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Al Joseph [Instrumental, USA]
Andreas Aubert [Metal, Norway]
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Chris Buono [Rock, USA]
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Christophe Godin [Jazz metal, France]
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David Wallimann [Fusion, USA]
Defect Designer [Metal, Siberia]
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Derryl Gabel [Fusion, USA]
Dimitar Nalbantov [Progressive, Bulgaria]
Doug Marks [Metal, USA]
Dreamtone [Rock, Turkey]
Edina Balczo [Acoustic, UK]
Eric Gingele [Progressive Metal, Argentina]
Eric Maldonado [Alternative, USA]
Erik Tran [Acoustique, France]
Franck Graziano [Rock, France]
François Sciortino [Picking, France]
Gabriele Possenti [Classical, Italy]
George Bellas [Progessive Rock, USA]
Giuseppe Porsia [Classical, Italy]
Gowy [Rock, France]
Hanspeter Kruesi [Rock, Switzerland]
Heonia [Metal, France]
House Vs Hurricane [Progressive Rock, Australia]
Inophis [Instrumental, France]
Insomnium [Death Metal, Finlande]
Jack Skett [Soul, UK]
Jacques Stotzem [Picking, France]
Jarle H. Olsen [Progressive Metal, Norvège]
Jean-claude Rapin [Progressive Rock, France]
Joe Kataldo [Progressive, Italy]
Julien Bitoun [Rock, France]
Julien Desbordes [Progressif, France]
Kenny Serane [Rock, France]
Loudblast [Metal, France]
Manu Livertout [Rock, France]
Markus Albert [Rock, Germany]
Michael Angelo Batio [Instrumental, USA]
Michael Fix [Picking, Australia]
Mike Dawes [Picking, UK]
Mike Salow [Fusion, USA]
Mr. Fastfinger [Rock, Finland]
Nate Savage [Rock, Canada]
Nathan Brooks [Acoustic, USA]
Neogeofanatic [Instrumental, France]
Norman K. Anderson [Neoclassical, USA]
Now Is A Ship [Heavy, USA]
Pascal Vigné [Rock, France]
Patrick Rondat [Néoclassique, France]
Pv Nova [Rock, France]
Rick Corvese [Metal, Canada]
Rob Scallon [Instrumental, USA]
Romain Pilon [Jazz, France]
Roman Rouzine [Neoclassical, France]
Steeve Rock [Metal, Canada]
Stephen Souza [Progessive Rock, USA]
Steve Louvat [Picking, Belgique]
Sylvain Cloux [Rock, France]
Sylvestre Etienne [Rock, France]
The Schoenberg Automaton [Metal, Australia]
The Uprising [Instrumental, Germany]
Thierry Jaillant [Picking, France]
Thomas Bressel [Métal, France]
Threat Signal [Metal, Canada]
Thriven [Metal, Brazil]
Twin Days [Rock, France]
Vincent Hammond [Classical, USA]
Waldemar Von Baußnern [Classical, Germany]
Yannick Robert [Jazz, France]

Defect Designer

Defect Designer [Metal, Siberia]

Defect Designer call themselves an extreme schizo death metal band. They are very passionate about what they do, and seem driven by a force that enabled them to get over and beyond all possible hardships just to play their music.  Defect Designer is the first band to get endorsed by Arobas Music.

The band has rencently released a video for "When Your Face Doesn't Melt Snowflakes" song from "Wax" album. You can check it out below and download their official tablature on this page.

The video was handled by Nader Sadek famous for his work with Mayhem, Cryptopsy and Morbid Angel members

More details may be found on band's official Facebook page.

Guitar Pro is responsible for bringing Defect Designer to life. When I had no musicians and even no instruments years ago I used Guitar Pro 3 to tab songs. It all came in handy later and it was really convenient for us to use this software because our music has complicated parts. Believe me it all would have ended if there had been no Guitar Pro...

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