use a 5 string bass and if I want to reassign a 4 string bass track to a 5 string I have to copy the entire track into a new 5 string track. This becomes more important if I’m try to transpose a 4 string that is in a drop tuning to a standard 5 string bass.

5. A simple way to copy or overlay the chord names from the bars of another instrument. This is useful when generating a bass line over the chords of a guitar part. At the moment I have to re=enter the chord(a) text from the guitar part.

6. Just keep up the good work 🙂 This an excellent tool and way better than all the other composing tools.

Anomuumi - nov. 28, 2011

I agree with Tom Warnke. A 64-bit (or at least 64-bit compatible version)! Otherwise it’s close to perfect (I tested in Windows but I want to use it in Ubuntu)

adrien - nov. 29, 2011

@Anomuumi: if you wish, I can forward a tutorial to run Guitar Pro on a 64 bit compatible version. Please send us a message via the technical support to get it: http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php?pg=contact

Tom Warnke - nov. 27, 2011

I would like to have a 64 bit version.

Aske Vang - nov. 24, 2011

I hope that i will be able to have ”let ring” and ”palm mute” on at the same time. Also add so i can have different sounds on the same track like in guitar pro 5. One more custom drum kit that doesn’t sound so heavy would be nice, and maybe also a jazz bass. Then you create a new project i think i should start out with a blank page instead of a steel guitar, it will also make guitar pro more universal. Also then you change the sound of an created instrunment, then should the presets of the amp and effects change as well. Also ad the abillity to group the time signature fx 9/8 then write in parenthesis (3+3+3) or (2+2+2+3). And please add one more of your heavy solos in F, i love them.

Ricardo - nov. 16, 2011

Support for OS X Lion’s versions and resume.
It’d be nice if the app was just how i left it the last time I used it, I hate having to set it to fullscreen again every time I open it.

That more cymbals, GP5 used to have way more cymbals.

KABUKI - nov. 14, 2011

Когда все инструменты будут звучать как живые? Мне все равно сколько это будет в гигабайтах. Что мне нравится в Gtp, так это то, что он очень удобен. Раз уж взялись сделать реалистичный звук, то сделайте это до конца.

Blaze - nov. 12, 2011

I need Alsa or Jack2 support (or both) for linux version, since I’m not using PulseAudio. It’s not hard to implement this feature.

Stephen Lauterbach - nov. 9, 2011

I want to be able to map drums again just like in GP5. I find myself using GP5 and GP6 simultaneously because I am needing to map drums in one and guitars in the other. Also, please include lower tunings such as Dropped B (or even lower). I know you can manually adjust the tuning that low, but the midi sounds become out of tune when they are that low…

lr JELL - nov. 7, 2011

is there mp3 import..

lr JELL - nov. 7, 2011

import mp3

john - nov. 4, 2011



Ju Lee - nov. 3, 2011

1. In File window>Stylesheet>Notation>Draw circles around half and whole notes in tablature… I would like to see the option to lengthen the line (sorry my bad english). I prefer half notes like 1/8 notes line.
2. Write name chords faster

Mark - nov. 2, 2011

1. Implement Drag and drop to make score editing easier
2. I would like to see a longer Recently used list or a way to organise tabs in to some kind of play list.
That way you would be able to say keep all the tabs that you are currently practising in different lists depending on the type of tab they are

Drummer92 - nov. 1, 2011

I would like to see that you can customize the notes on the staff to be different size drums or cymbals. For example, you could set high E to an 8″ toms, 10″ toms, etc. or high F to be a hi-hat, ride, 6″ tom, 8″ tom, etc., 14″ crash or low F and/or low E to be an 18″, 20″, 22″ etc. bass drums. Also I liked that you could press 7 at high G, F and E to get the cowbell but I would like to have octobans, timbaltos and other percussive instruments and have the user place it wherever they want to on the staff and map it to any number on the keyboard and of course to be able to save the drum setup and be able to save multiple setups.

lilgreen - oct. 28, 2011

First, I know there’s a lots of improvement that need to be done. I’m not going to list them because other user has said. For those that would like to ditch the soundbanks and RSE, it wont happend, usualy you add fonction to a software, you don’t remove them. Those that don’t like the sound of the soundbanks and RSE they were not design by Arobas music. The RSE technologie is from http://www.overloud.com and I think that the soundbanks are from http://www.chocolateaudio.com/

The only thing i would like to have in GP7 is a soundbanks that had all the instrument of a general midi bank without guitar bass and drum/percussion. I want that because when you try to load files that has instrument that are not in the soundbanks it sound weird compare to the original song. If thats not possible then make a editor so we could add our own instrument.

Karl Kronyok - oct. 27, 2011

Just make it simple ..

Richard LaPoint - oct. 25, 2011

I understand the Midi Export Tied Notes issue will be fixed, but that’s number one on my list, as I am back to using GP5 or other Notation software until that is resolved.

Something I use a lot is the Notation Tools/Bar Arrainger. Fantasitic tool, but, it often messes up the measures that come after by adding Rests and pushing the remaining notation out too far.

For example, a solo with a lot of empty measures after it (measures all have one whole Rest) will suddenly see these measures filled with an odd assortment of Rest sizes, eventually pushing out the next solo past where it is supposed to begin in the score.

My current workaround is a “scrap” page where I work out the idea and then paste in back into my main score. Maybe that’s the only feasible way to do it.

Keep those great improvements coming 🙂

Rodolfo Cerezo - oct. 23, 2011

Please improve RSE, I know it’s pretty amazing right now, but it would be great if the guitars could sound more like in Guitar Rig.

It would be very useful if you add some place where we can store our riffs, and something like a workspace where we can drag n drop riffs to a tab and hear how good they sound together.

