In this class, guitar legend Michael Angelo Batio teaches you an exercise which will help you to improve your alternate picking on the guitar.

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About the exercise

The lick played by Michael Angelo Batio is taken from his second solo album “Planet Gemini”. It is a pedal tone lick which involves playing one reference note (D) which is then interspersed with other notes on the scale (E, F#, G, C and B). This system was widely used by composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. It was brought back into fashion by guitarists such as Michael Angelo Batio and Yngwie Malmsteen in the 80s.


Tip: use the Speed Trainer and the Guitar Pro 6 metronome to work at your own pace, gradually increasing the difficulty.

Michael Angelo Batio’s New Album is Available Now


Intermezzo, the new album by Michael Angelo, is now available. Watch the video for “8 Pillars of Steel” (featuring George Lynch, Elliott Dean Rubinson, Jeff Loomis, Craig Goldy, Dave Reffett, Andy Martongelli and Rusty Cooley) on Youtube and order the album on Michael Angelo Batio‘s website.

Official website


Roland J Gutierrez - mai 18, 2020

Mr Angelo teaches which builds your confedence that you know you can do it. And he spent alot of time practicing himself and learning his craft the he turns around and teaches us what he developed and advance guitar players like my self to a higher leval of playing in fraction of time for we don’t have to do all them years like he did. Who does that only a Great Artist Michael Angelo Batio from a giving hart and God will bless him a 1000 fold for it. Thank you Mr Angelo I highly appreciate it and I highly recomend.

Glück - janv. 1, 2015

Great! Thanks!

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