Guitar Pro 6 Soundbank Installation Guide

Windows version

Installing the soundbanks

At any time, you can install the soundbanks by way of
the Guitar Pro 6 Updater utility.

- On Windows and Linux: menu Help > Launch Updater...
- On Mac: menu Guitar Pro > Launche Updater...
You first need to download the soundbank files that you wish to install. There are two types of soundbanks available: the soundbanks for the RSE (free of charge), and the additional soundbanks (for sale starting at €7.99).
To download the soundbanks onto your computer, please go to the Support section of and log into your Customer Area with your ID and password. Then click on Download (full software, RSE banks, manual...), and select the soundbanks that you wish to install.
If the computer on which Guitar Pro is installed is not connected to the Internet and you can get online by way of another computer, please proceed to the installation as described below.

Start Guitar Pro. In the menu "File", choose "Open".
Select the soundbank file and click on "Open".
A window warns you that you must restart Guitar Pro 6 once the soundbanks have been installed. Do not restart Guitar Pro 6 while the soundbanks are being installed.
Installation starts.
The soundbank installer checks the integrity of the files installed.
The installation is successful. Do not forget to restart Guitar Pro 6.
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