Xuan - oct. 21, 2011

Rewire for mac please!

budee - oct. 19, 2011

from a cursory look at the comments it is a little discouraging to see that i am not alone in my feeling about gtrpro6. perhaps not epic but certainly a fail. 🙁

Jack Lee - oct. 19, 2011

Support with guitar rig pro plugin would be better.. 🙂

Raphael Morissette - oct. 18, 2011

I would like to have an interface with the guitar neck like they did in the last rockband 3.
Thats would be awesome to read the tabs and playing at the same time.

Finn Bjerke - oct. 18, 2011

This is About Ubuntu 11 and 10 running guitar pro
1. Make arrangements with Canonical/Ubuntu so the programme is possible to install. Guitar pro 6 does not install with new Ubuntu version that is 11.04 and 11.10
2. Give relevant info about dual boot options until your products actually works. You NEED to dual boot Ubuntu 10.10 and latest ubuntu version (11.10 october 2011) You programme will only work under ubuntu 10.10 due to stricter policy from Ubuntu deposits. Work on that.
3. Use tuxguttar for batch conversion of other file formats, since your import function does not work.
4. Fix install problems and import problems first, then give guitar pro 6 a free upgrade or money back.
for a new one ??
You are selling a product that is not functional, now you want more money ? Fix the old product first.

Yes I am annoyed. I will not pay you money for a new product, I want my money back.

Taffy - oct. 14, 2011

A proper slide feature would be nice. The way it is now, it doesn’t sound as realistic.

Madcap - oct. 14, 2011

I agree with Manuel. There needs to be a “lite” version that is cheaper for all of the people that just want to load up tabs and learn a song and never touch the creation end. I would, however, like a very basic midi sound for each instrument for the tabs in the lite version though. It’s handy to be able to hear what the note you are trying to play sounds like sometimes.

There needs to be a feature that allows you to sync a music file to the tabs so that you can press play once and listen to the real song but still have the tabs scrolling with you as you play.

It would be great if the scrolling feature didn’t jump to the next note. It’s annoying to have the page jump to the next note at the same time the note is being played, making it impossible to sight read your next note.

Cotti - oct. 13, 2011

VSTi support and the option to compose to other instruments with tabs along with music sheet (for people who still haven’t learned how to read it, like in GP5 and older) would make GP7 the best composition/learning tool ever.

Manuel - oct. 13, 2011

Since I have been using GP6 exclusely to learn certain stuff and to quickly note down ideas, it would be great if come back to your core audience and your core expertice: Provide people a convenient, fast and easy way to learn parts, songs and to compose. I don’t need GP to be a one-man band or for backing tracks (sorry, but the quality of the sounds isn’t good enough for this), I need it to be productive and creative. Make a cheap version for all these users of 911tabs, ultimate guitar & co. which just want to play and learn songs – a version which includes a full GP5 (MIDI) fallback to *properly* play all these old gp3, 4 and 5 tabs as they were meant to be when they were created in these old program versions.

Alireza - oct. 11, 2011

Guitar Pro 5 was too much powerful in techniques like slide-bend &… but in GP6 sliding sounds terrible!!! i hope u fix it in 7, anyway GP6 is a hot shot!

Dimitri - oct. 11, 2011

Quite frankly, I will not be able to use a new version of guitar pro without the drum tab view as an option. I understand that Arobas is trying to look more professional by disabling that option, but as someone who has used GP for YEARS, and has purchased the product, I am totally disappointed with the lack of respect for important features, and the regression thereof.

To be totally honest, after pirating previous versions and not paying for them, I was EXCITED to pay for Guitar Pro 6 and support a product that has been so valuable to me. But since I received the program and used it for the first time I have BARELY used it, do to the various regression in features, and the lack of compatibility with older .gp4 and gp5 files. Without significant features being resurrected, I am sad to say I will no longer be purchasing Arobas products, and will be stuck using GP5 forever.

Neil - oct. 9, 2011

Please fix the palm mute. Just about every part of of GP6 is great except the palm mute :/ please fix

Quang - oct. 5, 2011

I have some idea
Click mouse to add note, import Image file. Export gif (How to play the song, Export the fretboard in gif animated). “Virtual Hand” in fretboard and it play.

NATE - oct. 1, 2011

thank you, Arobas, for the GP6! Can’t wait for GP7! I really like the idea of making your own soundbanks and DEFENITELY moving the soundbanks to a different drive to free up memory. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not take away being able to enter the drums by notation! I’m a guitarist: I’ve used GP6 for two years now. I COULD NOT read music before I bought GP6. It took me 6 months to be able to read music. It took me only 2 weeks to be able to read and write drum notation on the stave using the numeric keypad. I have no idea what everyone here is talking about, but ussing the numeric keypad to enter the drum notes directly on the stave is the FASTEST way you could ever write drum notation.

I think people are just too lazy to learn how to read and write drum notation and learn the corresponding numeric shortcuts. It’s very simple! Takes 2 weeks to memorize! Also, to the guy who is using the notation tab to change the duration of the notes and dragging his mouse back and forth, painstakingly, to change every note duration: simply right click and choose the duration or put forth the extra effort and push the +/- keys on the numeric keypad. Not too hard! Wow.

Craig - sept. 30, 2011

The ability to print only selected tracks, rather than ALL the tracks at once. Let’s say I only want to print Guitar-1 and Guitar-2 together, and leave out Guitar-3 and Guitar-4. Thanks.

Aeondrift - sept. 30, 2011

VST/VSTi support . . would be a massive improvement . . This is the only feature that will compel me to upgrade.

