Guitar Pro 6 off line activation guide

Offline activation
a) Type your userID and keyID into the activation window and click "offline activation". The software will generate a key that is valid only for this particular computer.
b) Copy that key by clicking "copy to clipboard". If your machine is connected to the Internet, jump directly to step d.

c) Open up the notepad, then choose edit, paste. Save that file containing your key. Transfer that file over onto a machine that is connected to the Internet, by use of a USB stick for instance.

d) Open your web navigator (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, ...) and go the "Support" tab on Log into your Customer Area. Paste the key into the offline activation form and click "submit".
The website will generate an activation key based on the key you have entered. Select that activation key and copy it. If you are not on the computer for which you wish to activate Guitar Pro 6, copy the key into a text document and transfer the file onto the other machine.

In the activation window of Guitar Pro, copy the activation key the website has generated for you, and click OK.
Guitar Pro responds successfully. Congratulations, you have correctly installed and activated Guitar Pro 6!
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