Q1 : LICENSE - My IDs are not recognized or I lost my IDs, what can I do? Top

Please consult this article

Q2 : GUITAR PRO 6 - What is it? Systems, features and Tech Specs Top

Please look up our pages about the Features or System Requirements of the software for an overview.

Guitar Pro is natively Windows / Mac OS X / GNU Linux compatible.

On Windows: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
On Mac: Mac OS X 10.4 and later (Intel processors only).
On Linux: Ubuntu (officially supported distribution).

- Does Guitar Pro support the Mandolin, Ukulele...? YES
All fretted 4- to 8-stringed instruments are supported, and their tunings are fully configurable.
NB: You can write scores for the mandolin, but Guitar Pro doesn't for the time being carry the corresponding soundbank.

- Can I plug a MIDI instrument (keyboard, guitar) in and capture what I play into Guitar Pro? YES
Guitar Pro 6 does support MIDI capture.

- Can I import a WAV or MP3 file? NO
WAV and MP3 are particular audio signal files from which it is very difficult, or even impossible, to properly extract a score.

Q3 : What is the RSE? What minimal technical specifications does it demand? Top

Please refer to our Audio page, and to the Minimal Requirements section of our website.

Q4 : LANGUAGES - In what languages is Guitar Pro 6 translated? Top

To see the list of languages available, click here.

Q5 : Can Guitar Pro 6 open files produced with the previous versions of Guitar Pro? Top

YES, you can open gp3, gp4, and gp5 files. (The gtp format (Versions 1 and 2) will also soon be available in Guitar Pro 6.)

All files will be saved in the .gpx format, and you can export to the .gp5 format as well (menu File > Export > GP5...).

Q6 : Which instruments does Guitar Pro 6 support? Top

Guitar Pro 6 supports all fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings (inc. bass, banjo, ukulele, etc.), and their tuning can be entirely customized. Our other tools like the Chord Diagram Generator and the Scale Engine are also compatible with those instruments.
Furthermore, Guitar Pro 6 includes advanced support for piano, drums, and about fifty other instruments.

Q7 : Can I plug my guitar into my computer and see the score I'm playing? Top

NO, you cannot. Fot the moment only MIDI capture (which is not audio capture) is available.

Q8 : Can I plug a MIDI instrument (keyboard or guitar) into my computer and see the notes I'm playing? Top

YES, you can. Guitar Pro includes a MIDI input to allow you to capture notes that way.

Q9 : How can I type in two notes played at the same time but with different duration values? Top

Guitar Pro supports more than one "voice" for each track.

Each Guitar Pro staff contains two independent voices in the case of GP5, and 4 for GP6. This type of notation is thus closer to the standards of musical notation.

To edit a voice, choose the "Edit > Voices > Edit Voice 1" or "Edit > Voices > Edit Voice 2" menus (or voice 3 or 4 in GP6).
For more clarity in Guitar Pro 5, you can choose to grey out the voice you're not editing at the moment: "Edit > Voices > Gray Inactive Voice".
In Guitar Pro 6, simply choose to work on Voice 1, 2, 3, or 4, or in multitrack mode.

Q10 : UPDATE - I cannot, or I don't know how to download the updates or the RSE soundbanks. Top

The updates as well as the RSE banks are available via the Updater integrated into Guitar Pro 6.
(Menu 'Help > Launch Updater' on Windows; or 'Guitar Pro > Launch Updater' on Mac)

If you wish to launch the Updater without starting Guitar Pro:

On Windows, click on Start (bottom left corner of your screen), then on My Computer.
Click on C:, open 'Program Files' (or 'Program Files(x86)' if you are on a 64-bit machine), and then in the 'Guitar Pro 6' folder right-click on GPUpdater and choose 'Open as administrator'.
This will launch the Updater. In the list of available items, you can choose to download the latest GP6 update, the RSE soundbanks, language packs, etc.

If you are on a Mac computer, use the following link to download a program that will launch the Updater for you:


Q11 : INSTALLATION - How do I install, start, and/or activate Guitar Pro 6 ? Top

Click here for a detailed installation guide, including the activation process.

Windows users : After installing Guitar Pro, you can start it from the Desktop or from the « Start > Programs > Guitar Pro 6 » menu of Windows.
Mac users : After installing Guitar Pro, go into the « Applications » folder where you can launch the software from the « GuitarPro.app » file.

Note to Mac users: If you are not getting a .dmg file, use Safari or Mozilla Firefox to download.
If it's a .dmg file but Mac OS X can't find the right software to open it, right-click (or « Ctrl » + click) on the file then choose « Open with > DiskImageMounter ».
Finally, if you get a message telling you that the program hasn't been able to mount the image, it means that the file is corrupted and you have to download it again.

Q12 : OLDER VERSION - Can I retrieve an older version of Guitar Pro that I bought a while ago? Top

YES. You can retrieve a copy of an older version of Guitar Pro, provided you registered your license with us.
NB: Guitar Pro is Mac compatible since version 5. If you wish to reinstall an older version on a Mac computer you won't be able to, and we'd recommend that you upgrade to version 6.

Log into your Customer Area with your registered UserID and password. If you do not recall what they are, please use the license-recovery form.
In case the e-mail address you used when you registered your license isn't active any more, do contact us directly. Please make sure you give us your full name and postal address at the time of your purchase/registration of Guitar Pro, so we can retrieve your file from our database.

Q13 : The RSE is stuttering and the sound is of poor quality. Top

Open the 'Preferences' window ([F12] on Windows, or [Apple+,] on Mac), and uncheck the 'Enable RSE multi threading' option.

Q14 : SOUND - Guitar Pro 6 is silent when I play one my file. Top

Please consult this article

Q15 : How to remove and reinstall Guitar Pro 6 properly? Top

Please select your operating system and follow these articles:
Windows Vista, 7, 8
Mac OS
Others compatible OS please contact us

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