Tim Bones - sept. 29, 2011

I’m a professional musician and I teach guitar and drums. I’ve been using GP for years now as a great teaching tool for finding tab and music and printing it off for students. I don’t use GP for writing or transcribing and only edit when I find mistakes in existing tabs.
That being said I don’t know how many people are only essentially using the program as a viewer like me but I think you should offer different versions of the app, a cheaper one without all the extra sound banks and editing for just playing back, printing and viewing tabs. This may be a good way to get people into the program for cheap and then later they can pay for an upgrade.

The other thing that really needs to happen with this program is improve the look of the music. It seems, as far as I can tell, impossible to make professional looking transcriptions like you can with Sibelius, Finale or even Logic Pro. For example often there are ridiculous amounts of ties covering the page.

Lisa Hammer - sept. 26, 2011

Better support for Left handed players!!! Please and Thanks!

Max - sept. 25, 2011

Please return tab view for drums and non-guitar instruments!!!

Welson - sept. 25, 2011

I love guitar pro very much. I ‘d like to share my views and room for improvement here.

I find the editing window a bit frustrated. Very often I input the numbers in the TAB or standard stave, just as everybody does. The time values such as crotchet have to be changed many times during composing. However, the editing panel is far away on the left. That means I have to move the cursor frequently in a long distant. That is inconvenient, makes me tired and slow down composing speed.

What I want to say is the way of composing music in the editing window. As the music sheet is edited from the left to the right, the editing window can be improved in this way. What about if a simple tool box always display and follow the cursor while editing. I mean “always” display, not by a right click. The icons in the tool box can be set by user. For example, selecting time values in the tool box using the mouse and enter numbers in the stave by keyboard. Much more is that when the user move the cursor from the left to right of the last note to be editing in the same bar or the immediate next bar, the cursor automatically select the line or space in the stave or any lines in the TAB. In other words, no need to “click” on the line or space. At the same time, the simple tool box always follow the cursor there which facilitates changing of time values. This function can also apply to any note it points.

Another improvement about editing is to add a icon bar containing different types of time values, and even some patterns of time values.

Sorry for my poor English but really want to support and give some ideas to improve guitar pro.

Max - sept. 24, 2011

Guitar Pro really lacks possibility to record audio over tracks.
However good vocals notation may be, it is still required to write vocal guide with live voice.
(At the moment I record vocal guides in external files.)

Ed - sept. 24, 2011

****Bring the drum notation feature back****

Also, little things like, the feature where you could hear the pitch while you were changing the tunings.

And please deal with the funky errors, this is my favorite program but it has a lot of errors still (and yes, I paid for all of them/upgrades).

I feel the best version of GP was GP3. GP 6 really let me down.

Francisco Sanches - sept. 22, 2011

I wish this software could exist in VST – and was possible creating a optional “chord track” – on which we could indicate the track(s) for the GP recognize the chords and in this “chord track” only appearing the names of the chords.
I also would like that this VST could do something like the old “Rhythm’n’Chords” (musiclabs) – to quickly compose music sketches.

Chris - sept. 22, 2011

Bring back the old drum tabbing method as an option.

Joseph Koekebakker - sept. 21, 2011

I want the help functions in Dutch, not in Englisch.
is that possible?
greatings Joseph

adrien - sept. 21, 2011

Hi Joseph,

Help function is supposed to lead you to the user manual. This one is change in fuction of the software selected language when you run it. Anyway, the german user manuel is available at this address: http://issuu.com/arobasmusic/docs/gp6_benutzerhandbuch_201009/1. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Rami - sept. 21, 2011

I have been an active participant in the Guitar Pro forum so most of these ideas have been put forth already but this seemed an ideal place to consolidate them all.

1. In multi-track view, an option to selectively hide parts of tracks. For example, if the only time a lead guitar plays is during the solo then the track should remain hidden while the guitar is not playing rather than having line after line of empty bars or bars with rests.

2. Change the type of view on a track depending on what the guitar is doing at different places in the score. If a guitar plays a section strumming chords and then goes into a section where it picks out arpeggios then it would be nice to have the strumming section be in slash style and the arpeggios be in TAB.

3. A comprehensive system for fills and rhythm figures that tie into the score and show up in boxes at the bottom of the page. I could envision a fills manager similar to the chord manager as a mechanism to accomplish this.

4. A more wide-ranging tool for annotation such as a multi-line text box with editable corners to control the shape of the text, that can be placed anywhere on the score.

5. A model view and a print view (not print preview). In the model view the score can be constructed in its entirety with all parts out written exactly the way they should be played; pretty much GP6 as it displays and works now. The print view would be where the final layout of a score would be determined. This could be a way of accomplishing items 1-4 as well as making Guitar Pro more usable for song book writers. Multi track layouts, fills and rhythm figures, and complex annotations could be laid out on a page by page basis. In this way the RSE would still understand how the score would be played because the score would remain intact in the model view regardless of the view changes made in the print layout.

6. The ability to create a legend page of guitar specific techniques. It would be really cool if this could be done automatically by selecting several files and having the program scan the scores and kick out a sheet with a legend of the bends, hammers/pull-offs, harmonics, etc…

7. The ability to have the full lyrics of a song on the last page of the transcription?

8. Pick slides pick slides pick slides pick slides pick slides pick slides pick slides…

9. It would be wonderful to be able to type in the bar number for the lyrics to start at in the lyrics panel instead of only being able to click the up and down arrows. If a song has lyrics starting anywhere but within the first few bars then there is a lot of clicking to get there.

10. Dynamically linked chords and a strum pattern manager. For example, If you create and insert a “G” chord throughout a score but, afterwards want to change it to a “G5” chord, then changing the chord in the chord manager would automatically update all of the instance of that chord throughout the score. Similarly, if you want to change one instance of a “G” chord to a “B” chord then you could select the beats that need to be changed and have the score automatically update and the chord label show up on only the first beat of the pattern. A strum pattern function w could be a good mechanism to allow for strum patterns to be copied from measure to measure and changed from chord to chord without having to rebuild or manually change the notes each time. And strum patterns, once inserted, should be editable on an instance by instance basis. For example, if the strum pattern is basically the same throughout a song but the “D” chord is embellished with some suspendeds (Pinky time).

11. Rallentando. I probably have the term wrong but how about a slow down/speed up tool. I’m not talking about inserting a series of tempos or using automation. I mean for use typically at the end of a song when you slow leading to the last chord. More of an arbitrary tempo change at the discretion of the player (or conductor). I could see it working just like the arpeggio tool but over a defined series of notes/chords and underneath would be the appropriate term (Ritard., etc…) annotated similarly to the “Let Ring” or “Palm Mute” tool.

12. An option, in the menus, to put the RSE library where you want it? For example: I run a computer with two hard drives, one for programs and one for data. I would love to be able to put the Guitar Pro program on one drive and the library of waves on another drive.
Adding this functionality would also open up the ability to allow users to put their own sounds into the library if we feel something is missing. Want more drum kits? Put your own waves into the library and map them into a custom drum kit in the program. There are tons of waves available on the web (both for free or for purchase. It would be nice to be able to make use of them.
When combined with an improved annotation tool, I could also see this as a way to incorporate more off-the-wall sounds into a score without having users ask for each individual case. If you want a song to start with birds chirping or a subway train roaring out of a tunnel then, as long as a sound file can be obtained, an instrument variant could be created using the sound file; maybe linked to a note on the virtual keyboard. Endless possibilities.

Paul - sept. 20, 2011

First off I’d like to say that the acoustic soundbanks in GP6 are FANTASTIC. Just about perfect, I can rarely distinguish them from the real thing. That said, the electric soundbanks were far better in GP5. Namely, the Les Paul. I used to hate the Strat in GP5 and refuse to use it because it sounded twangy and disgusting, and now the Les Paul sounds like that too. It took a lot of tinkering to get the sound to be manageable. I also agree with exporting in MP3 format, and changing back how drums are inputted. I’d also like to see the return of Legend Tones, with all the tones from GP5 plus new ones. Maybe some Brian May tones, or even Buckethead if I’m being ambitious? Hahaha.

The addition of a slide/pickscrape mechanic would be pretty cool. Also, it’d be fantastic if you could find a way to do transposition between keys, such as Major to Minor and vice versa. Also, changing of finger positions when transposing would be nice. I shouldn’t have to use bar chords when I want to switch from D to E. 😛

I’m a firm believer of Guitar Pro, I use it for all my compositions and to make backing tracks for myself with RSE, it’s never done me any wrong. These are suggestions, keep up the good work. 🙂

Mario - sept. 18, 2011

Hi – I would like to be able to combine slash chords on the same staff as notation so that when I print out stuff to take to a gig the score is compact – you know slash chords then solo notes in notation and back to slash



del - sept. 18, 2011


1.i wish that the instrument panel would be stable inside the main window like the pevious versions of gp, or at least if there was an option for it. this would make things look a lot more clear and simple (and more practical in my opinion) on the screen,

2.on the contrary to the previous versions, now when you click the virtual fretboard with the mouse, you have to wait until the note is played to all of its length before you can move on (if of course the “playback while editing” choice is checked). for me thats the most annoying thing of gp6, enough to make me stick to the previous versions ,because it slows you down a lot and also it requires a lot of extra patience …

thanks for reading my thoughts…

Dominik - sept. 16, 2011


what I really would like to have was an abillity to compose drum tracks just the way as it’s possible in most midi editors. It’s just a pain the a** to write drum tracks in GP6. Not even talking about reading them without being familiar with drum notation.

It would also be great to get the abillity to change the volume of the drum elements individually. For example turning up the bass drum independently from the snare or cymbals.

just my two cents



MeMan - sept. 15, 2011

Well, I’ve been using GP for about seven years now and I don’t want to miss it. But there are two wishes:

1. I’d like the additional soundbanks to work as promised in the sound examples.
I was impressed by the Resonator sound from the pre-listening site an ordered all banks. After installation I was quite disappointed when playing Knopfler’s “Romeo And Juliet”.
2. If I create a melody and a chord voice, it would be helpful, if the chord names could also appear above the melody. Currently I have to add them in an additional Step as Text. (may be that something near to smartdog’s suggestion?)

Mike - sept. 14, 2011

I agree with Dan H. The keyboard input for the drums in GP5 was way faster to use. The keyboard and fretboard docking was a really nice feature too, right now they just get in the way.

Brandon - sept. 11, 2011

I think that guitar pro 7 should have the same bends and tremolo bar system as guitar pro 5. Guitar pro 6 was great but I was expecting a lot more. Maybe guitar pro 7 might have some of the things I’m expecting. Also, you should put in more instruments. Not all the instruments you have in guitar pro 5 were in guitar pro 6 so I think you should put in the rest of the instruments you didn’t use in guitar pro 7. The addition of pickslides/scrapes would be wonderful too! Harp Harmonics would be nice too and mp3 export.

Dan H - sept. 9, 2011

I love the way that GP6 sounds, but I feel that GP5 was easier to work with.

In particular, I really miss the assignment of numerical values to the different drum hits. I made up a cheat sheet of the ones I use commonly and after that, writing drum parts was incredibly fast an easy compared to clicking around in the current system. Keyboard shortcuts are always faster than mousing around as any DAW user could tell you.

If GP7 can be something of a mix between GP6 and GP5, I would be thrilled.

Peter Groen - sept. 9, 2011

Features I Like to see… hmmmmm *ponders*

* .. the abillity to switch from four strings to five, six or a custom number of strings on existing tracks.
* I write music for four, five and six string basses, Chapman Stick and Tenayo Ziggy TapGuitar. Esp. the “stick-like” instruments exist in various string combinations and orders. So it would be nice if I was able to create “a” guitar with e.g. 12 Strings, tune them crossed in reversed fifth and plain quart. (Standard tuning) or Linear fourth etc.
* Transpose like we used to do in GP5
* Removal of the RSE. The first thing I disable because it is very CPU-hungry and doesn’t work very well. (Lot’s of “interrupts” during playback)

Actually I would like to see *all* features from GP5 back in GP7 but with the new Multiple Document Interface and Dock-windows.

On a sidenote : Normally a new version means an improvement compared to the previous one. Sadly this wasn’t the case with GP5 and GP6. Lots of features from GP5 disappeared and never came back. It made me stick to GP5 the last year and a half. GP6 felt like a Beta-version for which we paid but due to the limitations, never used… Normally we only see this behaviour from “a certain company from Redmond”….

Kind Regards.

Dado - sept. 9, 2011

No they`re not,sorry.I haven`t see it very well.:)

Dado - sept. 9, 2011

They deleted my comment,I guess people only like you when you saying nice thing…

Andy - sept. 8, 2011

I agree that being able to use GP as a VST would be a useful feature – however think it might actually BOOST sale of sound banks. I use Cakewalk for sequencing – love GP and use it a lot but put off the idea of buying additional sound banks because I’d be limited to using them only in GP.

Also agree about applying dynamics to a note (rather than all drum notes on that beat).

Excellent product tho’ – keep up the good work.

dave - sept. 8, 2011

Oh, one other thing… It really looks as though you guys designed GP6 with the idea of having tons of soundbanks available. (What with the search box in the interface and all…) Ever given any thought to make the creation of sound banks an open source endeavor? I mean, you guys could still design and sell your own, which you’ve done a good job on. But what if you made a tutorial on how to sample and create soundbanks for instruments and made a tool to help users do it? Can you imagine the community of crazy musicians that would spring up making hundreds of those for your software… ???

True, you may not get to profit off it, but everyone would be buying your software anyway to use them, and you all seem to be a little sluggish in really creating the vast library of soundbanks it would appear you had envisioned when adding that feature.

I for one would love to sample my own instrument for use in the software, as I’m sure tons of people would do with their own as well… and it would only encourage other people who heard and saw the immense library that would grow out of that to buy your software too…

Food for thought.

dave - sept. 8, 2011

Don’t ditch the soundbanks, they are great and we all know that plain old midi sounds stink. In fact, keep making more… even that mandolin sound is pretty impressive!

I recommend expanding your instrument base to include the bluegrass instruments like banjo and fiddle with full fretboard and chord diagram support. Let’s face it, TablEdit and the others stink and this software blows them away… the only thing TablEdit has on this software is that it is more flexible toward other instruments. I know thousands of bluegrass musicians are using TablEdit because it has friendly support (fretboard and chord diagrams) for the instruments used in that genre. I have no doubt that they’d all be using this instead if you supported them. Guitar Pro is so much better, its not even funny. Also, please listen to Band in a Box’s bluegrass instrument “soundbanks”, they are pretty good. We are as picky about our tone as anyone. 😀 It might be a good idea to release soundbanks in genre form. Like a bluegrass pack with all of those instruments, or an electric county rock pack, that kind of thing. Put the entire ensemble’s soundbanks in that package and you guys will rule the day. I would recommend this software to everyone I meet or teach.

Lastly, I’d like to see an integrated tool for slowing down existing audio like Transcribe!, Amazing Slow Downer, Song Surgeon or Riff Master Pro. It would be great it you had a flyout or floating sidebar that did this and could be collapsed or docked when not in use. We are all using some tool like that to open up audio and slow it down to create transcriptions anyway… why not integrate it for us? I’d be willing to pay for the feature, as I’m sure everyone else would be too. I am amazed that no one has condensed this technology into a single software… yet. You could be the first!

smartdog - sept. 8, 2011

I really love Guitar Pro and love the look and and Feel….but if I was asked for:

1) automatically add note names above/below standard notation

What I’m doing now is using the Text tool to add the note names. Time consuming, considering once note entered on the staff, GP should easily know the notes have been added and could automatically label them.

2) The ability to change the color of notes (select note or group of notes and choose a color) This feature is kind like voicing …but colors the notes…not just tabs.

3) VST support (I know this might cost more money…you might need to pay for license…but if you gave the community a idea of how much more….you might be surprised.) I know this might take away from the revenue stream of RSE plug-ins.

Thank you for asking …..back to having more fun with GP!
(if you need someone to test these features …you how to get a hold of me 🙂

Chris from Oz - sept. 8, 2011

Long time GP user. Absolutely love the program and believe that you constantly improve with each release. Here is a small list that I’d love to see included in future releases:

[1] Export to .mp3
[2] Add dynamics to individuals ‘notes’ on drum tracks as it was in older releases
[3] record personal guitar parts via microphone/USB
[4] ability to change palm muting levels during a track
[5] please bring back the old F10 to change track properties mid-track.

Thats all for now. Thanks

Ron - sept. 8, 2011

Oh yes, also, playback does not seem to properly obey alternate endings.

Ron - sept. 8, 2011

I would love to see:

1. Real-time recording of midi guitar.

2. A fix to a couple of cases where I’ve seen a measure get “corrupt”. In one case, I couldn’t change the number of repeat times for a repeat close bracket. In another case, a measure in a 3/4 time piece remained red (incorrect number of beats) unless I gave it 3 1/2 beats worth of notes. In the second case, I solved it by deleting the corrupt measure and recreating it…cumbersome.

3. A way to change the fingering of a chord symbol after it has been added to the song, without having to delete the incorrect one, recreate it correctly, and then reassign to every note the incorrect one was assigned to.



Chris A - sept. 7, 2011

I don’t know if my email a few days ago got lost, but I’ll recap the highlights. I use GP mainly for composition so I don’t need the sounds to be perfect but need to give a good idea what I had in mind.
* Single-note guitar lines can sound very good in GP6 but chords sound a lot less convincing.
* Ghost-notes and palm-mutes could be improved – they were pretty good on GP5.
* Editing in GP6 seems very sluggish even on a fast PC.

And as someone else has suggested here, it would be incredibly useful to me if I could use GP as a VST instrument, so I could combine it with recorded guitar parts and instruments sequenced on other platforms.


yottaiaut - sept. 7, 2011

Ditch the soundbanks. Unnecessary, adds to the cost, and a waste of programming time.

That said, I would absolutely LOVE it if you could find a way to integrate GP into REAPER.

Also, an *option* to switch to the pre-GP6 drum writing style.

Bon courage.

Dado - sept. 6, 2011

Guitar pro 6 sounds are awful,I don`t know what is matter with you?!
5.2 version has a more real natural sounds than this,now everything sound midi tipipi again,and it is like you back to 4 again….And music instruments without velocities is b…..t,as a drummer I must say drums sound terrible….
Or upgrade old 5.2version sound,or switch to vst support…Stay at this is not option at all for me…
Don`t get me wrong,I adore GP concept but 6 version is just better looking software with ugly midi sounds,when you compare it with 5.2 IMHO.

alper - sept. 6, 2011

I really like guitar pro and I’ve used it all the time since version 3. I also always loved the fact I could use it on any os I have. I have it on my Linux, and my PC.
Recently you’ve made a version for iphone and its great but I don’t have an iphone and I don’t wanna buy it just to use guiar pro. Could you please make a version for android phones?

midax - sept. 6, 2011

I’m very new to GuitarPro and don’t have much experience with it yet, so its possible the feature I’m requesting may already exist. I like to print out the tabs so I can work on the music and would like to selectively print just the tracks I’m interested in. Some songs with multiple tracks can print out on over 100 pages, which makes it almost unusable. I suppose its possible to just copy the whole tab and delete the unwanted tracks, then print, but If I’m jamming along its nice to have the whole thing.

adrien - sept. 6, 2011

Hi Midax,

PDF option allows you to export one full track of the score and PNG export to print out one selected page. It is not possible to export a selection with those kind of exports (only with sound exports like .wav for instance). Thank you.

BobbyT - sept. 5, 2011

I am an user of guitar pro 6 and I am very pleased with it. I do like the software to read tab, but i also like to produce songs. Writing tab and adding accompanying instruments is really well made, but i would really like if i could RECORD OR PLACE AND AUDIO FILE IN THE SONG TO PLAY ALONG WITH THE TAB I ALREADY WROTE. (kinda like garage band or mix craft). This would make this a very great software to make songs with and practice. Thank You

FrankW - sept. 4, 2011

great that you are querying your customers for feature requests. I’m currently using V6
I use Guitar Pro mainly to improve my own guitar play and play along to other tabs (not creating tabs on my own). Therefore it would be great if GP offered some kind of feedback to the user. I’m thinking of a very basic recording interface, e.g. in combination with an audio box (anything similar to presonus usb audio interface to grab the guitar signal). I then could start GP to playback a tab and at the same time record the track i’m playing myself. Absolutely amazing it would be if the software could recognize errors in playing e.g. wrong note or wrong string or wrong chord played.
Kind Regards, FrankW

Gianluca Astuti - sept. 3, 2011

Hello, I give you my wishlist! 🙂

– Left handed support
– Chords fingering customization
– Chords customization storage
– Imrpove imput MIDI (to put note by MIDI Keyboard as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and every Daw)
– Export MIDI Compatibility with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc… etc…
– Export Mp3 Format
– Amp Simulator to study and read at the same time
– Full Customization of Menu —> Track —> Properties (Slash – Standard – Tablature)
– Separated Metronome from track

Am I asking too much?!? Maybe… 🙂
Anyway, I hope that I gave to you a little help to improve GP! 🙂

adrien - sept. 6, 2011

Thank you for your suggestions! 😉

emofarmer - sept. 2, 2011

1) more channels for bigger scores (also more than one drum channel)
2) more RSE instruments
3) effects that emulate guitar/bass/vocal/drum effect pedals/racks such as reverb or echo
4) MP3 export

Freyr - sept. 2, 2011

Return drums editing with numbers! i hate g.p. 6 for this!

KaZ - sept. 2, 2011

I believe it would be handy to color code the tabs. Let’s say, I want to color code them the same as Guitar Hero. Green, its the first finger, Red second finger, yellow for third and blue for pinky… Having the option to color code the tabs could mean anything to the person… this is just one use.

Perhaps having an easy way to enter if the note being played is an up/down stroke. ^ or a down arrow would help to figure what strum or pick is the best way of playing the song…

More information for the one reading tabs could be very helpful…

All About Music Florida - sept. 1, 2011

Please work on the RSE engine, it really needs help. The sounds are far from what a normal instrument sounds like, plus please expand the amount of instruments, having only 2 bass guitars and a handful of synths to choose from is frustrating.

All About Music Florida - sept. 1, 2011

Bring back the ability to re-tone an entire song and automatically re-transcribe it, just like we were able to do in GP5.

Reynald rivoilan - sept. 1, 2011

mise en place d’une mise en page lead sheet,
de pouvoir commenter un exercice sans pour autant etre obliger d’ecrire entre les portées (zone texte n’importe ou sur la part une meilleure mise en page a ce niveau)

Arretez le dev des banques RSE, c’est un logiciel de notation musicale …
Dans la V5 la fonction de recherche de tabs au sein du log etait vraiment pratique.

Pascal Beaudry - août 31, 2011

2 or 3 differents licences of the product on PC platform, like Adobe for acrobat.

A very low cost licence (Guitar Pro reader) , to read only gpx partition(or free) , with no option (no soundbank, no playback assistant).

A middle cost licence, allow only to read gpx partition, with all assistant and every reading special option.

A high cost full licence, allow editing gpx file and everything else.

And other expectation is to have a sort of partition store or a partition share center: permit to search into a centralized repository of partition and download it (manage revision of all instrument too), or to buy partition if licence is affected to it.

Jannik - août 31, 2011

As already mentioned some times above, the key word and the main condition if I’ll buy GP7 is…
VST support!

When I compose new stuff and want a really good sound quality I always have to export everything to midi, then import to cubase, correcting all pitches, drum structure etc. quite annoying. And if I want to edit or change something more complex than a few notes, everything begins again.

Please add VST support!

Brandon - août 31, 2011

I’m very pleased with guitar pro 6. Though an .mp3 export would be very much appreciated. Although I want the bends and tremolo bar system to be like the way they were in guitar pro 5. Also you should add the rest of the instruments you didn’t add in guitar pro 6. Not all of the instruments that were in guitar pro 5 were in guitar pro 6.

John - août 31, 2011

I use Guitar Pro to create printouts for my students. Right now I use a music stamp to add scales diagrams to my worksheets, but it would be great if I could add scale diagrams right in Guitar Pro in the same way that I can add chord diagrams now.

YxMan - août 31, 2011

Hi There.

What’s really missing is the ability to transpose inside the given key.

Raph - août 31, 2011

64 bits support for Linux!

McNet - août 30, 2011

Direct connection to an online platform for downloading professional Guitar Pro files (and jam tracks) from well-known artists and bands.

Chuky - août 30, 2011

Hi, I would just like to say that Guitar Pro 6 is a great application. But has it’s part of flaws. For Guitar Pro 7 I would like to see first of all more realistic effects especially on whammy bars, more realistic sounds in general and more effects, the ability to use MIDI on all intruments without RSE being necessary. And please improve Piano, Strings, Violin etc sounds. They’re horrible ! Thanx !

KaZ - août 30, 2011

I would like a fully adjustable tempo done with a slide in percentage rather than fixed times.

The other thing is to have a delay when using Fretlight towards tabs. I would like the notes/chords to show up BEFORE it is played. This should be fully adjustable as well, by up to one second. This way you can actually try to play with the song. Having them show up on the frets at the same time as the song progresses, is useless unless you memorized the entire song anyways. (which defeats the purpose of having a fretlight) Currently the only way is to mute the sound completely until you have the song memorized.

As far as Fretlight is concerned; when lighting up the entire neck with whatever scale you choose, have it so you can easily make all the root notes of whatever note blink, (like garage band does) To go even one step further, have a fully programmable sequence that works off the foot switch that allows you to change the root note to another note and then easily advance to the next note by foot switch.

kris norris - août 29, 2011

Ability to load VST instruments. One thing is the ability to put pick stroke marks at the bottom of the tablature woukd be nice and adding dashes so 10 downstrokes in a row could be one down stroke mark followed by dashes just like a palm mute

Chip - août 29, 2011

I would love to see support for writing charts using the Nashville Number System which is used heavily here in Nashville.

Ludwig Van Kinder - août 29, 2011

how about better options for string instruments & orchestral in general? like Pizzicatto & better vibratto, correcting the Key of the Timpani (it should be 15va down)… also better options for mastering like compatibility with VST’s or just more visual tools like limiter & compressor & parametric EQ… i’m waiting for the RSE 3 :b

dave - août 29, 2011

How about adding a game componenet. Something like rock band with a scrolling staff and exploding notes. I think it would be easy to hook up a midi keyboard as an input device, a bass guitar might be great and a lead guitar would be unreal.

Janusz - août 29, 2011

Rewire and Vst please

Kevin - août 29, 2011

More than anything, I would like to see Guitar Pro available on the Mac App Store. As a developer who makes his living selling software for the Mac, I understand the concern about Apple’s 30% take of every sale, but I’ve found the upside is greatly increased sales in general. From a user perspective, having all upgrades centralized in one place and being able to easily move all your apps to a new machine is an enormous upside. So much so, that I’ve stopped buying software that isn’t available on the Mac App Store altogether. With Guitar Pro 6 not being available on the Mac App Store, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines, waiting until it or a viable alternative shows up there.

Tass - août 29, 2011

Hi… just a few things:
• I think being able to switch between Tab, Notation or Slash chords within the one stave would be useful
• Being able to have a variety of bar number configurations (i.e. bar A, B, C then 1,2 then 2a, 2b, 2c, 3 etc)
• Not sure what they are called but double diagonal lines to indicate a break in the score so that a conductor can cue music… and having a wider range of musical symbols to be able to insert into score
• Enhanced stave spacing between Tab, Notation, Slash chords and/or other instruments (i.e. individual stave spacing by dragging with a mouse)
• Being able to repeat multiple bars (more than two)
• Having multiple time signatures and key signatures within the same bar for different instruments could be cool
• Being able to move directional symbols (DS al Coda, Coda etc), Dynamic markings, Tuplet markings, Notes/Rests and all Text markings within the score by dragging with mouse… basically being able to move everything freely
• Having the option of having tied notes across the bar in Tab with or without a bracket in the consecutive bar/s
• Being able to change clefs or instruments within the same stave
• In the chord tool having chords appear relative to the key (i.e. In key of E a G#m appears as G#m, not Abm)
• Being able to use actual note names in notation stave rather than Tab numbers and a short cut key for putting notes up/down an octave
• Having bar completed with rests as you work in the bar (i.e. if I input a crotchet note in a bar and move to next bar it automatically fills that bar with appropriate rests – crotchet rest then minim rest)
• Being able to input multiple ending bars (useful for when writing out several exercises)

dave - août 29, 2011

How about export tracks as separate files option.

Pier Giorgio - août 27, 2011

Live input with scores issue and change of instrument.
Better instructions.

Oliver Reutter - août 27, 2011

I would like to see an better editor for drum-editing. Just like the drum-editor in Cubase or just like the Editor in Fruity Loops.

Jeot - août 27, 2011

I’d love to see the function to create overtures. And the bending and whammy uses of GP5 suited me better than those of GP6. I love what you have done with the drums in GP6, but in GP7 I’d like to see even more. More cymbals, more toms, more drumkits. The ability to switch effects, much like switching soundbanks would be awesome. The orchestral features in GP6 are amazing, but they are not as realistic as they could be. And as a final reminder, there are never enough instruments. Hope I helped with this.

logmein - août 27, 2011

since day 1 i love guitarpro more power!!!
But mp3-export would be nice, and live-input via usb. need Rewire and VST support.

thanks guitarpro

Sascha Roehrbein - août 27, 2011

Audio to Midi recognition would be nice, to record direct to tabs with a microphone.

Shaw Mason - août 27, 2011

Ability to sync with Cubase software or other digital audio workstation… SMPTE or MIDI Time Code

Tony Kobashicawa - août 27, 2011

3 String Instruments (like shamisen)

Andi - août 26, 2011

Hey 🙂
MP3 Export!!!!! (Must have)

Mike Walker - août 26, 2011

The one feature which I would really like to see in GP7 is the ability to hide rests. Professional TABs for fingerstyle arrangements tend to show the Thumb strokes with stems down and the finger strokes with stems up. Of course this is possible to simulate in GP6 by simply allocating a voice to each. However this leads to a lot of rests building up on the TAB which are unnecessary clutter. If it were possible to somehow nominate these to be hidden in the final print it would be great.

Another small difficulty is that the stem direction has a tendency to change arbitrarily while the TAB is being created after it has been specified, causing a lot of duplicated effort (I have learned to leave the stem directions to last but it would be more user-friendly if they just stayed put).

I offer these suggestions as a refinement which I think would make GP the only scripting tool anyone needs for publishing fingerstyle guitar tabs/notation.

Thanks for a great product and I hope this is possible for GP7.

jenario - août 26, 2011

hello there!

would be nice if there is sync support with sequenzers in future versions. so i am able to write the ideas down in guitarpro and can record them in a sequenzer of my choice.


George Dragunov - août 26, 2011

I’m very happy using GP6.
But it will great in GP7 if it can use vst instruments

Timo Sandholm - août 26, 2011


I’m very pleased with GP6. There’s one thing that has been bothering me since GP5 and it’s about the stability of the program when you’re doing a lot of arranging with the bars. So to say you copy and paste bars, insert them, delete them. Many times the program just crashes because of that. Most often I see that all of the bar labels are disappearing after doing copy and paste (usually it’s the case when adding more bars somewhere inbetween).

That’s one thing as well, if you copy and paste some bars, for example verse and chorus it would be nice that the bar labels would follow.

But I’m very happy GP6 user, thank you for providing this great software. It has made my life so much easier.

PS. Waiting for Android version 🙂

Bernhard burth - août 25, 2011

binding bows in correct notation and function would be nice.
example: playing a scale on violin c d e f g a b c with or without binding over all the notes.
As i know not possible to notate at the moment.

piano, left hand, playing c , 4 beats long. also with the left hand playing e f g a. Not possible to notate this way in guitar pro. c has tobe notated as 4 quarter notes and connected with binding bows to get the correct result. It works but this notation is not very readable.

I like the programm very much and i use it a lot for music education of my 4 children.

best regards
bernhard burth

raka - août 25, 2011


mp3-export would be nice, and live-input via usb.


nixmix - août 25, 2011

1. Make x86_64 packages for linux version
2. Make linux version free of charge 🙂

Boris - août 25, 2011

We totally need Rewire and VST support. And please, allow vibrato and slides on keyboard instruments, every synthesizer has pitchshifting and modulation wheel.

Alexey - août 25, 2011

Thanks for Guitar pro 6, it is a great programm for developering new music. If Guitar Pro 7 will be on android os, i will be very thanks

Leonardo - août 25, 2011

Hi, I bought the 5 and 6 version. I have to confess, I only use Guitar Pro to “read” the tabs and generate midi signals to my workstation. So, what I really miss is more midi channels to control more easily the instruments… At least 8 midi in/out channels will be a major upgrade !!!!

T.Kedge - août 25, 2011

The ability to (which I don’t believe is in version 6) switch a single channel from a pre assigned instrument lets for example say a piano, back to a guitar.

I find this problem happens a lot using the MIDI import, the program will select random instruments causing musical notation to be the only thing displayed on screen (no fret values), and with me not being able to read notations makes it impossible to play the MIDI import.

This was never a problem in previous versions even when is assigned random instruments to channels only appears to be a problem in version 6.

Thanks for listening (if there is already a solution to this in 6 please let me know XD )

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